(EC is seen outside of the set inside a car, with Boto in the passenger seat)

Boto: Alright, remember what I said...

EC: Right, right... ease it in... (car moves forward) OH MY GOD (brakes forward, both guys launched forward but was pulled back by the seatbelt)

Uhh.. Ease in the accelerate...(does it again) NOOOO (rinse and repeat)

Three hours later...


Boto: Yeah you did.

Now actually put the car in motion.

EC: HEY guys, I'm ECDeadly and welcome to A.T.S. where every single character you care or hate sits down and gives you what you want.


Well not everything you wanted.

(Fangirl pit shakes)

I almost forgot we had that...

Jumping right to it, we got 37. He says,

(The YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH from We Won't get fooled again plays, and Mr. Green37 falls through the ceiling, in sky diving gears, and stops falling after leaving a crater in the basement, then the parachute activates. is now in the room in a bodycast, flanked by his two loyal bodyguards, Young Harman Smith from Killer7, and Steve, From Borderlands.)

Hello everyone. I am in a lot of pain and plan to talk.

Nemesis: I Fucked up with what I was saying. Your were honestly as good as the T-103's, but I prefer them Better. And I am sorry for making you cry. (Ineed to word my words better).

Four-Eyes: Christine, can I please have the pictures?

Wesker: If you were to be partnered up with a deadspace villain and create a virus that turns people into Necromorphs, would it either be Challus Mercer, Hans Tiedman, Dana, Or JACOB ARTHUR DANIK?!

Vector: What on your thought's of Four-Eyes and a relationship? (Also, could you get me those lingerie photos of her?)

Hunk; I'll pay you $1MILION to help Vector get those photos, or just get them yourself.

To the Whole ORC cast: Alright I'm going to stop with the Four-Eyes lingerie joke to tell you and the fans THE TRUTH! Hmmmmm... I honestly think your game sucked (Beltway punches me) And I have one legitimate point to drive the reason home. No TWO! Number one: The game was a Fucking Gears Of War, pardon my language, game, with an RE paintjob. The paintjob was nice, but the game sucked. Also, THE GAME WAS TOO SHORT!

(Nemesis crosses his arms and turns a way, a tear streaking across his face... Rebecca gives him a tissue and glares at the reviewer)

Four-Eyes: Oh since you said please-no.

Wesker:...neither, I work on my own.

Excella: Learned that the hard way.

Wesker: Are you ever gonna give that up?

Excella: What do you think?

Vector: Smart.. We never knew each other personally, and-...well...

Four-Eyes: I don't even own lingerie.

HUNK: Hmm... Four-Eyes, as your commanding officer...

Four-Eyes: Are you kidding me?!

HUNK: It's for science.

Four-Eyes: Oh really? Well then give me all the lace then.

(Then just as Four-Eyes was ready to take off her clothes, the entire ORC cast looks at the reviewer, then puts it back on)

Four-Eyes: You know what? screw science.

Wolfpack: Yeah, screw science.

Boto: (Pats reviewer at the back)

...At least honesty is the best policy... right...?

No? Okay.

So here we have ZombieSlayers.

Oh it's gifts. And a note with it too.

Whazzzupp guys I have a present for you Chris it's called the experimental MIRV it can fire 7 mini nukes at once but it fires them in an arc so make sure to compensate for that also here is a infinite supply of mini nukes, this weapon is overpowered, and you thought nothing was better than the infinite rocket launcher. Also Nemesis here's a new translator. Also, everyone here knows that Tyrants are made from people so do any of you wonder who Nemesis was created from. Okay I'll see ya

(As reviewer leaves he trips over Wesker's ego and falls off the side of the building)

EC: Wesker, what did I say about that ego? (Wesker grumbles)

Wesker: Never leave it out...

EC: Exactly.

Chris: This... this should be away... who knows who else could get this?!

Nemesis: STARS...ST-...Is.. is it working? -squeals- ERMAHGERD.

EC: Next with have Kalikedeshi. This person says-

Right then.

EC: Why do you update so un-frequently. You have ten seconds to comply or you will lose the ability to reproduce.

Jill: You love Chris don't you, Jill?

