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Title: I Walk the Streets

Author: Queen Serenity

Fandom: Dracula 2000

Chapter: Only

For the first time in over a century, I once more walk the streets. I am in a place called "New Orleans" and there is some sort of celebration going on, it seems.

I look around, and see more skin then I would have in a harem back in the old days. Ladies, it seems, wear much less now. I see women leading men on chains, literally, and I see people flaunting their sins, and I cannot help but smile.

It seems that now purity is more rare than incorruptible politicians, now. This world is filled with sin.

Oh, Van Helsing, you thought that, by catching me and locking me up, you were saving the world. In truth, you only insured that I survived until now…

…And you have helped to ensure the fall of God's greatest creation, mankind.

This is my world now.

QS: Well, can you all see these as his thoughts? Thought so. If you like this, I have several other D2000 fics out there you can check out.