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(saito P.O.V)

My name is Hiraga, Saito. There is nothing really interesting about me. That is, until what happened when I was 16 years old. I was about to head back from receiving my repaired laptop when I was summoned to another world. Yes, another world. There I became a familiar for a girl there. She was the girl I loved. The key word here is "was." I still love her till this day, but I need to move on and forget about her. Many things happened while I was there: I found many friends there and also my purpose in life. I wanted to protect her; the girl who became my master. Unfortunately, that accident happened and she is lost to me forever. I spent a few days mourning for her loss, and then I noticed something strange. Although my master is gone, the runes on my left hand haven't disappeared. Suddenly, the runes started to glow brightly and the next thing I knew I was back in my world.

My mother found me unconscious outside our house and brought me back inside. It looks like I wasn't the only one here. It seems like Derf was also here with me. My mother wasn't really surprised by a talking katana. It seems she really believed me when I told her I was in another world. My father was also present, be he fainted immediately after hearing Derf talk. It took some time for me to get used to this world after disappearing for a year. The official report was that I was kidnapped, but lost my memories about it. My father was the one who came up with that story. Who would believe that I was transported to another world? My little sister seems really happy to see me after a year, though. Her reaction to Derf talking was a little different. It seems she wanted to take Derf apart to find out how he talked. I tried to explain to her that Derf was a sentient sword that even if you broke him apart he just moved to the nearest sword.

Our whole family has decided to move away with my father looking for a new jog elsewhere. We managed to find a school for my sister while I needed to repear a grade since I was missing for a year.

Tomorrow starts my new day at school…

Sigh, it feels weird living a normal life like this.

School Day

"I'm late!" I shout while trying to prepare for school as fast as possible. I can't believe that I'm going to be late on my first day. I immediately dashed to school as fast as possible while carrying my shinai which I need in order to activate my gandalfr power. Who knows what will happen? So, I decide to always carry it wherever I go. I can't just carry Derf outside. That would freak people out, but what I didn't know is that Derf can transfer himself to another sword even if his body isn't broken. He currently resides in my shinai, but reserves from talking or else someone might freak out.

I ran as fast as possible with the power of gandalfr boosting my speed. I noticed the gate was about to close, so I ran even faster to make it. Just as I was about to make it, I bumped into someone.

"Ouch," came the voice of a girl.

I look up and noticed a girl who was wearing the same school as me, albeit, the female version with her long hair split into parts.

"Boin, Boin"

I noticed something soft in my hand. I try to squeeze it a bit to see what it is. It was really soft like a marshmallow. When I turn my down to see what I was holding, to my horror (and happiness), my hand was groping her breast. She let out a soft moan and looks at me with a look that could be mistaken for Guan Yu. "Sorr-", before I even finished the word, she took out her boken and immediately struck me with it.

"Ouch!" I yelled. That strike really hurt. I think the last time I felt this kind of pain was when I was punched by Guiche's golem. "That hurt you violent woman!" I shouted while groaning from the pain.

"H-h-h-how dare you to t-t-t-th-th-that kind of thing to me you pervert!" She shouted at me.

"Hey, it was an accident," I said trying to turn the conversation around.

"Yeah, groping my chest was also an accident," she countered sarcastically. Damn, I don't have anything to retort back with.

"But I wa-whoa," I got out trying to dodge her attack. I look to the ground where her attack connected only to see a large crack there.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!" I shouted after finally realizing that if that attack hit me, I would have died right there. I mean, what kind of bamboo sword can cause a crack on a concrete floor?

"That's what I was planning on," she says while preparing for another strike.

I have no choice, I take out my shinai and my gandalfr runes activate, thus, giving me a chance to intercept her attack. She seems shocked that I was able to parry her attack.

"Hoh… you're pretty good for a pervert. In that case, I don't need to hold back." With that said, her speed and power behind her attacks increased causing me trouble with keeping up with her even with my gandalfr powers. Thankfully, my past experiences in fighting stopped her from landing a single strike on me.


We charged at each other trying to take down the other…


Someone knocked us down with a fist to our heads.

"That's enough. You guys are already late, don't make a mess in front of school any more than you already have, but since this is the first day I'll let it slide for now. Now go to your class!"

"R-right away sir."

"Y-yes Nishimura-sensei."

It looks like we both completely forgot our tardiness during the fight earlier. That teacher looks really scary. He even managed to stop our fight just like that. There are still many amazing people in my world that I don't know of.

We immediately part ways once we enter the school. I need to get to the school faculty in order to find my assigned class.

"That girl's sword skills are strong. Even in your gandalfr mode, if it were not for your experiences in fighting, you would have lost,' Derf said who up to this point had been quiet till now.

"Yeah, I can't believe that there is someone like that in my world," I said, noticing the door led to the faculty office.

When I enter the faculty office, there was only one person.

"Ah, you're late. You must be Hiraga Saito. I'm your homeroom teacher, Yokou Takahashi," the woman introduces, "You're in my 2-A, so let's get you to your class right now." I immediately follow her lead to the class I will be in for the next 2 years.