Chris: Why were you affected so damn much when Piers died?

Sheva: *Removes Sheva's clothes* Keep them distracted, Sheva, while I plant the C4. Oh, right. Well, what do you think of Chris? An asshole, good guy, what?

Claire: *Quickly draws pistol, aims at Claire's head and pulls the trigger. Then throws a flashbang, and shoots Claire's head multiple times, again* There. That should take care of the rivalry.

Anyways, gotta run. Seeya, EC. *Parkours out of the area*

EC: Like I said, I don't always have the time to write. The wind of life just... drifts me... place to place.

Alyssa: Namaste, EC.

EC: Thank you.

Jill: Psh..pshh... PSHHH. Nuh-uhhh. Maybe.

Sheva: (Smacks the reviewer) I am no object of distraction, pervert!

'Oh my god, am I growing a BELLY? Oh no, I just need to stand up straight.'

Boto: GUNNNNN-(Dives immediately to Claire as both make it safely)


Claire: He just took a bit off your shirt.


EC: BOTO! What did I say about overusing caps?!

Alriight, well that's the last time we're ever letting that guy in.

Here we have Lunar Scholar, you sayyy...

Ok, this might take awhile. I have 34 chapters to make up for. Ok, first of all, EC, this is an incredible story. Also, out of respect of you supporting playstation over XBOX, I'm keeping my grammar impeccable. Now, onto my questions.

Wesker: I know your a god, but since I'm Mormon, can I just call you "my lord" instead? Second, as a god, shouldn't you have a messiah? Not a partner, just someone who could handle things you don't have time for. May I be that person?

Chris: Have a cupcake. I swear on some god I don't believe in it's not stuffed with enough poison to kill you in, *checks a chart no one sees, then looks at watch* ten seconds.

Ashley: A camera. Eventually I'll let you practice with a nerf gun.

Ada: Here, five million to teach her how to fight so she's not so useless and can appear in later games.

Leon: Why did you protect her!? It would've been far more practical to kill her and tell the president the Spanish killed her. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Mr Graham: Was your daughter always like this? If so, why did you want her back?

Cast of RE5: Do you like my fanfic resident evil equestria? Have some copies!.

Whole cast: Who here is a brony or pegasister? Don't lie!

I have more questions, but I don't want to swamp poor EC. You guys are awesome!

EC: -cough- *okay But, thank you! Now on to the response.

Wesker:...alright, fine... and.. huh...you're right... (Birkin lights up) ...nahhh. (Birkin mutters off to the bathroom)

Chris: Sorry, I'm more of a muffin man.


EC: Oh dear.

Ashley:... what is this, FATAL FRAME? (Cheesy laugh track)... I hate my life.

Ada:...that's quite a lot, but I guess I'll have to...

(Leon and Mr. Graham look at each other)

Leon: Because totally the father would want to leave his flesh and blood to suffer and die in a remote place in eastern Europe, right, Mr. Graham?

Mr. Graham: Absolutely Mr. Kennedy.

Cast of RE5 response: Check your reviews!

(None of the cast responds, except a zombie in the background with a brony-pink t-shirt)

Boto: Then it is I, who shall do the next one.

Oh dear. Videos. We'll watch it later, Consoles vs PC? Ehh... too much time...

Ooh, here's Anakin Rose the Hedgehog. Lemme see...

Me: *wakes up still in pool* Sora, initialize.

Sora: *goes through the Reploid equivalent of a wake up process, becomes shocked at the surroundings that have changed since we were last seen* WHAT THE HELL?! *lays eyes on EC, cue stereotypical crushing slow-mo scene*

Me: Eh, Sora? *waves a hand in front of her face* Hello? *sees the stereotypical lovestruck look on her face* Plan B. *blows an airhorn in her right ear... well, the Reploid equivalent of a right ear anyhow*

Sora: *snaps out of daze* Oh right, the reason for this review.

Me: Yo EC, ya kinda forgot about our (me & Sora's) 1st joint review, so check back through the reviews to the previous Co-Host's last known appearence.

Sora: In the mean tme, our... "residence" as it were, has somehow been destroyed by a random Kaiju attack and we will need a place to reside until reconstruction is complete.

