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(Saito P.O.V)

It had been a week since I tell Tabane about magic. as usual you can't find her in school. I guess that to be expected from a genius. It must be a waste of time coming to school. Me and Chifuyu relationship is getting better that we even called each other without honorific, though she still almost kill me sometime when a little misunderstanding occur, what I mean by little is, when I accidently got into accident that look like something that came out of ero game. What am I?somekind of eroge protagonist. Though it was great, I wouldn't really want it to happen seeing I can die from it.

'BAM' the sound of trying to get the attention of the class can be heard. It was class rep trying to get all of the student in class 2-A right now. Our whole lesson just finished and usually people will go to their club activity or for those who are in go home club will just go somewhere. Our class rep is Sakaki Chizuru. If I were to describe her personality she was the kind who is really strict and also short tempered, but she also a hardworking person.

"Today we would discuss about what our class would do at the school festival next week." Look like this will be a discussion for school festival that will be held next week. Every class must take part In the school festival since it was one of the school tradition, so that why we currently have this kind of discussion right now.

"Any one who like to give an Idea please raise your hand and state what you would like to do." The one who currently spoke right now is ShiroganeTakeru, he must be force to handle this because for everyone who know him he was kind of lazy.

"hai..." someone in class raise a hand. From the voice it was a girl. "maid cafe" was the thing she said. The one who gave this idea is Ayaminekei. I don't really know much about her but everyone in class know that she doesn't really get along with class rep. fortunately since it was for the sake of the school festival they seem to avoid trouble. On another note, she just said maid café right? it look to be completely normal as anyone doesn't voice their opinion about it. Takeru write a maid café at the blackboard.

"Anyone have other idea!" class rep continued to ask the student of class 2-A

"Why don't we just open a booth, it a lot easier that way" the other student seem to suggest this idea. On the side note, I agreed completely with this idea, the less work the better. Though considering who our class rep is I don't think she will agree to this, shirogane look like he was about to accept this though.

And so the vote continued, some just sit quiet while waiting for this to be over while some people just talking with the other not caring at all. After a few suggestions had been made, it decided that we will hold a cafe for school festival. What written on the blackboard is the type of café that well need to vote to decide? It as follow:


'cosplay cafe'

'Animal cafe'

'Butler cafe'

That all of them though I confused when someone mention an animal cafe. What is that? Is it when waitresses wear an animal costume. Then it isn't any different thencosplay café. While I see the what is written, there are still many weird café that been suggest by my classmate such as princess café, little sister café, tsunderecafe,bishounen café, nun café, reptilian café, EXA café and so on that I don't even know whether it really exist or not. How should I put it, these people are capable of thinking of anything.

Then it was time for the vote as everyone is asked to write one of the choices on the piece of paper.

When I see Chifuyu beside me, she doesn't seem to be paying attention at all; I guess she wasn't interested in it. I nudge her to write something at least to participate in the activity. She gives me those unpleasant look but write something at least and pass it to me to give back to class rep.

I give the vote to shirogane who are collecting it from the other student.

After all of them had been organized. It time for the result of the vote. Guess what win? There was a tie between maid café and butler café.

"Hmm… this is a problem… what should we do?" class rep seem to ponder at this.

"why don't we just do both at the same time" shirogane tell her, though I guess he must want this to finish quickly as possible.

"!,Of course, then our class will do a maid and butler cafe" she announced it to a whole class.

Some student look a excited at this while other just don't care. Honestly what kind of class is this, though I'm not the one to talk since I want this to finish early I Just want to get home. The thought of my sister with Ichika right now is making me worried. I know that he doesn't have a bad intention and he was still a kid. But hey, it normal for a brother to worried about his little sister right?.

"Ok then, that all of the name that will be a maid and butler for the festival.

Hmm? It seems they already choose a person for the maid and butler wonder who the unlucky person is.

Let see….





Orimura Chifuyu (hm? I take a look at her. Look like she doesn't pay attention as she doesn't notice that her name was written.)

The list goon for a while there are somename that I don't recognize that to be expected since I only been here for a month.


Shiroganetakeru(he look really depressed right now. Haha… suck to be him. Let see who the next unlucky one.)

HiragaSaito(hahaha… wonder who this Hirag- Wait! WHAT!)

"hoihoihoihoi….. why did my name in there?"

My suddent outburst had caught Chifuyu attention as she look at the blackboard.


"I wont participate in something such as school festival" she said with a coldest tone that I ever heard. It would seem that everyone had forgotten about my outburst earlier as everyone seem to be able to sense the pressure that had been release by chifuyu.

"I'm going home. This doesn't concern me." she took her bag and leave the classroom just like that. Everyone sigh a breath of release after she left. Can't blame atmosphere she give can even suffocate a person.

