A drabble - in which Caroline and Klaus are a couple but she gets kidnapped and almost dies. Tyler assumes he's going to save her but Klaus gets jealous and saves her.

Klaus approached the entryway to the old Lockwood cellar, doing his best to keep quiet. He wasn't scared of whoever was keeping Caroline hostage, he just didn't want to do anything that was going to put her into more danger.

It had been incredible, finally being with her. It had taken him longer than he realized to court her, but having her in his life had been an amazing change. And right now, he needed to keep a clear head and get her back into his arms safely.

"What the hell are you doing here?" came a hushed voice. Klaus turned around and saw Tyler Lockwood crouched behind a tree. He clenched his jaw and rolled his eyes. This was not what he needed to deal with right now.

"Rescuing my girlfriend. I think the proper question is what are you doing here, pup?" Klaus hissed back, walking over towards the trees. He didn't want their voices to carry and figured it would be best if he kept Tyler away from the cellar.

Tyler glared at Klaus and stood up straighter. "Look, you're not the only person who cares about Caroline's safety. I still love her. And we all know what happens when you lose your temper."

Klaus wanted to hit Tyler, knock him out, and go rescue Caroline like he had planned. This little jealousy spat was not on his agenda for the day.

"Look, Tyler, I can appreciate your feelings for her, but right now, I'm the best person to save her." He turned around and walked back towards the entrance, hoping Tyler would be smart and stay away.

"She still loves me, you know," Tyler called out, stepping out from behind the tree completely.

Klaus froze and turned around, clenching his fists. "I don't care what you think. Caroline is mine now and you're going to have to get over that, mate." He didn't want to waste anymore time with Tyler. Caroline could be hurt or dying.

He walked down the steps and used his senses to figure out where she could be. He smelled blood and feared the worst, following the scent. He finally found her, chained to a wall, blood covering her face, her clothes.

He was next to her in an instant, his hands pulling the chains from the wall. Her head rolled and she looked up at him, her eyes half open. "K-Klaus?" she stammered, tears starting to fall down her bloodstained cheeks.

Klaus gathered her into his arms and held her tightly against his chest. "What happened? Who did this to you?" he asked, looking around for any signs that they weren't alone.

"I-I don't know. I've been alone for days. I'm so…thirsty."

Klaus quickly walked her out of the cellar and up the steps, noticing Tyler was still standing there. When he saw Klaus carrying Caroline, he didn't approach them, just nodded, happy Klaus had gotten her back alive.

"I'm going to fix you, sweetheart," Klaus whispered, his grip on her body tight. He would find whoever did this to her. He would find them and kill them and everyone else they'd ever known throughout their pathetic lives.

Caroline lifted her head from his chest, her eyes unopened as she whispered, "Thank you."

Klaus just looked at her, his jaw tight, just wishing he could get the blood off of her face faster than his legs were carrying them back to his house. "Always, sweetheart. I'm never going to let anyone do this to you again."