Ch 9 The Final Act Of Love.


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I was running again but this time I was running to something instead of away like a scared little cat. I was finally doing all of this for the one I care about and also to put all this crazy madness to an end.

I ran through the forest that the masked man and I walked through on the first day. I thought I would get lost but I kept on moving. This was it. He had to be here. I can't afford to be wrong.

Minutes had quickly passed and my confidence was now shattered into complete doubt.

Then I suddenly stopped running for a few minutes to catch my breath but it didn't last long when my heart froze as I toke notice of a dark puddle of blood on the ground before me.

I started to whimper quietly thinking this was a complete helpless cause. There was only twenty minutes until I'll never see his sweet smile again. And it'll be game over for good this time.

I started to break out into heavy sobs. Can I really save him in time or will I be completely useless and disgraceful like my father told me I was? I pondered about this question for a few more seconds as I sank deeper into despair. But it was too late to stop my thoughts from producing all of this doubt. So before I even noticed my head was filled with doubtful questions like. ' Will I see him again? Or will we be able to be together? And why can't life be easier? ' But the question that kept repeating most of all was 'How can I save the one person that means so much when I'm not even smart enough to remember where we first met?' I screamed mentally.

"I spy with my little eyes; I see a well bloomed flower ready to be pollinated" I creepy voice said from a dark shadow of a tree. But before I could turn around the person had already gripped onto my blond hair and twisted it into their knuckles.

I winced in pain but that was nothing compared to when the person started to drag my body through the dirt, sticks, hard rocks, and tree roots.

I screamed in pain as I felt a large stick pierce through my upper leg. He chucked evilly. "So you thought you could trick me and get away girly? Well this time you masked man isn't here to save you girly"

The stranger growled as I started kicking at him angrily. Until I saw a quick glimpse of the creep and to my surprise there stood the long forgotten, perverted captain who tried to harass me on my first day.

I tried to get away from him desperately as I heard the sound of water washing up against the shore. He was going to drag me on a boat! I yelled in my mind while crying in real life. There isn't much time left! I'm going to lose Natsu if I don't find him. I thought again.

The old creepy captain chuckled "If you don't shut up I'm going to have to damage that beautiful soft skin of yours." he said grinning widely as he pulled me to my feet to get on the boat. I bit my lip, wanting to scream with bitter agony as I could almost feel my hair being ripped from its very roots.

I was pulled onto the boat and I was tied down to the front deck railing, blindfolded.

I heard the roaring of the engine and without even looking I knew that the boat was now in motion.

I also heard faint foot steps but I was unaware of the direction that it came from until I felt hot breath on my neck. I tried to get my hands free but then a sharp object was held to my neck." don't move." he instructed rudely.

I froze as I felt one of his hand underneath my shirt." any last words, my sweet?" he asked. He was in front of my now. "Don't touch me" I muttered softly. "What?" he asked piercing my skin. I started grinning widely "I said Fu** off!" I yelled then spat in his face.

He grabbed my bleeding neck and lifted me off the ground with the rope still tightly tied around my wrists." how dare you!" roared angrily. "Y-you heard me" I chuckled filled with melancholy and animosity. "I'm going to kill yo-"

He stopped talking completely. And his hands slowly moved away from my neck. Making me drop to the ground, gasping for air.

I started to hear many sounds which I tried to make out like the sound of the captain's knife hitting the wooden deck, struggling and then the captain's cry out in anguish then I heard something heavy hit the floor. And then complete deafening silence besides the sound of the soothing waves in the water. But I knew better there were the same faint footsteps that I heard before but this time it slowly got farther away until it stopped completely. I smiled happily despite all my injuries because I knew exactly what had happened. "Where do you think you're going?" I asked trying to break loose from the railing even though the rope did cut deeply into my skin. "Idiot" I heard the person say but in a worrying tone of voice that made me even try harder to break the rope. "Stop it!" the person said again and then fast, silent foot steps followed.

I counted the stepped and smiled again when I knew the person was in front of me, about to try to cut me free but he stopped when he saw that I had already broken free minutes ago. The person coughed a few times then rested his head on my chest while shivering.

I quickly cupped his face with my hands then leaned in slowly. And just before I knew our lips were about to meet he whispered three words softly. My eyes widen with shock as the blind fold came off and revealed a guy in a black cloak but his face was hidden by the darkness of the sky.

"What's wrong?" he laughed as tears escaped from my eyes "you can't die" I cried. I touched his hand but he slowly moved away and stared into the distant sunrise. "What if I want to die? Wouldn't it be easier for everybody and you to forget? You don't need me." he asked. I slapped him in the face "How could I forget you! I can't even stop thinking about you for minutes! I could never..." I started to choke up as fresh tears escaped from my eyes.

I started again "Please just don't just become a fading memory or I'll..." I paused think about what to say next before I could I noticed he was smiling widely at me" kiss me" he whispered, holding me in a lovingly embrace. I nodded and I obeyed happily without delay.

The kiss was rough, sweet but long and before I knew it I was clenching onto his shirt from the lack of oxygen. "Natsu" I uttered breathlessly between quick pauses for air. He stopped then looked me in the eye. "How did you know it was me?" he asked. I frowned as I poked his cheeks "I knew because you're the only idiot I know who would pull such crap!" I yelled while forging anger.

