Zephyr had been traveling for days on in with tons of food and a carving from an insane psycopath. He had it good! He was heading towards Ikana Canyon, a creepy deathful place. He needed a letter from a woman vacationing their to enter the bay to get an antidote for his dying these thoughts of his objectives raced through his mind he arrived at Ikana Cemetery. The place was guarded by skeletal creatures had been circuling a certain grave for a month now when Zephyr stayed his distance then struck them with incredible boomerang. They all fell apart and he ran up to the grave and pushed it. It revealed a hole in the ground. Zephyr looked around then jumped.

He landed on his feet. Then trudged along in the hidden cave like area. There was a boy who had been shaking in the corner of a room surrounded by bats. Zephyr chunked his boomerang at them, killing them in seconds. He went over to the boy, who was now standing up.
"Are you ok?" Zephyr asked "Yes! Thank you! Im Islic, son of Ikana Canyons King!" The boy answered With one gesture of the hand they shook and before Zephyr knew it, they were at the castle. While there Islic stated he didnt have a mom so his dad was dating the misstress of the bay!
"So shes having an affair?" Zephyr asked "Yes, but its at our benefit!" Islic said.
Suddenly Zephyr had an idea. He would blackmail the lady and get a letter from night Zephyr went to the main dining room. He took a left down the hall of the castle and went into the womens room. He clanked his boomerang on her bedpost, suddenly waking was obviously terrified because he was dressed as a thief.

He persuaded her to give a letter to him saying:
Please let this young man through the gate to the bay!
Sincerely, Queen Redna Zephyr ran out of the castle and onto his horse. He galloped away to the bay. The morning peaked through the trees as he arrived at guard (Same one as before)
He handed the note and went his way...

Zephyr was PISSED OFF to find out that the lab was out in the Sea of Death (cliche name i now) so he needed a boat. He was answered by a boat shop in the local area A zora ironically ran the shop. He stated that the boat couldnt go out to the Sea of Death without a good tugger. Zephyr talked the zora into it. The zoras name was Rintu, a teenage zora who was a misfit in his own land out passed the Sea of Death. The two had a lot in common and from then on out was the beginning of traveling partners.

While Rintu tugged as fast as he could in the water, Zephyr rowed with an oar. Zephyr got tired and started falling asleep. All of the sudden he was awakened by a bump and a huge tug.
A huge serpent obliterated out of the water. Rintu jumped into the boat with his boomerang arms equipped. The beady eyed creature stared at them and mad the first move.

To Be Continued