"I guess that won't work uh."

"kuh…. I was hoping to see her in maid uniform" two students talking to each other. Well I just label them as student A and student B.

They both glancing at me in fact I think every male beside shirogane currently giving me some kind of hopeful glance.

"Hey… hiraga-kun," student A talking to me. "can you please convince her to participate" wha, I don't even want to participate and they want me to convince her, this cannot be I must tell them that I won't participate either.

"That right! You're the only one that could convince her in fact we would be grateful if you can convince Shinonono while you're at it." Student B said before I even got a change to voice my opinion.

"Listen, I don't think i-"

"That great, then hiraga-kun. You'll be in charge to convince Orimura-san. Oh and Shinonono san if possible." Class rep decide to interrupt at this time.

"But i-"

"Isn't that good saito-kun, you're our only hope right now to convince those two." Damn you Takeru, is this your revenge for laughing at you earlier.

"ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh….." a loud applause can be heard through the entire classroom.

Sigh…. I give up, there not even a room for me to reject this. Might as well make her suffer the same fate as did they even need me for. Isn't using her little brother is much more effective, I'm sure she'll do it if her brother ask. Though she doesn't show it she loves her brother dearly. I guess she tried to substitute for the lack of their parent.

"okok… I'll try to talk her into this. But don't get your hope up." Might as well do this. As for Tabane, I don't think she would agree, in fact I she seem to be busy this day as her creation Infinite Stratos just had been proposed though from what I hear from her whining is they don't take her creation seriously. I don't know about them, but from the information I receive from the gandalfr when I touched the prototype before. It definitely is superior to other weapon in the world. Maybe if she got the opportunity to show just how powerful IS is maybe they will take her seriously. I hope that she didn't intentionally creating the opportunity to show off her IS. But knowing her probably she would. I just hope that me and Chifuyu are enough to stop it for whatever it is she planning.

After that… they told me to go while they assign duty for the preparation for school festival.

I might be able to catch up to her. I held derf with my hand to enter gandalfr mode and then continued running to catch up to her. it sure is convenient having this power.


A few minute later I caught a sightof her.


She turned around. After catching a sight of me. She turned back and continued walking without looking bad. How cold. Is this how normal person treating their friend though the word normal doesn't match with her.

"Hey, can you at least wait for me." I stop beside her and we walk together at the same pace.

"hmph… what do you want?" getting straight to business huh.

"Why won't you participate in school festival?" I decide to ask her first the reason before I tried to talk her into it.

"Those kind of thing doesn't interest me… furthermore why did they chose me as a maid in the first place, there should be someone better." Well apart from her beautiful face, her perfect figure… no the correct answer would be why wouldn't anyone chose her. she could be mistaken as a model if she wear something a bit more fancier. Though her cold demeanor doesn't suit with a I heard there was a maid like that something about icy maid or something.

"comeon it will be fun" I tried a normal approach first.

"y-y-you, do you really want to see me in the maid outfit so much" huh? Di she just stutter?Did her face gone red just now. Hmm… normally when this happen I usually fend for my life…. Crap does that mean she take what I mean earlier that I want to see her in the maid outfit. Her pervert sensor must have turn on right now. My hand instinctively move to derf





"Eh?" doesn't look like she tried to attack me.

"Why did your hand gripping you shinai?"

"hahahaha…. I just though that I would be killed." I state the matter of this factluy. It become a normal occurrence now.

"It your fault for being a pervert" wah that hurt.

"Like I said it was an accident" I defend myself. After all I still got my pride.

"Just how many accident happen this month?" hm? Now that she mention it.

"eto…. About 12 I guess"

"It was 15" waaa…. Is that much! In almost 15 time I was trying to survive from her attack well plus 1 from Tabane during her experiment a week ago. Anyway just how many happen in one month. Did fate screwing around with me?.

Let see there was the first time I accidently grope her breast. There was changing room accident, accidently saw her panties when her skirt lifts up by a gust of her again. Many more that I don't even feel like remembering since most of them are life threatening.

"Sorry" I could only mutter this.

"It okay, but didn't they sent you to convince me to enter" she shrugged it off like that. Fuh.. I'm safe.

"Oh, yeah, almost forgot about th- wait! How did you know?" I don't remember saying someone sent me to her.

"It was obvious from the way you talk. They must though that you'll be able to convince me since you close to me and all." I guess she doesn't be a top ten in school for nothing from how smart she is.

"Well would you?" I asked her hopefully that she agree.

"No" she really knows how to crush a person hope as she easily crushes mine.

"Come on, sometime it better to associate with other people. You can't just scare away other people every time." I tried to reason with her.

