Chapter 30: Fall of the Phoenix

(Bringing in armful of bags, a figure walks in the room with multiple hats on his head, a extremely thick torso yet thin legs and feet. Upon arriving he dropped everything on the ground and everyone gathers around after getting out the pool)

Chris: Who is this?

Claire: I dunno, is this ours?

PH: (Placing his own bags beside the door) Looks like EC's bags.

Kevin: Whadya know, it is!

Leon: Then who's this?

(The figure then tries a flapping motion, letting out muffled cries as he attempted to reach his hats, which is tough rather with his thick torso, then finally takes it off, showing EC's red, sweaty head.)

Billy: It is EC, guys.

Rebecca: Nice observation, Billy.


Alfred: You look, stupid with that get up, ehem, 'man'. You are like, a fashion disease.

Alexia: For the first time I agree, you do in fact, look ridiculous.

(EC falls backwards, attempting to get up but fails to.)

Sherry: Aww, it's like a turtle on it's back!

Jake: Or a fat man on his back.


Barry: -sigh- Reminds me of that one time I let myself go.

Jill: Like...?

Barry: Oh yeah.

?: Oh god, c'mon, let's help 'im up.

?(2): Alright, alright. (A tall, scragly man walks in the room with a younger, redhead lady with him) Hah. EC. You look like a bloater.

EC: Funny. Help me up.

?: Oh hey, he kinda does.

?(2): Yeah, like, minus the ugly face and bubbly body.

EC: Am I supposed to take it like a compliment?

?: Probably. (Helps up EC, and the other helps him shed of the multiple amounts of coats, shirts that were printed 'NYC' all over them)

EC: Thanks.

?: No problem- we gotta go, I gotta teach her how to backpaddle.

?(2): -Meow- yeah we are.

EC: Alright. You two have fun now! Oh wait, by the way- (turns to ?(2)) I'm gonna see you again for that story, right? I'd like to publish it sometime.

?(2): Yeah, definetly! Sure.

EC: Alright see you two later. (The two leave)

Jill: Isn't she too young to um, have that vocabulary?

Sherry: Pleeease. Before her age I practically-

William: Did, what?

Sherry: Uhh...

Claire: -sighs wistfully- She reminds of me in my golden days.

Steve: Golden day- you're not old Claire.

Claire: Oh stop it, Steve.

Steve: (Nailed it)

(EC turns to the group with a extreme anger to his face)

EC: What in the FLYING FFF-

PH: Hey, yeah this is Phoenix. Um, This is bolded because um, I am editing this and well, I think the rest of this is kiiinda unecessary for the show, y'know? So uh, meanwhile, we're gonna see a montage of me, being awesome.


I just realized this is text. MOTHERF-

EC: ...I swear, you people have no manners.

Jim: Daaaamn.

PH: I second that.

Carlos: Me too.

(Everyone else soon agrees)

(EC ruffles his hair out of frustration and begins to clean up)

EC: So, if you haven't noticed, I got us souvenirs from New York.

Entire Cast: Thanks, EC!

EC: Damn straight. (Entire cast eyes widen) I got sizes from different shirts from XS-XXXXXXL. Just for you, Nemesis.

Nemesis: Aww, you shouldn't.

EC: I know, cost me more to get one to fit your fat -MEOW-.

(Nemesis begins to stammer every word, tears sprouting from his eyes)

Nemesis: F-Fat?

(PH walks up to EC)

PH: 'sup with you? You used to be .

EC: Cranky.

PH: I see. Why couldn't you fit those stuff in the bags?

EC: Too full.

PH: Uhuh... What's in the bags?

EC: Luggage. Luggage. And lots, of chocolate.

PH: OHHH Sugar crash?

EC: Mmm.

PH: Right.

EC: Hand one to each person, I'mma start the show.

Hey people. Show's starting. Like, sit down. Please. Back hurts and hungry.

Alright, first up, is BabyAngelTears.

Y'know what? Screw it. Let's call her 'Bat'.

'Bat-it'... not an item.

'Batman'? Wait, she's a girl.

Ehh. Nevermind... 'Bat-woman.'



So, let's she what she has to ask.

Leon, I thought it was so cute how you were worried about Ada in Retribution, honestly it was admirable with your concern mixed with confidence in her.

Ada, What were your first thoughts when you saw Leon for the first time after rescuing Alice?

Wesker, I still think you and Alice would be an amazing couple, especially with you two working together now! How do you think that will work out? It was your idea after all.

Chris, if you ever had to work with Wesker again, would you do it? Do you think he could ever show the old him ever again?

