Chapter 7: Ririko's Wrath and Razor's Fury

The next two weeks went by in relative silence. Razor wisely decided to stick with at least one of the group whenever Saizou was around, since the blonde still felt he could be in danger after the orc had nearly drowned him. Now another day is about to start for Razor…but it ain't going to be pretty.

"Ugh…what time is it?" Razor groaned as he sat up in his futon.

His eyes widened in horror as he saw the analog clock on the wall: his first class started in ten minutes!

"Ah shit!" He panicked as he kicked off his comforter.

Razor scrambled around for his uniform and schoolbag, barely managing to slam down a can of iced coffee on his way out of his window. Once he hit the ground, Razor put the pedal to the medal as he sped off toward school.

'I can't be late! I don't want to find out the consequences!'

Meanwhile, with the others…

"Where do you think Razor-kun is?" Mizore inquired of the others as they waited for class to start.

"Don't know…maybe he slept in? Gin-sempai did pile a bit of work on him for the newspaper." Tsukune commented as he shrugged.

"Only because he was too busy with that damn camera of his to do the actual work." Kurumu snorted as she stretched her arms over her head.

"But still, you'd think Razor-kun would be here before any of us, despite that desu." Yukari said as she fiddled with her wand.

"I'm sure he'll be coming through the do…window?" Moka said, but how she ended her sentence puzzled them.

Razor was indeed at the window, looking at them all with tired eyes. Everyone in class soon turned to look outside, surprised to see, not a bird, but a very disgruntled Razor Miyamoto rapping on the window impatiently.

"Is someone going to let me in? Sometime today maybe?" He frowned.

Mizore quickly undid the latch on the window, allowing Razor to slip in with ease.

"Thanks Mizore-chan."

Before anymore could be said about how he'd gotten in, Nekonome-sensei walked into the classroom.

"Good morning everyone, I hope you all remembered to do your…"

Razor already had his homework pulled out of his schoolbag, neat and tidy for his dear teacher's inspection.

"Nya, how wonderful to see that at least one of you in this class takes their studies seriously." She meowed as Razor shrugged.

"Just trying to be an example, Nekonome-sensei." He grinned.

"Teacher's pet." Saizou sneered as Razor just ignored him.

Mizore glared at the orc a moment before Razor winked at her.

"Forget him; he's just jealous because he's a moron." He whispered at her.

The yuki-onna smiled at him, giggling at what he said. It seemed today wouldn't go so bad, at least Razor thought so.

'She's really cute when she laughs. I should get her to do that more often.' He thought fondly.

The day, however, took a bad turn in Math class. Ririko had expressed an interest in Razor since he seemed quite adept at solving all of her math equations. Mizore thought the lamia may have wished for him to fail at least once, as an excuse to "tutor" him.

'Some of these teachers are just plain weird.' Mizore thought as Ririko put up a complicated problem on the blackboard.

"Now then, who can solve this for me?"

Mizore stayed silent as usual, but then her ears caught a soft snore next to her. She turned her eyes to see Razor, probably the only one other than Yukari to be able to understand anything math related, was out like a light. He had his arm bent, elbow on the desk, holding his chin in his left hand, completely asleep.

'I guess he stayed up late doing Gin's work, poor Razor-kun.'

"Miyamoto-san, can you please do the problem on the board for us?" Ririko-sensei inquired.

Razor woke up in an instant, snorting a bit as he realized he was in class.

"Sure…no problem." He yawned as he got out of his seat sluggishly.

Razor went to the blackboard, scanned the problem, and with a quick and surprisingly steady hand, he solved it…or so he thought.

"Very good Miyamoto-san, only…that isn't the right formula."

That bolted Razor awake.

"Oh, sorry Ririko-sensei, guess I got it mixed up. Won't happen again." He smiled nervously as the lamia smiled at him.

"Oh no, I'll be seeing you after school today Miyamoto-san. We need to ensure that you keep up with your studies." She smirked as Razor gulped.

