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Chapter 8: He's a What?

A few days after Ririko had tried to get her tail on Razor, Mizore was asleep in her room, enjoying a dreamless slumber. Unknown to her, her window slid open ever so silently, something slipping in without a sound. Paws quickly covered the distance between the creature and the counter in Mizore's kitchen, ears tuned in to her breathing. It very quietly leapt with ease, dropping a folded note soundlessly before swiftly leaping back to the floor, and with the most cautious of steps, made its way back to the window, leaving her room before she awoke. Unfortunately, it left something behind that it shouldn't have as it accidently kicked the window on its way out.

"Wha…? I could have sworn that I closed the window before I went to sleep." Mizore mumbled sleepily as she got up to close it.

Just as she was shutting it, she then noticed something on the windowsill.

"What in the world?" She muttered as she picked it up, examining it curiously.

It was a piece of fur, brown in color, and it was soft to the touch, almost with a silken texture as she rubbed it between her fingertips.

"Was someone in here?" She inquired to herself.

But she let it be as she decided not to dwell on it; if she found the culprit, she'd make them pay. As she was going to the fridge to find something to eat, she saw the note on the counter, left there with nothing to show who had been there, not even paw prints.


Mizore picked it up cautiously, unfolding it carefully before skimming the contents.

Mizore-chan, meet me outside :)

A friend

"Who could have written this?"

She quickly got herself ready and practically trotted out the dorms, wondering who could be waiting for her so early in the morning.

'And maybe figure out how they snuck into my room without a sound.'

As she walked out of the building, there was Razor, leaning against a tree, humming softly.

"There you are, I was starting to think I'd have to drag you to school." He joked.

"Razor-kun, it was you? But how?" She inquired.

The boy just smiled smugly at her, a playful twinkle in his eye.

"I have my ways…and let's leave it at that." He replied smoothly.

Mizore pouted as she prepared her ice claws, not liking his shifty answer.

"And you said you weren't like Gin, and I believed you. I don't know what else you did while I was asleep, but I'm not letting you get away with this." She frowned as she pressed one claw to his throat, the blonde gulping slowly as he tried to stay calm.

"Easy now, I just wanted to drop off that note, nothing more. If my brother could do the same thing I can, I don't doubt he'd do something immoral. But I swear on my honor that I'd never do anything to dishonor you or any woman." Razor explained as he gently took hold of her claws, pulling them away as he looked at her with a sincere look in his eyes.

Mizore glared back at him, but he just smiled in an understanding manner, stepping away from her before he just sighed, eyes turning to the boys' dorms.

"Hard to believe me when I'm related to that moron, I get it. After all, with his rep with the ladies…" He shrugged.

He then exposed his normal claws, running the tip of one down the bark of a nearby tree.

"I often wonder if perhaps it would have been better if we hadn't adopted each other as brothers…maybe then I wouldn't be struggling to convince you that I'm nothing like my womanizing, sex minded photographer friend of mine." He chuckled at her, eyes holding a lonely gleam.

Mizore believed him; he had a point, when others found out he was brothers with Gin, blood related or not, most assumed he was like the werewolf: only after one thing, what boys were almost always after.

"Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I mean you two aren't really related."

Razor just smiled, sheathing his claws again.

"It's fine, some often go the route of, "the apple never falls far from the tree," in these sort of situations, even though Gin and I are siblings." He laughed.

"Still, it must get annoying, having people make calls on what you're like before they get to know you."

"Frustrating's more like it…but such is life. So, shall we get going?"

"Wait a minute, why did you want to meet me this morning?"

Razor grinned, staring at her with warm eyes.

"I didn't think you should be alone in the morning, if I could help it."

"Why do you even care?"

"Shouldn't I worry over a friend?" He inquired, tilting his head curiously.

She had to admit he looked cute doing that, but still, why would he care about her? The weird little snow stalker as everyone called her.

"Wouldn't you rather hang out with Gin or something? Or maybe the others? I don't need pity." She frowned at him.

"I don't pity you; I understand what it's like to feel like you have no one you can relate to, to not have someone who understands what you've been through. Hell, even among others like me, I'm the one they shut out!"

"I don't understand, why is it you?" She wondered.

"Amongst my family, I'm accepted and praised for everything I succeed in. But when it comes to others of my kind, those not related to me by blood, most look down on me. Call me a freak or a mistake."

"But why would they…?"

