"Harry?" Hermione called, trying to rouse her friend. She knew he was always despondent at the beginning of the year but this was worse than normal. He hadn't said one word since getting on the train. In fact, all he'd done was stare out the window. "Harry?"

Harry glanced at Hermione and offered her a weak smile before turning back to the window. He wanted to explain everything to her. Out of all of his friends he knew she would understand. She could help him fix things; help him heal. But the words wouldn't come. They never would.

"Leave him alone Hermione," Ron said around the food in his mouth. "If he wanted to tell us what's wrong he would." Harry smiled bitterly. No he wouldn't because he couldn't. His uncle made sure of that.

"You're so insensitive," Hermione scolded but she still watched Harry nervously. She'd never seen him so depressed. "Harry, are you sure you're alright?" Again, Harry turned and tried to smile. He really didn't want her to worry.

Sighing silently, Harry shifted so he could sleep. At least, he hoped he'd sleep. He certainly felt safer here then he did at his uncle's house. However, he would feel safer in Voldemort's arms then he did at that house. Not a good feeling.

"Boy!" Sighing, Harry rolled off his bed and went downstairs.

"Yes Uncle Vernon?" he asked meekly, entering the kitchen. Was the blimp hungry? Lunch had only finished ten minutes ago.

"Take that box in the hall down to the basement and wait for me there," Vernon ordered, fiddling with something Harry couldn't see. Checking his annoyed sigh Harry obeyed. The box was bulky but rather light so the raven carried it easily. He was a little surprised to see the once cluttered basement was sort of neat. There was also a bed that he was sure hadn't been there before. Confused, he set the box down and waited.

A sudden click made Harry whirl around, his eyes widening. However, he froze when he saw the pistol pointed at his face. Oh shit.

"Strip," Vernon ordered. Harry shakily obeyed, his eyes never leaving the gun. Once he was totally naked his uncle gestured to the box. "Open it," he growled. Again, Harry obeyed. Looking inside the box he suddenly felt ill. It was full of sex toys and most looked painful. Still pointing the pistol at Harry's head, Vernon reached into the box and pulled out two items. Harry recognized the handcuffs but the ball on the strip of cloth confused him. "Get on the bed, hands on the head rail," Vernon growled. With no other choice, Harry obeyed. As the handcuffs chained him to the bed his mind finally snapped out of its terror induced paralysis.

He was about to be raped.

"No!" he shouted, trying to pull back but it was to late as the hundcuffs tightened around his wrists and the ball was shoved into his mouth. The strap was tied around his head harshly, gagging him. Desperate, Harry reached for his magic core, not giving a damn that he was underage for a few more hours. But no matter how far he reached he couldn't reach his magic.

"Don't bother trying to use your magic, Freak," Vernon chuckled, finally putting the pistol down and stroking Harry's cock, loving the terror in the boy's eyes. "Petunia told me your bitch of a mother lost her magic if she took normal medicine. So I've been drugging you with Advil all week." A suddenly sharp tug on his cock made Harry's eyes water. "You're just going to have to take it."

Before Harry could process that a dildo was shoved up his ass, ripping a scream out from around the gag. "Perfect size," Vernon grunted, seeing the boy's ass tear. "You should enjoy this, bitch. This dildo is a replica of a cat's cock, complete with spines, just enlarged." To prove his point he pulled the dildo part way out, listening to the boy's muffled screams as the spikes scraped his insides. Blood tricled down his leg, making Vernon harden in excitement. He loved when his partner was in pain.

Without warning Vernon started pumping the dildo in and out of his nephew's ass. He made sure the pain never eased, savoring every grunt and scream. The show was so good he pulled his cock out and jerked it in timie with his pumping. As his balls tightened he angled his cock so that he came all over Harry's face.

"That's right slut," the older man panted, recovering from his orgasm. "You're just a toy; a slut. The only good you can off is sex." He ripped the dildo out, licking his lips at the sight of blood. Before Harry could recover Vernon grabbed the anal beads and started shoving them in. The boy screamed as Vernon laughed, having soaked the beads in alcohol before. Bead after bead entered Harry's ass until all fifteen were inserted. Then, hardly waiting for Harry to take a breath, he shoved his cock in.