"But, but I have the Newspaper Club after school, Ririko-sensei. Perhaps you could reconsider, I mean I just made one little error." Razor tried to reason, but she wasn't going to let him off the hook.

"You will be here after school Miyamoto-san. I'm going to make sure that you don't slack off again."

Razor turned worried eyes to his friends, mouthing the words "should I worry?" as he returned to his seat.

"You should worry, Ririko-sensei has a unique way of tutoring students." Tsukune warned as Razor gulped again.

"I'm going to die, aren't I?" He whimpered as Tsukune laughed nervously.

"In a way…" Tsukune answered back.

Razor's head hit his desk, Mizore feeling sorry for him.

"My life is officially ruined I think. And I really don't want to know what Ririko-sensei has planned for me." He groaned as he turned tired eyes to Mizore.

She just gave him a small smile and touched his shoulder reassuringly.

"I'm sure you'll be fine."

Razor barely managed to return her smile, thinking that he felt a wee bit better after talking to her.

'Mizore-chan's right, I'm sure I'll be fine. What could possibly happen?'

A few hours later…

"Ririko-sensei, I'm here." Razor called into the empty classroom.

He noticed that the lights were out, and that there were skulls with candles lit throughout the whole room. Razor took an uneasy step inside, senses going on high alert as he tried to find the lamia.

"Um…Sensei, I'm here." He called out again, his instincts telling him now would be a good time to flee.

Razor took one more good look around the room before smiling.

"Well, guess she's not here, time to hit the Newspaper Club!" He grinned as he turned toward the door.

But before he could grab the knob, the door slammed shut. Razor caught sight of something slithering along the floor before he turned around, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. What he saw, well, he had something to say about it…

"Ririko-sensei, what the hell are you wearing? Don't you have any decency?" He spazzed, covering his eyes with one hand as he tried to use the other to find the knob to the door.

Ririko just smiled as she came near him, placing a fingertip on his collarbone.

"This is just a means to motivate you my dear boy, now…"

Razor squeaked as he peeked through his fingers, only to see his sensei holding a whip.

"You and I have a bit of studying to do." Ririko crooned as she scratched him under his chin.

But Razor had other plans.

"Oh believe me Sensei, I'd love to study with you…but…" He grinned slyly, hand reaching over to a nearby skull that held one of the candles.

"Yes my dear little student?" She cooed at him as he grasped his weapon.

She shrieked as he shoved her back, throwing the skull at her, the flame catching her arm. Razor took that moment to leap over the lamia, eyes catching the air vent.

'When you're in a situation like this…' He thought as he jumped onto a desk, using a claw to unscrew the covering.

"You won't be escaping me Miyamoto-san!" Ririko roared as she caught sight of Razor disappearing into the vent.

Once he was inside, Razor had one small problem…

'Which way to the Newspaper Club?' He thought desperately as he frantically started to move, intending to get as far away from Ririko as he could.

Meanwhile, the others were discussing what might be happening to their friend at that moment, working on the newspaper without him.

"I bet she's using a whip on him right now, and he's crying his eyes out at the pain." Kurumu smirked, thinking he deserved his punishment, after the last few times he'd insulted her.

"Or worse, she's using her tail on him." Tsukune shivered as Moka nodded in agreement.

"Knowing my brother, he'll figure a way out of this mess." Gin smiled.

"You do realize it's your fault he's in trouble, right?" Mizore said flatly, not looking up from her work.

Gin laughed uneasily as he returned to work. But soon enough, they heard a banging sound overhead, along with a soft string of curses, coming out of the air vent.

"What the…?" Kurumu inquired as they saw the vent covering shaking a bit.

They moved away as it shook violently for another moment, then Razor's upper body popped out, staring at them all desperately.

"Please help me! Ririko-sensei's trying to molest me!" He shouted at them as he tried to get himself out of the vent.

"Well, that isn't anything new." Kurumu laughed as Razor still struggled to get himself free.

"Hold on Razor, I'll get you out." Gin smiled as he grabbed his brother's hands.

"Just hurry up, the blood's rushing to my head." Razor frowned as Gin started to tug.