"Because I'm not like them. And when it came to school, my parents thought this blonde hair would give me appeal as someone who claimed to have foreign blood. Didn't work. I was just teased for it, along with my name and how I act." Razor explained, shrugging it off like it didn't matter.

"But you had Gin-sempai, didn't you?"

"While my family lived here yes, I had my brother. But after a certain…incident, we had to move to Siberia, and there I suffered the real pain of loneliness. Isolated because I stood out, different from the humans I had to learn to be like. While my family loved me with all of their hearts, it didn't help I had no one to talk to, someone who could be a friend to me, help me better myself."

"So…you really were alone."

"Yes. Believe me I tried to make friends, but they snubbed me, told me to leave them be, that no one would want anything to do with a weirdo like me. That hurt, but once they started making remarks about my mother…I almost lost it."

"When you said you almost revealed yourself…" She muttered, realizing what he meant.

"Yup, I can take being insulted, no problem…but what they said about my mother…it just set me off, and I wanted to just claw their eyes out."

"When you told me you cared for your family, I didn't expect it to go so deep."

"What can I say, my parents had to deal with quite a bit when they wanted to marry, and when they had me, it got worse. Anyone who's stupid enough to insult my family will have to deal with these." Razor smirked as he formed his ice claws.

Mizore examined them a moment before looking at him.

"Can you at least tell me one thing: are you part snow person?"

Razor chuckled as he forced the ice away from his hands.

"Kurumu-san's wrong, you're smarter than she says." He smiled as he tucked a bit of hair behind her ear.

"So you are?"

"Yes…I am. My Grandma Nana is a yuki-onna, and her ice powers have been passed down to me and my cousins, diluted as the blood may be."

"So you're a hybrid…but what else are you?"

The blonde just tapped her nose playfully.

"That moy malenʹkiy angel sneg, is something I'll keep to myself for a bit longer." He laughed.

"What the hell does moy mal…whatever you just said, mean?" She asked, wondering if he had insulted her.

"Moy malenʹkiy angel sneg is Russian for my little snow angel." He all but crooned, playfully pinching her cheek.

"Don't do that, and you speak Russian? Why would you need to know…?" She questioned, though she was blushing some from his translation.

"Siberia's main language is Russian, and since my mother originated from there, she taught it to me. They don't speak Japanese over there, so as they say, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do,' as the saying goes." He grinned.

"I see, so you know the language pretty well?"

"Yup, had to learn, otherwise there'd have been quite a bit of miscommunication." He laughed.

"I don't doubt it." She laughed.

"Well," Razor grinned as he took her hand, "I think it's time we get going…but before I forget, I have something for you." He stated as he rummaged in his school bag.

He then passed her a simple notebook, a big grin on his face.

"And this is?" She asked suspiciously.

"I noticed that you struggle a bit in Math, so I made you these notes to help."

"I doubt these will help Razor-kun, Yukari failed when she tried to tutor me."

"Let me guess, she used all kinds of complicated words?"


"Then these will be easy to use, I've simplified them, so even a toddler could understand."

"Are you trying to say that I'm stupid?" She frowned at him.

"No! I just thought maybe you'd like to prove to everyone that there's more to you than your species suggests…with a little help from me?" He smiled nervously, hoping she wouldn't freeze him.

"…Okay, that makes sense, thank you." She smiled, taking the notes from him.

"You're welcome; now we really should get going, we're going to be late." He muttered, taking her hand again.

"Do you ever hate school? Most guys hate it with a passion." She asked him.

"Nah, it just means I don't have to deal with the family for a while. If you ever meet my parents, then you'll understand why I'm happier being here than at home." He grinned.

"Are they really that bad?"

"You ever step on broken glass?" He asked her as he let go of her hand.


"You'd rather do that than be around my parents. Especially my mother…" He sighed.

"How bad could she be? And I thought you loved your mother."

"I do, it's just…she can be…just a little…"

"A little what?"

"Overbearing. I mean she still treats me like I'm three, not to mention she's nosey, and a worrywart. Half the time I can't even talk to her on the phone without her bringing up my…." He frowned, then slapped a hand over his mouth as he almost spilled a big secret.

"Your what? What were you going to say?"

"Nothing, just nothing. We have school, so we better get a move on." He muttered, turning away from her.

"But Razor-kun, what were you going to say?"

"I don't want to talk about it." He grumbled, clearly not wanting to continue their conversation.


"I said no!" He roared, eyes burning angrily.