A scream tore itself out of Harry's throat. He could feel the bile bubbling in his throat and tried to swallow it down. There was no way he was going to deal with vomit trapped in his mouth on top of everything else. It was a stupid thought and insane that it even existed but it allowed Harry a miniscule amount of control.

"You're so tight," Vernon grunted, thrusting fiercely. He could feel his cock pushing the beads deeper and deeper in the boy's bowels. Somewhere in his mind he knew that the freak would be injured before of his actions but he didn't care. It would serve the boy right to die for such a reason and at least he was getting pleasure out of his nephews pain first. "Good slut," he praised, yanking Harry's head back. "You're such a good slut. You're taking me so deep. You like this, don't you?" Harry sobbed and shook his head. "You don't?" Vernon laughed. "I do. I love your screams and your blood. I love how you fight me and it just makes you tighter." Harry tried to wrench away but was pulled back harshly. "Get used to it boy. You're my bitch now." Harry tried to shake his head again but instead arched away as his uncle came violently inside him. The cum seared into his bowels, wrenching another sob from the boy.

"Good job slut," Vernon panted, pulling his cock out of the boy's abused ass. "You gave me exactly what I wanted." Before any of the blood or cum could leak out of the ass he shoved a large butt plug into his nephew. He smiled evilly as the attached fox tail swayed slightly. Maybe next time he'd dress the boy up like a fox before fucking him into oblivion. If the freak survived that is.

"Happy Birthday," he snarled before the knife in his hand suddenly slit Harry's throat.

Harry jerked, his eyes shooting wide open as blood sprayed before him. His arms finally gave out and he collapsed as his uncle redressed and left. For a moment Harry was sure that his uncle wouldn't leave him to die. But then he heard his aunt's voice and knew it was true. He'd been left to die. For one insane moment he wanted to laugh. Voldemort was going to be pissed.

Harry wasn't sure how long he'd been there. Probably only a couple minutes. After all, he was still alive even though it was just barely. He heard someone come downstairs and closed his eyes. He didn't want to see his uncle again before he died. But the gasp and thud wasn't his uncle. For a moment he struggled before finally opening his eyes.

Of all the things he was expecting to see his aunt collapsed on the floor nearby wasn't one.

"Harry," she breathed, her eyes wide in shock. She suddenly scrambled forward, grabbing a sheet and moving toward Harry. He flinched away, thinking she was going to smother him. Instead she put the sheet over his slit throat, trying to stop the bleeding. "What has he done?" she nearly sobbed. "What has he done, what has he done, what has he done?" she gently carded her hand through Harry's hair, untying the gag and removing it. "Please hold on Harry," she begged. Harry tried to reassure her but when he found he couldn't talk he instead held her hand.

They stayed like that for hours, Harry slipping away while Petunia tried to hold on to him. She was just about to give up when the clock struck midnight. On the first chime Harry gasped and wrenched away from her. Petunia could only watch as, with each chime, Harry's body pulsed with light. With the final chime Harry screamed as his throat sealed itself. Then everything was silent as he collapsed.

"Harry?" Petunia called after a moment. Harry groaned and slowly pushed himself off the floor. His eyes fluttered open and he slowly focused on his aunt. For a tense moment neither moved until Harry suddenly smiled. "Oh Harry," Petunia sobbed, pulling the boy into her arms. Harry hugged her back for a moment before pulling back slightly. He smiled again and his mouth started moving…

…but there was no sound.

Harry froze, realizing he couldn't talk. Petunia's eyes widened in horror before she burst into sobs again. For a moment they just held each other, sobbing quietly. Finally, Petunia pulled away, her eyes hard. Get your things," she ordered. "We're leaving right now." Harry nodded before racing up the stars. He wasted a moment the redress, only then realizing that he had been naked the entire time, before throwing everything he had in his trunk and hauling it downstairs. Petunia was waiting for him, her own bag packed.

"Lily once mentioned the Knight Bus," she told him, ushering him outside. "Can you summon it?" she asked. Harry nodded grimly, holding his wand out. The Bus arrived with a bang, making Petunia jump. Harry didn't wait for Stan to greet him, instead pulling his aunt on to the Bus. She briefly told Stan their destination before crawling onto a bed with Harry.

