this is based off Tourist Guide 65's 'Ask the Combatants!' If you are a Mortal Kombat fan, check it out! It'll be worth your time.

EC: Hey, it's ECDeadly here for you something called, 'Ask the Survivors'! Where we have the entire cast of Resident Evil right here to ask any of your questions that you, the reader shall ask. Don't be shy, we'll answer everything. Right guys?

Chris: Yes... but... what the hell is he doing here? (Points at Wesker)

Wesker: Oh please, Chris... I was invited here just as everyone else, including the infected, isn't that correct, Nemesis?

Nemesis: STARS...

Jill: Oh god, I'm getting that migrane again.

Barry: Not losing my appetite yet! (Chews on a sandwich) Mmm. Jill's sandwiches are the best!

Jill: What? (Looks surprised at Barry)

Barry: Williamette mall? Hellooo. What are you talking about?

Claire: I really don't feel comfortable with these monsters here...

Leon: I agree. Why don't we go to that closet over there?

(The window shatters as a dash of red went across the setting to kick Leon in the face.)

Ada: Not so fast, Leon.

Krauser: Well, isn't it the bitch in the red dress?

EC: Language...

Rebecca: (Checking her spray cans, she shakes it just in case it stops working, then pressed down the button and squirts Anti-bacterial spray all over Chris's eyes.)


Chris: AHHH! (Stands up, covering his eyes with his hands, starts to walk around.) My eyes! What the hell is going on?

Josh: (Facing Sheva) And so I saw this Chainsaw guy...

Sheva and Josh: And he had a potato sack over his head! Oh my god! You seen him?

Leon: But you should've seen the ones I seen. One wears a paper bag, another is sisters with is on steroids.

Chris: (Stops screaming) OH! Speaking of which...

EC: Okay, okay guys, let's stop befores getting.. heehee...Haha...what is tha- Ahaha...AHAHAHA!

Regis Licker: (Tongue slipping in and out EC's ear)

Kevin: I'm gonna go sick.

Alyssa: This is gonna be the newest scoop...

Mark: I miss Bob...

EC: OKAY OKAY ENOUGH! So, anyways, just send in your questions via through review, and if you want to send it in some other idea, I have no clue how to do it but oh well. If you're a hot chick then just here's my number...

Claire: (Raises her hand) I have a question..

EC: Then I have to get your number then...

Brad: (Thoughts) Smooth...

Steve: Hands off my woman!

Claire: (Gasp) Steve! You're back!

Steve: Claire! I'm back, and we're finally together. We can- (Gets stabbed by Tyrant and tossed aside)

EC:... So what's your number again?

Claire: It's...

Okay, hopefully you guys enjoy it, like I said you ask whatever your hearts desire. And we can have fun, m'kay?