She stepped away from him, a bit apprehensive of him as he unintentionally bared his sharp teeth at her, pupils now slits. Razor's gaze softened as he forced his monster features away; he shouldn't have lost his temper, he couldn't blame her for being curious.

"My apologies Mizore-chan…I didn't mean to snap at you like that. It's just there are some things better left alone when it comes to my past. So try to understand, and until I feel like I can tell you, don't try and pry it out of me." He told her solemnly, eyes filled with self-loathing.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"Hey don't worry about it. I'm not one to hold a grudge." He grinned, brushing it off like it was nothing.

"I don't know, how do I know you won't turn on me and try to bite? I've seen what those fangs of yours can do." She smiled.

"I assure you Mizore-chan, I wouldn't dare to think of using these sharpened canines on you. Unless…you want me to." He smirked, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Mizore had to stifle a laugh, she couldn't believe he'd said that!

"I'm only kidding of course. That's something that moronic brother of mine would say." Razor smiled, eyes shining with playful intent.

She just smiled at his playful demeanor, still unable to figure him out: One minute he could act smooth and charming, then the next he was embarrassed and a bit on the shy side, and even then he could go to being quite fierce, as she had witnessed with Ririko.

'This guy is too hard to read. Maybe it'll be easier once I figure out what he is.'

Once they reached the entrance to Youkai, the rest were surprised to see the two together. But of course, Kurumu had to make a comment.

"Well what do you know, looks like the two of you have gotten cozy. So when's the wedding?" Kurumu laughed.

But she stopped as Razor snarled, pupils now slits as he exposed his claws threateningly.

"Unless you want me to scar up that pretty face of yours Kurumu-san, I suggest you stop making those comments." Razor growled, revealing sharp teeth.

"All right, all right, just calm down. No need to get nasty." Kurumu said, trying to calm him before he decided to use his teeth, or his claws, on her.

Razor smiled in satisfaction, glad to see that Kurumu understood that he meant business. He then turned playful eyes on Mizore.

"Don't worry, I'd never think to hurt you, just so you know." He grinned, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I don't doubt that. You protect yuki-onna, it's in your blood."

He just laughed.

"They look cute together, don't you think Tsukune?" Moka sighed as she watched the two of them.

"Yeah…I guess." He smiled.

Now it was no surprise that the whole group had tried to guess what Gin's brother, Razor Miyamoto, really was. But the blonde student rarely let on what he was, but he did give them a few clues, whether intentionally or not.

"We know he's a beast type, Gin's told us that much." Tsukune said as they sat together for lunch.

"He's supposed to be a good swimmer, but his aquaphobia hinders that ability." Moka added.

"I'm thinking he's a cat of some kind, I mean Snow Freak here got him to purr. What if he's a typical cat demon like Nekonome-sensei?" Kurumu smirked.

"But she hates water you dimwit, he just has a phobia of it desu." Yukari frowned.

"True enough Yukari-chan, but he also did say that his family has a history with Mizore-chan's." Tsukune stated.

"I can't think of anything though, but I'm guessing he has to be some sort of snow dwelling type of cat monster. But I'm still surprised he let himself get beat up trying to protect me." Mizore shrugged as she thought of his actions the other day.

"Yeah, and did you see those teeth he had? They looked like they'd hurt if he managed to get his mouth on you." Kurumu winced.

"I know, and his claws! He really tore into Ririko-sensei's hide with them, he has to be a tiger desu!" Yukari exclaimed.

"No, they're known for their bravery. That wuss fled first thing as soon as I suggested it." Kurumu countered.

"True…" Moka nodded.

Mizore then felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She turned around, only to see Razor grinning at her and the others.

"Hey guys, let me guess…still trying to figure out what I am?" He chuckled softly.

"You ever going to tell us what you are?" Kurumu asked, staring him down.

But Razor merely seated himself next to Mizore, opening up a bento box.

"I would if I could. Besides…I'm enjoying the air of mystery I have at the moment." He grinned before digging into his lunch.

Today he'd decided to spoil himself with a few choice pieces of sushi, made by his own hand, along with some rice. And his idea for a sweet? He had gone with an orange.

"What are you? A health nut?" Kurumu laughed as she saw him sip quietly at the bottle of water he'd brought for himself.

"Is it wrong of me to eat healthy? Last thing I want is to grow fat and useless…like someone else at this table." He muttered quietly.

"What was that?" Kurumu snarled.

