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Theme : 17 kHz (kilohertz)

The music coming out of the radio could be heard clearly; little static was heard. Which wasn't normal for most radios. Static was normally very well found on the channels of most radios. Some channels consisted of solely that. He wondered if alchemy was the cause of that. It could create virtually anything, it had even created him, so why not a radio without static?

Classical music echoed through her workshop loud and clear. Every not making a long-standing impression. Not one statical interruption. Normally this was a good thing. Static annoyed him to great extent. But right now it was the last thing he had to depend on to block out the music because he hated classical music.

But she loved it. And everyday she played it loud enough to echo across all the fields in Resinbool. Loud enough to burst his eardrum. This drove him nuts.

They argued over the topic of the type music she played and how loud she played it often. The first few days upon meeting him she didn't play it, but as she got more comfortable with having him around she started playing her music more and more. Sound slowly increasing daily, the more she played it.

One day he finally reached his breaking point. He moved his hand over to the dials to turn it down. And the moment his hand had finally slithered across her workbench and had grabbed hold of one of the dials, a wrench came down and landed on his fingers.

At first he was angry she had made a move to harm him. He opened his mouth to say something nasty, (No, he would never harm the girl, she had many scars from his previous encounters with her and he wouldn't dare give her more. He liked the girl too much to hurt her, which is very unusual since he doesn't care about other humans. But all he felt for the scars on her body was regret. Although he would never admit to that.) and then he closed his mouth as it twisted into a smirk.

So this was the pain the Fullmetal pipsqueak experienced on a daily basis. How amusing. And not only that, but his injuries were on the head and not on fingers. A more crucial injury. Hilarious. And even better, Fullmetal couldn't regenerate like he could so some of those injuries could be life threatening. It was to funny. Envy burst out laughing.

Winry didn't find the matter very funny, though. And once again that day, he experienced the wrath of her wrench. She let Envy feel closer to Edward, since he thought it was so funny, flinging her wrench right on the crown of his head. And since he didn't die she spent no expense trying to make her throw weak so it wouldn't hurt him.

This only made him laugh even harder.


Envy made his way up the dirt path that lead to the Rockbell home. He immediately knew she was home and her grandmother wasn't. She only played music loud enough to echo down the fields when it was safe for them to be together, without the watchful eye of her grandmother. It didn't seem she would ever approve of the relationship if she knew.

He stopped for a second to listen. Classical music would now forever remind him of her. And that somehow made him more joyous and more scared at the same time. Once she died she would be gone forever. He might even have to be the one to kill her. And under Father's orders he didn't think he would give it a second thought. It was his nature.

But she reminded him of the home he would never have. A human home where people welcomed you joyously and with open arms. Something humans had that he didn't.

And he slowly grew into a love for the classical music. It reminded him of her. A place where he was loved and could be safe from his sins.

He wondered if the Fullmetal pipsqueak felt the same way.

A/N: I didn't make him too much of a sap did I? I just wanted to get the feeling of his jealousy towards humans he admitted to at the end of the manga and Brotherhood. I hope he is still canon.

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