SC10: Heya guys OK this story is something that has been on my mind for awhile now and this takes place in the G1 universe and I'll let my fav set of twins tell ya the disclamer

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" Hey Bee you alright? you've been staring at your energon for five kliks now" Bluestreak asked the mech in question who jumped alil in surprise nearly falling out of his seat. " h-Huh? what?" Bumblebee and Bluestreak were in the rec room that was empty OK it was empty EXCEPT the two of them." Are you OK Bumblebee?because you had this tired/sad look in your optics staring at your energon cube for five kliks and you hardly tuched it" the grey gunner asked his friend in concern he (along with practically the whole ARK crew) were worried about the young spy he have been quiet and hardly was seen anymore since four earth weeks ago when Starscream nearly offlined him in a raide at a energy when that happened well needless to say something snapped inside the Autobots and things lead to the Decepticons retreeting.

When that was over the autobots headed straight back to base and quicker then anyone could say 'slaggin cons' Ratchet brought Bumblebee into his medbay to repare the young bot. Then after twelve earth hours later Bee was repaired but with a down side apparently since the blast that nearly offlined him was REALLY close to the spark the yellow mech was under monitering incase there was a relaps. Which brings us back to the present because he was monitered by practically everyone even 'I hate Mini bots' sunstreaker kept of optic on Bumblebee and frankly..IT WAS GETTING ANNOYING! and the questions Bluestreak kept asking wasn't helping either, sumening his will power Bee calmed down and looked at his friend pulling a fake smile " Yeah Blue I'm fine just bored is all nothing to worry about" which he really hopped worked the Yellow & Black mech didn't like this whole thing because it made his friends worry and he did NOT want that.

" OK if you say so Bumblebee" was Bluestreak's reply knowing that smile was fake the young Praxian knew his friend well enough to know when he was making fake smiles or not but chose not to say anything in fear it would upset Bumblebee. "Hey blue don't you have a shift that starts right now?" said mech asked looking at his internal clock " OH SLAG PROWL IS GONNA KILL ME! OH HOW THE HECK AM I-"

" Just imagine you have a angry Sunstreaker on your tail pipe and you'll be there in a nano-klik" Bee suggested as the grey mech got up an ran off in what looked like grey blurr and a 'later bee!' was heard from said blurr leaving him alone in the rec room.

'Finally alone' would be the perfect words for what Bumblebee was feeling as he layed his fore helm against the table with a sigh. He knew the others mean well but he swore if he didn't get permission to leave the ARK he'd go ster crazy!.Sighing again the youngling got up from his seat only to be pushed back down by a pair of black servos on his shoulders.

"Hold it right there Bumblebee you aren't going anywere until that cube is empty" a familier voice said while two figures sat on each side of his seat. Looking he groaned mentaly when he found the two figures were the Lambo twins Sunstreaker on his left Sideswipe to his right " uhh..hey guys what's up?" the yellow-black mech asked looking up at both of the older bots that seemed two wrap one arm around each of his shoulders and was it his imagination or did their grip tightin alil? " Oh nothing just came in here to relax after a patrol and we saw you sitting here with a cube full of energon and thought we join you" Sideswipe said smiling while Sunstreaker rolled his optics then said quite bluntly while sliding it close to the minibot "drink it" .

"You two aren't my creators besides I was just leaving so if you two don't mind? I'll be going" Bumblebee said attempting (key word Attempting) to get up only to get pulled back into his seat and the grip on his shoulder tighten. " Bumblebee" the yellow Lamboghini said with a growl in his tone "you won't be going anywhere if you don't drink it you need it I can hear your tanks rumbling just drink it and we'll leave you alone" he finished holding the cube to the youngling's optic veiw. " Look Bee we can do this the easy way or the hard way" Sideswipe whispered his grip tighting alil more but not enough to hurt his and his twin's captive. They were just worried so was everyone else heck a few kliks ago Sideswipe heard along with Sunny the dinobots talking about how worried they were so when both the frontliners saw bee about to leave with a untouched cube of energon sitting there well they just wanted the Bug to get better. " I just want to be alone so please guys let me up!" Bumblebee said struggling to get out of his capter's grips...Yeah wasn't working! " OK guess it's the hard way Sideswipe" Sunstreaker said pulling the mini bot onto his lap wrapping both his arms around the young mech pinning his arms to his sides then pined his legs from kicking with his larger leg. " What the pit you doing Sunstreaker! Let go!" Bee said struggling with no avail " He won't Listen Bumblebee and you braught this on yourself" Sideswipe said holding the energon cube up to said mech's lips then it hit the spy like Ironhide's blaster the twins were gonna force feed him the energon like he was a sparkling. " I am not some sparkling guys!" he said tilting his helm away from the cube near his mouth.

