Sabitsuki dreaded school that day, however, since she had only coughed up a little blood, her mother demanded that she stay home. Sabitsuki didn't mind, it was better than having to face the monster sisters. She had spent the morning playing her game, Shinsoku Neko, then spending the afternoon on her computer. As she was on her computer, Smile had sent her a message.

'Look at this!' The message read, followed by a link. Sabituski clicked the link and was met with the image that Alexis had taken of her.

'The fuck is this?' Sabitsuki wrote back to Smile.

'It's up everywhere' Smile typed. 'Pretty much everyone in school knows about it.'

'You're kidding me.'

'Fraid not.' Sabituski sighed and slumped back in her chair.

"God damnit." She swore. A ding alerted her to another message.

'You wanna go visit my sister with me?' Smile asked.

'Sure.' Sabitsuki typed.

'K' Smile replied. 'Be right there.'

Writer's Comments

Sorry to make you wait just for a short chapter. This was more or less a filler.