This fic is based off of twistyguru's 50 Things that I am not allowed to do a Hogwarts

I do not own harry potter

#1 I am not allowed to tell firsties that I have a T-Rex animagus

In this chapter harry is a prefect in his seventh year.

Squiggle thoughts

I heard Professor McGonagall tell me to stay after class shit! I thought. "Yes, Professor"

"Mr. Potter would you care to explain to me why exactly all of the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw first-years are terrified of you"

"Well that's a long and funny story, but I think that I'll be leaving" He said slowly backing away.

"! You will sit down and tell me why the first-years are scared of you this instant" Harry froze and sat down meekly.

"Well it might be because when I caught some of them sneaking out I told them my animagus form was a T-Rex and would eat them if I ever say them out after hours again" he mumbled under his breath. To say the least she was furious.

"Well then this can be easily fixed" she said with more than a small undertone of anger.

That Night in the Great Hall

Professor McGonagall called Harry up to the front of the Great Hall in the middle of dinner "Well Mr. Potter don't you have something to say to your peers"

Harry was as red as a tomato when he stared to speak "I apologize to the first-years that I told that I have a T-Rex animagus form and for any one else that was under that assumption" before he fled the Great Hall the famous Gryffindor courage gone.