Now Bumblebee was REALLY glad that alot of Mechs and Femmes had to do shifts and that no one came in because Primus was this ever embarassing! " Then drink it or would you rather we drag you to the Medbay and tell ol' Ratch that you aren't drinking your energon and have him put you on a IV?" Sunstreaker whispered into Bee's audio receptor while Sideswipe grabbed hold of the young Bot's chin to hold his head in place.A few seconds and then vented a sigh of defeat " No but this is embarassing" the bug said looking both of the Twins' in the optic tears forming at the edge of his blue optics. The look in thier friend's optics made their sparks break both Lamboghinis didn't want to make Bumblebee upset,setting down the cube of energon back onto the table and let go of the mini bot's chin. Slag Sunny instead of helping him we just nearly made him cry! Sideswipe said over the twin bond with Sunstreaker Nearly! I think we did fraghead! the yellow twin said loosening his grip on the mech in his arms who's helm hung forward.

" Bee? Bumblebee look we're sorry OK we were just worried OK? I mean you hardly come out anymore and everyone has noticed you haven't been drinking energon enough lately so we got carried away" the Red Lamboghini said in a soft tone and kneeling infront of the autobot in his twin's lap.

Sniffling the youngling looked up blue-ish purple tears running down his silver face plate " I-I'm sorry for worrying you and everyone a-and I have been having my energon I...just been getting it when everyone is recharge though" he said voice sound Yellow-black mech soon regretted those words when he was pullled against Sunny's sunshine chassis in a tight grip and Side's black servos turn his face towards him seeing a stern look that was VERY unusual on the prankster's face plate. " and how late is that young mech?" that tone that was used made Bee tremble he didn't want to worrying them more but there was something else he did at night that he was sure them,Prime,Ratchet EVERYONE would flip about...

he has been sneaking off base late at night it wasn't easy he had to use the vents that lead above the ARK to sneak pass night shifthe nearly been caught last night ." 2:30 A.M" was the reply with a gulp." anything else?" Sunstreaker asked suspiciously,Bee shook his head " Can I please go? your grip is crushing me" he asked with those baby blue optics looking into ice blue " Fine you can go but THIS goes with you!" Sideswipe said giving the cube to them Mini bot when the yellow twin set him on his peds.

" Alright by fellas!" Bumblebee said running out of the rec room with the cube in his servos and when both mechs knew the mini bot was out of hearing range they both open a channel to both Ratchet and Prime.

: Sunstreaker and Sideswipe to Prime and Ratchet come in: Sideswipe said over the

: Ratchet here what you two want? and why call me and Prime both?:

: 'cause you might want to hear what me and Sides found out:


Later on that night Bumblebee was sneaking out again but this time unknown to him he was being watched from the around the young mech made sure if there was someone therehe didn't see anyone so he opened a air vent crawled inside it and traveled the vents to the top of the base where it ended. " Another perfect sneaking that I sure bet Jazz would be proud of" Bumblebee said to himself climbing out and was now sneaking behind bolders that surrounded the volcano side " Oh ah would be Bee 'f weren't for you being in trouble" Jazz said grabbing his subordenent from behind. " JAZZ! no Let go!" the bug said struggling in the sabiture's grip until he was lifted up bridal style. " Bee tell me why ya do this? you know you can't leave until you are labled ' you go pull this stunt" the pourche said getting a better grip to keep the mini bot in his arms from struggling any further.

Sighing in defeat and stop struggling Bumblebee lowering his helm in shame and sadness " I'm sorry Jazz I just wanted to go out for alil while I'm just about to go ster crazy" he said as they arrived at the ARK's enttrance welcomed by Prime,Ratchet,Prowl and Optimus' sparkmate Elita of primus was Bumblebee so slagged.

" OK Jazz put him down" Optimus said walking over to the two while the TIC set the youngling down while said youngling was getting scared by the astrosecond infact he had this growing urge to bolt pass his leader and to his room to hide. But he restrained himself from doing so he was in enough trouble already he looked his leader in the optics and flinched alil when he noticed his usually calm leader's optics were glowing a white-ish blue if that didn't show how angery he was then what else would. " Bumblebee you care to explain why you even did this?" the semi former asked you could tell he was angry by the tone of his voice.

Yup he was slagged taking a intake then vented a sigh Bumblebee told Prime what he told Jazz and was praying to whoever was listening that he wouldn't be in to much someone must've been listening because he only got two earth weeks of moniter duty night shift after he was cleared. " Phew I'm glad it was anything painful as a punishment though I think the threat of cleaning the Dinobots sounds painful" the Mini bot muttered walking into his room after punching in the code he stopped in mid step at what he saw.