Holding Out For a Hero

Summary: After the release of Endless, Elie awakens to find herself captured by Lucia and with no hope of escape. Lucia/Elie Implied Haru/Elie SPOILERS ALERT.


Author's Note: HI EVERYONE! :D I'm sorry I keep disappearing off the earth and then just randomly reappearing! School has been CRAZY. So much has happened the last couple months, both between my life and the lives of those around me… So, yeah. I haven't been writing too much, but I'm going to do what I can to FINISH THIS ONE!
See…with the Love And Loss, I just could not write it. It became virtually impossible, and whenever I tried, I just fell into this deep sadness and so I couldn't…I'm really sorry! T~T
But, I actually had this one sort-of requested from a reviewer. A lot of people have noticed that there is almost no Lucia/Elie stories out there, except for my little one shot. So, I guess I'm going to break that! I've actually had this idea in my head for a long time, but now I think I actually have the skill to make it happen! :D


Chapter One: The Wicked Truth

Never before had Haru felt such an excruciating amount of pain. It seemed to radiate off of him, threatening to infect anyone that came too close. Not even the fight with Doryu had left him with such severe injuries! At least with Doryu, he had died and that had taken care of the worst of the injuries. Not only was he fully alive, but he was completely awake.

That just made the pain even worse. He was alive. He was awake. So why had he not been able to stop Lucia from snatching up Elie in the last seconds of the battle? That stupid lion thing – he hadn't cared enough to catch his name – had landed right between Haru and Elie and distracted the Rave Master while that weasel of a man sneaked her onto the flying chariot. By the time Haru had realized what had happened, they were in the sky.

To make matters worse, when he had chased after them, he found his body too weak. Rave was like a steroid without the negative effects; it gave him an incredible power and stamina boost, but even Rave could wear out. It might have been made a Goddess in human form – that was what he secretly called Resha – but even Goddesses were not infallible.

A soft moan of pain escaped his lips as Grandpa pressed another herb down on his leg. The herbs were great healers, but they stung like nothing else for a while before the process began. He was having his entire body covered with this disgusting green mush, which would most likely render him incapable of doing anything for quite some time. And, while he was being a useless idiot, Elie was in Lucia's clutches.

"Damn it!" he screamed, "Damn it, damn it, damn it!" He was tired of lying around! Elie needed him! "How long do I have lay like this? Lucia has Elie, and I need to save her!"

Musica appeared beside him, smelling of herbs and medicine from when he had been tending to Shuda. "You'll get up when you can stand, you idiot," said the silverclaimer testily. He had been in a perpetually bad mood ever since Reina had died, but Haru was not in any sort of mood for sympathy. "If you try to go after her now, what will happen? You'll get there, and Lucia will tear you to shreds! Then what good will you be?"

"Shut up!" screamed Haru angrily. He didn't want to hear this. "Elie needs me!" Musica sighed and pressed his fingers to his temples. "You would do the same thing for Reina."

No words needed to be said for Haru to understand that he had gone too far. A vein bulged out of his best friends' temple, and he opened his eyes only to give him a look of utter disgust. Haru sighed, letting his head drop down against the ground. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that," he muttered, genuinely sorry. He wished Let was here; Let was the only real rock of sanity they had in times like this. Ah, but Let went chasing after his Julia, he reminded himself bitterly. Everyone else was allowed to chase after the one they loved, but Haru wasn't even allowed to chase after Elie!

"Haru," said Musica softly, his expression softening, "I know you want to go after Elie. If I thought I could take down Lucia and that lion, I'd go after him right now and bring Elie back. We just aren't strong enough to take them. Especially not in your current state. If we want to get her back, we're going to have to wait until you're a lot more healed."

The blond shut his eyes tightly, but even that could not stop tears from forming in his eyes. He had promised to protect Elie, no matter what the cost, and he had failed. He didn't even care that he had lost to Lucia. The fact that he had failed Elie meant more to him than anything else in the entire world.

"I failed her," he whimpered. Grandpa had vanished, leaving Musica and Haru alone to talk. Musica sat next to him with his arms crossed and atop his knees. "I promised her I'd keep her safe, and I fucking failed her!"

Haru began to thrash, and Musica did not stop him. Finally, he whacked over the chair that Grandpa had been using to grind the herbs and he curled himself into a fetal position. Tears fell from his eyes like he was trying to fill an empty river. Always, Haru had been optimistic. He had let nothing deter him from his goal, and never once had he ever thought, not even for a second, that he would be unable to reach that goal.

However, losing Elie changed something in him. That determination suddenly snapped into pieces and a hopelessness that Haru was not familiar with flooded into his body. Elie made everything worth it. He could never have come this far without her by his side. When she had gone running out to meet who she thought was Sieg Hart, he felt his soul go with her. He wanted her to be safe, yes, but he could never imagine asking her to stay behind. It was selfish, but he was willing to put her in danger so long as she was with him. He knew that she would get hurt, it was inevitable. That was something he had learned during that last fight with Shuda. He could not protect her from everything, no matter how much he wanted to. But this…this was too much!

"Are you done yet?" snapped Musica, breaking through Haru's sobs. The blond looked up in shock, and saw his best friend standing up and glowering down at him. "Jesus Christ, man, pull yourself together!"


"You heard me! Elie's with Lucia. So fucking what?" he demanded in repugnance, "Once you heal up, we're going to go after her, aren't we? But if you're going to spend the entire time whining about how you 'failed' her and all that bullshit, you aren't coming along. Elie deserves to be saved by the Rave Master, not some little brat."

