The rain hit hard against the tower, lightening cracked, causing shadows in the tower to shift form, blackness fading in and out on the walls. The Titans were all hidden within their rooms, Beast Boy playing some video games, trying to get his K/D ratio in Modern Warfare 3 up. Raven, meditated, blocking any images out, any sounds, any noises, everything. Starfire floated close to the ceiling and painted pictures of her planet there focused on the many colors. Cyborg was in the garage, or he called it his room, fixing up his car, and charging his batteries. Robin sat up late, staring at the walls, his mind wandering here and there, he wondered about all the Titans he had working under him, how long it had taken him to have them live here, provide necessary accommodations, it seemed like eternity, but at long last he finally got them here.

This lone night, stalked on and on, and Robin was satisfied with his team, he didn't consider himself, "the leader", but most of the Titans did, and so he carried himself as such. He had approval of what was allowed, who joined, who was kicked out, and so on and so forth. None of the Titans argued, despite the fact that some of them, could probably kill him. However, he remained in command, and they were doing great, they had saved the world countless times, they had stopped Slade even more times. And now, aside from stopping thugs from robbing a bank, or stopping some jail breaks, the Titans rarely saw action. No real threat had given them any trouble for awhile now...until tonight. Robin was up mourning the loss of several friends...Titans had been dropping here and there, the first to go was Titans North, they went off line, and as Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin went to investigate, they discovered their deaths. No evidence, nothing, clean kills, this disturbed Robin and the rest of the Titans greatly. Robin was up late, mourning, and focusing on who, or what had killed his teammates, he would find out, and he would make them pay...

Carter Roulet, was no stranger to death, he had found his share, and he had killed many more than found. He had been hired for the same reason, kill, that was always his contracts, to kill. He had been hired by several people before, he was good at what he did, damn good...but then again what do you expect from an assassin. He was a strange character, his past was shrouded in mystery.

Roulet made his way across the rooftop of a skyscraper, his backpack rattling as he ran. The rain caused him to slip slightly but he stayed focused. He got to the position he had marked and knelt down, the rain beat down on his leather jacket, soaking his hair, and jeans. Roulet unpacked his AS50 sniper rifle, and flipped open the scope. He had been hired...hired to kill the Teen Titans. ALL of them, to him that sounded like no issue. He had killed Heroes and Villains alike. He had no "powers" none at all...although his ex-girlfriends, (who were all Heroes) had complimented on his "luck." and his ability to...well manipulate it, but he thought it was all lies. Roulet lied prone, his eyes aimed through the scope, he was soaked from head-to-toe from the rain, and lying on the wet ground didn't help. He really wished he was at his den, with his dog Tuck, and the many crates of guns.

But then again, he didn't care, he had a job, and he intended to fulfill that job.

Roulet held his breathe, and took aim, he steadied his hand, and placed his finger on the trigger.

He fired, the recoil from his gun, rippled through his arm, shaking the wet drops of water from his face.

The middle window on Titan Tower exploded, a fray of glass spilled into the tower.

Roulet smirked, and packed up his sniper rifle, folding it and unscrewing it. He pulled the pack over his shoulder, and slid down a nearby latter, to his motorcycle below, the beginnings of his plan...had now begun.


Robin surveyed the broken glass, "Everybody okay?" he asked.

The Titans present nodded their heads, and "Yes's" were heard all around.

"What do you think happened?" Beast Boy asked, stepping on the broken glass.

"I don't know." Robin said, rubbing his forehead.

"Well, would it not be easier to run some diagnostics?" Starfire asked, her grasp on English was fine, it's just...she almost never used contractions, sounded professional when read, but when actually heard, most of the Titans found it amusing.

"Yeah, Robin," Cyborg said, "I got a few spare scanners we could use."

Speedy picked up some of the broken glass, "This was no simple prank, or rock, this was definitely calculated." he said, as he examined the glass.

"Over here." Raven said, and pointed to a hole in the wall.

"Sniper round," Speedy said.

"An AS-Fifty." Robin said, picking up some of the fragments. "Cyborg run some ballistics on this."

"You got it." Cyborg said, cutting a square block where the bullet had hit.

Robin slumped down hard, "Were getting sloppy." he whispered aloud.

Suddenly someone walked in.

"Can I help you?" Robin heard, Aqualad say.

"Yeah, I'm looking for, Robin?" he asked.

Robin stood up, "Yeah, what's up?"

"Hey, I'm here to join the Titans." he said, walking over to him, hand outstretched.