"Nothing…you really need to control your temper Kurumu-san, it could get you into trouble one of these days." Razor smirked.

"Why you smug little…whatever the hell you are!"

But the blonde just continued to eat, turning laughing eyes on Mizore, a half smile already in place. Mizore smiled back; this boy knew how to ruffle Kurumu's feathers, and she liked him for it.

'Still…it would be nice to know what Razor-kun really is, to understand why he's ashamed of his fear of water, why he prefers to keep his true form from us.'

Later in the day, the group was working on their sections for the newspaper, Razor going through the pile of letters sent in for him to answer, Mizore watching him some from his right.

"Yeesh, so many people, so little space." Razor muttered as he scanned each paper, jotting down replies.

"Quit whining, it was your idea to add an advice column in the first place." Kurumu smirked as Razor glared in her direction.

"Better me than you, who knows what advice you'd lend out." Razor muttered under his breath, smiling all the while.

"What was that?"

"I didn't say anything."

Mizore just smiled as Razor kept up with his share of the work, livening things up in the club. Razor noticed and returned her smile, glad to see her happy…even if it was at Kurumu's expense.

'Though riling up that succubus is kind of fun…kind of.'

"Hey Tsukune, think you can go and get us a few snacks from the student store?" Gin inquired of the human.

"Sure, let me just..." Tsukune started as he continued his work.

"You can finish when you get back." Gin stated.

"Okay, does anyone want to come with me?"

Kurumu instantly jumped on him, hugging him into her bust.

"Oh I'll go with you Tsukune. Then we can be alone. Ack!" Kurumu smiled, but a golden tub fell on her head.

"No, Tsukune's going with me desu."

Razor sighed as he saw the group of girls starting to fight over Tsukune, turning curious eyes to Mizore.

"Kurumu-san told me that you were after Tsukune too, yet you're not trying to get a piece of him. Why is that?"

"I guess…I don't know. I just don't want to try anymore. And to be honest, Tsukune doesn't really notice me anymore. " Mizore sighed, though the real reason for her giving up Tsukune was unclear to her.

"Can't see how anyone can miss a beautiful girl like you." Razor blurted out without another thought.

"Beautiful?" She inquired, not having been called that.

"No wait, I didn't mean to say that out loud. That was kind of forward of me, wasn't it?" Razor blushed.

"No it's okay, though I can't see what you like about me."

"I can list them out, but then you'd probably be bored as hell after a few minutes." He laughed.

She just laughed at him. Razor shrugged as he got back to work, trying to keep a blush off his face.

"So…what are you exactly?" She asked as he finished his section.

"I thought I told you I was going to keep that to myself." He grinned at her.

"Are you ever going to tell us what you are? Or at least me?" Mizore inquired.

But Razor merely patted her shoulder lightly, smiling at her.

"When the time comes for me to show you what I am, I will. Though who knows, it may be sooner, because keeping it a secret is kind of driving me nuts." He laughed.

"Can I try and guess?" Mizore smiled back.

"If you want to…" Razor smirked, winking at her playfully.

"Well, are you a cat?"

"I am descended from the feline family yes."

"Okay, I know it might be wrong, but are you a tiger demon?"

"Nope, but I have an uncle who is, so his daughter, a cousin of mine, is part tiger."

"Then, are you a lion?"

"Wrong again. But I have a few leonine like relatives, so there's some lion-like blood in my family. Besides, they're known for their bravado, unlike me."

"Then I guess I give up."

"Hey, at least you're on the right track. That's something." He chuckled.

"And what are you two talking about over here?" Kurumu inquired as she got between them.

"Nothing, I was just letting Mizore-chan here guess what I am. She didn't figure it out, but she's done well enough. She at least knows I'm a feline."

"Oh really, then what happens if I do…this!" Yukari grinned as she latched onto his back, going straight for the top of his head.

"Yukari-san, get off of…" He started, but Razor soon just rested his chin on the table, purring loudly.

"You like that, don't ya?" She laughed.

"Oh yes I…I…what the hell am I doing! Y-Yukari-san, please get off!" He sputtered, sitting straight up, the witchling clinging to his neck.

"But why, you seemed happy!" She exclaimed as he removed her arms, letting her drop to the floor.

"My family, we're sensitive to touch, so rubbing an area in certain ways causes different reactions." He explained with a blush.

"Then what happens if I do it?" Mizore asked as she started to rub his head.