Under any other circumstance, that would have enraged Haru. This time, however, he simply could not muster up the energy for such an emotion. He stared up at his friend for a few seconds as his words began to take their place in his heart. Whatever had snapped into pieces slowly melded back together and reformed, stronger than ever.

He was right. Elie deserved to be saved by the Rave Master, not a cry baby. He smiled once and wiped away the tears from his cheeks. "You're right," he agreed firmly. Musica continued to look down at him, not impressed. "I'm going to get better. And, as soon as I do? We're going to find the last Rave. And then, we're going to go find Elie."

"Why not do it in the opposite order?"

Haru smirked and closed his eyes as fatigue began to wash over him. "Because I need to be stronger. I'll never be able to defeat Lucia without the last Rave. So, we're going to find it. And then I'm going to defeat Lucia. Once and for all." It was the only thing that Haru could think about as he drifted off. He wasn't sure, but he thought that he heard Musica chuckle slightly in approval, but before he could open his eyes and see for himself, he felt his consciousness slowly slip away from him and he was engulfed in the endless void of sleep.

"Haru! Haru! Haru!" screamed Elie as loud as she could, struggling against the bonds that held her in place. She had no idea where she was, why she was here, and who on earth put her there. In fact, all the brunette was aware of was the overwhelming stench of body-odor, leading her to believe that she had been chained to this wall for quite some time. Her arms were placed above her head in a position that hurt more to move than keep still while her ankles had plenty of leeway to move about. Not that standing would do her any good; the manacles were too strong for her to attempt breaking and they were already beginning to cut her wrists open.

Still, that did not deter her from struggling. Elie wanted to get out of here. She wanted Haru to come bursting through the door and tell her that she was safe now, that he would break these chains and they would fly away magically into the sunset…

Okay, maybe it had been a little too long without food or water.

Just as the brunette was about to continue her desperate cries, the door slammed open. Light poured into the room – at that moment, Elie realized that her current prison was incredibly dark and that her eyes had adjusted to it without her realization – and she crammed her eyes shut as it blinded her temporarily.

"Hello, Elie."

Immediately, Elie felt chills dance down her spine. It was the one voice that she never wanted to hear; filled with enough malice and darkness to serve as a black hole. The brunette allowed one eye to peek open and found his silhouette in the doorway. His form wasn't as bulky as Elie remembered, but he was still as muscled and menacing as ever. "What have you done to my friends?" she demanded, slowly opening both eyes.

Lucia's cruel laughter echoed around the room, causing the brunette to scoop closer to the wall; even the cold stone was more comforting than Lucia could ever hope to be. "I have done nothing. Besides, of course, all of what I did back at Star Vestige," he replied slyly. Elie glared at his shadow, trying to wrap her mind around what he was saying. The lack of food and water was beginning to affect her, causing her mind to go foggy and her tongue to grow heavy and dry.

"You liar!" accused Elie as loudly as she could. Her voice was weak from all the screaming she had been doing, but she would not allow any weakness to be shown. She had to be strong so that he would not harm her.

"I am not so worthless as to lie to my prisoner," spat Lucia in detest. He stepped towards her slowly, and Elie noticed that there was a slight limp to his step. The closer he got to her, the more his form morphed from a shadow and into the actual human – if he even had enough soul left in him to be called a human. "You have been unconscious for some time, child of Etherion," he said softly as he knelt down in front of her. Again, Elie scooted as far away from as she could. The action was not missed by Lucia, who smirked and leaned in ever so slightly. "Tell me all you know about 'Endless'."

The brunette glared at him, tempted to spit in his face yet not brave enough to dare. "I don't know what you're talking about!" she cried, squirming as one of his hands gently began to stroke her arm.

The blond leaned in, his eyes filled with amusement and a sort of gravity that sent more shivers down her spine. "You are the one that named it," he said slowly, "You called him The King of Stellar Memories. Tell me what you meant."

"I didn't say that."

Elie continued to glare at him, but it was beginning to weaken as his anger began to grow. "You lie," he whispered into her ear. Those two words were like ice being dropped onto her head, but he did not give her enough time to process them fully before he punched her across the jaw. "Tell me the truth!"

"I don't know!" screamed Elie frantically, breathing heavily. Lucia stood up slowly, towering over her. "I don't remember anything after that bright light!"

"You are useless," spat Lucia angrily, turning away. "Do not think that you are off the hook yet, Elie. I will be back, and you will begin talking."

With that said, the door that he came from slammed shut and Elie was alone again. Before she could stop it, her body began to convulse as hysteria took over. Her breathing became ragged and no amount of air she took in seemed to be enough. For the first time, raw fear gripped her and she came to realize exactly what her situation was; she was completely and utterly alone, trapped inside Demon Card's headquarters with Lucia as her captor.

Did Haru even know where Demon Card's new headquarters were? Where had he been the last few days? Didn't he care that Lucia had taken her?

"Haru," she sobbed, tears freefalling from her eyes relentlessly. There were no windows in her cell, so she had no bearing of what time it was, but her body was exhausted. Besides, sleep would take her mind off of the hunger that gripped her stomach…

With some effort, she controlled her breathing and even managed to lessen the flow of tears. Elie forced her eyes to stay closed as she entered her own endless void of sleep.


Author's Note: Okay, so it's a little shorter than usual. :o But, it'll get more interesting, I promise! Don't give up on me yet, okay?
Also, the chapters are going to be split up between what Haru's doing and what Elie's doing. Like, one chapter for Haru and the next for Elie and then the one after that for Haru and so on. Just figured I'd let ya' know. :3 I hope you enjoyed!