"I see," Robin said, "What's your name?"

"Carter," he said, and shook Robins hand, "Carter Roulet."

"Roulet?" Aqualad tried to pronounce.

"Yeah, like, rue, and lay." Roulet chuckled.

"Interesting name." Robin said.

"I blame my parents." Roulet lied, he had no parents.

"Well," Robin said, "We don't typically just let anybody join, what are your powers?" he asked.

"I don't have any." Roulet said calmly.

"I see." Robin acknowledged. "How could you be useful?"

"I'm just looking for a fight." Roulet smiled.

"Well," Robin said, "We could give you a tour, see how well you fair."

"I'm just trying to help out," Roulet shrugged, "I mean I've helped you guys out before, you just probably haven't noticed." Roulet said.

"Like?" Robin asked, leaning back on the couch.

"Well, like at jail breaks and stuff..." Roulet's voice trailed off.

"Okay, well," Robin cracked his knuckles, "I suppose we could see you in action before we recruit you."

"Speaking of action," Speedy said, "Looks like we've got a robbery on Snyder Street."

Robin nodded, "Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Speedy, you guys will accompany me, and this possible new recruit." Robin motioned his hand to Roulet.

"Oh well, it is always good to make new friends!" Starfire smiled and perked up, "I am Starfire." she said, her hand stretched out.

"Roulet, Carter Roulet." He said, shaking her hand.

"So many names with, 'R'." Raven sighed, "Hey," she said, and shook his hand.

"What's up dude?" Beast Boy said, giving him firm handshake in the form of an Ape.

"Shit, dude.." Roulet winced at the firm grip on his hand.

"And I'm Speedy." he said, reaching for Roulet's hand, "That a sniper rifle?" he asked.

"Sniper rifle, assault rifle, pistol, and shit load of other weapons." Roulet smirked.

"I see," Speedy said.

"You a gun guy?" Robin asked.

"Yes, sir." Roulet smiled, "I don't need them per say, but they serve their purpose well."

"All right, well we can talk about preferences after we put these guys away." Robin said, pulling on his boots. "Let's go!"

The Titans, along with Roulet, hurried out the door, swiftly, Starfire carrying Robin, Beast Boy turning into a bird, and Raven ready to fly. Roulet and Speedy kinda just stood there.

"SO how does this work, do we hail a cab or some shit?" Roulet asked.

"No," he chuckled, "Usually Raven isn't being a bitch and gives us a ride!" Speedy yelled loudly to her as she started to fly away.

"Fuck you." Raven hissed, "Sorry Carter." she apologized.

"No big deal." Roulet shrugged. "And it's Roulet..."

"Gotcha." she said, "Here," Raven made a bubble of energy, Speedy and Roulet entered the bubble. "Don't worry, you should have enough oxygen to make it to the city." Raven said.

"WHAT?" Roulet asked startled.

"That was a joke." Raven said, not even smiling.

"Oh..." Roulet sighed, "Good one.." he said relieved.

The Titans finally made it to the city, Roulet pulled out his pistol from behind his checked the magazine.

"Guns," Speedy scoffed, "HA."

"Make do with what I can..." Roulet retorted.

"Guys, let's focus on this bank." Robin said, as all of the Titans landed on the ground.

"This guy always so uptight?" Roulet asked Speedy.

"Nah, he's just worried." Speedy said.

"About?" Roulet asked.

Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Robin ran ahead of them, anxious to get to the fight.

"Some of the Titans have been murdered.." Speedy sighed.

Roulet halted as he ran, but continued his pace, "Damn..."

"Yeah, it's weighing pretty heavy on him..." Speedy said.

"I can imagine why." Roulet commiserated.

The two sped up close by, catching up with the rest of the Titans.

"ANYBODY MOVES AND I SHOOT A HOSTAGE!" one of the robbers said, running out of the exit, with a young woman, gun aimed at her head.

"Stand down Titans!" Robin ordered abruptly.

Roulet kept his gun out.

"Listen..." Robin tried reasoning with the man, "I don't wanna hurt you."

"Fuck if you could..." The man spat, increasing the grip around the woman's neck.

Robin was motioning for Starfire to fly around.

"Don't you think about flying!" he yelled. "I'll shoot her right now!"

Suddenly there was a gunshot, and everyone dropped.

The thug stumbled forward, the young woman fallen to the floor, covering her ears.

"How did..." the thug dropped to a knee, and then collapsed to the floor, a pool of blood forming beneath him.

