Heartland Charas

An unconscious Alice, Dee, and Dum lay on the soft grass of the tiny mountain. Below the mountain was a beautiful city/town (whatever) of seiyo. Dee was the first one to wake up. He looked around before waking up his brother, then Alice. Though, while waking up Alice, he noticed she was smaller. More young. Just about him and his brother's age. Alice was a twelve year old again.

Dum was just as surprised as Dee and said "Pretty Lady is younger brother". Dee then said "Our Onee-san is just about our age now." "Huh?" Alice said before looking down. "Omagosh!" Alice said in a now young girly voice. "Onee-san's voice changed too." The twins said at the same time. "What happened?" Alice asked, panicking. "You've changed Onee-san!" Dum said. "I think it has to do with Nightmare's remote thingy." Dee said. "Why were you messing with it?" Alice said, frustrated. "Because it was lying around." Dee laughed nervously under Alice's semi-glare.

"Where are we?" Alice asked. "We don't know onee-san." Dum replied. "Is that a city?" Alice asked. "I guess." Dee said. "Well, since there's no where to go, we'll have to explore it and find somewhere to stay." "Right!" The twins said together.

In the city…

"Now remember, Dee, Dum, no killing. At all! We don't want any trouble in a place we don't even know about." Alice warned the twins. "Yes onee-san" they said. After an hour of walking on the side-walks, they heard singing. It was a music video being played on a large screen on the top of a building. The name Utau Hoshina was written in big letters along with a concert date below it.

"Uh…let's go guys" Alice said. "Awww." The twins whined. "What's a concert onee-san?" Dum asked. "A concert is like…a place where you go see certain people that sing their songs." Alice explained. "Can we go onee-san?" The twins pleaded. "Guys, we don't have any money, nor do we have a place to stay. Hopefully we can find some large boxes to live in and hopefully, I can find a job. But at this age, I can only do some store chores for a few bucks. If I have enough money for an apartment, food, and extra concert money, we can go okay?"

"Yes onee-san" The twins said happy at the possibility to go to a concert.

Later in the day, the trio had found a small temporary job to work at. It was 5 bucks an hour for each kid and Alice was happy with that. The twins on the other hand disagreed because they thought that was quite a small amount, but that all changed when Alice told them that they could get to the apartment mark faster if they started now, and that would be three steps closer to concert tickets. The second mark was food and water, and the third mark was clothing and the fourth mark was concert tickets. "Think of it as a game" Alice suggested. "Ok" they said. Alice knew that there was nothing more that the twins loved games. Especially survival games. For the rest of the afternoon, the trio spent their time sweeping, cleaning windows, taking out the trash, and scrubbing the dirty floors of a gas station.

It only took them 10 hours to do so because the owner of the shop lives and works alone. He wasn't sure about giving them the job at first, but then he noticed how dirty everything was. Some serious cleaning needed to be done, or else he would lose all business. That's where the old man had gotten an idea. He could offer the kids a permanent job so that they don't stay homeless. But at this age, he would have to hire them as apprentices.

When the tired trio was finished, the old man started handing out their hard-earned money. "Wow! That's so much. Thank you sir. " Alice thanked the old man. "Thanks mister." Dum said. "You helped us a lot." Dee said. "Ms. Alice. Would you three like to work in my shop as my apprentices? I can't hire you as regular workers because of your age, but I sure need the help." The old man offered. Alice's eyes widened. "Dee, Dum, do you want to work here? We made $150 today and that's a huge accomplishment. We should be on the food and 'juice' mark by now.

"Yes onee-san." Said the twins. "Then it's settled. We can work here whenever you like boss." Alice said to the store owner. "Thank you for helping out this old man Ms. Alice. You don't know how much I appreciate it." The store owner told her. "Thanks Mr.…" "Newman" The store owner said. "Well thanks Mr. Newman. When do we start tomorrow?" Alice asked. "You can come in around 1:00 tomorrow afternoon." Mr. Newman replied.

"Yes sir." Alice said. "Let's go Dee, Dum. I think we may have an apartment tonight." Alice said as they exited the store while the twins cheered. But, unknown to them, there were purple eyes watching before it averted its gaze to where they were heading.