It had been 3 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 6 days since Destiny's crew had entered stasis and the ship had finally reached the next galaxy, away from the danger of the drones. It was fine for Destiny to finally wake up its crew.

Colonel Young was the first one to awake followed slowly by his senior staff and everyone else. They were all happy to be out of stasis; Scott was hugging Chloe, Greer found Park who was still blind but it seemed to have improved, and TJ smiled at Young who noticed but had more on his mind.

"Okay listen up everybody, we need to make sure everything is okay, Rush go to the bridge find out how long we've been in stasis, where we are and how far to the next star. Lieutenant Scott and James, Sergeant Greer take military personnel and do a perimeter check. Chloe and Varro you need to do a search for Eli he had 2 weeks to fix his pod or he would have to kill himself find out if he made it or left a note or something." At that everyone gasped, Eli had been a breath member of the crew, caring about everyone. "TJ you do a check on the medical and food supplies, Brody and Volkner check on Destiny's systems make sure everything is working ok. Camille and I are going to check in with Home world Command." Ordered Young

Homeworld Command: Earth

Young looked around the room which he and Wray arrived in; it looked exactly the same apart from a different person standing at the door. "Are you from Destiny" the nervous Corporal asked tentatively.

"Yes I'm Colonel Young take us to Colonel Telford or General O'Neil." He replied as he got up.

"Yes certainly sir, Colonel Telford has been reassigned elsewhere but General O'Neil is right through here." He said as they followed him towards a door. Knocking he pushed it open "Colonel Young and Camille Wray here to see you General."

The General looked up from his desk, smiled and said "Your Late! I'm guessing you made it to the next galaxy?"

"Yes we did, Rush informed me of that just before I use the stones, he is now checking where the nearest star and habitable planets are where we can replenish our supplies. We are searching for Eli, so what's happening while we've been away." Asked Young pleased to back on Earth.

"Ok first thing first, Wray IOA wants to speak to see you, the Corporal outside will take you there." As she left O'Neil began to explain what had happened in the 3 years. "The Lucian alliance has been stepping up their attacks on Earth and its allies. Dakara, and Chulak were both attacked, they and only just been resettled a 2 years ago by the Jaffa, but Brat'ac and his forces fought them off though not without casualty. With these attacks we have now steeped up or productions of BC-304 Cruisers, we now have 11: the Korelev II owned by the Russians, Sun Tzu operated by China, Unity used by Britain, Phoenix given to the Canadians, then our 7: Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo, George Hammond, Achilles commanded by Telford and the Elizabeth Weir, our latest one. Daedalus and Apollo are permanently stationed out in the Pegasus with Atlantis which returned there with additional ZPMs that were found to combat the Wraith. Our scientist team are busy designing the BC-305 specially designed to act as a mobile base and command centre. Any way that does not concern you, as much as what I'm about to tell you. Langara was attacked by the Lucian Alliance about a year ago." Shocked the Colonel was about to interrupt when O'Neil held up his hand. "Just listen, as part of our treaty we sent the Achilles, Unity and George Hammond to defeat the 6 Hat'aks, we captured 2 of them and they are now being used to defend Langara. Some of the surface was bombarded, but ships easily smashed their ships." He laughed punching the air with his fist. The good news is in return they have now allowed us to dial the gate to Destiny once when we want to, now you are awake we are planning to do it in a week or 2 as long as we wend Jonas Quinn as their representative."

"That's good news sir, can't wait to tell the crew, I better get back but before I go I want to to talka bout my command structure." smiled Young cheerily.


When Young appeared back on Destiny he was shocked to see Eli standing in front of him. "So Did Homeworld Command tell you how I survived" grinned Eli.

"It's good to see you to Eli," answered Young getting up and giving him a friendly handshake. "Does the rest of the crew know you are alive?"

"Of course I didn't sneak in here and shout boo. They were there when I came out of the stargate. It took me 5 days to realise that I could not fix the stasis pod. I was just walking around Destiny thinking about whether I should download but that is when I had a brain wave. I remembered hearing about an incident in one of Doctor Daniel Jackson's boring introduction videos. A member of SG-1 got stored in the stargate buffer, I thought I could do that for a longer time as long as I made it so no one could dial into the gate for the time I was stored in the buffer. I'd used the the stones to go back to earth and do some research, and the bets news is Rush even said he would never have thought of that." He chuckled.

Destiny's Bridge

"Damm, we have a problem" said a frustrated Rush leaning over one of the consoles.

"When do we ever not have one" sneered Brody sitting at one of the control panels.

"According to this we have to make an FTL jump in the next hour, otherwise our life will have used so much power that we can't jump to the next star let alone have shields to protect us."