Does anybody think Rain will come back again?

Has anyone seen the new The Fast and the Furious movie? It was freaking epic!

Leon: Well she's a well trained, professional young lady. And sometimes it's sometimes normal for someone to be worried fo-

Ada: Oh Leon~ You had me at, 'young'.

Huh- what?

EC: I think you can provide implications here.

Wesker: We would be unstoppable.

Alice: For the wrong reasons.

Wesker: You can be my, goddess.

Chris: At this point, probably not. Considering he wanted to destroy the world. No, probably flushed down the toilet right now.

Entire Cast: Nope.

Rain: Hell, even I don't think I can come back from that one.

EC: I was supposed to, but I had vaccation. So yerp.

So next is Floatsy Pitch. This person wants to express...

Hell, yeah! Updates!

So anyways, turns out that teleporter sent me to the Creepypasta universe and I ended up ticking off Slendy, a noodleperson, and the smiledog in a duration of five minutes. Sucks to be me.

Parker: Can I call you Lu? And do you ever get the feeling someone's stalking you?

Ashley: ...*Glares in your general direction* Chipmunk...

Raymond: *Snort* Hey, have you ever seen the fangirls you attract? You'd be quite surprised by the fanfics I've seen of you. *Snicker*

Jill: Y'know, if I had a chest like yours, I'd be able to take over the world. I'd be all like "The power of boobs compels you!" and everyone'd be all like "Obey the boobs!".

Rachael: Uh, I hope you don't mind me asking, but, what's the point of unzipping your wetsuit down to your navel? It's a little... Distractin', if ya know what I mean, Darlin'.

Jack Norman: Hey, why'd you and Veltro attack Terragrigia? I mean, it doesn't seem to be causing any problems, it's entirely solar powered for Hate's sake! And why name your terrorist group "Il Veltro"? It sounds like Velcro! In my honest opinion, you should've named it somethin' like "Il Malebranche" or "Il Angurie" or somethin'.

Everyone: What's your most favorite movie?

I must now go! My people need me! Here's hopin' I don't end up in the Twilight universe! *Fades away*

Parker: Why? And...well I don't know about you, but this is a show, so yeah.

Ashley: Ch-chipmunk? What kind of mockery is that?!

Raymond: Well coming from you, I guess... the creepy ones.

Rachel: HEY- Actually yeah, not fighting that.

Jill: Um...uh...err...

Chris: (What about her boom-boom that she uses for sitting?)

Rachel: (Scrathes hair) Um, it was hot.

Raymond: Bet it was.

Jack: ...I would if I knew what that mean't.


PH: I think EC had something more than chocolate, or something was in it.

Now we have Kilo1994 with an issue with the shift button. This note here says...

Sup people just wanna say this is a great story/game show/...thing...uh well I guess I only have 4 questions..soo this ones for leon...why are you so badass...but can get ada I mean raccoon city then spain and then china not getting any younger man just saying and now uh chris...why did you have to hit your head so hard, now claire is more manly than you and my last question is for wesker...YOU IDIOT! Why why why can't you do something right! First you DIE! Then you all-of-a-sudden have a some...HOW DID YOU HAVE A SON! And my last one is for sherry... How do you still fit into your school uniform from raccoon city? Not that I'm complaining though...ok there and the story/ gameshow/ thing is great

(Thank god EC didn't see this. He'd get Grammar cancer from this.)

Leon: Training and determination and-


Leon: Alright, we're adults here.

Claire: Some much more than others.

Leon: (Clearly.) Not funny, Claire.

Claire: Up here all night, people~

Wesker: (Shrugs) It says here 'get a son then totally die' in the script.

Sherry: It was a tight fit, but y'know, I guess I want the nostalgia.

EC: That was some nostalgia. Like, umm... What he said. Not that I'm complaining.

Here we have staire4ever.


Here she says,

hey(: this is my first time asking questions and i have to say i love this, its so hilarious! xD

so, i have some questions for claire (my favorite character) :)

why are you so awesome?

would you rather have never met steve or sherry?

which RE game do you most enjoy being in?

if steve would have tried to kiss you in CVX before he died would you have let him?

do you think you'll be in RE7?

what's your favorite color?

what do you think about some of the fanfics people write about you and steve?

do you enjoy jill's sandwiches?

besides jill and chris, who else in the RE cast do you think makes a cute couple?

would you rather kiss wesker or have a new motorcycle get completely destroyed (without you being on it)?

well, these are all of my questions for now.. just so you know i love and fully support claireXsteve! you guys would be such a cute couple (i honestly find steve cute, sweet, and hilarious)

oh and sorry if any of these questions have already been asked in previous chapters, i just found this story yesterday and its amazing (but i don't have time to read right now- i'll catch up, i promise) so i just wanted to go ahead and ask all of the questions i had right now.

see you in the next chapter! keep being awesome :D

Claire: Um. I guess it comes naturally...Sherry, since she had a bright future to become a heroic and beautiful woman!

