BC-304 Defiance

Colonel Telford watched from the bridge as they weaved, darted and fired through less nimble Alliance Hat'ak fleet while their Al'kesh pounded at the Defiance shields which were already taking a pounding and their gliders duelled with the outnumbered F-302s. Things didn't look good but he was not giving up just yet. "Concentrate all fire on a single target until it's destroyed, fire all beam weapons at the Hat'ak 30 degrees to right, then move on the next one," he shouted over the blasts and engine noise as they rocked the ship. "Major Dent brings us around I want to put us between the fleet and the surface, order all other ships to do the same."

The officer on his right reacted quickly pressing buttons on the console in front of him. "Yes sir, shields are holding for the moment, times like this I wished we hadn't lost the Antarctic Chair: we're pretty outnumbered."

"Outnumbered: yes but not outgunned," he smiled as the ship took even more damage as it positioned itself to protect the planet.

BC-304 George Hammond

"Colonel we have just received a communication from the Defiance ordering all ships to put themselves between the alliance fleet and Earth" shouted Major Davis over the commotion of battle.

"Tell him to remember I am in command of the fleet, and we are already doing that," snapped Carter "Arrogant stuck up git," she muttered as she tried to remain in the centre seat as debris and dust fell from the ceiling due to weapons fire.

"Colonel a Hat'ak has just taken a crippling blow and it is on a collision course with the Unity!"

"Warn the Unity and bring all weapons to bear on the command Hat'ak." She wished she hadn't been promoted to a command of a spaceship; she missed the days of exploring worlds via the Stargate but new times meant new jobs.

Command Hat'ak

"Order all ships to target the Unity, our shots do not seem to be having an effect on the planet, destroy their ships 1 by 1 and find out about those reinforcements." This was not turning out the way it should be, he had already lost 4 Hat'aks under his command and the taur'i only had 4 ships. How could this be happening? He hit the console in frustration, if he didn't turn this around he was sure to lose his life but not necessarily from the taur'i.


General O'Neil and Landry had been watching and co-ordinating the battle from the mountain base. Things were going better than expected. "Walter remind me to send Mckay and Carter a thank you card for getting the shield up and running to perfection," grinned O'Neil.

"I will sir, but shields are draining sir the 2 zpms powering the shield were only half full in the first place and use under constant bombardment severely drains the power, the orbital platforms which connect the shields are fine, no holes in the shield have appeared yet. Unity is under attack, their shields have buckled" reported Sergeant Harriman

O'Neil made a note to get the Atlantis team to search for more ZPMs Atlantis had 2 and earth ahd 2 but they wouldn't last forever

"Order Unity to retreat if possible otherwise abandons ship; have the Defiance cover their retreat or evacuation, while Odysssy and George Hammond target the Command ship," ordered Landry who was taking this way to seriously for Jacks liking.

"Landry relax, I got this covered."

"Sir we are detecting 12 more ships exiting from hyperspace, sensors confirm they are Hat'aks," alerted Walter, this dampened they the O'Neil had just lightened a minute ago.

Earth's Orbit George Hammond

"Sir, Unity's just been destroyed, some crew managed to evacuate into puddle jumpers or the F-302s"

Turning around Samantha Carter looked battle hardened, her hair falling out of place, " I'm sorry we can't worry about them right now we got a battle to win." She looked around the bridge \t the destruction he battle had caused bulk head and beams blown out of place, lights hardly functioned and some bodies were left lying on the ground. "Davis a report on our ships please?"

"Odyssey is holding its own helped by the Asgard core and Defiance's new equipment is managing but they are both too busy to come to our aid. New Message coming in, Earth orders us to retreat to Alpha site, 12 more Hat'aks have entered the solar system." Her heart sank at this, they knew it was a long shot but they hoped they could cause enough damage for the alliance to retreat.

"Are our engines functioning," she asked already knowing the answer, all it took was a shake of Davis's head. "Order Defiance and Odyssey to enter hyperspace, we'll cover their escape," she announced solemnly.

All the crew understood what this meant but none of them disobeyed or spoke up, it was their duty. "Fire everything we got then prepare for a collision course." She went and sat in the control chair and targeted the ship at the nearest Hat'ak. "It's been a pleasure serving with you all."

Just as their ship was about the collide, the hat'ak exploded. "Where did that come from?" whirling around to look at her crew for answers. Then the screen flashed up revealing Bra'tac

"Colonel Carter I bring you greetings and help from the Free Jaffa Nation, withdraw we'll handle the rest."

Hope had arrived in the nick of time.

"Colonel the reinforcements are firing on the alliance, their retreating." At that announcement the bridge crew let out a huge cheer, but colonel Carter was still worried now the alliance agents on destiny would be even harder to find and more dangerous.