After a few good pulls, Razor got out…only to land on Gin in the process.

"Thanks for breaking my fall Bro." Razor groaned as he leapt off the lycan.

"No problem." Gin groaned as well, picking himself off the floor.

Once Razor was back on his feet, he started to push desks and chairs against the door to the classroom, muttering frantically under his breath.

"Um…Razor-san, what are you doing desu?" Yukari inquired as he started to push Nekonome's desk against the door as well. (I assume that Nekonome's classroom is used for the club, so that's why the desk is there.)

"I'm blocking the door, so Ririko-sensei can't get me." He smiled as he took a moment to look over his work, "And now that I look, I don't think she's getting me today!" He smirked as he leaned against the barricade.

"But…she's a lamia, I think her tail will be more than enough to break that down desu." Yukari stated.

Razor's eyes went wide.

"Did you say…she's a lamia?" He choked out.

"Yes, and she uses her tail to force info into your head. It's got this weird flower like thing at the end that opens up and…" Tsukune started to explain, but Razor stopped him.

"Okay, let me get this straight…Ririko-sensei is going to try and rape my head?" He asked shakily.

"Um…I guess you can put it that way." Kurumu shrugged as Razor started to sweat bullets.

"Well that settles it, I'm getting the hell out of here!" He shouted as he ran for the windows.

But his feet were frozen in place.

"What, Mizore-chan, let me go!" He demanded as he tried to free himself.

"No…I thought you were braver than this." Mizore frowned.

"Well if it was another student I'd have no problem, but firstly, Ririko-sensei is…well my sensei, and secondly, I don't want to have my head raped! Plus I can't even hit a girl, much less a woman; my mother taught me to never raise a hand to a lady!" He shouted as he tried to pull his legs free.

"Razor-kun, you need to calm down before you hurt yourself." Moka tried to reason as he pulled desperately at his own legs to get them out of the ice.

But then…

"Oh Miyamoto-san, are you in there?" Ririko-sensei called from behind the door.

That's just what Razor didn't need to hear.

"AAAH! I'm out of here!"

Everyone gasped as Razor curled his fingers, but he didn't unsheathe his claws. Instead his hands turned into ice claws like Mizore's!

"What the!" Kurumu gaped as Razor used his ice claws to shatter the ice around his feet.

"Ha! Freedom!" He cheered before he charged the nearest window.

Just when they thought he'd just jump through the glass, he opened his mouth and fired an icy blast that shattered the window!

'Too easy.' Razor thought smugly as he leapt through the broken window, leaving his friends behind.

They raced over to the window, barely catching sight of him speeding away from campus on all fours.

"How did he…?" Tsukune asked unsurely as his mind took a moment to process what he'd seen; Razor had used ice claws just like Mizore's!

"Is it possible…?" Moka continued, still unable to believe her eyes.

"That he's a male of Mizore's species desu?" Yukari wondered.

"He isn't." Mizore stated bluntly.

"And how would you know?" Kurumu demanded of her.

"I've been around a few males of my kind, and Razor is nothing like them. And last I checked; I don't chase rats, eat birds, purr, or anything that he does. I admit though, the fact he had ice claws like me…almost convinced me otherwise." Mizore explained.

"You saw him eat a bird?" Tsukune winced as the mental image popped into his head.

"He made promise not to tell."

They all turned to Gin with curious eyes.

"I'm still not telling you what he is." Gin laughed as he looked toward the direction his brother had taken in his escape, "But I got to say, once my brother makes up his mind, he won't quit. And that includes running away from teachers apparently." He chuckled.

"Shouldn't we be going after him? Who knows what kind of trouble he could get into off-campus." Moka asked worriedly.

"I think you're right; while my brother is mostly known for being smart in most situations, he can be pretty dumb once he's been spooked."

"Spooked? What do you mean 'spooked,' last I checked, your brother wasn't a horse, Gin." Kurumu remarked.

"I know that Kurumu…but the thing is, when my brother is scared out of his wits, he does one of two things. Either he attacks the source of his fear blindly, which normally results with someone ending up with a few nasty cuts, or he runs as far away as he can until he settles down and his mind catches up with him. Once that happens, he's fine." Gin explained.

