Heaving a sigh, Kitsune brushed that troublesome bang away from her eyes yet again. There were days that she cursed her mother for giving her the messy hair gene but guilt always followed sharply on those curses. It hurt to say anything bad about her mother after everything that had happened. Even though it was many decades ago she could still remember the pain and fear and knowing that the next time mother closed his eyes he would never open them again. Her father's screams and roars still echoed through her mind just as the smell of blood still invaded her nose. Every times her own eyes closed she could see the pool of blood that her mother lay in as he smiled at her, trying so hard to pull in that next breath and wrestle his eyes open one last time.

The bus suddenly began to slow, bringing Kit out of her nightmares. She glanced out the window and breathed in the tangy ocean air. The tour guide started prattling on about how they would have to hike the rest of the way to the cliffs but she couldn't care. Her destination was not the actual white cliffs, or rather her destination wasn't specifically the white cliffs. So with ingrained carelessness she stepped off the bus and started out. Behind her she heard a couple people call out to her but she resolutely ignored them. It was her first time back in Britain in fifty years so she had much to think about.

Compared to her memory of her mother dieing Kit's memories of after the battle were fuzzy at best. She could vaguely recall a short time when people had wanted to kill her father, claiming he had killed Harry. If she had not been in shock over what had happened she would have killed the accuser herself, baby or not. How people could see the amazing mate bond her parents had and still believe that one could hurt the other was beyond her. However, the accusations passed and the numbness set in. Despite her best attempts she could not say how long the numbness last. Maybe days, maybe years. It seemed like she would just come to terms with a loss she had received from the war only to realize that there was another she hadn't thought to think of before and the process would repeat. It was a vicious cycle and one she struggled with even now.

But the numbness had passed and she remembered how to live. Flashes of memory swept through her mind. How she had fought with father for permission to attend Hogwarts. Her amazement when McGonagall had told her she was the Head Girl. Her years spent training in many different career fields before finally deciding to work with dangerous creatures. The fight that had finally driven her away from her family and resulted in fifty years of her steadfastly avoiding the UK and everyone in it. The look on her grandparent's faces when she had disowned herself. So many memories and all of them tasted both bitter and sweet.

The crashing of the waves grew louder as Kitsune finally loped out onto one of the cliff protrusions. She glanced at the ocean beneath her before focusing on the cool white tombstone before her. It held a timeless grace she knew they would appreciate even as they griped about the cost. No doubt her father had picked it out. It had the Malfoy flare for simple elegance.

For long moments she stood before the grave, allowing everything to sink in. The sea breeze blowing through her hair, making that damn bang flop back into her face. The cry of the birds as they flew and spun around her. The bitterness of the ocean's scent combined with its might and everlasting roar. It was that day as it was decades before and would be decades after. A small bubble where time had no meaning and everything changed while remaining the same. Yes, they would like this place.

"Hello," she said quietly, kneeling before the tombstone. "Sorry I haven't visited before now. It took a long time to swallow my pride I guess." She chuckled bitterly at the thought. "Pride. Amazing how such a simple concept can cause so much grief, isn't it? It drove me away from my family and then kept me away so that I couldn't see you until now. Perhaps it's a good thing you're dead or you would surely slap me for being so stupid."

She talked for hours, filling the air with meaningless chatter, wondering why it mattered as they could not see that tears were falling from her eyes. What good to words do a corpse that was long dead in the ground? Especially when those words did nothing to lighten her own heart in any way. Pride be damned, she still should have returned before now. No, it never should have driven her away.

How many days had she spent doing exactly this; sitting and talking about everything and nothing. The sound of the waves reminded her of home with her family. Sesha who was always running around, yelling at the children to be more careful because he wasn't going to heal anymore of their scrapes and bruises. Octavius running through the portraits, scaring all of the painted subjects. Hermione and Petunia would be in the kitchen, arguing about something or other as the house elves worked around them, hoping the two females wouldn't notice and try to interfere. Just thinking of home cause Kit pain and she forced the thoughts away.

The sun was finally setting and she was out of words to say. Sighing, she leaned back and watched the clouds drift slowly by. It didn't look much different from the sky she had watched with her mother in the past. With a bit of imagination she could pretend that all her memories were just a bad dream and she'd roll over and her family would be there, smiling at her childishness.

But Kit didn't like lying to herself. Her memories were real and the scars they left could not be easily discounted. Imagination could take away their sting just like dreaming could but in the end she had to wake up and face them once again. So she took a deep breath and let it escape, carrying the words that would release her from the dream and allow her to wake again.

