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Ironhide roamed the hallways, curious as to where Flare was. He'd checked with Prowl, the twins, Optimus, the girls, others and checked the places of their room, the med. Bay, and the rec. room.

The last place to check was her tree. He was going there now, he could feel her spark closer to his own as he was approaching her location.

Suddenly, pain and fear exploded from Flare's end of the bond with one thought from her.


Then, the chaotic swirl of emotions and pain vanished with Flare's spark feeling farther and farther away with each second.

Ironhide panted, leaning heavily against the wall of the hallway. Ignoring the stinging he felt in his spark he dashed down the hall and out the door that led into the fresh air.

He spotted the tree and ran over to it.


Ironhide looked down.

His foot was touching a pool of energon, the dark purple-pink liquid reflecting the suns rays feebly.

Fear for his sparkmate almost overwhelmed him.

Where is she? Is she allright? Is this energon hers?

(With Flare)

Groaning, Flare opened her optics and woke slowly, barely remembering what had happened for the second time that day.

Blinking away the sleep, Flare rubbed her aching head, feeling a fresh weld and dried energon on her face as well as the back of her head.

Flare looked around, optics soaking up her surroundings. Yup, no doubt about it.


Stone walls, chains hanging randomly from the walls, so cliché.

Flare looked at herself, cataloguing damage. Injured head, sore throat, (her captor grabbed her by the throat for a moment,) stomach okay, wrist in chains... yup. Bad predicament was written all over.

Her clawed hand gently rubbed her stomach, a smile gracing her lips as she felt the little ones kicking. Her mind, for a moment, was lost in the warm, nurturing love that was motherhood.

A clinking of approaching cons disturbed her.

Looking up, she saw a red and white robot with a visor and a facemask come into her cell, head bowed. A decepticon stood guard outside the door.

Flare hissed at the strange bot as he drew closer, facemask retracting as if to appear less threatening. He looked at her and, through his blue-tinted visor, she saw soft, kind azure optics.

He smiled and mouthed the word, 'Autobot,' pointing to himself.

Flare blinked in surprise before gently poking the bot on the nose. He jerked in surprise.

"Sorry, I wanted to make sure that you were real." Flare apologized quietly. "How are you here? If you are an autobot shouldn't you be at base?"

He smiled shyly and said softly, "It's okay, and yes I'm real." He looked kindly at her. "My name is First Aid, what's yours?"

"Flare. Again, why are you here?" She watched him suspiciously as he took out a portable deep scanner out of subspace.

"I was coming into Earth's atmosphere when I was captured. I'm a medic, well, medic in training, but they kept me alive because I was useful to them. They made me their medic." He shrugged. "Can't really object when it's 100 to 1." He finished setting the scanner up and, when a beam of light shot out, started slowly tracing the light over her.

Flare nodded, curiously watching his movements with the small device. "What are you doing with that?" She asked.

"I'm scanning you to see if you are injured internally and I'm seeing how healthy your little ones are." First Aid explained. "Wanna see?"

Flare nodded eagerly and looked at the scanner's tiny screen. It showed a grainy black and white picture of two moving forms, small and delicate.

"Sorry for the quality, old model. Anywho, that one's a mech, and that one's a femme." First Aid pointed to the right and left forms, smiling as he saw Flare smile hugely.

"HEY! Medic! What's going on in there?" The guard tapped the bars harshly.

"Just showing her the sparklings!" First aid called back timidly. The guard grumbled but relented. First Aid breathed out a sigh of relief.

Flare whimpered slightly as First Aid got up to leave, mask snapping shut. "Don't go..." She mouthed.

"I'll come back soon to do a checkup." He whispered softly, then turned, shut the door, and scurried off, the guard leading him.

And Flare was left alone.

"So the decepticons have already captured her?"


"What else?"

"Their base has many places where security is faulty. We suspect they will be moving her to a more secure place."

"They'll do it tonight, they have to act fast. Signal the troops, tell them prepare for battle."