Razor immediately started purring again, slowly crouching down by Mizore's feet, looking up at her adoringly. She smiled as he rubbed his head into her palm, asking wordlessly for more contact. She boldly started scratching him under his chin, hearing his purrs deepen as his pupils turned to slits. As he thought of showing her how much he appreciated her touch, his mind finally caught up with what was happening.

'Whoa there boy! Think about what you're doing right now, namely that you're acting like a common pet!'

The blonde immediately scooted away from Mizore, blushing heavily as he tried to play off his behavior.

"I…I was…you…it…I can explain…really, I just…" He tried to explain, but how could he really play off this little scene?

"Poor Razor, you've grown, but you're still a softie underneath, aren't you little brother?" Gin teased.

His brother snarled angrily at the werewolf a moment before walking over to the window, throwing it open roughly.

"I need some air, I'll see you guys." He murmured as he exited, leaping out of the window and to the ground below.

Razor went straight for the trees, intending to get some time to himself after his embarrassing display.

'Damn it…of all the times to turn into a purring mess. Sometimes I really hate that a touch can do so much to me.'

Meanwhile, Kurumu was laughing her ass off at the blonde for his "interesting" display.

"Oh my god, I can't believe he did that! I mean, the little pancake chest here started to pet him and he turned into putty! And then snow skank here rubs him, and he turned into a kitten at her feet!" Kurumu chortled, amused by Razor's embarrassment.

But Mizore froze the succubus, glaring at her.

"You shouldn't laugh at him, he admitted to me that he's a feline monster, so that's normal for him." Mizore frowned before heading out the door.

"Mizore-chan, where are you going?" Tsukune inquired.

"I'm going to go look for him, I think we went off to the forest again." She answered.

"We'll come with you." Moka said as she came to stand by Mizore.

"No…I need to go alone. I don't think Razor's ready to see you guys."

"Then why are you going desu?" Yukari asked.

"I…know he'll talk to me." She answered, leaving without another word.

While the others were confused by Mizore's words, Gin smiled to himself as he looked toward the open window.

'Seems my brother has won himself an admirer, the lucky dope.'

Razor, meanwhile, was raking his claws down the bark of several trees, embarrassed by his display in the club.

"God damn, son of a…can't believe that I…ah!" He rambled, eyes burning angrily as he etched another deep mark into the poor tree he was taking his frustration out on.

After losing some feeling in his hands, Razor collapsed against the tree, growling angrily. He then noticed a small puddle to his right.

"Well great work Miyamoto, that was a great thing to do in front of everyone. Damn it all, I made myself look like an idiot." He growled, glaring at his reflection.

He then touched the lobe of his right ear, eyes becoming melancholy.

"If she saw the truth…would Mizore still…" He mumbled, thinking about what he was hiding behind his human disguise.

But he growled a moment as he glared at his reflection: If only this were how he truly looked…unlike his other half, the one that was who he was in his very soul. The one that was…

'Life is so cruel to those who surely don't deserve it.' "Not like anyone would care." He frowned as he rubbed his neck, placing his back against the tree.

Razor then unsheathed his claws, glaring at them a moment as his father's voice rang in his ears.

"Remember Son…though we're descended from a species that many consider weak, we are a proud race! Though these claws of yours are small compared to many, they will do great things…as long as you remember who you are, and that you keep your pride no matter what others tell you. There is no shame in what you are. Just be true to yourself, and you will exceed the limitations that others have set for you."

"Easier said than done Father…he can't possibly understand what it's like to be me, what I've been through." He huffed angrily as he re-sheathed his claws, turning his eyes to the sky.

He gazed at the clouds, deciding that letting his mind drift would be the best way to settle his nerves.

"Let's see…there's a rabbit…that one looks like a kitten…hmm, that one kind of looks like Tsukune getting his ass kicked by Inner Moka." He listed off, not even noticing that someone was coming toward him. Apparently since he wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings, his nose wasn't picking up on anything.

Once she was close enough though, Razor recognized the chill in the air. He just shut his eyes.

"Hello Mizore-chan." He huffed, really not wanting to face her as he rolled over, his back to her.

"Hey Razor-kun…mind if I sit here?"

"Go ahead. I don't care." He grumbled, avoiding eye contact as he kept his back to her.

"You're pretty upset about what happened?" She asked as she sat next to him, putting her back against the tree.

"Yes, and I don't want to talk about it." He practically snarled.

"Okay, but just so you know, I thought it was kind of…cute." She smiled.