The ride itself terrified Petunia. Harry heard her mutter darkly about the shrunken head several times. A couple times he nearly smiled. But then he'd remember what had happened to him and the mirth would vanish. The Bus suddenly stopped, throwing Harry forward. Petunia nearly scrambled off while Harry followed more sedately. He was sort of surprised to find himself before the Leaky Cauldron. He glanced at Petunia and she smiled wanly. "Lily mentioned it," she said weakly. Just how much had his mother mentioned?

Tow was quick to get Harry and his aunt a room. He even volunteered to help Petunia contact a Healer she knew. At Harry's surprised look she shrugged and admitted that she had met the healer through Lily. Harry scowled at her, wondering how much she'd kept from him. He didn't have to wait long as she settled on the bed and motioned for him to join her.

"I guess I should explain," she sighed although a tiny smile appeared when he threw her a 'no-duh' look. "Not everything you've heard about me and Lily is false. I did hate Lily for many years. She was always the favorite child of the family and she had magic; something I wanted badly. When she came home after her finally year I planned to hate her for the rest of her life. But then she came out of the station with your father. She looked so happy I forgot to be angry and remembered that she was my sister. We got back together and it was like we hadn't been fighting the last seven years. She told me so much about the magical world and introduced me to many of her friends. I even met Sirius and Remus although I think I may have traumatized Sirius. Soon after our reconnection out parents decided I would marry Vernon. I hated him but I had no say in the matter. Lily had disobeyed our parents wishes when she married your father so our parents made sure my marriage could not be stopped. In desperation I ran to Lily. She couldn't stop the marriage but she knew a spell that would convince me that I did love Vernon. I finally convinced her to cast the spell under the agreement that she would continue to search for an escape for me and if she found one she would removed the spell.

"And then she died." Petunia's eyes filled with tears. "The spell warped painfully but it held. However, when I saw you on our doorstep something inside me snapped. You look so much like your father but all I cold see was your mother. I missed her so much and felt like you had taken her away. That's why I hated you so much. But when I saw you, laying there, bleeding-" She couldn't' continue and chocked on a sob. Harry held her as she cried, ignoring his own silent tears. After a few moments Petunia pulled back chuckling darkly. "I've never cried so much in one day," she complained. Harry agreed. He hadn't cried since Cedric's death. All this crying was giving him a headache.

A quiet knock roused the two and Harry scrambled to answer. Outside he found an old, friendly looking witch. "Elssa!" Petunia cried, scrambling off the bed and hugging the witch. Harry just watched with a slight smile on his face. Was this the same aunt Petunia who hated magic? He wished the spell had broken long ago. Maybe then he wouldn't have been raped.

"Who's this?" Elssa asked, her black eyes gazing gently at Harry. Her voice sounded much younger then she looked. Which was actually very easy as she looked about two hundred. She was also short. Like, really short. Harry literally towered over and with his stunted growth it was a new feeling for him.

"This is Harry," Petunia introduced, turning serious. "He's the reason I called you." Harry tuned out the explanation of what happened to him. Instead he focused on his body. Something felt off…well, more off then he expected.

"Harry," Elssa called, catching his attention. "Can you lay on the bed please?" Harry hesitated but her gentle understanding soothed enough for him to obey. He lay on the bed, trying not to wiggle as magic washed over him. He could hear Elssa start cursing under her breath and tensed. What could be bad enough to make a Healer cuss?

"Harry?" Elssa said, gently touching his arm. "Can you lower your pants?" Harry scrambled away, terror seizing him. He would have bolted but he saw the tears in her eyes and froze. "Harry," she tried to soothe. "Neither of us are going to hurt you. The spell reported something strange and I need to check on it. It will only be for a moment." Slowly, Harry relaxed and nodded. With shaking hands he started lowering his pants but froze when he felt something spring free…on his back?

Startled, Harry spun around, trying to see his back. He felt something twitch and reached back, trying to grab it. His hand felt fur and he froze. Did he have a tail? No, that was impossible.

"I was afraid of that," Elssa sighed as Petunia stared in horror. "Will you both please sit? This is rather complicated and I don't think I could catch you if one of you fainted." They obeyed. "Well, I've never had a case like this but I've read of them. Harry dear, at midnight you received your magical inheritance. A surge of magic swept through you, making you stronger. However, when the magic felt how damaged you were it healed you. Just…not in the correct way."