Sherry: Aww, thanks Claire! (Turns to Steve) HAAA. TAKE THAT, PRETTY BOY.

Steve: I-I don't want to hear it... (Does a dramatic hair flip, then walks out for a brief moment)

Claire: Also because I like you. So anyways,

Whatever the newest one, because I get to be in it! And, yeah. It seems like a reasonable and nice thing to do, right?

EC: (Probably not, since it's going to be Rebooted.)

Claire: Um... Red.

Weird, cute, nice... and all...

Never tried 'em.

Barry: WE HAVE A NONBELIEVER. (Grabs a sandwich and slams it down a plate to give it to her) Try.

Claire: (Pushes it aside) Don't worry big guy, I-I will...

Hmm... (Placing a finger on her lips, looks around the cast)

Rebecca and Billy! (Two look at her obliviously)

EC: Moving on, we got Anastasia. She says...

Okay so this is the first time I am reviewing. I don't have alot of questions so yeah.

I have one for Wesker which is... Were you good looking before the virus? Because you are now. And Leon, how long does it take to do your hair? Oh! And Wesker are you British?

Wesker:... depends.

Chris: (Bet he'd look like those nerdy kids from 1980's.)

Leon: Took a while 'till I got Monkey Glue- I mean, hairspray.

Wesker: Why don't you find out?

EC: So here we got ZombieSlayers, he says..

Hi its me again I've started to get a grip on my mental issue. Don't lie you fool we control your more then you do. Oh Wesker this isn't personal, your most likely the only person who could survive this.

(Chuck Norris runs in and Falcon Punches Wesker who flies through the wall and continues flying all the way around the world constantly smashing through things as he flies through the other wall Chuck Norris grabs his head smashing it through a table.)

Chuck Norris isn't one you want to piss off. (ZombieSlayers pulls out a special sensu bean to revive Wesker but erases his memory of the event.)

Oh yeah this is my gift to you * hands Ec a Mesmatron* this is for you it allows you to control a targets mind but I've put a precaution so you can't use it to make someone love you. (Looks at Rebecca) oh it can also make your targets head explode so here take this bottomless can of instant head regrower. ZombieSlayers out (laughing very disturbingly)

EC: So basically he gave me something that does not do that #1 one thing it doesn't want me to do...unless... (Pointing the object at Ada, he whispers) You have an unquenchable sexual desire for me.

EC: Okay guys I just wanna add that- It was a test, I mean, I was cranky and stupid at the time, so, um. Sorry for my attitude, and sorry Ada.

(Nothing happens.

Wait, then why is this here?

Forget it...)

Huh. Lemme try that again. (Points it at Sherry unknowingly, and repeats the same process)

EC:... Alrighty then. (Tosses it in his bag)

Next we have, just a reviewer. This person says...

This story is great:D

Leon: rebecca or claire?

Barry: jills sandwiches or jills life?

Wesker: what's it like to die?

Jake: do you think you could beat your father at armwrestling?

Helena: what exactly are your feeling about leon?

Nemesis: ...stars?

Sheva: where did you come from?

Ashley: how old are you? 3?

Chris: do you think leon could beat you in a fight?

Well, I think that's all for now. See ya soon!

Ada: (Walks up to EC, hand running down his chest) Oh god, EC. You read things... so...well...

EC: Uh, yeah. Th-thanks.

Leon: (Eyeing Ada weirdly) Claire, sorry- I don't know you too well Rebecca. (Rebecca nods understandingly)

Barry: I- Jill- Sand-...(goes into a fetal position)

Wesker: If you're wondering, no. There was no wh ite light for me. It just was, really hot.

Jake: I think I can take my old man.

Helena: A very respectable and attractive man. JUST SAYING.

Nemesis: Wise choice of vocabulary, dear sir.

Sheva: ...Af...rica?

Ashley: God no! Eighteen! (Some perv in the backgrounds whoops out loud)

Chris: I think we're evenly matched.

Leon: Yeah, I think so.

EC: Here we have Wolf Slater. Here he says...

Hey guy's, I,m back(teleports into ECs' hideout). So I have afew questions to ask.

Claire: For some odd reason,to me,you look like Jane the Killer.