"You're persistent" she said it as she continued to walk away.

"I'm sure that Ichika want to see you in a maid outfit, so am I." she stopped at this word. AHA… I knew it… look like using her brother complex as a weapon could work.

"w-w-who want to show it to you!" she continued to walk faster. Huh what this got to do with me. eh did I make my mistake that I admitted I want to see her in a maid outfit too. Damn it, I should just keep my sentence short. Her face look must be heating up right now as I can see steam coming out from her head. I continued to chase after her.

Look like we finally arrived at our own house. "wait! Can you atleast reconsider." I still don't give up yet. There no way I let myself suffer alone.

She just looks at me annoyed by me continued to pester her.

"All right"

"Plea- wait you agreed?" I still can believe my ear. Why did I she suddenly agreed after she just reject all my attempt before. Unless

"But, on one condition" I knew it, well I guess I should hear what a condition at least.

"Let's have a duel"





"hai?" was the only thing that came out my mouth as I tried to process what she just said.

"good, then since tomorrow Sunday you come to my house at morning. We'll fight using a real weapon. that all" after she said that she enter her house.

I was still standing there like an Idiot. Trying to figure out what just happen. Let see she just ask me for a duel, not the kind where you play a card or cooking, it was definitely sword duel. It seem she mistake my response as me accepting her challenge. Did she just say that we'll be using a real weapon? my life over, to think that it will end this early.

"o-nii, to-nii, SAITO-NII" a voice bring me back to my sense. When I turn around, there she was my little ang- wait what am I sister there with the brat Ichika beside her. damn it, geet away from her. you should only come near her at radius of 10 meter. I said this on my mind.

"well see you tomorrow Tsunami" the bra- I mean ichika after saying goodbye to Tsunami enter his house.

"bye Ichika-san" she wave at the retreating br- again I mean Ichika.

"by the way, Saito-Nii why did you just stand there. You look like someone just died" after she said this I remember back my current predicament. And I feel depressed again.

"no it's nothing. If anything happen to me tomorrow I want you to take better care of yourself, don't let other bully you and don't get to close to other boy, especially ichika" though I said this a lower voice so she doesn't hear it. "AND PLEASE NEVER EVER getting near a rabbit ear or a clothes that something that look likely came out from Alice on a wonderland." I really hope she followed my last advice. Honestly Tabane really is a bad influence for her.

"You speak as if you're about to head to a battlefield" she giggle at this and then she enter our home.

That right Tsunami, your big brother will go to a battlefield tomorrow. I need to get prepared for tomorrow. As I think of this my eye is on fire right now, ti spirit up for tomorrow. The battle that will decide whether I live or die. With this set of mind. I enter the house.


The next day.

Last night went weird. My family giving me a weird look seeing how spirited I am. I have to in order to face the challenge that is today. I held derf who are currently residing in the katana back. I need all the extra power In order to face this monster known as OrimuraChifuyu. At first I though to just pretend sick but decide against it. There was a saying that if one retreat in ordertofight for another day, but one will need double the courage for it. Better face it now than before.

'Ding dong' I push the bell for this house. Her house look normal for someone like her. but they have a place that was use for a dojo. Is this one of those combine culture thing that I've heard before? No, there no way someone would actually doing it. Even if it were I doubt I knew them.

In another parallel universe. One Hiraga Saito suddenly sneeze. He wonder whether someone talking about him. But he decide to shrugged it of as he need to deliver something to a person in the place full of monster.

Back with this universe Saito.

"Ah! Saito-san, come in, Nee-san been waiting for you." The one who greet me is Ichika as he let me into the house.

He guide me to one of the room in the house. Upon entering it I noticed that this room is built for a training or spar from the way it look like. At the center of the room sit the one who can end my life today OrimuraChifuyu.

"ah Saito-kun, you're finally here." She look up at me and giving me a big smile upon seeing me. hm? She doesn't emited any heavy atmosphere around her as she always did. Does that mean that I don't have to die today. I pray that her mood is keep it at that.

"so, please take your weapon and we may begin." She told me to pick a weapon, look like she doesn't know that I already have the one on my own.

"sorry, but I already have one of my own." I told her while I raise up derf for her to see. She look surprise at me possessed a weapon on my own. Well I keep this katana safe in my house. Only my family know of it. I'va got this Katana after Derf was broken by those assassin that came to take my life. It seem that while in this form he not only have the abilities to absorb the attack but it can also redirect the magic to another place. Though it useless in this world since there was no magic in here. I'll be surprised if magic existed in this world but alas it not possible.

Again in the same parallel universe as before, another version of Hiraga Saito sneeze again. He wonder if there was someone talking about him but decide it a waste of time trying to figure it out.

