" You cant run from me. Why do you even try to?" he yelled at me. He took a step towards me. " STOP! Just leave me alone." I screamed at the top of my lungs, and felt the ice cold tears rolling down my cheeks. " I cant and you know that. Come with me and I'll show you love that the old dog cant." "leave him out of this," I cried. "what is wrong don't you just wish he was here to claim you as his." I turned on my heel and ran towards the school grounds knowing that he might not dare to step foot there. I ran towards safety and towards him. Severus. " where do you think you are going, Claire?"

~end of dream~

My eyes shot open as I panted. I looked around and sigh. I was safe inside the castle, wrapped in Severus's arm's. "another bad dream?" I heard him mumble. " yeah, they keep getting worse. Why do you have to go Severus? I have a bad feeling about this." " you know I have to go. Besides you have to run to the safe house." " but why did he chose the boat house? Why not around any other death eater's? something bad is going to happen."

He sighed, "nothing is going to happen to me. But now that you say that it does seem weird.", he said as he sat up.