Heartland Charas

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It was morning. Time for breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and another day for school. But the weirdest thing was when Alice found 5 eggs in her bed. When she felt something in her bed, she didn't like it. Though when she looked at them, they were cutely decorated looking eggs.

Alice picked them up and examined them.

The first one was a dark blue color with black music signs. The second was a dark green and had a horizontal line of grass on it. The third was purple with a microphone on it. The fourth was black with a skull on it. And the fifth one was pure white.

Alice expected this to happen because of what the guardians told her, but she didn't expect it to happen so soon. Another thing she didn't expect was for the twins to burst through her door yelling. "Onee-san, we have eggs. We have eggs." They said together.

Her eyes widened. They got their eggs too? "Onee-san's got eggs too. And she has more than us. Two to be exact." Dum said. "Look at mine one-san." Dee said. The first one of Dee's eggs was black with red scythes. The second was a bright green with cakes on it. And the third was brown with a blue wolf on it. Dum's were the same.

Alice blinked slowly. Why did they have eggs so early? Alice thought. 'Oh well, at least we don't have to worry about them later. Alice instructed them to keep their eggs close to them. Like in their school bags. She did the same.

The trio got ready for school and Alice made bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. After that, they went to school.

When they got to the school, the trio made a bee line for class. They were so early, nobody but amu and them was there.

Ran, Miki, and Suu decided to say good morning. "Morning Ran, Miki, Suu." Alice said. "Mornin' girls" Dee and Dum said. "I sense your eggs clearer now, desu." Suu said. Amu sat up at Suu's comment. Alice, Dee, Dum showed their eggs, but Alice kept the white one hidden. Mainly because it looked like the embryo that the guardians described. Amu, Ran, Miki, and Suu examined them closely.

That's when Tadase and Nadishiko walked in the classroom. "What's this about eggs?" Nadishiko asks. "Alice, Dee, and Dum got theirs." Miki says. "Dee and Dum's are identical." Ran said.

Tadase and Nadishiko examined the twins eggs, then Alice's. "They look nice." Tadase said. "The skull one is kind of strange though. Nadishiko could feel a dark aura off of the skull egg Alice had.

"Class is going to start soon." Amu announced. "Really?" Tadase asks. "It looks like it." Alice says, putting the eggs back in her bag and looking at the clock. Clocks. Clocks reminded Alice about Julius and wonderland. It made her sad. She missed them all so much.

Class started 2 minutes later. It was boring, but she could deal with it.

When the day was over, the guardians invited Alice and the twins for tea and sweets. Alice, Dee, and Dum accepted the offer.

If Alice knew anything about tea etiquette, it was to always hold up you pinky finger while drinking. That was a proper way where she was from.

Dee and Dum saw their eggs move when they had cakes. They were both the ones with cakes on them. The eggs cracked open in front of Dee and Dum. Two little people appeared. "Hi." They said at the same time. "My name is Wik." The one with the twins' blue hatter uniform said. "My name is flick." The one with the red hatter uniform said.

The guardians looked at the new charas with awe. They looked exactly alike aside from the eyes and uniform color. Just like Dee and Dum.

The charas floated down to Dee and Dum's plate of sweets. "From a boy that likes sweets to one that loves them." The new charas said, them started chowing down themselves. Every sweet food that was on the table disappeared in no time. Everybody sweat dropped. Two charas hatched, quite a few left to go.

Alice and the twins went home after a while in the guardians. The guardians asked if they wanted to be guardians too. But alas, our favorite trio said no. The guardians were surprised. No wasn't common when that question popped out.

When they got home, everybody settled for the night and went to bed. They were too full with sweets to have dinner. The twins especially.

After a while in bed, Alice couldn't sleep. Probably because of the sugar from the cakes. Sugar was meant to supply energy, but she didn't know it would hang out this long.

Alice went out to her balcony. The moon was beautiful tonight. It would go good with some music, but she didn't have an instrument to play. 'From a girl who can't play, to one that can.' A little voice whispered. Alice blinked in confusion when a violin appeared in her hands. (A/N: In my fanfic, she can play all instruments. Not just the piano.) With that, Kagome started playing 'Danse Macabre' (Imagine that it can be played by one person for now.)

The music played throughout the night. As beautiful as the night sky itself. Unknown to Alice, a certain blue haired cat was listening in.

Ikuto was jumping houses in his chara form until he saw her. The golden haired beauty with so many eggs. At first, he saw her moon gazing. The next thing he saw was a violin in her hands. It wasn't there before, so he suspected she did a chara change after her night dress changed into a dark blue color.

The music was different from what he was used to. It sounded a bit faster. Quicker, he should say. Ikuto didn't know how a girl like that could live with two murderous boys. He could tell they were here because he could smell them. The boys smelled of death from his sensitive nose. But the girl didn't. They can't be family. They looked nothing Alike.

When Alice finished the song, the violin disappeared. Then she heard clapping. Alice whipped her head towards her roof, flushed. It was that boy from the concert again. What the fudge cake was he doing here? "I see one of you're eggs have hatched." Ikuto said. "Alice's eyes widened. One of her eggs hatched? How would he know? "How do you know?" Alice asked. Ikuto tapped his nose. "Who are you anyway?" Alice asked. It wasn't normal for someone to have blue hair other than Julius.

The boy stood up from his crouch and said "Ikuto" before he jumped down off the roof and into the night sky.

The boy named 'Ikuto' was a mystery, Alice had to admit. His cat ears only made Alice feel bad. He reminded her of Boris, her favorite funny, cute, joking cat.

Alice noticed that her eyes were getting droopy. She was tired now. Alice went inside and got in bed. Another day is just waiting for her.

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