She enters first to greet the students there.

"Please, come in," she says signaling for me to come in. There seems to be a bunch of people, but then I noticed the girl that I bumped into this morning. She seems to be isolated from the rest of the class. Well, I can't blame them considering the cold look she gives everyone. If looks could kill, then she would have already massacred the entire class by now. She doesn't seem to notice me yet.

"Please introduce yourself," Yokou-sensei requested.

"My name is Hiraga Saito. I will be attending this school starting today. I hope we could get along," I introduced myself as best as possible trying to give a good impression to the class.

"Well… Hiraga-san your seat will be next to Orimura Chifuya-san," Yokou-sensei pointed out at that girl. So her name is Orimura Chifuya. She seems to peek up at mention of her name and suddenly notices me.

"You," she stands up from her seat, "The pervert from earlier!" She grabbed her bouken and attacked me, but I managed to block her with my shinai.

"What do you think you're doing you violent woman!" I shouted, trying to hold back her attack. All of the other students were already moving away from our little skirmish.

"That's enough. Since Orimura-san already knows our transfer student, please share your textbooks with him," Yokou-sensei interceded.

"But he-" Whatever it is she wanted to say was stopped by the smiling Yokou-sensei with an image of something that looks like an asura behind her.

"Hai… yokou-sensei…" she finally relents.

"Heh, so you can be reasoned with after all," I say to her sarcastically. She just glares at me in return, but otherwise decided not to say anything.

She shared her textbooks with me although she doesn't look happy about it. The lesson continued after the break time. It looks like no one dared to go near me because of the person next to me. Some of the girls were giving me disgusted looks probably because of her comment about me being a pervert. Anyway, my first day back and it had already gone haywire.

After classes finished, I hurriedly went back home. On the way to the exit of the school, I noticed she was also going back. It looks like we both go the same way home.

"Don't follow me pervert."

"Hey, we just happen to go home the same way and can you please drop the pervert stuff. I have a name you know and it's definitely not pervert."

"What you did this morning is enough for you to be classified as a pervert," she spat back at me with a hint of malice.

"I told you it was an accident. I didn't know what I was holding at that time," I said trying to defend myself.

"Nice excuse." Argh, I give up trying to convince her as I see that I've arrived at my house.

"THAT IS MY HOUSE SO PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME!" We both shout at the same time.




An awkward silence passes.

"How is it that you live right beside my house? Are you a stalker?" She gives me a cold look.

"Hey, for your information, I just moved here yesterday." I didn't even have enough time to know who my neighbor was.


From afar, I noticed my little sister Tsunami coming back from school with a boy. What? Who does he think he is acting so friendly with Tsunami? Then I noticed Chifuyu giving the same look to Tsunami.

"Tsunami/Ichika, get away from him/her," we both say at the same time.

"STOP COPYING ME!" we both yelled at each other.

'YOU'RE THE ONE COPYING ME!" we both shout again at the same time. What was with this girl, talking at the same time as me?

"Pfft.." we stop out quarrel when we noticed both of the kids were laughing at us.

"So nee-san, you know Tsunami's onii-san?" The young boy asked Chifuyu who appeared to be her brother.

"Yeah, something like that. We're in the same class." She answered with a soft voice. It looks like she really cares for her brother. Does she have a brother complex?
"Nii-san, what's your relationship with Ichika one-san. You guys were fighting just now," my little sister asked a little worried.

Being the nice brother I am, "No, we were just arguing a little. It's normal for friends, right Chifuyu-san?" I tell her while offering her a handshake and giving her a glare telling her to play along.

What surprises me is that she decides to play along. Maybe it is because of the look that boy Ichika gave her.

"Yes, of course. We were just having a little argument just now, but we get along really well right, Saito-san?" She says while giving me her famous death glare and gripping my hand as hard as possible.

Both kids seem to believe our acting.

"Well then, we'll meet later Saito-san. Let's go Ichika," she said to me with the same glare.

"Let's go Tsunami," I said to my sister.

Once inside, I decide to take a little break before my mom calls me for dinner.

This will be the second time we will eat together in this house since we just moved in yesterday.

The Next Day

"We're going now," my sister and I say to our mother who is seeing us off at the front door.

Once we step outside ("geh"), I noticed her also just leaving her house along with her brother.

"Ichika-kun!" My sister waves at that kid Ichika and he waves back at her. Eh! Did my sister just add kun to his name. No way that's possible. After all, they only met each other. I tried to push those thoughts back in my mind.

"Saito-nii, let's walk to school together since we're going in the same direction," my sister says with cute puppy eyes. Damn it must resist. But, unfortunately, she was too strong, so I decide to just give in to her request. Apparently, she also has the same problem with her brother, but that doesn't mean I have a sister complex. DEFINTELY NOT! There's no way I'm like her.

We walk to school together in silence besides the voices of Tsunami and Ichika conversing with each other.

We both separate from our siblings because their school is in another direction.