Razor instantly rolled over, glaring lightly at her as he sat up, clearly irritated.

"Don't call me that…ever." He said flatly.

"Why, is it because you're a cat demon?" She smiled at him.

"No, it's because…my species is never taken seriously, all I ever hear is, "oh how cute!," half the time, it's freakin' annoying!" He growled.

"Aw, poor little Razor-kun." She laughed as she tried to stroke his head.

He pulled away, a scowl in place.

"Don't even try it. I'm not in the mood." He huffed.

"Sorry, I'm just trying to cheer you up. I don't do this too often, so I don't really know what I'm doing."

Razor sighed as he smiled tiredly at her.

"It's fine, I just seem to be having a bad day. I swear my luck seems to be like a coin; when you toss it, it can go either way." He shrugged.

"Well, how about we go back to the others, I'm sure the others have stopped laughing about it."

"Can we not and just pretend we did?" He smiled at her.

"Razor-kun, we need to finish our newspaper, and I'm sure your brother is worried."

Razor heaved himself up, cracking his back.

"Fine, we'll head back, I won't argue with you."

"Glad to see you're listening to me." Mizore smiled

But then Razor's nose picked up an unpleasant scent.

'Can't figure out this smell, it's new to me. Should I stay and confront it, or leave before I get hurt? Either way, I better keep Mizore safe.' "Get behind me Mizore-chan." He ordered softly, unsheathing his claws.

"Why do you…?"

"Just do it." He commanded, baring his teeth as his eyes focused on the trees, a growl deep in his throat.


Razor's pupils slowly turned to slits, letting his tongue run over one of his sharp canines; he severely wished that he wouldn't have need for them. If he could talk them out of this problem, whatever it was, or at least help Mizore to flee, then he'd be happy; why fight if it could be resolved peacefully, if possible?

'Not to mention the fact that if this monster is stronger than me, I won't be of much help if I have to fight.' "All right, whoever you are, just come out and face me, no point in hiding." He snarled, eyes narrowed threateningly.

Out of the shadows came someone Mizore thought she'd never see again: Keito Hayashi (This spider-woman never had a last name, so I gave her one.)

"How nice for me, a few members of the Newspaper Club…now I can have my revenge for the humiliation of the Public Safety Committee!" She announced with a crazed smile.

"Mizore-chan, what's she talking about?" Razor inquired as he bared his teeth.

"It happened two years ago, we got rid of the Committee because they were supposed to stand for the rights and safety of the students. Instead they ruled over Youkai like dictators, and they even tried to get rid of us because they didn't approve of us trying to overthrow them. I don't know why she's here, she should have graduated by now" Mizore explained as her companion growled angrily.

"So…that's what this is about." He hissed, feeling his claws lengthen more in response to her answer.

"I came back here to make the Newspaper Club suffer for getting in the way of Kuyo-sama's ideals. After all, humans and monsters becoming friends is just absurd!" Keito smiled wickedly before allowing her spider legs to burst from her abdomen, her pincers emerging from her mouth as her eyes turned dark, nothing but two pools of black malice.

"Gross, she's a jorōgumo. No wonder I was getting the creeps." Razor winced as he stepped back, trying to block Mizore from view.

"Once I'm done with you, you won't have to worry over such things!" Keito screeched as she charged them, firing a shot of her web at them.

Razor instantly crossed his arms in front of his body, the web sticking his wrists together as he turned to Mizore.

"Mizore-chan, run!" He ordered, trying to free his wrists.

"But Razor-kun...!"

"Go! I can handle this alone!" He growled, forming ice around his hands and shattering the webbing.


"She can't get us both if she focuses on me! Just get somewhere safe!" He roared as he loosed his fangs, his blood starting to run hot.

Mizore said nothing as she made a mad dash toward the academy, reluctantly following the blonde's orders.

"I won't let you get away!" Keito shouted as she started to change targets.

But Razor wouldn't let her.

"Hey, unglier than sin! I'm over here!" He called after her, trying to lead her into the cover of the trees.

"What did you call me?!"

"You heard me! And if I remember correctly, the translated name of your species means "whore spider," so what does that say about you?" Razor taunted her, smirking at the aracnid.

"You shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you!" She threatened, turning on him.

"Oh I'm shaking in my shoes; if you want to shut me up, then you gotta catch me first!" He grinned before turning tail and dashing off into the direction she had come from.

"That yuki-onna can wait...this boy needs to be taught some manners." Keito hissed before chasing the bonde instead.