Me: That's all for now, homie. Oh, and hope ya don't mind us crashing here till our home's back in workin' order.

EC: 'Uhm, something uhh, wrong with this Sora?'

OH, Sorry. We'll reply to that- right now! Lemme read it out loud. Oh and you can crash here, just- stay in beds before when curfew hits, no sugars before 8, and never- ever- ruin Ada's sleep.

(Rubs own cheek) I can still feel it that night...

Me: *walks in arguing with Sora, the guest review from CH31* Sora, ya can't make me turn my back on a girl who wants to become a(pardon incoming language, your choice to censor)badass soldier who can kick ass and take names... AND THEN SOME!

Sora: It is not proper behavior for a lady of her stature, so I forbid *takes nearest chair, sits down in it, crosses legs* -and deny- her request to transfer aboard the Infinity for SPARTAN-IV training.

Me: GAH! Fuck you too, bitch. And btw, I can and WILL overrule that!

Sora: ...Damn the Checks and Balances system...

Me: *jumps into the pool* You won't mind having me around, will ya, EC? I might be able to help with the Q&A's my man! Oh, and just so I'm sure, this one opening question's for everyone... who's the unlucky one again?

Sora: In any case, we must proceed with the questions. First one is from me for Ms. Ashley Graham: Since my superior *points at me* has approved your transfer to board the Infinity for SPARTAN-IV training, I must know one thing... What style would you like your wedding dress to be?

Me: Yeah, she's still pressing the forced wedding issue. But don't worry! *scats for a bit* About a thing! *scats more* Because every little thing(Ah Ah Ah) is gonna be alright! Anywho, Leon S K, this one's for you, bro! If given the opportunity, would you serve as Ashley's handler during her stay aboard the Infinity?(PM to EC: Bro, I'll have to pull some strings to get this guy off duty for 3-5 weeks if Ashley actually shows up on the Infinity.)

Sora: It is WELL past time for us to be sleeping, but as a Reploid, I can just enter Hibernate mode. *goes to the Reploid equivalent of REM sleep*

Me: *yawns* I'll be back for more Q&A's. *falls asleep back first in the pool, which is being kept warm by my mana flowing into it and keeping it at a nice 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit no matter the temperature of the outside world*

Almost everyone in the universe in unison: BRAD VICKERS.

Ashley: Training?! Wedding?! When was I TOLD?

Mr. Graham:...Iii have nooo idea, my child. -Cough- Well, at least you will be much stronger. Uhh, have fun! OOh, write a book about it!

Leon: I mean, I have other things to do-

Mr. Graham: It's an order, Mr. Kennedy.

Leon: Yessir...'You are not even the PRESIDENT, anymore.'

Boto: And here we have, the most nicest reviewer we ever hand, GuestDB. He says...

Greeting EC. First I have to say that this is a really good show I discovered this not to long ago like three days ago and I just finished it. But now on to the Questions.

Everyone: If you had to choose to fight either your zombies or World War Z zombies that have like a ten second incubation period. Which one would you choose. Oh and these zombies run.

Lupo: Bonjour belle, What happened to your kids when you joined Umbrella, did you leave them in France or did you take them with you to America. By the way been to France nice country, with good people. Adieu wolf mother.

Sheva:*Hugs her* you receive a lot of undeserved hate, that and you saw BSAA Delta team die except for Josh. So you need this hug

Rebecca: Unfortunately I have not have the privilege of playing the original Resident Evil . But when I saw your picture when looking up the survivors of the Mansion Incident you instantly became one of my favorites, mainly I think because you survived all that at 18. Oh and go on ahead and kiss Billy for Pete sake you too deserve each other.

Wesker: You are AWESOME! With out you their would be no Resident Evil 5, you are one of the greatest antagonists I can think of and for that you get this *Trophy of Badassery* hope you enjoy it you deserve it.

Irving: You are a great character and I respect you for being able to finance that operation all on your own. By the way where are you from you sound like your from Brooklyn, Flatbush, Queens, or the Bronx.

Nicholai:...*Ties him up and hangs him over a pool of sharks and stick C-4 on the rope to detonate in five minutes* That is for being a traitorous scumbag.

