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Anatomies: An Awkward Little Ficlet
Part 2: Dawn as Depicted by Paul Shinji


It's blue.

…Well, what am I supposed to say then? You have a script for me, I'll read it.

…Tch. That's what I thought.


…Oh look, a script.

I hate you people.

*Ahem* "Her eyes are the most stunning shade of blue ever to be seen by man. They're quite like the vast skies of a summer day, yet also stormy and incomprehensible like the deepest waters. They shine more brilliantly than the lustrous and adamant orbs and are a thousand times more beautiful. I would and could happily drown myself in those erotic pools of—"

What kind of idiot wrote this?


They're blue too.

…Oh look, another script. I cannot contain my joy.

"They are so delicately arched and elegant. I would love to—"


I don't even care anymore. Just hand me the damn thing.

"Skin so soft to the touch and pale as ivory, though a delicate pink when I lean over and gently brush my li-"

…Electivire. Stand by for battle.


It's a nose.

…What else can you say? That's right; nothing. Because it's a nose.


We're moving on. Now.


What the hell? Honestly, it's a chin. Just like a nose, there's nothing to say.


…You're going to pay me double if I read this whole script?


That's final, take it or leave it.


"It arches gracefully like a swan's. Its creamy expanse seems to stretch for miles and miles and I would give anything to run my hands over the smooth skin. But even more, I would love to… nip and—"


"—lick… my way up it as I tenderly ki—"


I've had enough.

Electivire! Use Thunder!


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