Back with this universe Saito again.

"hoh…. Why haven't you mention about this before?" she look amused rather than surprise right now. Maybe it those instinct those warrior get when they find a worthy opponent.

"you never ask" I'll replied it just like that. She know that she wont be getting anywhere with this and so she gesture me infront of her.

After the whole ritual that normally done in a duel where you bow to each of your opponent and everything. She stood in front of me while raising her katana up.

"The rule are simple, fight until someone give up or they can't continued to fight. Let just hope that we don't kill each other." she explain the rule to me.

Really, is this 'don't kill each other thing' is supposed to come out from her mouth of all people. She basically almost kills me with a wooden sword. Yeah with just a wooden sword she can kill people easily. Now that she using a real blade am I really have a chance to survive?

Let's just get on with it. I can just give up as soon as the fight starts since from what she said before she will participate in the school festival if we have a duel not if I win the duel. So it doesn't really matter who win this. But I know she have a strong pride on herself. If I give up now I would probably be killed right away. Then I've got no choice but I'll fight with all I have.

I unsheathe derf from his sheathe. As soon as I draw my weapon, gandalfr already starting to activate as I feel my body really light right now. And I feel as if I knew this weapon as if it were my own hand. It had been a while since I use a real weapon. mostly I just use a wooden sword. I'm pretty sure I get arrested immediately if I brought my katana outside.

We both stand to face each other it was silence as we wait for each other to make a move. There was a few spectators there. On the far corner there is Ichika watching with Tsunami and Tabane Sister Houki in each side of his arm.

"gogogo….. Chi-chan" and there was also Tabane-san who was cheering right no- wait…. I take a look at the occupant of the room again there was Ichikatrrying to calm down the two beside him which was Tsunami and Houki. And there was also Tabane who continued her cheer.

"Wait a sec," I raised out my hand to chifuyu. "WHY DID THOSE PEOPLE HERE?" I practically shouted at this. I mean when did word get around about this.

"oh… those I told Tabane about it and she seem interested in tagging along with her while your sister came because Ichika told her." hm… that make sense… no before that is it really okay to make a kid watching a real duel. I wonder if she though it through.

"Don't worry, ichika already getting use to it, and your sister doesn't seem to mind when I showed her the blade." Really! They just 9 years old for god sake and she said that they don't mind.

"What about Tabane?" she give me a look as if I was stupid. "sorry for asking" I could only mutter this. Tabane, the one who created a nuke type of weapon when she bored of course she wont mind anything like this, in fact I don't think she mind about anything else beside her sister. That goes to show just how strong her sister complex is.

Oh well have fun watching her slaughter me I though of this on myself. Wonder if I get out of this alive.

'BEGIN' Tabane the one who shouted those word.

My body move instinctively at those words. I charged at her, from the I don't know what she planning but my body move on its own as I jump to the air and then dive at her while I swing my sword downward.


A sound of metal hitting each other. As we both continued pushing each other.

"hoh… that was a good move. By jumping you increased the force behinf your attack making it hard to knock your blade out." So the reason for her stance is to instantly knocked my blade out of my hand so her victory will be short. But it look like gandalfr already knew what she about to do as it move automatically to counter it.

We both take a step back to maintain our distance. She charged at me at such speed that almost impossible to follow but strangely enough I could see clearly where she move as I raise my sword to parry her attack. We continued to swung our sword at each other trying to take the other down.


(Ichika P.O.V)

Wah… this is amazing. I though my sister only exaggerated when she said that Saito-san is as good as her but from the way I see how this duel. There was probably even in skill but Chifuyu-nee had advantage on technique while Saito-san seem to be able to read her move well enough to dodge and parry every last of it.

"wa…." Tsunami and Houki both have a look of shocked on their face. Houki probably she never though there was someone exist to goes to toe with Chifuyu-nee. While Tsunami maybe the same reason as I am it just this time she surprise that someone could fight her brother equally.

One could barely seen what happened as both of them moving to fast as we can only seen a flash as they sword clash with each other. But from the look of it Tabane-san doesn't seem to bother about it as she continued to type something as she watched the duel.

"tch… this is bad." Hm? Did Tsunami said something?

"what wrong?" i asked her but was ignored as she muttered something that I didn't catch.

"never though there will be obstacle for nii-san and Tabane san happy end. Hmm… maybe he could go to a harem …. I can't have Ichika sister as my sister that will block my chance with him." One minute she was doing a thinking pose and then she was shaking her head. I don't know what she talking as it was to slow for me to hear.

"hmm…. Tsunami I support your plan for your brother and my sister. Anyone strong enough like that is good in my book."