Wolfpack: Plain and simple you guys are awesome especially Lupo, Specter, Four Eyes, and Bertha.

Jill: Don't worry I believe that Chris will soon pop the question if you get my drift.

Claire: *Takes her hand and kisses it* you are also one of my favorite characters. *Pushes her toward EC* now kiss him for 15 minutes please.

William: You are a genius for inventing the G-Virus.

Chris: I don't believe that you took steroids, I believe that you worked out religiously since Jill's death to kill Wesker.

Well that's all the questions I have for now. Until next time remember I am Everywhere und Nowhere *Fades like Schrodinger from Hellsing*

EC: Thank you! And thanks (and this includes EVERYONE else) for supporting this fanfic by reviewing this. I really appreciate it!

Entire Survivors: We prefer walkers over runners anyday.

Lupo: Ah, I left then at my maison back at France, I couldn't risk them after seeing what happened back at Raccoon City. Merci.

Sheva: Thank you... someone who UNDER-STANDS.

Rebecca: Oh my, why thank you! (Blushes a bit, then hearing the request blushes even deeper) Ooh, uhm...

Billy: C'mere, princess. (The two kiss) (EC rubs a tear off his face)

Leon:... are you crying?

EC: Ninjas...cutting onions.

Wait, where have you been?

Leon: Ever since you left us my hair grew out. I needed to make it look like this again.

EC: Ah.

Wesker: (Takes it and raises) I would to thank to academy and my loyal believers. Weskeranity moves FORWARD. (Fangirl pit cheers on)

Irving: Thanks, brother. Hmm. You seem to do your homework.

Nicholai: What was it the americans say?...Ah, 'Oh Shit'.

(Wolfpack thumbs reviwer up, except Beltway, who bear hugs him)

Jill: Ah, Iiii don't know what yoouuuu are talking about.. Hah...hahahhh...

Claire: Oh, thanks...! Oh dear-

EC: (Places finger on lips) Shh. Just be my girlfriend for fifteen minutes. (Insert mega-passionate kissing)

Birkin: Thank you, my dear sir.

Chris: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Boto: EC, can you do the...

Uhh, (looks at the cast and shrugs) Should I like, wait it out or keep go-

Okay, so here we have residentkilla. He says...

Happy Halloween everybody! XD just teasing.

Nemesis: (Awkwardly stops to take off his Magical Girl costume)

Claire: That was the best night of my life. Thank you for the date, though I could help but feel... a presence among us... and to be honest... it was disturbing as f***. Like somebody had a gun behind my head the whole time.

Chris: This blessing *sneezes*

Did you lose your speed and abilities to do backflips and stuff when you bulked up?

Everyone: Does anyone here get a rush from terror and scary stuff (walking in supposedly haunted woods alone at night)... or is there just something wrong with me?

Kirk: Yeah, BSAA helicopter pilot, I'm looking at you! As for a question... I have no idea... um... what kinda... shampoo you use?...

Boto:... uhm, (fakes a Claire accent terribly) Oh, heeheeheeee. I had fun too! OHH, Uhm, I never noticed because... My eyes were on you the entire time...haaah...

Chris: God bless y-God dammit.

No, I can do it. Still, I think.

Entire Cast (except the obvious ones): ...All the time.

Kirk:...Head and shoulders. Till I had no head and shoulders.

Boto: Okay here we have TragicRomance... and here we go:

Hi!You can simply call me TR.I'm a die-hard fan of Steve x Claire

I've been reading this story for quite a long time and I like this humorous that you're too busy for your own life to update, I'm glad to see you come back

Here are my questions!

EC:Have you ever heard of Biohazard Clan Master(BCM) and Biohazard Team Survivors(BTS)?These two are Capcom's RE related mobile phone card games and are in Japanese.I think they're not very interesting to play but as RE fans,they can be worth playing as you get to collect character's can search some info on google if you're interested.

Steve&Claire:There were rumors that a new RE game named Enhanced Veronica and there are two characters who haven't been in the main game series for over a decade coming do you think about this?How will you react if you meet each other again and actually can be together?(probably confessing love for each other and kissing and going to Claire's home and doing some 18 things and getting married and having a baby and working in TerraSave together blablabla...)