"Then we have to go after him!" Moka exclaimed.

"Why should we? I'm sure the moron will come back here once he's calmed down." Kurumu smiled.

"But haven't you noticed that it's too quiet here? Ririko-sensei must have heard Razor-kun in here a second ago, and she must have heard him break the window. Don't you think she would have charged in here to take him back for tutoring?" Moka pointed out.

"Now that you mention it…" Tsukune said as he realized that the vampire was right.

"You're right Moka! If she didn't come in here, then maybe she…" Yukari added as she turned her eyes to the broken window.

"She went after him." Mizore stated as she turned to leave the room.

"Wait for us!" Kurumu shouted as she followed the yuki-onna.

Meanwhile, with Razor…

'Got to get away! Can't let her get me! No way am I letting that scaly serpent Ririko get me!' He thought desperately as he went further into the forest.

Once he was far out of sight from the academy, Razor collapsed against a tree, drawing in deep breaths for his starving lungs.

"Oh man…can't remember the last time I ran that fast. I must have lost her for sure, so now all that's left is to wait for nightfall, go back to my room, and hopefully this will all blow over." He smiled as he allowed himself to relax.

However, his nose started to twitch as an unwelcome smell entered his nostrils.

'Oh shit!' He panicked, trying to run.

But he was exhausted, and couldn't escape Ririko's coils.

"Now then my dear Miyamoto-san, it's time for me to tutor you properly." Ririko smiled as she opened her tail.

"W-w-w-wait a second Ririko-sensei! Isn't there anything I could do to make you change your mind? Grade your papers? Clean your classroom the rest of the school year? Shiatsu massage?" Razor offered pathetically as he tried to keep her tail well away from his head, arms struggling with the persistent appendage.

"Now be a good boy and stop struggling, I promise it won't hurt." She cooed as she tightened her coils.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Razor screamed at the top of his lungs.

Just as the lamia's tail was starting to close on his skull, Ririko found her lower half frozen in place.

"What!" She shouted indignantly.

Razor soon wiggled himself free, but he was still too tired to flee. But someone was already helping him with that as she grabbed his arms and flew off with him.

"You might want to consider losing a few pounds Jerk." Kurumu taunted as she got them away from the lamia.

"Pardon me Succubus, but I'm a healthy weight for someone my height and age thanks!" He snarled back.


Kurumu all but dropped Razor in front of the others, with him barely landing on his feet in front of Mizore. He turned grateful eyes to her, and smiled so wide he thought his face was going to be stuck that way.

"Thank you." He breathed at her, clearly happy to see her; after all, who else could have frozen that freaky lamia in place?

Speaking of which…

"Come back here!" She shrieked as she broke free of the ice.

"Yipe!" Razor squeaked as he went behind a tree, clearly trying to hide.

'Is he really that scared? I would have thought he'd be braver than this, after all his talk of being born from a family of martial artists.' Thought Mizore as she prepared her ice claws.

"I won't let you stand in my way of educating those who need it!" Ririko shouted as she charged, well slithered, toward them, intending to get her coils on Razor.

"Not today scaly!" Kurumu yelled as she charged forward, unleashing her sharp nails.

"You keep your mitts off my little bro!" Gin howled angrily as he transformed.

"Yeah!" Yukari shouted as she brandished her wand threateningly.

Moka turned to Tsukune, a determined look in her eye.

"Tsukune, we need to get Razor out of here, the others can only hold her off for so long before she comes for him; you know better than anyone how horrible it is to have her tail on your head." Moka stated as she walked over to the blonde, who had his arms over his head, shivering like a leaf.

Razor was too scared to move, only peeking up at Moka and Tsukune as they came near him.

"Razor-kun, we need to get you out of here, while Ririko-sensei's distracted." Moka told him as she took hold of his arm.

"But what of my brother, and the others?" He asked concernedly, temporarily coming out of his frightened shell.