Houki seem to understand what she said. Am I the only one who don't know, is this also one of the girl thing that boy shouldn't know? Maybe it better if I don't pry deeper into it.

I though as I turn my concentration back to the duel.


(Saito P.O.V)

Weve been at it for at least 5 minute now, at least I stop counting after the first five minute as the battle heat up. She continued using a variation of her technique that make it difficul to counter. But thanks to the gandalfr I was still able to dodge it. It weird as I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't be able to keep up with her before this. Had her move gone slower or is it just me getting betting. Probably because I was using a wooden sword at that time. But this time I was using my favorite Katana as a weapon, maybe nyabilities also depend on my familiarities with the weapon. as our sword continued to clash with each other I can feel it that she was getting tired and so am i. if I don't finish this fight fast I may fainted after my gandalfr running out of juice.

"Let settle this once and for all." She seem to understood my word as she stopped attacking.




Silence filled the entire room as we both looking at each other.

This is it. One move will settle the outcome of the battle.

She kept her blade at her waist and got into a sword drawing position in front of me.

I held my sword high up preaparing for the next move.

"…" we both charging at each other with blind of speed.

'Swoosh' the feel of air being blast away can be felt.

Look like the it over. The pointed of my sword is just a few centimeter from her neck right now.

"hmph… I'll lose my head if move forward." She casually said not even intimidated by the pointy katana pointed to her neck

"haha… and you'll stab me through if I move another step" as I said this her sword currently already making a contact with my shirt if she move a little I probably been stab through right now.

"okay you win, I give up" I raised my hand to tell her that she win. It the truth after all though it may look like a draw but she can kill stab me faster before my sword met her. and I'm pretty sureshe will be able to dodge the attack if this was real battle.

She seems satisfied at this as she let smile while holding out her hand for a handshake. I hold out my hand to grab her.

"it seem that I don't need to fulfill that promise after all" oh it look like she still doesn't realize what exactly she said yesterday.

"hm? What are you talking about? I don't remember there were a need for me to win a duel."

"what?" she look really confused at first but then a look of realization come to her as she remembered what it is she said to me.

"I had a duel with you so please fulfill your end of the bargain meido-san" I purposely saying this knowing I got a good expression on her face. It was worth it even though I lost I feel like I'm the one who win.

"what with this about being maid?" oh.. I was startled at first by the sydden appearance of Tabane, I was to engrossed about Chifuyu reaction that I didn't notice her approaching me.

"oh that, she promised that if we have a duel she will participate in a school festival also as a maid." I decide to be blunt her and I can feel her glare at me when I told them about it.


(third person P.O.V)

As Saito mention about Chifuyu will be a maid. Iccika feel excited to see her sister in a maid uniform. This may be one in a lifetime chance after all, he was glad that her sister seem to soften a little. Before she wont even think twice about something like school festival and completely ignored it. Though being with Tabane doesn't help either as she also sont care about it. It good to see her open up to someone normal like Saito here. Was the thing that ichika though right now.

The other to girl Tsunami and Houki doesn't think the same as him. Upon seeing him excited about her sister in a maid outfit. Their mind suddenly think what it will be like if they the one who wear a maid outfit.

(d-did Ichika have those kind of fetish?) houki wonder as imagine her as a maid feeding ichika. (nonono… what am I thinking.) she push those though behind her head as she can feel her face heat up at the though.

(geh… did Ichika have a hobbies like that?) was the though from Tsunami. (hmm… maybe I could try it, though I think nii-san will kill Ichika if he saw me being a maid to him, really he to overprotective. Maybe I could as derflinger for a few advice.) Tsunami currently making a plan to distract Saito while gaining Ichikaattention.


(saito P.O.V)

Everyone seem to have a different reaction at the mention of Chifuyu being a maid.

"kuh… allright I'll do it, I promise after all" she finally relent to my request. Well it good that she agree. Maybe I could take her through the entire festival. Wait doesn't that sound more like a date. I feel my face heat up at the though of going on a date with her. Nonono… Saito stop it, you already have Louise I try to calm down myself. Louise huh… will I ever find out what happened to her… as I take a look at my left hand the rune of gandalfr is still shining as I can feel it behind my glove. The fact that this rune is still her mean that lousie is still alive out there. I intend to found out what happened.

Now the only problem I have is-

"wah…. Chi-chan as a maid I wanna see. Then if Chii-chan become a maid than so will i." problem solved I guess. Hmm… this will be a good news for the class as these two had agreed already. Although whether the festival will be a success is remain to be seen.

"Ok I'll told them that you'll be participate also. Now I guess I'm going back to rest" as I was about to leave.

"Wait, Sai-kun, there something I want to give you,and Chi-chan please come along." Huh? What did she want now? I feel confused.

