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In Class

"Good morning children!" Sikowitz yelled coming into class. "As you all know, I picked 6 students to preform a play. Tori and Robbie, Jade and Andre, and Cat and Beck. Will you all hand me your dolls?"

They all nodded and walked up to the front of the room. "Did you all care for them?"

"Yep!" They all said.

"We shall see!" He pulled out a huge TV.

"Uh, what's that for?" Tori asked.

"We're going to see how well you guys did being teen parents." He took Cat and Beck's twins and hooked wires up to them. On the screen you could see Cat throwing baby Alex up and his hitting the ceiling becuse she got scraed, when Alia fell off the slide, when Beck fed them, them sleeping in the bathtub, when they dressed the twins, and many more things.

"Well, you two aren't the worst parents, but you're pretty bad." He said, then hooked up Ciera to the TV. Sikowitz and the whole class saw Trina put make-up on the doll, Robbie playing with doll, her diaper being changed, and the worst of them all, Tori drowing her in the sink.

"Tori!" Cat yelled in a hushed whisper, "Violence is never the answer!" Tori slid down in her chair looking embarrased.

"Horrible! Bad parents! Jade and Andre you're turn!" Everyone saw the clothes they bought, them loosing the doll, Grandma Harris beating it with a toilet scrubber, and everything else. "You two should be ashamed!"

"So.." Tori slightly laughed, "Did we pass?"

"Nope, you all failed." Sikowitz said. Everyone was pretty bummed, because that meant none of them could become the main role in the play, they were all extras.

~1 Week Later~

Beck finally got the coourage to dump Jade's sorry butt, and ask the one and only Cat Valentine out. Of course she said yes!

"Hi," Cat went up and kissed Beck. He wrapped one arm around her waist and she put her head in his chest.

"Hey." Beck said. Jade and Andre became closer, and his crush on her returned, but he didn't want to go out with her. Tori was fianlly able to respect Robbie's weirdness. Good things did come out of this project; even though Jade hated little kids and wanted nothing to do with them, she learned that sooner or later she would have to like them. Andre was getting better with little kids, Cat and Beck actually enjoyed being 'teen parents', and Tori vowed to not have kids till she was 30, Robbie enjoyed it, and boguht a baby puppet for Rex.

Who knew a project that lasted a week could change six teenagers lifes?