Everyone:WTF makes you think that Wesker can kill a insane,physcopathic,drunk(don't ask),demon like Jeff the Killer? Also can any of you sing?(*chough* *chough* I already know Jill can't *chough*)

EC:That man the U.S. experimented on,he sounds like...(Leave's a note on the floor saying,"DON'T LOOK OR IT TAKES YOU")

Wesker:I have someone who wants to meet you(behind Wolf is a tall man with a blank face,black suit & tie,with tentacles emerging from its back).Have fun you two!

Ladies:I have only one thing to say...Stay beautiful & keep kicking ass.

Well,I guess I'll be on my way. See you guys later! Oh BTW, I,m leaving Slendy here.(Fades away)

Ada: Oh my god, read to me again. (Presses her body against him, everyone looks at her curiously)


Steve: How in the hell would something weird be as close to her?

Claire: Oh Steve. (Man, he kisses my butt a lot.)

Wesker: Because I am, a psychopathic demon. Minus the alcohol, oh, and I'm smarter.

Jill: HEY. I can, just. Not in public... and it's the piano, not singing!

EC: PUT THAT STUPID NOTE AWAY. QUICK! (Yanks out a pesticide and lighter and burns it) No, SHOO. This is like, the second time we had Slendy come here. No- NO. Get your dumb notes and tie and go visit, like, Justin Timberlake or something. (Slams the door behind it)

Ada: That was... hot... like someone else I had in mind...

EC: (I may have to throw her with him.,,)

Ladies: Why, thank you!

EC: Next we have-twitch- NaruHina...Luv-r. She would like to say...

im only on chapter 8 so forgive me if i ask questions that are repeated i just cant hold my curiosity XD and these chapters are king -.-

anyway entire cast: who do you think would win in an arm wrestle match: Chris or Krauser?

also who has bigger muscles?

who has better hair: leon piers or steve?

chris and krauser: how the h#ll do you wipe your a$$ with your arms?! sorry for the imagery XD

Chris: whos a better partner: piers jill or sheeva (better be piers hes my favorite!)

also how do you react to all the pairings of you and piers...who is 13 years YOUNGER than you?

wesker: did you ever plan on meeting jake? whyd you leave his mom? and how do you feel about krauser stealing your hair style?

jake: if youcould would you kill wesker yourself? and also what sickness did your mom die of? btw i love you and your dad (sorry sherry fuck you excellia) :3

PIERS! WILL YOU MAKE A COME BACK? and if you do do you want to keep your new powers?! also how did it feel to be mutated? XD also can i have your number :)

Luis: HIII! TE AMO! can i have your number too? :3 and why did you go out of your way to help ada get the sample? also have you ever found ashley as annoying as i did?

ashley: when you had the suit of armor and i used you as a human shield...WHY THE #$% DID YOU DUCK!?

krauser: is there any way to fix your face? and are you jealous of leon (you should be) and why do you have wesker's hair style?

Helena! im sorry about your sister T.T but are you jealous of ada? do you have feelings for leon!?

carla: im glad you died ada is like no other but anyway if you could would you go back to the way you were?

ada: how does it feel to have a guy so obsessed with you (that isnt leon) and clone you?

Barry: ...can i have a sammich?

Entire Cast: Krauser and-C-Krauser. Leon.

(Both Chris and Krauser were silent upon hearing the question, EC understandably allows it)

Chris: Piers will always be the comrade I deeply respect. Sheva has mine for her determination... but Jill will aways be at my side.


Piers: It's weird.

Chris: Oh yeah.

Wesker: Why don't you ask him? He knows it firsthand. (Jake flips Wesker off) And since we're both dead, it doesn't matter.

Jake: Hell yes I would, and I do not. Want to. Talk about it. (PH whispers, 'Mommy and Daddy Issues'.)

Piers: I am afraid not so. And I wouldn't want that, that would be against what I wanted to stop.

And no.

Luis: Um, my number is... full, yeah, sorry, chica.

And I guess I have a weakness of heroism, and pretty ladies. No, not really.


Luis: Okay, maybe a tiny bit.

Ashley: Think logically: that was made out of steel. You got a gun.

Krauser: Nope. And I wouldn't be. And, well, I wanted to find a evil hairstyle quick so I got this.

Helena: Thanks. No, not really. I'm pretty content with my life as it is.

I do not know about that, though...

Carla: Y-Yeah...

Ada: So she finally breaks out of her shell...


Ada: And builds it back in.

I don't know if I should be creeped or fla- no just creeped out.

Barry: Nnnnnn-yes.

EC: Now, we have- Phoenix, take over.