What is with this silent, yet heavy atmosphere? It looks like she really hates me. Well, it's not like I like her wither, but this atmosphere makes me uncomfortable, so I decide to break the silence.

"Ichika really is a good kid; really different from his sister," I said deciding to make conversation with her. Although I'm not too fond of Ichika, he looks decent enough. "I just hope he doesn't turn out like her sister when he grows up. Ahhh… poor kid." I decide to rattle her up a little.

"That girl, Tsunami, she must have a tough life with having a pervert as a brother. Ah, I hope she doesn't follow anything her brother says. It could lead her to doing perverted things because her brother is… well… a pervert," she countered. It looks like she still intends to call me a pervert.

"Hey, like I said, I'm not a pervert. Besides, I'd kill anyone that would try to make her read anything indecent," I said trying to protect my pride, once again.

Suddenly, just when she was about to open her mouth to speak, "CHIIIII-CHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!" another girl appeared looking like she was trying to hug Chifuyu, but failed as her face was pushed away by Chifuyu's hand.

"Chii-chan, Chii-chan, Chii-chan," the girl refused to give up as she still tried to hug her.

"I didn't know you swung that way," I told her with a poker face, but inside I was smirking heavily at seeing her face blushing embarrassed from my accusation.

"No! This is how she is!" The way she shouted to deny my assumption make her look cuter than she already is. Wait… did I just think she looked cute? I decided to push that thought behind my mind.

The girl has long pink hair, hmm. Are those ears? She turned around to look at me with her eye suddenly turning cold. "Hmm, who are you? What are you doing with Chii-chan?" What? She just did a complete 180 from being a cheerful girl to the coldest person I ever met.

"My name's Hiraga Saito," I said noticing her eyes change from that cold look to look like she was trying to remember something.

"Mmmmmm…. Hiraga Saito, are you the person who suddenly disappeared last year, but reappeared about a month ago saying you were kidnapped but doesn't remember what happened.

"Eh…?" The one who was surprised was Chifuyu, but who is this girl that knows so much about me? Did she know anything about the other world?

"Well, leave it be…. But you seem to get along with Chii-chan and that makes you one of my friends. I am the great genius who is about to shock the world with my latest invention, Shinono Tabane. Nice to meet you," she said while doing some weird poses.

"Tabane… there's no way I am friends with this person here. Furthermore, he is a pervert," Chifuyu said trying to deny Tabane's claims.

""But Chii-chan, normally you just ignore anyone that isn't Ichika, yet you seem fine from talking to him. Isn't that right Sai-kun?" I can't keep up with this person's energetic personality. Wait…. Sai-kun? When did we become close? "Besides, isn't it normal for a guy to be a pervert?" Wah.. she just accepts that I'm a pervert.

"Can you tell me what your relationship with her it?" I ask her.

"She is a sister of one of Ichika's friends and, well, I guess you can call us friends," she answered with a deep sigh.

"Doesn't she go to school?" I can't help but ask.

"She just said that she was a genius, so she always skips school because she says it's boring."

"Look Chii-chan! You're doing it again; talking to him like that."

"Wha? I'm just explaining to him about you."

"So, then I'll see you later Chii-chan and you too Sai-kun," a smokescreen appeared at the end of her sentence and she was gone.

"What an interesting friend you have," I said trying to make conversation.

She just kept silent and continued walking. I guess there's just one thing left to do get her to forgive me.

"Hey," I called out to her.


I straighten myself and then bow to her, "Sorry for yesterday. All of it was my fault and I hope you can forgive me," I said while keeping my head down causing me to unable to see her reaction.




Eh… does she not want to forgive me?

"It's okay; I don't feel like staying mad at you anymore so I forgive you. I guess I need to apologize for trying to hit you," more like trying to kill me, but I decide not to speak out loud. I raise my head to see her face giving off the most radiant smile ever. I smile a little at the spectacle in front of me.

"What are you smiling for?"

"No, it's just that you look cute when you smile. You should smile more often," I answered honestly, "That way people who are scared of you will surely change their opinion of you." I advise her, although, it is up to her whether she takes my advice or not.

She blushes at my statement. Maybe she isn't used to having someone praise her.

"Hmph! I don't need unworthy people to get close to me," though she said that, she still continues to smile. Seeing her smile just makes my day better.

"Why don't we reintroduce ourselves. My name's Hiraga Saito, but you can call me Saito."

"Nice to meet you Saito-san, the name's Orimura Chifuyu. I'll give you permission to call me Chifuyu."

"Alright Chifuyu…."


She gives me a glare.

"-san," she drops her glare only to resume smiling.

"Though it might seem inappropriate, I'd like to have a duel with you again. I haven't been able to fight someone at my level lately. Come visit us sometimes," she says walking away, and with that, my new life in my own world begins. I was unaware that sometime in the future the release of the mecha called Infinite Stratos, IS for short, would shock the world and somehow my fate would also be intertwined by this. Thus, begins a new journey of my life.

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