Title: Where Ever I Am
Fandom: Nikita
Word Count: 586
Song: All This Time~Onerepublic.
Disclaimer:I own nothing, absolutely nothing. There. Now you can't sue me.

Alex waits for him in his apartment. It's (most likely not by chance) located above a bar that she knows he frequents on the daily basis. She's fully dressed (this isn't a seduction after all) and standing by the tall window when he comes upstairs.

It's around one o'clock and they stumble through the front door giggling, in the midst of undressing each other. They're lost in each other-hands roaming each other's body, laughter mixing in the air, clothes falling to the floor, skin pressed against skin-when she clears her throat.

Birkhoff rolls his eyes, probably expecting it to be Nikita or Michael. He does a double take when he sees Alexandra Udinov standing by his window. In his apartment. In the dead of night.

"Lex?" He asks after a second. His face is arranged in an adorable expression, one eyebrow cocked, scruffy mouth parted. He has a baby face though, and doesn't look a day over 20. Of course, his hands are still on the whore, so that takes away from it.

"Miss me?" Alex cocks her head to the side, then directs her gaze to the redhead whose looking mighty confused, arms still wrapped around Birkhoff. "Beat it, slut. He's already taken." Alex holds up her left hand and points to the silver and sapphire ring positioned on her ring finger. It's not actually an engagement ring, just a birthday present from Birkhoff. She wears it all the same though.

The redhead bitch-slaps Birkhoff and pulls the front of her dress up, before storming out the still open front door. Alex snorts as he closes the door behind her, not even bothering to explain anything to the girl.

"I would have never given you that ring if I knew you'd use it to kill my sex life."

Alex shrugs. "Too late."

"What are you doing here?"

"I just came for a visit."

"At one o'clock in the morning? It couldn't have waited until morning?" Birkhoff gives her a skeptical look.

"Isn't three years long enough?" Alex asks, stepping closer to him.

"Two years and seven months, actually," Birkhoff replies, staring her square in those gorgeous, ice blue eyes.

"Aww, you did miss me." She grabs the collar of his leather jacket and pulls him closer, closing the gap between them. His hazel eyes run up and down her face, making note of any changes, instilling a fresher image in his mind.

"Only because you turned into a bipolar bitch and ran away from us. From me." Alex can see the pain hidden behind his eyes. But regardless, she feels his surprisingly muscular arms wrap around her waist. He knew she would come back, eventually. It just took some time.

"You still fell in love with this bipolar bitch," she says, raising both eyebrows for emphasis. He kisses her deeply, all the pain, anger and longing from the last few years bleeding into it. Alex pulls away, breathless.

"Aren't you going to tell me to go home?"

"Your home is where ever I am. I told you that three years ago." This time he raises his eyebrows for emphasis, leaning his face closer to hers. She pecks him on the lips and snakes her arms around his neck.

"I think you mean two years and seven months ago."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~x x x x~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ahhh, Balex. The only thing I love more than Olex.
As mentioned above, this drabble would go great with "All this time" by Onerepublic.