Ada: What a tease~

PH: Good thinking. So we have ScaryVixen. She says...

*Songbird flies in with Saddler's torn and bloodied coat and offers Nemesis a fist bump. I pat Songbird on the head and he shrinks down to the size of a parrot, who flies and lands on Luis' shoulder and gazes endearingly at him*. That whistle will make him grow to full size, and you can tell him to do or get whatever you want. That whistle only works once though, I'm still crafting you a better one, so use it wisely. Did he do a good job, Luis? Do you like him?

Nemesis: Can I have a hug? But please don't kill me.

Sorry about the panty explosion, EC, I hope no one was hurt. I bet if bras were in the mix the Merchant would have had a field day.

Merchant: I could sell you some vigors, and you could make a killing with em, if you like. But if anyone evil catches you drink them asap. *I take a swig of shock jockey and throw down a small sparking crystal, which zaps Krauser's rear* Oh crap, gotta run, and good luck in your studies EC. *piggbacks on Kabal's back and zips away.*

Luis: You mean like this? (Blows into the whistle and the thing grows into full size) Um, I would appreciate a Red-Green Herb milkshake, and a T-Burger. Ooh, and when you're back, keep a border with me and this...thing. Right here, alright? (Impling Sadler)

Nemesis: (Bear-hugs the reviewer) BUDDYYYYY~

EC:...I mean-(scratches the back of his head) It's cool. (I wish I could make panties fly...)

Merchant: I like'er.

PH: And here we haveeee, fangirl. She sa-

Ada: C'moon~Read for me. Just one more time.

EC: S-stop, I don't need this.

Ada: Aww, but baby, it's just a favor. I can make it worth your while...

EC: Um...

(I mean, I could do that. But then it would suck, y'know, because it would be totally against me standards. 'Only do a woman that you have feelings for that returns them.')

(But it's Ada. Hurrrrmmmmm.

Being a teenage fanboy sucks.)


Okay so, umm...

Piers: why did you have to die ?! I was SO sad! *eyes swell with tears* so, I read this fanfic that you turned out to be a big jackass in, so I'm sorry but you deserve this temporary punishment, I still love you though. You're amazing *pushes into pit of fangirls* plz forgive me...

Jake: what do you think about sherry? What went through your head when you first saw her in the locker room, and then when she dropped her gown to change? *smiles devilishly* did you ever want to kiss her? Would you ever date her? Do you find her attractive? What did you think when she put her hand over yours? You foshould kiss her right now! (After you answer each of these questions of course)

Sherry: are you glad you met jake? Do you think he's cute? Whats your favorite feature of his? Would you ever date him? You gys would be so cute together! :)

Well... I think that's all *sits silently*


EC: can I.. join the pit of fangirls? I want to go attack piers and then hug him.. and if you ever get thrown in, I'll help you get out (I'm strong) and if any one else gets thrown in I'll be as gentle as possible, unless its wesker.. if he gets thrown in I have a surprise

Piers: I did what I had to- DOOOOOOOOOO...

Jake: Do I hav- (EC points to a board on the rules)

I was thinking, 'Not cool, we're in a mission. Don't bother to look. NO DON'T PEEK.

I think she has a nice pair...of lips... to kiss...

I would, and yes. Thought it was cute- Can we move on now?

EC: Sure. Just- Where is Sherry?

Ada: EC, you're soooo sexy when you look confused, it's like, your face is, 'Where is she?'

EC: ...Right. (Lights flash off, a yelp was heard and lights flash off, Ada is passed out on the bench)

Sherry: Oh hey, did anyone see that? Lights turn off...(Sherry hands off cash to Ustanak who casually passes by)

EC: Hey Sherry, I was looking for you-

Sherry: (I bet you were.)

EC: -...Sherry? answer the questions.

Sherry: Huh?! Oh! First I didn't, but now I think he is wonderful. Yes, and his cocky attitude.

EC: I don't think you need a resume to be the fangirl. (Shoves her in the pit) Go crazy.

Sherry: Oh, you're so funny EC-(worst acting, ever.) Ooooops. (Drops her towel in front of EC, turns around to pick it up, walks to a bench where Ada is sleeping, pushes her off and lies on her belly-side, takes off the top)

EC- can you give put lotion on me?

EC: Um... Okay... But first-

Next, we have supboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy93.

He says...



Entire cast: Huh?

EC: Oh we didn't hear that? Ooh sucks too tired to read again MOVING ON.


EC: Okay, okay. (walks over to commence rub on back)

We have Chibiwolfpack. He/she says...

HI! My questions will be for wolfpack only so...

Bertha: do you put salt in wounds?