Cover my eyes

Cover my ears

Tell me these words are a lie

It can't be true

That I'm losing you

The sun cannot fall from the sky

Can you hear heaven cry

The tears of an angel

The tears of an angel

Tears of an angel

The tears of an angel

Stop every clock

The stars are in shock

The river would run to the sea

I won't let you fly

I won't say goodbye

I won't let you slip away from me

Can you hear heaven cry

The tears of an angel

The tears of an angel

Tears of angel

The tears of an angel

So hold on

Be strong


Hope will grow

I'm here

Don't you fear

Little one

Don't let go

Don't let go

Don't let go

Cover my eyes

Cover my ears

Tell me these words are a


"Kit?" She looked up and smiled sadly as her father landed beside her. No words were spoken but none were needed just then. For a moment in the endless time they just stood together, regarding each other silently. His long blonde hair and deep grey eyes, unchanging in the face of the centuries. Her own white hair and green eyes, so hauntingly similar to her mother. It was Kitsune who finally turned back to the stone, patiently waiting to see what he would say.

"I didn't think you'd ever come back," he said quietly, seeming to regret breaking the silence but unable to stop himself.

"I wasn't planning on it," she replied, not getting up off the ground. The wind whirled around them, making Kit grumble about how much time she'd spent trying to tame her hair that morning which drew the ghost of a smile to her father's face but it died a quick death. For a while she wondered if her father would speak again but then he was sitting beside her, examining the stone just as she was.

"You seem to be doing well," he said quietly. "You've become pretty famous. Lucius was boasting for months when you tamed that grall."

"Please," she snorted. "The grall was a cakewalk compared to convincing that Northern Ridgeback not to toast an entire village. To tame a grall you just need to be faster and stronger. To convince a dragon you have to be smarter and that is pretty damn hard." She let her words die in the air before sighing. "Fifty years and you still can't just come out and say what you want to say. Maybe I shouldn't have come back."

"You came back to visit the grave like you should have done long ago," Draco snapped. "You didn't come back to try and reconcile with me."

"Then why did I stay here at the grave instead of leaving after paying my respects?" Kit asked, her eyes never leaving the stone. "Why didn't I storm off as soon as you landed and ignored you as I've been doing for the past fifty years? Face it father, you don't know what I want or do anymore. I wonder if you ever did." The words were a low blow and she knew it but she couldn't bring herself to care. She and Draco had traded to many harsh words throughout the years for her to care about a low blow. Merlin knew, she received them all the time.

Silence rushed back in but this time Draco knew the meeting was over. His wings rustled irritably at the thought of his daughter dismissing him but the irritation only lasted a moment. Fifty years was a long time, even to Incubi, and he desperately did not want to fight anymore. "The house is still open to you," he said at last, turning away. "We all want you to return." She nodded to show she'd heard but otherwise didn't move. With a sigh Draco launched back into the sky and allowed the thermals to carry him away.

Kit was left alone on the cliffs, staring at the stone but not seeing it at all. If she was to be honest she was tired of traveling and wanted to go home. Even after all this time it was her favorite place to be because it was where her family was. But despite her father's words she still hesitated to return to a place she was no longer welcome at.

"What do you think Secret?" she asked, knowing the sartix was behind her. He had never been as visible as Snow, choosing to follow his Bonded from the shadows, but she always knew where he was.

"I think you need to either shut up your mind or your heart. They're telling you two very different things and you can't decide as long as both are talking. Of course, you know which one I'd prefer you listen to."

"My heart. You always want me to listen to my heart. But my heart's been wrong before." She heard Secret's tiny snort and smiled dimly. He hated when he reminded her of that. That didn't mean she had less of a choice to make.

Twilight was nearly over when she finally sighed and got to her feet. She gently touched her fingers to her lips before brushing them to the stone. "Goodbye Aunt Hermione," she whispered. She was probably the only one to understand why Hermione had chosen to remain mortal and eventually pass on. It hadn't surprised her to hear of her aunt's death all those years ago, just months after her self imposed exile. After all, the lady was over two hundred years old. She had to go eventually.

Goodbyes said, Kit spun on her heel and walked away. She knew her father had probably gotten home by then and told everyone that he'd seen her. No doubt Harry, having been saved at the last moment by Fawkes all those decades ago, would fly out as fast as he could to catch her. She wasn't entirely sure she'd let him.

Deep within her she knew that things should have been different for her. Harry and Draco had told all their children but Kit and Sesha most of all about how the future Kitsune and Sesha had saved Harry's life. They never said anything but Kit and her brother knew that those future thems had done other things, things to make life easier for their parents. They also knew that those things had changed what should have been and gave them the future they faced now. They just couldn't decide if it was a better life or not.

Maybe that was why Kit had such a hard time deciding what to do. Part of her still wished to stay and be with her family while another wished for her to escape. But that was a decision she would make when faced with it. She would either see her mother swooping down and allow him to catch her in his arms or she would apparate away again and continue her solitary existence. Either way the problem would be solved and she would keep living. That was all anyone could ask of her.

It was all she could do.

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