"They'll be fine, we just need to get you away from here." Moka reassured as she pulled him to his feet.

"But…" He hesitated, looking in the direction of his brother, who was currently in the coils of the lamia.

"Do you really want to stay here and let this freaky teacher molest your head like a bad hentai?" Kurumu commented as she tried to help Gin.

"Good point, I'm out!" Razor shouted as he sped off, "Feet don't fail me now!"

Moka and Tsukune went after him, surprised he could find the energy to run after just a few minutes.

"Razor-san, wait up!" Tsukune called after him, unable to believe he could put so much distance between them in just a few strides.

"Oh no you don't! You're not getting away from me!" Ririko smiled as she abandoned the others, slithering after the three who were trying to get away.

"Aw crap!" Tsukune panicked as Ririko was catching up.

But the crazed teacher found herself frozen in place once more, giving them a brief sense of relief. She then turned on Mizore, who was smirking at her work.

"Oh you little wench, I'm going to make sure you never get in my way again!" She screamed as she broke free.

Before Mizore could say anything, she was soon in the coils, being squeezed to the point she felt her ribs starting to crack.

"I'm going to make sure you die slowly, you worthless little snow brat." She hissed menacingly.

Mizore struggled to free herself, but to no avail, and the pain was making it impossible to use her ice powers.

"You let her go desu!" Yukari demanded as she summoned several basins, aiming them at the lamia.

"Useless!" Ririko laughed as she knocked them aside, clearly amused by the young witch's attempt.

"You won't be laughing as I cut you to pieces, scaly!" Kurumu roared, taking flight and diving for the lamia.

But Ririko just tightened her coils, causing Mizore to cough up some blue blood.

"You really want to try and attack me, while I have one of your friends hostage?" She cackled.

Kurumu pulled away, angry that the serpent had used such a dirty trick. Honestly, she could have cared less for Mizore, but she knew that even she couldn't stand to see the little snow freak die; and as much as she didn't want to admit it, Mizore had grown on her some, just a little.

"Good, now where was I?" Ririko cooed as she tightened her hold on Mizore.

Mizore then felt her left forearm starting to snap under the stress, making her scream out in agony.


That sound, the sound of her pain, her suffering, that made Razor stop in his tracks. He turned around, eyes taking in the sight of Mizore being squeezed slowly to death.

"Mizore-chan! We have to go back and help her!" Razor shouted at Moka and Tsukune, starting to go back.

"But Ririko-sensei will just go after you!" Tsukune stated as he tried to hold the blonde back.

"I don't care about that anymore, I'm not abandoning her!"

He pushed Tsukune aside, hitting the ground on all fours as he went straight for Ririko. Razor bared his fangs, claws digging into the dirt as he had one thought on his mind.

'No one hurts Mizore-chan on my watch!'

Ririko was too distracted to even notice Razor coming at her.

"You have anything you want to say before I kill you?" She smirked.

"What're we going to do? She'll kill Mizore if we try anything desu." Yukari worried.

"Don't worry, we'll get her…" Gin started, but he stopped as he saw his brother barrel toward the lamia, "Razor? The hell is he doing?"

Razor took a flying leap, landing onto the coils before ripping into the scaly flesh with his teeth.

"Ah! Let go of me!" Ririko demanded as Razor snarled around a hunk of the flesh in his mouth.

He said nothing as he tore into the scales with his claws, making it clear that he wasn't going to let up until the lamia let go of Mizore. And Mizore took notice of his eyes, his pupils now only narrow slits as he bit into the coil near her head.

'He definitely has to be some sort of cat, those eyes are certainly cat-like.'

"Release me!" Ririko shouted as she tried to grab him.

But Razor just leapt over her head, landed behind her, and immediately latched onto her back, digging his claws into her hips, and sinking his teeth into her right shoulder.

"Ow, oh you'll pay for that!" Ririko snarled at him as she let Mizore go, intending to get him instead.

Once she hit the ground, Razor immediately put himself between his friend and the lamia, growling menacingly at Ririko as he licked the blood from his lips.

