A drabble - in which Caroline goes to Klaus' mansion to apologize for betraying him, but they argue when she realizes he should be apologizing for scaring her and shaking her.

"So, are you just going to stand there with your back turned to me?" Caroline asked, standing in his living room. Klaus had let her in the house and was standing with his back to her as he looked over some papers on a table. She sighed. Of course he was going to make this difficult.

Klaus finally turned around and looked at her, the sight of her face almost too much to bare. After all his efforts of trying to get to know her and show her that he wasn't such an awful person, she had wasted no time in planning the demise of him and his family. "What is it that you came here to do, Caroline? My kindness only stretches so far."

Caroline glared at him. Yes, maybe she had taken a part in Damon's plan to help get Kol daggered. But, Klaus had done way worse things. And his tone and snarky little comments were starting to piss her off. "Well, I was going to come here and try to make amends, but actually it's you who should be apologizing to me."

Klaus smirked and shook his head, laughing softly. "Is that right? And what should I be apologizing for, sweetheart?"

Caroline crossed her arms over her chest. "You still haven't apologized for what you've done to Tyler."

"Tyler? You didn't really come all the way over here to talk about that little mutt, did you?"

Caroline clenched her jaw. "Maybe! But, you also shouldn't have put your hands on me."

Klaus took a step closer to her. "Alright, Caroline. I'm not sorry. For anything." He walked past her, closer to the fire, needing to get away from her stares. Klaus found it a little more difficult to hold his ground when the beauty of her face was distracting him.

Caroline turned around and shoved his shoulder. "What do you mean you're not sorry? I never want you to put your hands on me like that again!"

Klaus turned around and grabbed her by her wrists, backing her up against a wall. He stared into her eyes, saw the fear there, but also something else. Excitement?

Caroline struggled against his grip but it was useless. He overpowered her easily and that didn't make her feel any better. But, she wasn't going to let him win that easily. "Apologize…now."

Klaus grinned and pressed his body tightly against hers. "No," he whispered, and then his lips were on hers, searching her mouth in a frenzy. He hadn't expected their first kiss to go quite this way - he'd wanted to originally take his time with her, be slow, gentle, caring. But, this would also do.

Caroline grunted against his kiss, trying to fight it, but again found herself overpowered by his strength. Except this time, she wanted it. She'd wanted him to kiss her so badly, and while this wasn't an ideal way to get what she wanted, she would gladly accept his mouth on hers in such a passionate fashion.

Klaus released her arms and was happy to find that they were instantly wrapped around his neck, his hands finding her hips and holding onto them tightly.