Steve:*bear hug*Poor sweet Stevie doesn't get the love that you deserved*sob*.God you're the sweetest character in RE and you should be loved instead of getting the hate because of the bad voice acting you got in of CV,you're more of the slender built in CV,but you got much more muscular in DSC,did you work out or something?Also I saw that there were shavers in the prison on that island which means you could shave,but could you have a haircut?I'm just curious about how could you remain the same hairstyle in prison or your hair actually had grown and I saw you wearing a butler uniform in BTS,you look so damn handsome and hot in that outfit!(xcrystaltear. tum0blr com/po0st/77903395563)And Claire's wearing a sexy maid outfit which has something that's related to your is,you're wearing a small purplish red earring and Claire got her fingernails painted in the same colour(and probably the decoration on the chest region of her dress?it's pretty hard to tell)Sounds nice huh?

Claire:Do you want Steve back?If he come back just like the same person he was,meaning his feelings for you haven't changed,will you be by his side?And give Steve a soft kiss for me plz

That's all Qs I have for ,I have something to tell you EC.*take a deep breath*


*sigh*Have a nice day everyone!;)

Oh holy sh*t,I missed out one Q!

May I add one plz?(adding anyway)

Claire:Hey we saw you on that PS mural for E3 this year(not a nice-looking work though)!And there's also a Steve-alike guy beside you!What do you think?Does it means anything?Like you two really are going to come back in a future game?

Sorry for missing the Q haha...

(EC and Claire finish, both stand up with their hair frazzled, eyes wide and confused of EVERYTHING at the moment)

EC: Oh, uhm. (Puts hand through his hair) Ah, yee. Totes. I totally agree. Mmm-hm. Yep-yep. (Boto gives him a snickers as he eats them, then hands one to Claire)

Boto: Guys, you are super out of it after a make-out sesh when you are hungry. Have a snickers.

(Both eat it)

[Warning: We are not sponsored. I wish.]

EC: ...OHHH yeah, I heard it. I saw few of the cards meself. I wish I can have some- or rather, play with other people!

(Steve and Claire high-five each other)

Claire: We finally are back, right Steve?!

Steve: Hells to the yehs.

(Is hugged) Oh- ohmy. Uhh, thanks! And- oh yeah, that totally sounds nice. Well, the prison ain't all that bad when you ask nicely.

And I do those prison work outs where you work in the cell. Totally hot.

Claire: (Blushes) Well... I don't know...we.. we'll have to see soon don't we? Especially the mural (winks)

(EC hides behind Boto)

EC: Scary person is scary.

Next we has a PikaQuote. This person would like to state...

Great chapter! Here are my questions.

Ec: Here is a cat. Have fun. *Hands over Albert Whisker*

Jill: You are awesome. Have a chocolate bar.

SCP-87-B: H-h-how did you get here? *Cowers in fear behind Jill for 5 minutes, then stands up.*

Nemesis: Here is your translator toaster back. *hands the translator toaster to EC.*

Everyone: Have you ever watched a Youtube Poop?

Wesker: *transforms into Albert Whisker*

Current Co-Host: How is life as co host?

Ec: have you considered putting this on YouTube?

Ashley: *give a quick kiss*

That is all I have time for. This is PikaQuote, signing off.

EC: Awh, aren't you cute? Who's a little gu-(Gets 'Female-dog'-slapped across the room)

Jill: Mmm. I dunno, it's not gonna look good on my fig- Oh GIMME. (Decimates chocolate bar with her mouth)

SCP-87-B:...(The most normal voice ever) I dunno, once I realized the stairs actually got to some place, I just got here, so- I dunno. It was cool. What, is there something wrong?

Nemesis: OOH another-


(Nemesis puts his translator into the translator toaster, and it caused both to break)



No... I never heard of it...

Claire: EC, I was wondering- what do you think about Steve-


Well, it would need a lot of work- considering the scripting, the voice work, (which needs a proper voice mic) AND animation. I wish I could- but it seems highly unlikely. I mean, if it could work I would. Maybe one day. But I would prefer to do Let's Plays.