"Tabane, you don't mean that, if so then I don't see a reason why he should come along to." Huh look like Chifuyu already have an idea what this is about. Is this somekind of secret experiment where I have to kill you if you tell anyone?

"hehehe… just wait and see." Was the replied she give as she already disappeared through the main gate.

"Then… Ichika, you treat our guest,. Me and Saito had business to take care of." Hm… you better take care of Tunami, if I see youre doing something bad to her know that it will be your last breath on earth. As I worried about Tsunami Chifuyu already moving.


In Tabane basement lab.

"mou… why did you take to long…"

Umm… excuse me! Not everyone can fly like you always did… I keep this to myself as I know that she will just ignore it.

"Then this way" she led us to a a room. In the room it was just like last time but this time there was two armor like figure one was color white while the other one is black.

"Jyajyan…. "I'll present you the very first infinite stratos that use a core number 001 and 002… here it is the white knight and black knight" huh? An IS she come here to show us an IS. I know that Chifuyu had been helping for a bit so it no surprise that she know about it.

"wait a minute, you said that you'll only develop one why did you built another one? And for who?" Chifuyu look really confused right now though not as confused as me as I don't even know why we here.

"mm… of course the white knight for Chii-chan. And black for sai-kun"

Ah so she wants to give us the- wait a fucking minute… can she really did that? I mean isn't this supposed to be a weapon of destruction. Can he really just give it to some random people, well technically she know us but I doubt any kind of organization even know me if she really working with one.

"Eh! But didn't you said that it wont react to male?" that right IS doesn't react to male. It only react to female. I guess it good because who know what would happen if men can use it. As they was a saying men would destroy while female would create. But I'm not completely normal either; with the power of gandalfr within me I can use the IS. Since it was a weapon gandalfr allowed me to use it.

"ah! Sai-kun special" though Chifuyu doesn't seem to be satisfied with this answer. "ne…. enough talk just put your hand here…"

"oi wait…"


As she grab both our hand and make it to touch the IS. Chifuyu on the white while I'm on the black. Gandalfr rune decide to shine at that time and then the next thing I know I was wearing some kind of arnor more like an exoskeleton on my entire body. Chifuytu also wearing what appear to look the same as I am but with different color.

"wha- how?" she appear to be speechless aftert seeing the IS react with me. no surprise there as she still dopesnt know the reason behind. Maybe I should tell her about it. I trust her with this secret.

"hm…. Then Chi-chan ,Sai-kun try bring out your weapon." Chifuyu still haven't gone out from her shock state as she still gaping there. It was a rare sight really but it not really funny.

"I explain later." She snapped out of her shocked after I said it and from her glare she give me she expected a full explanation on why I culd pilot an IS. From the info that th is give me there seem tyo be one weapon only that can be bring out. When the weapon appear in my hand it was a normal looking sword. When I said normal it just a sword that you normally seen without any kind of marking or anything it was plain.

When I take a look at the weapon that Chifuyu hold it was a giant broad swoard that had a line separating the blade at the middle. Why did her weapon look different from mine? I think I was about to got my answer as I heard Tabane said.

"Now ling-chan can you transfer yourself to Sai-kun sword" huh ling-chan? Who's that? It seem that Chifuyu also confuse at the nameTabane just said just now.

"I told you not to call me that, the name Derflinger if you can remember." Huh so it was his… pfft I was almost breaking to a feat laughter at the nickname Tabane give to derf.

Though Tabane look surprised at seeing the sword talking but she keep her cool this time, seeing me able to operate an IS is a shocked for her and maybe she cant be surprise more than that.

Then my katana shine as a sign that derf was leaving it and then the sword in my hand shining brightly and then it shape change. I feel nostalgic when I see what kind of weapon it transformed to. It was the same kind of sword as derf before it body broke. Only it was bigger than the original one but it still doesn't as big as Chifuyu broad sword.

"oh…. I never thought that I 'll be returned to this form this was awesome." Derf seem to be estatic at this at returning to her original form. Yes it was the form that was created by Sasha the original Gandalfr and also the sword who is use by her to stab brimir, though I don't really know why Brimir will go and slaughter the elf, I think Vittorio had mention something about the windstone in halkeginia being unstable and I've seen the result of it as another floating land was created. Though I still don't know why the elf got to do with it. Argh… it no use thinking about that place right now. I push this though to the back of my mind as I heard the sound of someone typing something at the hologram keyboard that appears in the air.

I can't understand anything at all from what it show on the screen, thiough gandalfr give me knowledge about IS it doesn't tell me anything outside of the scope of it use.