"You know I'm really sorr-"I cut him off by placing my index finger to his lips. "But I guess I'm an idiot two for falling for you." I whispered smiling. Then I toke off his hood and kissed him again. "I love you" I said quietly. Then my eyes widen as soon as I saw the one thing I loved and missed about him. His childish smile that was now all mine for the taking.

[2 hours later]

"Yeah Lucy! Good job. To overcome the obstacles and you got the guy. I proud of you" Levy cried happily as me and Natsu walked hand and hand towards the crowd of celebrating friends. "Thanks" I said laughing uncomfortably and blushing a dark red. But my smile faded when I saw Erza walking tiredly towards us.

Natsu stepped in front of me over protectively. "What do you want now? I think you already cause enough problems!" Natsu said raising his voice. She looked up at me with complete remorse. "Listen I just wanted to say that i'-" "Save it for someone who gives a damn" Natsu said cutting her off.

She dropped to her knees and began to cry. Everybody looked away with disgust and hatred. Everyone but me."What will you do Lucy" s voice in my head asked making me even more indecisive then before.

I put a hand on Natsu's shoulder and smiled" wait" I whispered then kneeled down beside her. "Luc... I mean Lucy; I never really meant to hurt you I just... I just felt so alone and helpless. I don't have any friends or so when I saw you come here making so many friends I couldn't help but feel lonely! I just don't understand! No matter what I do I'm always alone" she cried loudly.

"Erza what are you talking about?" I asked starting to get tears in my eyes again.

"Don't play dumb Lucy. You have all of these people here to celebrate my defeat. You are completely loved by everyone. You're perfect!" she yelled just before I slapped her across the face "Nobody is perfect! Especially me. Anybody can have a have a happy ending when you follow your heart to the end with no regret!" I cried.

She chuckled darkly" Lucy I envy you. Even though I tried to ruin you life so many times you still got back up smiling. You should be laughing with triumph 'cause you got friends like you wanted "She said trying to get up but i hugged her tightly."Erza I promise you'll never be alone again because you have all of Fairy tail with you" I said smiling as she sobbed loudly when she saw that everybody was now smiling forgivingly at her.

"Lucy I'm so sorry!" she whispered between sobs. I patted her back softly "I know and we're all sorry too for not noticing your loneliness sooner" I whispered back softly.

"You did well" the voice said again. I turned around and saw Juvia smiling knowingly at me.

"Thank you" I whispered.

"Lucy Heartfilia, you have broken man Fairy tail laws punishable by death "Makarov's voice said loudly.

I stood up in front of the Short head master. "Makarov I-" i tried to say before Erza got down on her hands and knees" Makarov it was me" she said cutting me off. Then Natsu, Juvia, gray, Marijane, levy and even Loki got down on there hands and knees " we did it please forgive us" they confessed.

I turned around and almost everybody was on their hand and knees smiling and begging for his forgiveness. "Please" I cried "Stop it you guys are all idiots" I said trembling with a mix of fear and content.

I turned to face Makarov "I did it" I said tear stained face. "So please l-" I tried to say before he held his hand up to stop me. "Lucy Heartfilia, you have committed all these crimes but you never failed to carry the heart of fairy tail within you. You are much too valuable to lose despite all you have done." he said with tears in his own eyes.

"So will you please join fairy tail?" he asked now on his hands and knees.

I stared at him dumbfounded." what are you talking about. I ruined everything" I said wiping my tears away.

Makarov looked up "You have fixed more bridges then you have broken." he said solemnly. "I can't take such an honour I don't deserve it. What do I even say?" I said trying to stop myself from hugging the old man. "Say yes Dummy" Natsu whispered.

I stood up strait and smiled through my tears "Yes"

[2 and a half years later]

"So then what happened after that?" one of my maids asked excitedly as she sat beside me.

I blushed ¬ęThat's for only me to know and you all too soon find out" I giggled.

"Man you really know how to tell a good story miss have you ever considered writing books?" she asked about to leave.

I paused for a moment then smiled sweetly" I have but I have a much more important calling in life." I said looking lovingly at the golden ring on my ring finger before she toke her leave.

"So when are you gonna tell your father about us?" Natsu asked coming out from behind the door." he doesn't need to know" I answered stubbornly as he stood before me. "What if he catches us?" he asked smiling at me." I can take that challenge" I joked.

He chuckled then pushed me softly on to the bed and kiss me "And if he catches us like this?" he asked, smiling wider as I noticed we were in a compromising position.

I blushed a dark shade of red then cleared my throat to appear composed and unaffected by his charms "Let him chase us all around the world. But no matter what he can never stop me from loving you." I said then kissed him back.

"So will you still love me if he catches us?" he whispered.

I paused then put my arms around his neck and smiled" till the end of time and longer. I will always love you" I whispered back, then tried to bring him into a kiss but all he did was smile mischievously as he leaned closer until our lips were millimetres away. "So then let this challenge of 'catching' begin" he whispered in a low tone before bringing me into a long, breathless, surprise kiss.

And for a moment the world seemed non existing until I heard the door swing open and there without even realizing it i was staring back at my biggest challenge yet that I knew I had to face sooner or later. The ultimate test of love.

My name is Lucy Heartfilia and I am the true and rightful heir of the Heartfilia family and I love Natsu Dragneel whether they accepts it or not.

So bring it on.

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