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A Magical DuckTale


Duckburg was a fairly large city but like many other cities; they take down older buildings to build new ones

Scrooge McDuck came to a demolition of an old building with his newest employee named Launchpad McQuack a young teenaged pilot

"Ah another building coming down and soon a new one will replace it" Scrooge said with some boredom in his voice as if he saw this many times before

Then a cry was heard "Did you hear that Mr. McD?" Launchpad asked the cry was heard again "I hear it but where is it coming from?" Scrooge said looking around

Launchpad looked at the building and heard the crying was coming from inside

"Call me crazy... but I think it's coming from inside the building!" Launchpad said with fear in his voice "WHAT?" Scrooge shouted

How could there be someone inside the building! And worse the workers had already begun to use the wrecking ball

"Hold it! Stop the demolition!" Scrooge shouted to the workers they stopped but the building was beginning to crumble down

Launchpad was scared but he wasn't about to just stand there and let someone perish

"I'm going in!" he shouted going in the crumbling building

"Launchpad! It's too dangerous!" Scrooge shouted following Launchpad into the building

Every wall was cracking and falling and the windows were shattered but Scrooge and Launchpad kept following the cries until they found the source; it was a little baby girl! Scrooge picked up the sobbing infant

"A baby? What's a baby doing here?" Launchpad pondered Then the walls cracked even more ready to give way

"Uh maybe we should discuss this elsewhere..." Scrooge suggested "Yeah... RUN!" Launchpad shouted

It was a close call but they managed to get out of the building just as it crumbled down To say that Scrooge was angry would be an understatement

"What cold hearted idiot would leave an infant in a building that was scheduled for demolition!" He shouted in his fury As soon as he calmed down he looked at the baby who was oblivious to his outburst "Now what to do with you?"

The baby looked at him with her ocean eyes and giggled she was so beautiful that the look on her face could make the stone hearted smile

"Aww... isn't she a cutie huh Mr. McD?" Launchpad said with a smile as he tickled the baby

"Yes she is... If no one will comes to reclaim her... I'll take her in…" Scrooge said smiling then turned serious as he continued "But she better listen to me"

Launchpad smiled "Looks like you got a daddy now little buddy" he teased but Scrooge ignored him

He knows now that the child is in safe hands...

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