Disclaimer: No one belongs to me, but this story does.

Title: My Mary

Author: Queen Serenity

Fandom: Dracula 2000

Chapter: Only

I lay here, in this accursed box…

I am not conscious, really, but I know where I am. In my mind, I pound and pound in this box, trying to get out… but, for some reason, I cannot bring myself to full awareness.

I have no idea how long I have been in this thing… I have lost all track of time. I can feel those leeches on my body, though, even through my unconsciousness. Van Helsing cannot kill me, and thus he will not let himself die, preserving himself with my blood so that he may keep watch over me…

Someday, there will be some mistake made, and I will escape. I swear, when I am free, I will make Van Helsing pay for what he has done to me…

But I have had a light to look to for a while, now. I remember the first time my incoherent dreams formed into something that seemed so real… I was in a room, which was empty except for a bassinet. Looking into it, I saw what was perhaps that most innocent face which ever I had seen, framed in dark curls. The baby stared at me with her beautiful dark eyes, and I knew that I could never harm her.

Over the years, I had more dreams of her, and found her name to be Mary. Slowly, I watched the little innocent cherub grow into a dark-haired angel who was just as innocent.

Someday, I will be free. And I will curse my freedom, if I cannot dream of anymore of this girl who cannot be real… my angel.

My Mary.