Ashley: (Blushes) What was all that for? Idiot... psh...

Boto: We have Hina, she would like to ask...

YAY YOURE BACK! *dances happily*

anyway, heres my questions :3

whisker I MEAN WESKER: what do you think of people comparing you to a cat?

Piers: do you secretly read NivansField fanfic? and thats the official name of the pairing with you and the captain, sorry chris



and to everyone: HIIIII FREE CANDY FOR ALL! *pulls a random rope and lets random candy fall from the ceiling*

Albert Whisker: (Hisses)

Piers:...no...What is th-(Boto whispers in his ear)...Oh.

Then no.

EC: Well, they can't really answer that. Besides we might be receiving a reboot though. ME SO EXCITES THOUGH.

(Everyone notices the candy)

Brad: DEAR GOD (dives under the table)

EC: Next-to-last we have Vixen. She asks...

Glad to see this still alive and kicking, on to the questions.

Merchant: What's your favourite thing to do in Fiji? I've got something for you. *Digs through backpack and pulls out 2 vigors.* You can only pick one. There's murder of crows, which allows you to go Hitchcock on someone's a$$, and control flesh eating crows. And Undertow, which I shall demonstrate.* "accidentally" washes Ashley off a cliff, but quickly tugs her back in with a water tendril.*I tweaked it so you could create multiple tendrils to rip someones limbs off if you need. All you gotta do is swig it down. Enjoy! *Tosses EC some Regeneration Serum should things go awry.*

EC and Boto( if you don't mind me calling you that): Which RE game is your favourite? The least? What are some of your other favourite games? And out of all the characters in the RE universe, who reminds you most of yourself, and why?

Nemesis: You're still a badass, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Want a hug? And here's a new translator for you. *Fiddles with the dial, but it gets jammed on British again* Dammit!

Everyone: What superhero from the movies or comics reminds you of yourself, in personality I mean? Or who would you want to be the most like?

That's all for now, and I shall return next time with something special for you and your co-host, EC. Ciao! *Rockets away like Iron Man in my Advanced Suit from DS2*

Merchant: I'll take the crows. It matches with me coat- I mean, looks good... thanks, strang'a.

Boto: Resident Evil 2! I think. Did I play it? Huuhh...

EC: Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game of all time. I played it since I was eight, and I love it. With Resident Evil outbreak to a close second...

I actually liked ORC, because it was a spin-off and clever theme for Resident Evil, and since it's not canon I don't complain how it is not like it's roots. The least one I didn't like? -cough6-

I prefer 6 to be the spin-off, and the sequel... to be, well. The sequel. That I wanted but was oh-so-disappointed in. I liked it, but disappointed.

Nemesis: OOH- Thank you! You are a LIFE saver! (Squeezes reviewer)

Chris: Mr. Incredible.

Jill: (blushes) Mrs. Incredible.

Jim: Black Panther! Hah...hahah...

Carlos: The Zorro~ (Does a flamenco stance)

Rebecca: Rogue. She's super cool!

Barry: Wolverine! Because... roar.

Whisker: Meowneto.

Helena: Ooh- Jean Grey.

Leon: Batman. -cough-

Nemesis: Sentinel!

Claire: Outlaw! (Makes a finger gun and blows off fake gun smoke off the tip)

Sherry: Sailor Moon- that counts, right?

Mark: The one that sleeps a lot.

Ada: Mystique...

Brad: Captain America! (Fist pumps)

Jessica: Catwoman, heehee.

Sheva: Storm!

Ashley: Lois Lane...wait..

Boto: DEADPOOOOOOOOOL. I mean- I wanna be like, Deadpool. Minus face scarring.

EC: Mehh...

Anywho, we don't to waste your time, so our last reviewer is RedValentine. Who is five years old!
(Entire cast awws)



(Entire cast gets seated, and the set changes to something out of Barney the Dinosaur.)

Nothing... here... uhm...


Ooh, sorry we ran out of time.. because... it's Albert Whisker's nap time! (Whisker hisses) Yup! I'm EC, and thanks for reading! Have a nice time! See you next time!