Beltway: you seem like a prankster, is this true?

Vector: I'm sorry your my favorite character, but I have to! *pushes him in fangirl pit

Lupo: imagine you as a actual mother with the rest of wolfpack as your kids? How would that go? For four eyes and spectre, HAVE PIE!

Beltway: That's like asking if the sky is blue.

Bertha: Yes. I do.

Beltway: Not your everyday, 'College toss your phone into the toilet' prankster, the 'This gun is not loaded-jk' type of prankster.

(Vector turns insvisible as he gets tossed in)

Lupo: Like a terrible sitcom. (Laugh track plays, source came from Phoenix)

PH: What? Thought it was appropriate.

(Four-Eyes extract what's inside the pie with a syringe and Spectre's goggles kept zooming in and out of it)

Here we have ...Anakin Rose the Hedgehog? He says...

Yo, EC! What's up, man? Here's my set of "Q's" that need "A's" if you get my drift.

EC: (This guy is HIP, YO.)

Ashely G(K?): You weren't much use back in RE4, but maybe a few weeks in the War Games simulation room on the Infinity (PM to EC: Halo4 reference if you played it.) might be able to change that. What do you say, want to get some counter-zombie experience?

Chris R: In my honest opinion, I think Wesker over there *points to Wesker* could use a punch to the jaw. Feel like kicking his ego in the balls?

Phoenix H: On a scale of one to ten, how crazy do you think this place is on a daily basis?

Leon S K: GROW A PAIR AND JUST KISS ASHLEY ALREADY! Or are you secretly a gay, glittery vampire (PM to EC: Twilight reference, only Edward isn't gay... but he might as well be considered as such.) ? If so, then I'm gonna sic Alfred on ya!

Steve B, Claire R, Chris R: What do you think would've gone down differently IF Steve wasn't infected back in RE: Code Veronica?

Well, back to my crazy life elsewhere! See ya! *steps on the NOS pedal* Not again... *gets crotch rocket'd back home*

Ashley:...I guess, if it could stop all this mean words.

Chris: Thought of it long time ago. But like your words. Heh, '-kick ego in the balls.'...

PH: Preeetty crazy. (Talks like a teenage girl) Broke mah scaaaale~ (EC covers his ear)

Leon: I would, but I think Mr. Graham wouldn't approve it much. (Ashley sighs) But oh well. (Drop kisses her, Ada twitches in her sleep. Whispers to Ashley,) I like your bikini.

Ashley: Th-thinks.

Claire: We'd be all having a drink together.

Steve: (Then do it, and do it again, and then-)

Chris: (-She gets pregnant, she doesn't have enough money to support it, she gives birth to 'it' in a box...)

PH: Then we have-

Sherry: You have such gentle hands, EC...

EC: I can press harder, y'know.

Sherry: Oh, please. Press harder.

EC and William: (I don't like where this is going.)

PH: (We gotta wrap this up...)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention about the few things I bought there: *rummages through pocket* Let's see... a maneki-neko keychain, a /detailed/ portrait of Chris *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*, an *meow*y tasting Umbrella energy drink (a waste of money) and an awesome Ezio poster I gave away to that one lovely cosplayer. Shame I never caught the person's name. But anyway:

PH: "Amazing Azure" eh? Well I- Aw, come here! *Twirl hugs around like a ragdoll* By the way, have you or EC ever played Canis Canem Edit?

Steve: Close but not quite. You left out the part where you have to go home and *lifts up by shirt* REEVALUATE YOUR *meow*ING LIFE BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT A SMART CAR!

Rachel: There, there. But look on the bright side! Instead of being lumped with the group of "Who?" like with Allison and Dr. Cameron, you're known as the "girl with terrible haircut but has huge knockers to compensate". I still think you're a pretty cool character though.

Merchant: Did you know that you might have been hooked on Leon's back like a backpack for an alternative costume for Resident Evil 6? How could've you helped him out?

Manuela: So even though you chose to live after all but ended up in the government's custody, was it worth it? (Either that or anticlimactically dissipate into fireflies or some *meow* like that.)

Chris: Just saying, I very much enjoyed your sailor costume from Revelations. *grins with a wink*

EC: They're a saga consisting of seven novels from the Resident Evil series (Five from canon, two are the author's own content). Aside from the certain baffling quotes (such as page 204 in Code Veronica) and significant contrast of characterization of some characters compared to the modern video games (since they were first published in '98), I suppose they're adequate enough for me to suggest to a Resident Evil fan. Better than the movies, that's for sure.