Robin turned around and saw Roulet aiming high, his hands locked around the pistol.

"What the fuck Carter?" Robin yelled.

"He wasn't listening..." Roulet said, "So I shot him."

Robin rushed towards Roulet, "Listen to me..." he pushed Roulet, "You make another decision like that, there will be no, question, you won't even get a shot about becoming a Titan, are we clear?" He asked.

Roulet raised his hands, "Crystal." he spat on the floor.

Robin exhaled roughly, and stormed off in the general direction to where the other thugs were. "Starfire, go pick them up." he ordered.

"Yes, Robin." she said, and flew high in the sky, around the bank.

The thugs sat outside, two in front, and three around the back.

"You know the only thing I hate more than thugs," Robin tightened the grip on his gloves, "Is thugs with ugly ski-masks."

"Were not wearing ski-masks dumb ass." one of the thugs scoffed.

"I couldn't tell from the looks of those faces." Robin insulted.

"Why you little.." one of the thugs flicked his cigarette away, and swung a punch at Robin, Robin, being the martial arts expert that he is, deflected the blow, and brought his arm clean into him, slamming him down against the asphalt.

Roulet walked around front, as Robin dispatched the thugs "Who's the new guy?" one of the thugs joked, him and his buddies started to laugh.

Roulet smiled, and checked to make sure none of the Titans were around, then slid the pack of his back down to the floor.

"Yeah," one of the other thugs chimed in, "The fuck you looking at?"

Roulet cracked his knuckles, "Two faggots, who got so tired of sucking each other off," Roulet picked up a pipe from the floor, "they decided to take a smoke break."

"Some one kill that motherfucker!" one of the thugs yelled, and stood up.

The other one pulled out a knife, and rushed at Roulet. Roulet side-stepped, and gripped the front of the thugs left wrist, with his right hand, then slammed the lead pipe up into his elbow.

The thug screamed in pain, and Roulet, slammed the pipe back down into his shoulder, dislocating it.

"You piece of shit!" the thug spat.

Roulet chucked him to the floor, and slammed his foot into his face.

"Faggot number two?" Roulet chuckled, and tossed the pipe to the floor.

The thug pulled out a gun, and aimed at Roulet, "Yeah..." he smiled nervously, "Who's scared now, huh? You punk bitch!" he fired the gun, but nothing happened.

"Seems to me," Roulet laughed, "That your gun's jammed."

The thug threw the gun at him, and then picked up the now, unconscious thugs knife.

Roulet caught the gun with his gloved left hand, and cocked it back, releasing the jam.

The thug thrust with his knife at him, Roulet slammed his elbow into the thugs face, knocking him down to a knee, he slammed the butt of the gun into the man's face, with a resounding crack, but not from the gun, from the thugs skull. Roulet let the thug stand back up, and swing a punch, Roulet felt blood trickle down his lip, allowing for the hit to connect.

Roulet kicked him down, and then pulled him up by the shirt.

"Bite the pavement!" Roulet ordered, slamming the barrel of the gun into the back of the thugs head.

"BITE IT!" he ordered.

"Carter?" Speedy said, coming to the front of the bank.

"Speedy," Roulet said, "Thought Robin told you to go with him?"

"No..." Speedy said, taking stringing an arrow very slowly. "What are you doing?"

Roulet kicked the thug down, "Taking care of these robbers..." Roulet said, clearing his throat repeatedly.

"Uh huh." Speedy breathed in, "And the gun?"

"It's his..." Roulet said.

"Sure it is." Speedy said, "Put down the gun Carter." Speedy ordered, his bow aimed at him.

"Damn it Speedy..." Roulet swallowed hard, and then took aim at Speedy.

"Robin," Speedy said, taking out his Titan Communicator, "We got a situation here recommend you-"

"SPEEDY GET DOWN!" Roulet yelled, and fired the gun.

Speedy took the bullet to the chest, and then dropped hard to the floor, blood spilling from the wound.

"Robin, this is Carter," Roulet said, putting the gun in the dead thugs hand, "Speedy is hit BAD!"

"Were on our way!" Robin said, running around to the front of the building.

Roulet took off the glove from his hand, and walked over to the near dead Speedy.

"Nothing against you personally..." Roulet sighed, "Just a job."

Speedy breathed heavier and heavier.

Roulet sat down, and wiped his bloody lip, waiting for Robin to come.

"One down..." Roulet said, and grabbed his backpack, "A lot left to go."