So I actually took time out of my all-night Star Trek marathon to post this. And yes, I seriously spent all night watching Star Trek. It's actually like 7 in the morning and I'm still watching it. And that is why I love the internet. Anyway, enjoy the last chapter!

Tony clutched his stomach where the bullet had exited. He somehow managed to crawl over to a wall and press his back against it to staunch the blood flow. Gibbs moaned from his spot on the floor, his eyes silently asking if Tony was okay. Tony nodded. His eyes made contact with Justin's and he put all his hatred and anger into his glare.

"Say goodbye to your boss, Anthony DiNozzo," Justin said, pointing his gun at Gibbs.

Tony shut his eyes tight when he heard the gunshot. He didn't want to see Gibbs's blank eyes staring at him, asking him why he died. Tony just wanted to die. He wanted it to be over, but the kill shot never came. Tony slowly opened his eyes and was shocked by what he saw.

Justin lay face down on the ground with a hole in the back of his head. Vance kneeled down and rolled him over. He checked for a pulse and smiled. Justin was dead. Gibbs turned his head to look at Vance. Pain flickered in his eyes but a small smile lit up his face.

"You followed through, Leon," Gibbs rasped.

"I would never turn my back on my country," Vance replied. "I thought you would know I was still sticking to the plan when I slipped the recipe for the cure in your pocket."

Gibbs coughed. "I was a little out of it then."

Tony suddenly understood. Gibbs and Vance had planned this from the beginning. Vance would become Justin's right hand man only to kill him in the end. Tony should've known, but he hadn't. Vance pressed on Gibbs's wound and the older man passed out.

Tony did the same.

Tony woke up to tears on his face. No, not tears. Rain. It was raining! Tony looked around to see he was on a makeshift stretcher being carried by Ziva and McGee. Ducky was bent over him, telling him he and Gibbs would both be okay. Tony looked over to see several more stretchers being carried and he saw Gibbs being carried by Jimmy and Fornell.

Tony looked up at the crying sky and laughed. He just knew things would get better.

"What's so funny, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"One good thing came from all this nonsense."

"What's that?"

"Justin Bieber is probably dead."


I honestly never thought about the fact that Justin Bieber would most likely be dead...but it still makes me smile. I know, I know, I have issues.

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