Anyway all, my next protects are trying to finally write something on here and building a potato launcher prop for Comic-Con a couple of months from now. I'll be going as Beatrice Trudeau from "Bully" because there is a serious lack of cosplay from that game. See ya around everyone!

PH: No problem...uh, no. Do tell.

Steve: Oh yeah, there's that...

Rachel: -sigh- Guess you're right. Better off that way for me at least.

Merchant: I can give 'im the greatest equipment possible.

Leon: In such a small size?

Merchant: They pack a punch and ey- at least you don't have to worry about recoil.

Manuela: I just believe in a second chance... you'd understand, right?

Chris: What costume? (EC googles it, let's out a big, 'PFFFFFFFT' then continues rubbing on Sherry's back)

EC: Cooooooooooool!

PH: We have a guest. And from the questions... Definetly a girl. She says...

Hi well I love wat your doing. keep up the good work.

And my questions are only for leon and helena because I'm a heleon fan

So questions for leon do you feel any thing for helena? When you guys were in the sewer and when helena fell and u grab her you were starring right in her eyes what did you think and what did u felt. In the bus part when u guys flew in the air you two were holding or I guess hugging in the middle of the air were you happy. And the things you said that were sticking together did you actually meant that. Do you trust her? Just admit your feelings OK

And for helena what do u feel for leon? When u jump in the sewer and he catch you and u were starring in to his eyes what did you think and what did u felt and why did you say I'm fine in a rude way yo-



Leon & Helena: 'This is awkward'. And no, it was 'DEAR GOD HELP ME HOPEFULLY YOU LAND FIRST.'

Leon: Um.

Helena: Just get it over with. (The two suck faces like there was no tomorrow)

Leon: Errr...

Helena: That was... interesting.

Leon: Agreed.

EC: If my hands weren't full, I would be taking notes...

Sherry: Oh, EC. That's adorable.

EC: Thanks, Sherry.

Sherry: Go lower.

EC: Mhmm.

Sherry: Lower.

EC: Mmmmhmm.

Sherry: Even lower than that.

EC: Sherry there's nowhere to go.

Sherry: Yes there is.

EC: No t- Dear lord I know what you're doing.

Reaching homestretch... Phoenix can you bring me the paper for me to read? Hands full. Thanks.

Alright, so the awesome residentkilla says- Sherry I think I'm done.

Sherry: -Sighs- fine.

EC: Alright. (Takes the paper) It says...

Claire: Have a good summer. If you can always ask. Did Chris ever spoil you?

Chris: Why were you riding a children's toy at that playground? And have you almost told someone that Claire was your daughter by accident.

Richard: Which death did you find less painful? Snake or Neptune?

Wesker: What exactly did you land on when Jill took you both down?

Merchant: How the f*** did you make a laser cannon?! Do you know how rich you can be?! Our government would bow before you! You would put gun stores to shame! Wait... did you steal it from aliens? O.O

Chris & Claire: In the Darkside Chronicles, Steven here knocked you off a ledge and you dropped more than fifty feet down and you lived! Do a leap of faith! If you survived falling on concrete then you sure as hell can survive on hay.

EC: Have you heard of "THE LAST OF US". I am in love with that game.

All: Does anyone here watch Key and Peele or listen to rock.

Peter (Shitty RE6 boyfriend): I wanna kick your ass for a loooooooonnnnnng time.

Leon: How many bad memories did Tall Oaks bring back? How did you feel when you thought Ada was manufatured by the C-virus?

Spencer: Poor abused old man.

Barry: You're like fifty now right? You still kick ass.

William: Why didn't you give the Umbrella soldiers a fake sample. Mix some dish soap and food coloring and you would have stalled enough to get you and your family out of the country... maybe. You would have been safe, and the Raccoon incident would not have happened... meaning Claire and Leon wouldn't have met and gotten Sherry. Meaning no RE3, 4, 5, or 6... I'm cool with no ORC or 6 now that I think about it.

Claire, Jill, and Jessica: What's your idea of the perfect proposal? Whisper it to me so no one else listens. (Yeah, yeah I know! A guy asking a question like this? I'm different alright!)

Jessica: Will you... actually remove them. I know you mean for the other guy, but... Damn. You are f****** hot.

Goodbye cast and he-llo Jessica- I mean summer.

Claire: Thank you! And, being his little sister, yes. Definetly.

Chris: I dunno. I feel like this force made me do it. And it was almost like, a calling...

Jill: Uh, Chris?

Chris: Yes?

Jill: You're not you when you're hungry.

Chris:...right... (Eats a snickers bar)

Y'know, people of Snickers. Still waiting for that product placement cash.

