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It was a house. It was very much so a very, very old house… filled with housy stuff. The greying paint was cracked and peeling, water stains were visible on the ceiling, and each and every timber groaned from the weight of rotten wood. A cracked mirror hung crookedly on the wall. The air, he noticed, was thick and musky. Not a single breeze floated through the room. The Doctor carefully avoided the broken glass on the floor and whipped out his Sonic Screwdriver, waving it around the room. Spinning in a wide circle, he stopped when he was faced with his companion's confused and rather disappointed face.

"It's not Miami, is it?" Donna said in an annoyed tone, folding her arms and staring dejectedly around at the dusty bookshelves and dingy tables.

The Doctor flipped his Sonic off and drew it close up to his face, studying it with an intense one-eyebrow-up stare, "Nope."

"So… where are we?" She prodded, watching him spin around again, his fingers wiping off dust from a table.

He looked around, thinking hard, "Well, I'd say… 2027 judging by the make of the furniture, somewhere in England. Sonic reads the type of dust on the bookcases as most definitely from Earth." His voice echoed down a previously unnoticed hall. He stopped walking and ducked his head in the doorway, looking out towards a broken staircase and dusty draperies. The windows weren't letting any light, but neither were the lights on… so where was the light coming from?

Donna leaned on the doorframe next to him, "Doctor," She said, leaning forward, "Why would the TARDIS dump us in an old abandoned house just a few years in the future?"

The Doctor sniffed, paused, and then turned toward his companion, a cheeky grin growing on his face, "I don't know, it's very odd, isn't it? Why don't we find out?" He rubbed his hands together in glee and continued down the hallway, not noticing the red One painted on the door that he and Donna walked out of.

They continued down the hallway, avoiding the staircase lest it come crashing down on them. There were yellowed drawings and paintings hanging on the walls. That was not unusual. The Doctor crouched down and ran his finger over a rarer feature on a residence hall-way wall. There were crayon marks, crayon marks in circles and dashes and hash marks. Drawings of dogs and cats and people and strange creatures he'd never seen before.

Donna had made her own discovery, "There's salt all over the place." She exclaimed from her own kneeling position by a doorway.

The Doctor stood, "What?" He ran over and stooped, examining a grainy, white substance. He ran his fingers through the crushed crystals, his eyes narrowing. "Good old Sodium Chloride… what's it doing on the floor?" He allowed his eyes to travel upward, up the wooden closed door. His eyes rested on a sloppily painted number. Two.

"Hello." He stood, Donna slowly got up after him. The Doctor automatically tried the doorknob. It was locked. He rolled his eyes, "Why do people always lock things?" He mumbled in annoyance. He whipped out his Sonic and attempted to unlock the door. His face then furrowed in puzzlement.

"What's wrong?" Donna asked in concern.

He turned off his screwdriver and shoved his hands inside his pockets, staring at the door with befuddlement on his face. "It won't unlock." The Doctor shook his head. He put his hand to the door, then the entire side of his face, closing his eyes as if listening for something. "It's a barrier between times with a temporal lock, even if I could open this door it would tear a hole in the fabric of time… the only question… why is it here?" His fingers tapped on the wood, "Oh, oh, somebody doesn't want us to find what's inside." He inhaled sharply and clenched his fists, "Oooh that's so irritating!" He turned to Donna and put up a finger, "Question: why on earth would somebody lock us out of a room using a temporal lock? Who in the world would have the technological capacity to take a regular door-" He pounded on the wood, "And turn it into a barrier…? What didn't they want us to find -
"Doctor..?" Donna turned away from him, staring at the door they had walked out of earlier, the room where they'd left the TARDIS.

He ignored her, "- what could possibly be so important and pivotal to warrant a lock like this? This must be the reason we're here… Ooh that's good, that's very good temporal lock locking up something that's very important to do with timey-wime-"

"Doctor… DOCTOR!"

"WHAT?" He turned to Donna in consternation. It was really a great, enormous bother when humans didn't listen to him. Bad things happened when humans interrupted him… or rather, he realized as he followed her line of sight, humans interrupted him when bad things happened. "Oh, that's really not good at all…"

They ran up to the door to the room that held the TARDIS. A big, glaring One stared at them head-on. The door was shut. He desperately tried his screwdriver on the door-knob, but to no avail. Donna put a hand to her forehead, "Oh, that's just brilliant… of all the things your screwdriver can't unlock!"

The Doctor took a step back in his bright red converse, the ancient wood floor creaking as he did so. This was not good. This was not good at all. His TARDIS was in that room… and they were locked out.

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