As Razor sped ahead, he only had his thoughts on Mizore.

'I hope she found the others, I know they'll keep her safe. At least until I find a way out of this mess...'

Meanwhile, Mizore was just starting to get out of breath, checking over her shoulder to see if Razor was behind her.

'Should I have left him alone? Can I be sure he'll be fine?'

Before she could debate on turning around to help him, she ran into someone. Fortunately, it was a friend.

"Whoa there Mizore-chan, where's my brother?" Gin asked as she caught her breath.

"We...we ran into Keito, from the Public Safety Committee. She was going to take revenge on us, but Razor-kun helped me to escape. But he's fighting her alone and I don't know if he'll be okay."

"He's fighting that freaky spider woman alone?! And he calls me stupid?" Kurumu frowned as she came up behind the werewolf.

"Gin-sempai, do you think Razor can handle her alone?" Tsukune inquired of the older student.

"My brother is able to fight if he has to...but I don't know how well he'll fair against Keito, especially since he got his butt handed to him by Ririko the other day." Gin stated as he turned to Mizore, "Can you lead us back to where you were?"

"I'll try."

Back with Razor, he was ducking and dodging Keito's web shots, desperately trying to think of a way to escape.

'Think you idiot, how can you get away from the crazy lady with the pincers?'

His eyes then turned to the trees he was passing and then up to their branches.


And with a graceful jump, Razor got to higher ground, leaping from branch to branch to escape from Keito, who was still on his trail.

"Get back here you coward!"

"Make me Spidey!"

Once he was sure they were well out of sight and hearing distance of Youkai Academy, Razor decided that it was time to let Keito know that he wasn't going to let her threat towards Mizore and him go unpunished.

'Time to let out my wild side...'

Razor landed back on the ground, turning to face the jorōgumo.

"You fool, you plan to fight me?!"


Razor growled a moment before morphing into his monster form. His shirt fell away, revealing light brown fur with dark brown spots covering his arms and back, while snowy white fur covered his chest and torso. He now bore a set of large cat ears on the top of his head, black ended ear tufts moving in the light breeze, the right ear baring a large v-shaped notch. His legs grew longer and more beast-like, large brown paws bursting out from his shoes. His mane had gone from blonde tresses to a light brunette, two vertical streaks of white standing out proudly in his bangs and going down the back of his head, and down his back. The boy opened his eyes, revealing slitted pupils as he licked at one sharp fang with his barbed tongue.

"I was planning on it!"

Cue Kou-chan...!

"Razor here is actually a lynx/yuki-onna hybrid! Lynx demons aren't particulary powerful monsters, but their flexibility and jumping skills are almost unmatched in the monster world, coming second only to the S-class vampires. Plus, their long legs can also deliver a pretty mean kick if they want, and their claws can leave some serious gashes if they're angry enough. And the teeth aren't anything to sneeze at either if you want to avoid rabies! Just kidding about that last part, chu!"

"You think you can take me on, little kitten?" Keito laughed as Razor's hackles rose up.

"Don't underestimate me." Razor growled as he bared his teeth at her.

The others were just coming onto the scene as Razor charged toward the jorōgumo, yowling angrily as he unsheathed two-inch long claws.

"Don't think I'll be easy to beat since I'm a lynx demon!" He roared determinedly as his ears flattened against his skull.

Gin smirked as he saw the fire in his brother's eyes.

"Well, looks like my little brother is ready to slash her to bits...maybe he'll be fine." He laughed softly as the others gaped at Razor.

"Wait...did he say...he's a lynx?" Tsukune inquired.

"Yup. While I'm a werewolf, Razor's a lynx demon. Though they do lack power, they have plenty of spirit, and Razor's no different." Gin smiled.

"But...what do lynx have to do with the yuki-onna?" Mizore asked as she watched Razor circle Keito with a determined growl.

"Maybe he'll tell you after the fight...I'd like to see just how strong he's gotten since we were cubs."

As they all watched the fight, one thought struck Kurumu.

"So wait...all this time, I've been insulted by a hairball?!"

Dragonlover71491: So there you have it! Razor's a lynx/yuki-onna hybrid, and his fight with Keito has just begun! Soon you'll know how he came to be, the history he shares with Mizore's species, and more about his powers, so please wait patiently. And a thousand pardons for being late, but a combination of work, writer's block, and headaches kept this chapter from coming, so once again, sorry!