"You want me? Come and get me Sensei." He snarled as he eyed her angrily, clearly pissed she had gone and hurt Mizore when she had nothing to do with their situation.

"Gladly!" She smiled, slithering toward him.

But he just charged forward, dodging her tail as she attempted to get him in her coils again. As she opened her tail, he merely leapt to the side before sinking his teeth into the appendage.

"Yeow! Release me!"

But Razor just tightened the hold of his teeth, not flinching even as she started to thrash around, slamming him into the ground repeatedly.

"You damn mutt, why aren't you doing anything? Can't you see he's getting beaten!" Kurumu snarled at him; she couldn't believe he was just letting his brother be beat to a bloody pulp!

But the werewolf just shook his head, pointing at the scene with a claw.

"I don't think there's anything I can do, not with Ririko-sensei thrashing around like that. I might hit him by mistake…besides, it's his blood that's making him do this." He muttered, wincing as Razor was slammed into the ground bodily, swearing he heard something break.

"His blood? What do you mean his blood is making him do this desu?" Yukari demanded as Razor wrapped his body around the lamia's tail.

"I can't give you all the details, but something in his blood compels him to protect yuki-onna like Mizore. All I can say is that that's making him fight despite his earlier fear."

Mizore had managed to walk over to them, catching the last bit of Gin's words.

'His blood makes him protect yuki-onna like me? How can that be?'

"But what if his blood gets him killed? Then what'll we do?" Kurumu snapped at him, tugging on his ear harshly.

"OW! Unless you get Inner Moka out, I can't see how we're going to help." Gin growled as he continued to watch his brother get slammed into the ground like a ragdoll, "Besides, like I said, once Razor starts something, you can't make him quit."

"But you know I can't just pull off the rosary." Tsukune moaned.

"Well do you have any better ideas?" Gin snarled at him.

But fate had a twisted sense of humor as Ririko tossed Razor their way, the blonde finally losing his grip. He came straight at Tsukune, the human barely getting out of the way, his hand catching hold of Moka's rosary. Razor flew past them, his back hitting a tree severely, sliding down the bark before hitting the ground, splayed out like a wounded dog.

( Cue Kou-chan! )

"When the rosary around her chest is removed, Moka's true self is released, as well as all of her true strength and power chu!" Squeaked the bat.

Despite his injured state, Razor barely lifted his head from the ground, watching as the sky turned blood-red. He then looked over to the group, catching sight of Inner Moka in all of her glory.

'So that's an S-Class monster, a real vampire. I can see and feel why they're so strong, such powerful demonic energy. Father was right when he said to watch myself and bow my head.' "Now that damn snake will get what's coming to her." He coughed, wisely choosing to stay down for the moment.

"So it's you again? I thought we made it clear that you should know you're place." Inner Moka smirked as she approached the lamia.

"I don't care what you say, and I could care less about the fact that you're an S-Class vampire. No one gets in the way of my teaching those who need it!"

"Some just never seem to learn."

"Prepare yourself!" Ririko shouted as she made to wrap herself around the vampire.

But the vampire merely leapt aside before showing Ririko who was boss.

"Know your place!"

Razor winced as he saw the vampire kick the lamia forcibly in the face, glad it was Ririko and not him.

'Yup, better to stay down and hope she doesn't decide to beat me next.' He thought tiredly.

"Now maybe you'll remember your place in this world. I'd prefer if I didn't have to teach you this lesson again."

"Y-yes, thank you for this lesson, it was very informative." Ririko mumbled weakly.

( Cue Kou-chan! )

"This fight took only 20 seconds, chu!"

The vampire then turned to look at the group, catching sight of Razor still down on the ground, having not moved an inch since the fight had started. She moved toward him, the others stepping aside as she came over to look at him, her blood red eyes freezing him in place.

"P-please forgive my weakness, I thought I could handle her on my own…but I let my anger cloud my judgment, and I ended up being beaten so easily by that worthless snake." Razor coughed out, barely able to lift his head off the ground again, looking up at the vampire pleadingly.