"Done…. As expected of me…." she said it with a singing tone. As she finish whatever it she was doing. Now then chi-chan, sai-kun try to dispel your IS. Huh? Dispel did she mean something like turn it off. How should I do it as I ponder about it I can see that the Chifuyu IS had completely disappear. Huih? Where did it go? Suddenly an information enter my brain as it told me how to turn it off.

As I closed my eye I can feel a change inh my body and then when I reopen it I was back to how I were before wearing the exoskeleton suit.

"Hey! Where derf?" I panic at this. He just enter the sword and now the sword disappear with the IS so where is he.

"Partner! Right here…" huh! Where did his voice came from as I scan the room I didn't caught any sight of sword at all beside the one he formerly reside." Down her at your finger" when I take a look at the direction of my finger there seem to be something that should not be there before. Huh is that a ring. The ring was small and it fit to my ring finger on my left hand.

"hey derf is that you…"

"Yeah it's me, it look like I turn into this thing when you realease the IS. And i can communicate with you like this when you enter this state." Huh what a convenient thing, there was no need for me to always carrying a wooden sword if I need to talk to him.

"Mind explaining how Saito could use IS." From the tone of her voice she more like demanded it rather than question.

"Well, magic of course" Tabane just tell her as if she was talking about a weather. Really what kind of person will just say 'oh! That's make sense' after being told like that.

"oh! That make sense" it settled, she was not a person. How could she just accept thing like that. Even I the one who had been summon to another world had a problem believing it at first.

"You just believe her!"

"Of course, Tabane never lied about something. If she doesn't want to tell something she just keep quiet." Hm… look like they really closed to have this kind of bond with each other.

"awww…. Chii-chan making me blush… then let hug as a proof of our love…" as she said that she lunged at Chifuyu trying to hug her but it was stop again by what supposed to be Chifuyu iron claw. For a scientist she sure is strong. I remember when she grabbed our hand just then it was definitely not a normal human strength. Maybe she using some kind of gadget or something.

"gah…. Tabane stop that" Chifuyu almost scream as she pushTabane away.

"uuuuu…. Chi-chan mean, then Sai-kun give me a hug." She then decide to lunged at me and I don't have any kind of technique like Chifuyu to stop her so I can only brace my self as she managed to give me a big hug. Wah… although I've been in this situation many time before in Halkeginia it still feel awkward.

"Wait! Tabane-san.. y-yo-your breast, your breast" I pointed at her as I can feel her breast pressing to my chest, though it not big as tiffa it still big nonetheless.

"ah… Sai-kun no eichi." Wait, why am I being blamed for.


I can feel a glare from behind me. when I turn around I seen Chifuyu who are currently emmiting a dark aura around her. crap, she look pissed.

"Saito, youre doing…" wah I managed to dodge her strike by a milimiter from my hair. It still a miracle on how I managed to dodge it even without neteringgandalfr mode.

"ah…. Chi-chan mad, well good luck staying aliveSai-kun"


"NO EXCUSE!" GAH…. Like my plan to calm her down doesn't work. God, please let me survive this. I can only pray as I continued to dodge all of her assault


10 minute latter.

I'm…. alive….. it was a miracle on how I managed to dodge all of her attack without even entering gandalfr mode. Am I getting stronger? Hmm… I sont know maybe she doesn't intend on killing me.

After she stop her attack we currently still in the basement but without the Chifuyu attacking me.

"Ok, maybe we should start about why did you give me these, I shouw her the ring that was supposed to be the thing that was use to call on the IS black knight. Chifuyu also had the ring on her ring finger on her right hand but it color is white.

"fufufufu…. How about it, it feel like you two married ne…"

"pffffttt" I spit the tea the I was drinking right now, though where Tabane get it is still a mystery to me.

"WHA- IT NOT LIKE THAT" both of our voice resound through the entire room.

"hmm… even you reaction is syncronised with each other…" I feel my face going red at the tough of me engaged to Chifuyu , I'm pretty sure she was also blushing right now. Damn I didn't take her as the type to tease people. She more like the type of 'I want to do this, no want can stop me, the feeling I've got from her.

"Ahem…. Back to the topic, mine explaining more detailed about this magic." oh I forgot that she still doesn't know about it fully.

"Oh well let's have derf to explain it…"



"Uh… how did I summon the sword" it probably easier if he talk while in a sword form as I ponder how should I deploy him.

"Try using partial deployment, you can summon your weapon without being fully transformed." Chifuyu told me this.

Huh… partial deployment let see as I search the knowledge I receive and then gandalfr was at work again as I summon derf in my hand.

"Eh? Why does he seem to shrink?" I noticed that his sized changed to fit my hand.

"I forgot, ling-chan can change shape to any type of sword, as long it is a sword, thet mean that he also change size to fit the user." oh… so that why.