Elssa took a deep breath before meeting Harry's eyes. "the magic turned the anal beads that were in you into a womb. That, naturally, meant a vagina was created but, sadly, it took your uncle's sperm and turned them into eggs and ovaries. You are now fully capable of bearing children now. The fox tail attached to the butt plug was real so the magic fused the tail to your body, becoming a true tail. Your large intestine is gone so I don't know how your body will handle the waste your body produces. Perhaps you will just cease to produce any. Finally, the damage to your throat was so great that even magic couldn't heal you vocal cords. You're mute…for life."

Silence fell over the group. Suddenly, Harry smiled and nodded before fainting dead away.

Harry had spent the rest of the break at the Leaky Cauldron. Petunia had supported him constantly as he went through the stages of shock. It was mostly because of her that he learned to accept the changes to his body. Mostly his tail. She altered his pants to have a tail hole so he wouldn't have to keep tucking the tail away. That, he actually was grateful for. He wasn't so grateful when she tied a ribbon and bell around his tail. He'd had to remove it himself when she laughed herself sick.

Elssa visited often, making sure Harry's bodily changes didn't develop complications. Turns out she had been Pomfrey's teacher so she volunteered to tell the nurse about Harry's changes.

Perhaps the best, and strangest, part of the summer was when Sirius and Remus came to visit. Petunia had contacted them and they rushed over. Harry was happy his aunt cared for him but it wasn't until he was in Sirius' arms that he finally relaxed and felt safe. Both men wanted to rush right back out to kill Vernon once they heard what he did but Petunia reminded them that Harry needed them.

From that moment on every waking moment was spent helping Harry heal. Sirius and Remus moved in, deciding that Petunia would be more at ease in the Leaky Cauldron then at Grimmauld Place. It took a long time but, eventually, Harry healed enough to at least act normal. Inside he was still a wreck but Sirius and Remus promised to accompany him to Hogwarts and keep working with him. Petunia contacted Rosmerta at the Three Broomsticks and, after explaining the situation, received an invitation to stay at the inn for the year. That way she'd be nearby if Harry needed her.

The last day of break Petunia went to Diagon Alley by herself. An hour later she returned with a small box. "Lily had one once," she said with a smile. "She always said he was her best friend." With shaking hands Harry opened the box and gasped silently. A sleepy white kitten blinked up at him and meowed once, irritated at being woken. "It's a sartix," Petunia said quietly, smiling as she watched her nephew quickly become totally enamored. "Lily said that it is sort of like a kneazle, whatever that is, but more of a guardian than a pet. She's supposed to be a friend for you…and a protector." Harry looked up at her and she decided right then that everything she'd had to do and would do to help him was worth it because his eyes were nearly glowing with gratitude. She smiled at him gently before leaving him to get aquainted with his new friend.

Now Harry was on the Hogwarts express, separate from everyone who knew his situation. Hermione's worry was sweet but starting to irritate him. He could feel Snow, his kitten, shifting against his side. She'd refused to be separated from him and had hidden in a bag that was hidden under his robes. So far it was her presence alone that kept Harry from suffering a full blown panic attack.

"Harry?" Hermione said, getting his attention. "We're almost to Hogwarts. You should probably change." He nodded but waited until the other two had left before starting to change. He'd barely managed to get his pants on and his tail hid when the door suddenly slammed open. Startled, Harry looked up and froze. Draco Malfoy stood in the doorway, seemingly just as startled to see the raven. For long moments the two stared at each other before Zabini suddenly nudged Malfoy aside.

"Potter," he said tensely, trying to smile. "Just thought we'd let you know that, in view of the war coming to a head, the leaders of Slytherin have had a meeting and decided to forgo the feud that exists between our houses. We'd like to be you friends." The silence stretched for an uncomfortable time before Harry nodded dumbly. No sooner had he agreed that Zabini took off. Malfoy remained rooted to the spot for a moment longer before the Italian returned and forcefully dragged the blonde away. The shock finally faded and Harry quickly slammed the door shut again, this time locking it. Slowly, he allowed his breathing and heart rate to return to normal. Why had the sight of the blonde Slytherin effected him so much? Had something more happened to him when he'd gone through his inheritance.

Sighing, Harry allowed himself to collapse. This was going to be a long year.

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