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"It appears this letter was originally addressed six months ago, but was sent over this morning. Mr. West was waiting for your arrival." Alfred interjected.

Bruce nodded. "Yes, I believe you're right Alfred, my invitation was received months ago."

Dick chocked. "You knew? You knew they were getting married! And you didn't tell me?" He cried in bewilderment.

Bruce narrowed his eyes. "Calm down, I didn't get the chance to tell you. Besides, it's not like we were on speaking terms when I got it. That was lucky for you however; I never truly got the chance to reprimand you for your little 'slip-up', even during your teen years."

Dick widened his eyes, knowing he was referencing Robin telling Kid Flash his identity. "Y-you knew before? B-but….How?" It was more rhetorical than anything; only a fool would think Batman could never figure it out.

"Let's just saw his little comments regarding Bruce Wayne were not the most clandestine." He replied darkly, though his face showed a smirk.

Dick merely paled to Bruce's amusement.

"Master Richard, there's an invitation attached as well for a dinner tonight for all members of the groomsmen and bridal party." Alfred quickly interjected. "And any older 'close work friends'" he added, referencing any 'supers'.

"Well, I might be a little busy tonight, I mean I ran into Barbara and I have to unpac-."

"Nonsense," Bruce waved his hand dismissively. "It will be good for you to go, we can catch up, and you will see all your own teammates…" his voice trailed off. "You're going and that's final."

"But, I mean I don't even have a clean suit, and besides I'm not even in the party-"

"Why Master Richard? Did you not read the invitation? You're the best man!" Alfred waved the invitation, though kept his proper composure.

Again, Dick paled. You're kidding. "I-I am? But he-I-we haven't seen one another in years…"

"Dick, you're his best friend…!" Bruce looked at him in bewilderment.

Reason number 8. "Alright." He said in a defeated tone. "But who do I go as? Dick? Or Rob-Nightwing?" He frowned, sure they wouldn't want to see either.

"I checked the lists-the only people attending tonight are league members. You'll go as Dick, though feel free to take your shades. I will not force you to keep who you are a secret nor to tell people. Do with what you will."

"Alright…" Dick repeated.

"Well it's settled, we're going!" Bruce chirped, Dick slightly taken aback at the range of his emotions so early in the morning. He began to walk out, Alfred following close behind.

"I always thought Ms. Crock and Mr. West would make a good couple.

Dick merely frowned in a huff. "Yeah, that's reason number eleven." He said quietly to himself.

Blonde hair whipped around in a fury, a scoff following close behind. "God, he is so-infuriating!" she shouted with a growl, crumpling up the paper before her.

"Why? Who even is this guy? You've never even met him, Artemis!" the girl with thick black tresses cried.

"His name is Dick Grayson, and y-" Artemis Crock stopped herself, biting her lip. "I-I know I don't know him Z, but just look at him, the way he 's conveniently grinning when the camera's around, the way he is talking to all those girls, the way he just has to look so perfect! I have so many reasons for not liking him!" she rolled her brown eyes furiously. "He just screams 'douche bag'." She emphasized the word with her hands.

"Maybe he's just smiling because he's happy to be there! And it's not like he can't have conversations with him." Another, named Megan, reasoned, pulling back the curtain. "Does this dress look alright? Connor wanted me to get a black one though."

The three girls were currently at a boutique picking out dresses for a dinner party in honor of Artemis getting married. Megan was wearing a floor length light blue dress with obvious amounts of tulle.

"Oh that's beautiful! I don't know Artie, I think he's kind of cute…" Zantanna smiled, fingering the picture of the boy.

"Gag me." Artemis growled. "Just, go try on your dress Z." Artemis crossed her arm in a huff. He is not cute. He is not cute. He is not cute. Oh damnit yes he is! Ugh, Second Reason for hating him.

Zantanna complied and Megan hovered around Artemis. "Why do you even get the Gotham paper, anyway? You live in Central!"

"Yes I know, but Wally insists that we get it sent to our apartment. You know, in case Robin ever returns." Artemis added quietly.

Megan frowned, and Artemis could just sense Zantanna stiffening. Robin was, well, a sore subject around the team. One day Batman alerted them he wouldn't be returning, and after that they never truly were the same-Zantanna and KF especially.

Those two eagerly kept up with Robin's adventures in Jump, all the way to his heroic antics in Bludhaven. However, he never really returned their messages or calls, saying "Trouble!" or "Couldn't call ya back, Slade was attacking," or even "Can't talk-Blockbuster!" Eventually they gave up, and Artemis never truly thought Z recovered after reading articles regarding Robin and some alien named-was it Starflame? No that's not right.

"Well, he got this cutie instead of Robin, I guess." Zantanna feigned a laugh, though her voice was dark, stepping out of the dressing room. She was wearing a light purple dress with a lace overlay. It complimented her nicely.

"Yeah, well I'd prefer to see Robin on the front page then this guy." Artemis said bitterly. The week Robin had left probably was the worst ending to one of the worst weeks she'd ever had. That week had left her with guilt, a broken heart, and embarrassment. Robin's unexpected departure just added to the pain.

Fifth Reason… Damn him!