Inner Moka knelt down at his level, placing two fingers under his chin, forcing him to look her in the eye.

"So…you're the reason I was brought out to face that moronic Ririko once more?" She frowned at him, her touch making Razor gulp nervously.

"Yes, please forgive me, if I had just beaten her down, I wouldn't have had to waste your time Moka-sama." He admitted, licking his lips unsurely.

He squeaked out fearfully as she forced him to his knees, looking him right in the eye.

"What did you call me?"

"Moka-sama…one such as you deserves only the highest form of respect. A lowly weakling like me, one born of some of the weakest monsters in this world, should only address you as such. It is only fitting for you, an S-Class, a great and regal vampire; I should consider myself lucky to even be in your presence." He mumbled, praying to whatever gods that were listening that she'd go easy on him.

But the vampire merely smirked at him, patting his head as she stood back up in all of her glory.

"I'm not one for groveling, but you certainly do it well. And I admit that I'm a bit pleased at the fact that you recognize your own weakness when compared to me, and that you bow your head to one who is clearly stronger than you." She smiled as Razor breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you Moka-sama. You are truly an S-Class, your skills in battle can attest to that." Razor commented, but he stopped when Inner Moka grabbed his throat.

"Don't start kissing up to me, not unless you want me to remind you of your place."

"Never, lest humans come and skin me alive." He choked out.

The vampire released his throat, walking over to Tsukune with a small smile.

"It seems he is a fairly good ally to keep around. Make sure he stays out of trouble Tsukune." Inner Moka stated as she took hold of the rosary.

"Uh, right, sure Moka." He smiled nervously as the vampire replaced the rosary.

As Moka changed back, landing on Tsukune's shoulder, Gin helped Razor to his feet, checking his injuries carefully.

"You gonna be okay Bro? You really took a beating." Gin stated as Razor barely managed to steady himself.

"I'll be fine Brother, just a bit bruised and battered, but I'll be fine in half a day with a little rest." Razor grinned as he wiped away some of his blood from his lips with the back of his hand, "And remind me to watch myself the next time Moka's real self is unleashed." He laughed softly.

He then turned his eyes to the others, wincing as Kurumu was giving him a critical eye.

"What happened there Bouzo? I thought you said you came from a long line of martial artists." She smirked.

Razor rubbed his neck nervously as he stared at them all awkwardly.

"Well, the truth is…I kind of fibbed about that." He chuckled nervously.

"You "kind of" fibbed?" Kurumu frowned, using air quotes.

"Okay I lied, but I had to." He growled at the succubus.

"Had to?" Mizore asked as she held her arm gingerly.

"The truth is I'm actually a fairly weak type of monster, which I'm still not going to tell you," He explained, looking at Kurumu with a determined eye, "anyway, my father told me that it's better for me to fake being strong and hope others will leave me alone, rather than risk letting myself be killed by other more powerful monsters."

"But…you managed to toss Gin over your shoulder the first day!" Tsukune exclaimed as Moka woke up, immediately latching onto his neck, sipping his blood contently, "Gah!"

"What can I say, this big lug is dumber than a boar with no brain once you get him mad enough." Razor smirked as he patted Gin's furry head.

"Yeah…hey! But yeah, I had to go along with it, it was the only way to guarantee he wasn't picked on when we were in elementary. " Gin smiled as Razor chuckled at him.

"I'm just glad you remembered our promise. And get over it Bro, you have to admit you're not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer."

The werewolf just growled angrily at him a moment before Razor started to walk back to Youkai.

"Wait a minute Razor-kun." Mizore called after him.

He looked at her with soft eyes, glad to see she was fine despite what Ririko had done to her.

"Gin said your blood compels you to protect yuki-onna. What did he mean by that?" She inquired, curious about this odd little…thing about him.

Razor just leaned against a tree, grinning at her charmingly.

"Let's just put it this way Mizore-chan. My family and yours have a bit of a history together, that's all I can tell you for now." He winked, wincing as he cracked his back, "I think I'm going to need a chiropractor, my back's really messed up right now." He sighed, trying to fix his spine.