"Well just jump now than what's the difference it's been 3 hours" suggested Scott walking into the room and sitting down in the centre chair.

"Military always thinking everything is so straightforward, never seeing the bigger picture, right now Morrison and Volker are working to bypass some FTL systems that burned out in the 3 year jump and Brody is working no cooling down the engines quicker because they have been working for 3 years, if we don't get them fixed in an hour we are stuck here." He explained as Brody rushed to the engine room and he brought up a screen showing 2 bars, 1 blue, 1 red. The blue just taller than the red "If this blue bar drops below the reed bar we won't have enough power to jump."

"I'll radio Young. Eli can help after surprising the Colonel."

Destiny's Infirmary

"TJ how's our medical supplies, everything still good or useful?" Young questioned standing by the doorway."

"Most of our medicines are fine, all the plants have died obviously, food and medicinal, but hopefully we'll be able to get some more from the next planet. Well Scott has just informed that if we don't jump within the hour we won't have enough power to jump so don't use it unnecessary." He turned to leave but TJ stopped him.

"Everett... I mean Colonel," she corrected herself when Young looked at her "Can we talk about us, we haven't really spoken since we found out I had ALS, we hardly even chatted after the baby was killed, this could be our life from now on I've only got 5 years left I want to make the most of it."

"Tamara I do love you but the rank, and with reinforcements on their way I don't nkow can we talk about this later." he replied solemnly and walked out.

Engine Room

A buzzing came over the radio as Volker, Morrison and Eli rushed about fixing wires and bypassing systems, making sure they didn't burn out straight away. "Eli, Volker come in, this is Rush."

Eli picked it up answering rather annoyed, "Rush we know what we are doing we're rather busy down here, so quit bugging us."

"Calm down Eli just letting you knows you only have 40 minutes."

"Ok, leave us alone and we might actually do it in 20, Eli out." he said throwing the radio across the room and pacing, "Can't he just leave us alone, we know what we're doing, he even admitted to me that I'm smarter than him, why should he be bossing me about."

"Eli, stop moaning and come help over here." Morrison yelled, "this bypass keeps burning out, there's just to much power and it is not solid enough."

30 mins later Bridge

"Rush this is Eli jump, we have fixed it." His voice came over the radio

"You heard him lets go get some more power, and once we are safely on our way I've ordered everyone meet in the gate room." commanded Young lounging in the captain's chair, then Scott's voice came in over the radio, "Sir my team have completed a security check of explored areas, everything looks good, when are we jumping and how long to the nearest start?"

"We are just about to enter FTL, we will be in it for about 4 hours, and can you assemble all the crew in the gate room, I have some announcements to make."

20 minutes late Gate room

Colonel Young stood with Lieutenant Scott and a Corporal on the left steps looking over everyone as they had arranged this little celebration. Not many people knew but General O'Neil was in that body and was ready to hand out a few promotions. Looking down at the crew Young started to address them. "I have gathered you here because General O'Neil" gesturing towards the Corporal "Would like to make an announcement, concerning all of us." He finished, stepping down with Scott and looking up at the General.

"Well while you lazy bunch slept for 3 years us back to earth were busy defending Langara from alliance attacks stopping them invading destiny. Thanks to this Langara is willing to let's send reinforcements and supplies using their gate for one time only, at the moment" he declared. Though that last couples of words were droned out by the volume of cheer. Raising his hand up, he dumb down the noise "but now for official business, Lieutenant Scott, please come up here." Pausing as he waited for Scott to approach. "For exemplary leadership and tactics, when it was thrust upon you before you were ready, I am pleased to promote you to Major Scott" At that a round of applause erupted, Chloe ran and jumped into him giving him a congratulations kiss. Scott was rather overwhelmed he had not expected to be promoted to captain let alone major. Next TJ was promoted to captain and got a congratulations and Well done from Varro and Young. James was rewarded for her leadership and following orders on away missions by being given the rank of First Lieutenant. Greer much to his shock was offered a battle field commission to second lieutenant for his hard work and loyalty and at Young request for his help against his former allies Varro was offered a commission as a sergeant which he hastily accepted. Though the biggest surprise and round of applause had yet to come, and no one not even Young knew this was coming. "Colonel Young for inspired Leadership and maintaining the loyalty of your staff, you are being advanced to the rank of Brigadier General, congratulations you now outrank that slime ball Telford." joked O'Neil, which Young laughed at, TJ came up and kissed him much to his and O'Neil's surprise. O'Neil didn't care that much he had already thought about letting them get together with who they want as they may be stuck no Destiny for a long time he would talk to now General Young later.