Wesker: Probably still in Africa, in y'know, a volcano.

Merchant: Made it with a 'special ingredient'. (Gives a cheeky grin)

Steve: (Shrugs) What can you say, I'm magical.

Claire: Not magical enough.

Steve: You don't know that...

EC: Finished it. Bet we're all confused about the ending, right? LOVED it.

Entire Cast: (W-we've been betrayed... I died a little inside...)

EC: I do, I got 'yo back. Some others do- Just forgot though.

Peter: It seemed like a good tactic around that time, OKAY.

Leon: Lots... and, I thought it was a big lie, but at the back of my head, I feel like she probably did..

Spencer: (Imcomprehensible)

Wesker: Age. It gets you.

William: Do you really think I had enough time to find dish soap in a lab?

Jim: Buuurn.

Claire: You, you, or me first?

Well I am thinking like, 'Fireworks, shooting stars,' and all that. And all the midst of that, he gets on one knee aaand- Ooh~!

Jill: I like mine quiet. In the night while it's snowing in front of beautiful architecture, and the time is right...

Jessica: I just want my hunk to save the world and stuff, and went everything blows up behind him epically, because he's too cool to look at it, he's be like, 'Marry me'.

It'd cost you. -wink-

EC: Errrrg. This is getting too racy of an episode...

LAST we have Icewolf with only nice advice, which is-

Hey guys I just need to say this.

Everyone: Since Wolf Slater brung Slender-man to the party,give him 20 dollars and he might leave you alone or light a match and throw it at him(fire is one of his weaknesses). Your welcome EC!

Last: Between the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1, which do you think wil be better.

Catch you guys later

EC: SWEET. Oh first- PS4. At least it's actually a GAME CONSOLE. Second- (Yanks out twenty dollars, lights in on fire and throws it out the door)

NOW SCRAM! (Slams the door)

Butt-hole gave me day-mares for like, four hours.

Now, since this is the 30th episode, we are getting a new co-host. PhoenixHelix, I'd like to say we had a great time with you here. Thanks for staying.

PH: Me to bro, me to brah. I'm getting the feels.

EC: Me too.

Alright, that's it for tonight. Have a wonderful!


PH: Thanks for letting me stay.

EC: No prob. See you sometime, 'mmkay?

PH: Right.

(Just as PH leaves, Sherry walks over and spills a drink all over EC's face)

Sherry: Oh my god, I am so sorry! Let me clean that off- (Begins to lick his face, EC was frozen still)

EC: (What in the holy crap is THIS?!)

(Ada wakes up)

Ada: ...OH LEE-CEE KENNEDY!... What? (Looks around) What are you doing?!

Sherry: Cleaning off EC!

(Takes a drink and spills it at EC's trunks)

Ada: Oops.



This is too adult like for me. D:

Took me a while to make this. Hey, at least I did!

I would like to have a public word about an issue of a reviewer that I read.

'Rasha the Dark Uchiha'/'Demon Dark Noble' has cancer and is expected to have children at a bad time. Now, this show is known for being comedic and a parody of the show. But this is something serious that I have to comment.

First of all- Yes, yes and yes. Me, the reviewers and the 'characters' especially sympathize for you. And we have prayers for your recovery. This is very serious and never would I joke about this. Thoughts and prayers go to you. I wish well and I WILL see you again, and I can feel that.

Second, I apologize for not adding the reviews, it seems to serious for me to even add to the story. and it would throw it off. It wouldn't feel right.

Lastly, I feel like this should have been private. This should have been more secret since this is all about this type of deal, and this is to anyone, if you an issue that would be considered tragic or suggestive, please do not post it. Please speak to me privately. I'd like to console, to your issues, but not in this.

That is all. Sorry this last part got a little moody. Just had to get it out. :/

So lemme do what I always do, add another ending!

Oh, and by the way, I am now pausing REvenge to create another fanfic for Naughty Dog's Last of Us. This game made me so excited, I wanted to do this.

Now, this type of fanfic is special. Becuase unlike he others, I am taking close details to trying make my story and my character fit in to make it seemingly fit the original story like a glove. Also, I will attempt to capture it's essence and overall feeling. So please, stay tuned!

If you want to know the details, please do PM ME!

And as always, have a nice day and send in your reviews or ideas! And be here to catch the new cover page and co-host of A.T.S., Botoingness!

(PH takes his bags and notices in one of the bags where the chocolate was stored, was an interesting looking device)

PH: Hmm...

...'Undeniably sexually attractive- I KNEW IT.'

That could only mean one thing...

==Insert Evil Laughter here==