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Bulma looked at Vegeta, smiling. Her wedding day. Then she looked at her friends and family. Everyone was having a good time, well, except for Yamacha. He was still pissed for not being able to object when they asked. Good thing Bulma asked for him to be removed from the wedding before he could object. She looked at her very handsome Vegeta, who was smirking back at her. Bra and Pan were giggling at Goten and Trunks, whom they had crushes on. She was beautiful in every way possible. Her dress was white with a slightly pink bottom. She had gloves that hooked on to only her middle finger. (like the one on my profile picture. That's also what her dress looks like. Oh, and vegeta looks like he does in the picture too.) Her veil was slightly messy but still stunning. Her cerulean eyes were shining like glass, her cherry red lips drawn in a smile. But she couldn't help but think of when her family was shattered…


"Goten and Trunks are going to be alright but," Goku hesitated; he didn't want to say this. Chichi would lose her first born, Videl would lose Gohan (He knew that Videl liked Gohan) and Bulma, would lose her mate. But he had to. He took a deep breath and began.

"Gohan and Vegeta are dead, Majin Buu, destroyed them both." Goku finally admitted. Everyone on the lookout, except for 18, gasped.

Chichi fainted and Goku rushed over to her. Bulma's knees began to shake violently. Her body trembled. It can't be true she thought. "Vegeta … NOOOOO! VEGETA!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her knees collapsed and she fell to the ground, but the only pain she felt was the pain for her lost mate. He was dead, gone, in hell. She knew this because of all the ruthless killing he had done as a child/teen and at the tournament. Yamacha walked over to her and helped her up, saying; "Pull yourself together Bulma." Yamacha said, not realizing the pain she was in.

'Pull yourself together?' at that she mentally cursed him and screamed to the heavens; "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And with that she ran away, and ran until she could run no more. She sniffled, drew her knees up to her chest, and silently sobbed until she fell asleep.


A small tear formed in her ocean blue eyes as she thought about the worst day her heart had ever faced.

"Do you, Vegeta Ouji, take Bulma Briefs to be your lawful wedded wife?" The priest asked. These two people were in more love than in any other wedding he had ever done. And he had done Goku and Chichi's, Gohan and Videl's and Krillin and 18's!

"I do" Vegeta said, not hesitating at that least. Mrs. Briefs and Bulma both letting out the tiniest sigh of relief.

"And do you, Bulma Briefs, take Vegeta Ouji, to be your lawful wedded husband?" the priest asked again. He knew he didn't need to but in order for them to be married he had to. But he could tell that Bulma loved this man very much.

"I do" Bulma replied, not daring to hesitate. She loved Vegeta more than her own life.

''Well, than by the power invested in me, as of the city of Tokyo, you are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest said proudly. He smiled at the newlywed couple and left, leaving Bulma and Vegeta to kiss. Finally, Bulma thought, maybe, the Majin Buu thing didn't make my bond with Vegeta weaker, but stronger.

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