"Who knows, maybe Robin will show up to the dinner tonight!" Megan chirped, trying to lighten the mood.

Artemis shrugged. "Maybe. It would make Wally feel more comfortable about getting married to me… Speaking of him I have to get going, I'll see you two tonight-at eight!" Artemis called before rushing out of the store.

In all actuality, she didn't really have to go. She just couldn't stand talking with the girls about him. Dick Grayson. His name was still bitter in her thoughts. She never wanted to see him dumb, charming little grin ever again. Though, if it weren't for him walking out of her life, she probably wouldn't be at the threshold with Wally.

Artemis had never mentioned what went down with Dick, though if she would have it would've been Zantanna-or maybe even Robin. He really was her rock on the team, she could talk to him about anything, and it was nice getting a selfless guy's opinion at least.

Walking in the arm of Wally West was truly the best way to kick off the night. The guests had arrived roughly twenty minutes ago-though some still poured in-and they all gushed at the sight of Artemis with her finance. Wally was looking dapper in a clean cut Calvin Klein suit, his red hair she loved so much was perfectly gelled into a natural looking state.

"You look beautiful, Art." Wally whispered into her ear, causing her to giggle. She was wearing a form fitting one shoulder red dress, and all the guests took notice of how striking she looked.

Blushing, she smiled and kissed Wally on the cheek. "You don't look so bad yourself, Baywatch." She challenged flirtily. The two began to then welcome everyone to the dinner and thank him or her for coming.

It was alarming how Artemis didn't recognize over half of the guests there. Half of the attendees were in their civilian identities she'd never even seen before, though they all seemed to know who one another were. The community of the supers tonight had given a sense of comfort to everyone. They were like a family if anything.

And now, the former young justice team was considered to be equals among the league. The majority of the elite now looked to them as comrades, taking them to their hometowns, showing whom they truly were.

Upon receiving another congratulations from the former Flash, Barry, Artemis couldn't help but notice how eager Wally was to search around the room. "Excuse us," she said politely, and dragged Wally to the corner.

"I'm sorry he's not here, Wally." Artemis said quietly, touching his shoulder affectionately.

Wally sighed. "Is it that obvious?" Artemis nodded and he pursed his lips. "I know, we haven't talked to him in years, but I just really thought he would make it. Maybe I just sent the invitation too short of notice." He cursed.

"What? We sent out invitations months ago, and the dinner invite was sent out last month!" Artemis explained, completely confused.

Wally shook his head. "No, he got them this morning."

Artemis raised an eyebrow. "Did you see him or something?"

"Indirectly." He mused, again searching around.

"What aren't you telling me?" she asked, but before she could get an answer Zantanna and Megan came running up.

"He's here! The boy from this morning! He's here!" their voices mixed in with one another through their girlish screams.

"What? What are you talking about?" Artemis asked, before feeling a rush of wind go past her. "What? Wally?" her speedster ran all the way to the other side of the room, and finally Artemis understood who Z and Megan were referring to.

Dick Grayson.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" Artemis cried throwing her hands up into the air. He looked amazing, in a neatly pressed Armani with gold cuff links. He took the cake in the room. He looked uncomfortable and nervous though, nothing like he did in the paper this morning.

"I thought you didn't know him?" Megan asked cautiously.

"I wouldn't mind knowing him…" Zantanna interjected mischievously, but it faded after Artemis shot a glare. "It looks like Wally knows him though…"

Artemis's mouth hung open. Her fiancé was embracing the other boy in a heartfelt hug, and she could've sworn Wally's cheeks looked…wet? How does Wally know him? This is awful. This is dreadful. Why is he here? DOES HE WANT TO RUIN MY LIFE? Ugh everything has gone to shit. Now the Fifty sixth Reason why .him.

"Artemis! Artemis, get over here! Right now!" Wally cried excitedly, holding onto the arm of Dick. Instead of waiting for the blonde, he dragged Dick to her instead.

"Artemis, I'd like you to meet Dick Grayson, my best friend. Dick, this is Artemis Crock, my future wife." Wally brought their hands to each other, and Artemis shook his hand with a scowl, quickly retracting it back.

Dick looked just as uncomfortable. "Nice to uh, meet you." He said lamely, scratching the back of his head.

"Oh, come off it," Wally slapped Dick's back, "I know you've met!" he joked, unaware of any tension whatsoever.

WHAT? "What are y-you talking about?" Artemis eyes widened. Her secret couldn't come out. Not now. Not because of this dick.

"Wally, cut it out." Dick said, brushing his hands off of him. "Not now." He spoke in all seriousness.

Wally ignored him. "Artemis, this, is my best friend. My best man." He said dramatically.

Dick put his head in his hands, murmuring "Oh no, oh no, oh no."

My best man... Artemis finally got it. Everything clicked.

"R-robin?" Her mouth hung open and she felt like she was going to faint. "Dick Grayson is Robin?" her voice dripped with anger.

"Why do I get the feeling that you two know each other a little more than I thought…" Wally asked awkwardly.

Dick Grayson. Robin. They were the same person… Artemis felt like such a fool. How could she not see it before? Oh this is definitely now the first reason to hate you.