"I told you my name is derf, got it memorized." He seem to be sulking at the nickname she gave him though I cant blame him, it was embarrassing. As usual Tabane just ignore him "crazy scientist lady" it was the only thing derf could mutter and she also ignored it.

"Derf can you please explain about Halkeginia…"

"Ok then listen up….


20 minute latter after the explanation.

"heehh… that was interesting thing you've gone through." Said Chifuyu who had been told about magic and it origin. She looks really impressed but I guess she should be because I doubt there really a thing that could surprise her in this world considering how abnormal she is.

"Then see you later, iwant to start analyzed the data I got." With that said Tabane bolt out of the room to somewhere leaving me with Chifuyu together.



What with this silence, maybe I should start something. Hmm…. What to do….. ah!

"By the way, I noticed that you had been calling my name without honorific lately."

Her body stiffened at this.

"Well…. It just that well…. It because were friend." So she think me as friend. I don't know why but I feel happy but at the same time sad that she only though of me as friend.

"Then I guess it okay if I call you Chifuyu then? It only fair right."

"do as you want" though she said this I cant take a look at her face as she turn her head around did she just blush? Maybe my imagination. There no way the devil chifuyu will blush right.

Then I noticed something.

"Come to think of it, what will we do with this" I said to her as I show the ring who are currently on my ring finger.

"Tabane give it to you, so you just keep it" just like that, aren't this thing supposed to be important or something and Tabane just decide to give it to her friend, well at least Chifuyu is I'm not really sure if she though of me as friend or not.

"if you say so, I guess we shoukd leave I'm pretty tired from the duel earlier, even eithgandalfr you're really strong." I give her the compliment that she really deserve.

"hmmph…. If you're practice you're skill more you'll definitely win just now." Hahahahaha…. I don't really have time to practice any technique while I'm in Halkeinia. Most of the time getting blown up by Louise will do that, though it isn't any different here minus the explosion, I wonder how long I will live.

"you're not mad, about me cheating when I fought you?" I've been meaning to ask her about this, I though she will be mad, at least upset with me that I didn't fight him with my strength.

"cheating? Oh! If you mean you're rune then it okay, every warrior must use any advantage he or she have in a fight. Only a loser will called his opponent cheating." Oh how deep word, despite her living in this world her point of view is almost the same as any veteran warrior in Halkeginia.

"I DECIDE." whoa…. she suddenly stand up while making a fist with her hand. And then she pointed at me.

"w-what is it?" for some reason I have a bad premonition about this.

"since you seem to lack a skill then I train you, came to my dojo everyday after school" wait! I don't know how she train but when someone look at her skill I'm sure that it is anything but normal.

"can i-" when I was about to refuse I can see her giving me 'if you refuse you die' look "I'll be happy with it" I'm such a coward. Sigh… will my head still intact with my body after her training.

"I guess we should go, you're to exhausted already, maybe I should train you on your stamina first." I can only see my future bleak with this what shoul I say? Guan yuu will be perfect for her description. But I just keep this to myself as I have a feeling that she would be angry if I said out loud.

As we walk home together.

"I look forward in seeing you in a maid outfit." I decide to tease her a little. I wonder why, normal people would normally keeping their distance from her but it seem normal for me to talk to her. even right now.

She seems to redden abit probably from embarrassment but quickly regain her composure back.

"Ah! And you definitely will be good in a butler outfit." Geh! She notice that. Well I still don't know why they choose me. I mean I'm not really popular but whenever I mention this the guy would look at me as if they want to kill me. why is that? Most girl soesnt seem to be able to look at me in the face. Did they shy with a stranger? I know that I only been there for a month but shouldn't they getruse to me already.

We walk back silence with the two of us.

"chifuyu… would you like…. Mmm… you know." Hey why am I stammering, just tell her already.


"uh… well would you accompany me during school festival." Yes I said it, I don't know if she would accept this seeing she never even attend a school festival before.

"maa… I guess I could." She said it while her face is turn the other way so ican tell how her reaction is. But it a realief that she agree. The reason I invite is to let her know the wonderful of school festival though part of it because I want to spend time with her. I don't know why but her presence comfort me. am I using her? I don't know but I felt that she is precious to me. I should think of this another time as I noticed that we arrived.

"then, see you tomorrow"

"mm… tomorrow"

We both said our goodbye to each other as we enter our respective house. I goes straight to my bed feeling really tired right now. As soon as I make contake with my bed Immediately felt like my conciouness slipping away.

(Wonder what would happen in the near future) I keep thinking this as I felt that something big will happen in the near future but I cant keep this though any longer as I felt my world went dark. And thus I have a peaceful sleep that day and the school festival is nearing.

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