"Here Bro, let me just…" Gin smiled, switching back to his human guise.

They all squirmed as Gin balled up his fist and slammed it near the base of Razor's spine.

"Yeow!" Razor screamed, rubbing his back furiously, "A little warning next time Gin?" He snarled at his brother.

"But it helped, didn't it?" Gin smirked as Razor cracked his neck.

The blonde sighed as he twisted himself, smiling as he found that his back was better now.

"It did actually, thanks Brother." Razor smiled as he bent backwards, until he was in a crab walk position.

"You're pretty flexible, aren't ya?" Yukari commented as Razor shook himself off.

"Yeah, it's something I'm pretty proud of." He smiled as he straightened himself out, making a small content purr in his throat.

They all soon started back for school, Razor staying by Mizore's side.

"Your arm's not broken, right?" He asked, concern in his dark blue orbs.

"No, just a bit sore." She shrugged.

She blushed a little as he touched her arm, with him frowning at a bruise that was starting to form.

"You didn't deserve to get hurt because of me." He muttered.

"I'll live, don't make a big deal out of it."

"I can't help it, I let one of my friends get hurt." He stated.

"You think we're friends?" She smiled as he laughed softly.

"Aren't we?" He grinned, exposing his fangs.

"Uh Razor-kun? Your teeth, your fangs are showing."

"Oh! Sorry." He mumbled, forcing his fangs away.

"So…what did you mean that our families have a history together?" She inquired as he licked at his teeth to make sure his fangs were gone.

"All I can tell you is that that's a story for another day, Mizore-chan." He smirked, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, "Now come on, we have to go, we have to finish the paper and get to bed." He smiled as he took her hand, threading their fingers together.

She just nodded as she let him lead her back, the others smiling at their little show of affection.

"Aw, how cute! Just don't start going at each other like a pair of rabbits now." Kurumu teased.

All she got was a snowball in the face.

"Ah! Snow freak, why I ought to!"

But Razor chuckled as he held up a snowball, rolling it in his palm easily as he smirked at the succubus.

"You really need to learn not to go shooting off your mouth about things you have no idea about, Kurumu-san." He commented as he crushed the snowball with ease.

Nothing more was said as they all got inside, setting to work as soon as they got in their seats.

"Remind me to find the time to fix that window, won't you Brother?" Razor asked as he started to get the papers together.

"Sure thing Bro."

Soon enough, they all retired back to their rooms. But Razor had one thing to do before going to bed…

Dear Yukiko,

Things got a bit crazy here at school. Don't worry when I tell you I ended up in a bit of a fight with a teacher. Now before you ask, no, I didn't misbehave in class. It's a bit complicated, so I can't give you too many details. Anyhow, my blood acted up since I had to defend Mizore-chan, the snow woman I told you about. I have a feeling I'll soon be letting my friends know what I really am…but I'm also wondering if letting them know would actually be so bad? You know how I've always been self-conscious about what kind of monster I am. Well, better not dwell on it anymore, not unless I want to give myself a headache. I promise to call soon, hope you're doing all right.


Razor Miyamoto

Satisfied with his latest letter, Razor curled up tight in his sheets, closing his heavy eyes at last. But one little thought bugged him before he drifted off to dream…

'When and if I ever let them know what I am…will they accept me for who I really am? And what about Mizore-chan? Will she accept me? I mean our two species have a history together…but will she accept me without hesitation? It has been a few centuries, but maybe my blood was right to react, where she's concerned. It seems the promise hasn't died…' "But that's no guarantee of acceptance." He mumbled tiredly.

Clearing his mind of his troubling thoughts, Razor finally dozed off, hoping that this would be the last time he'd have to fight a teacher. But of course…you know how this series goes.

Dragonlover71491: Yeesh, this is a bit more than the last chap, but it should make everyone happy. Sorry to report, but due to technical difficulties, I won't be able to update as often. And good news for all of you that have been guessing what Razor is, next chap we finally get to see what he really is! The answer may surprise you :) Until then, I bid you all good night!