My name, is Carter Roulet. I was designed for one kill. My motives are ulterior, my life is a figment of my imagination, and my humanity is non-existent. In the past year, I have killed Teen Titans, joined them in their fight against Slade, and been captured by Failsafe, yet again. I have no idea if I'll make it out of here alive...that's something I constantly wonder. But I can tell you this...I've been in worse places before...and I've gotten out.

Epilogue III: Wake me, when you need me.

The room was as dark and cold, as Carter Roulet remembered, the feeling of chains around his hands, and feet brought back mild memories...but none that he could hold onto. Water dripped from the corner of his cell, Roulet's eyes had adjusted to the darkness...but not his mind. Roulet heard the metal door at the end of the hall swing open.

"So, you thought you could evade Failsafe..." Dr. Williams said, as she paced around the front of the cells.

Roulet said nothing, he sat in the corner of his cell, not giving her the satisfaction.

"You're gonna rot in here. You will wish every day, that we will kill you. But we won't. You'll wish for the pain to cease. But it shall remain. There's nothing redeeming, about what we'll have you do. And I suppose the decent thing won't remember who you are." Dr. Williams smiled sinisterly, and then snapped her fingers.

Three well armed guards entered the room, equipped with stun sticks, and batons. "Take him." Williams ordered.

Roulet stood up, and braced himself for the fight, but not the feeling of electricity. The volts coursed through his body, and he fell to the floor. The guards shackled the back of his hands, and then stood him up.

"You see Carter..." Williams walked through the large metal door, Roulet behind her. "We are the good guys. In the eyes of the public. We are the salvation. The cure. Not men like you." Williams smiled as they came to a large metal table.

"We failed with you." Williams said, taking a syringe, and filling it up, "But we can right those wrongs." she smiled, flicking the contents of the shot.

"What do you plan on doing with me?" Roulet asked, searching for rooms, and doors.

"It won't matter. In five minutes you won't remember your first name." Williams shrugged.

"Is that what that shot does to me...erase my memory?" Roulet snarled.

"Oh no." Williams said, placing it on the table, "But that's what this will do to you." Williams pulled a Desert Eagle from her belt, and fired the .50 Cal round straight through Roulet's skull. Blood, brains, and bone fragments splattered everywhere. Roulet's headless corpse dropped to the floor.

"Well, don't just stand there! Pick him up for fuck's sake!" Williams barked the orders, as two guards picked him up, and laid him on the table.

"We only have a few let's make this quick." Williams said, taking a bone saw, and cutting open his sternum. "Gentlemen, as you can see...his hearts still beating." Williams pointed to Roulet's beating heart, and although extremely slow, still beating. Blood was still pouring from the decapitated head...but it had already start to regrow.

"What are we doing exactly?" Williams key assistant asked, as he grabbed some gloves to begin the operation.

"We are enhancing his DNA structure, while rewriting some of his brain waves." Williams said.

"You just exploded his brain into oblivion!" the assistant yelled.

"Were doing that part last." Williams said, already beginning to work on the cell structure of Carter's DNA.

The operation was straight out of a sci-fi movie. The tools, the tech, and what they were doing, was not humanly possible. But then again...neither was regrowing an exploded brain, and head. They operated for a full 7 hours, before they figured Roulet had finished growing back his head. Which he had. The bald young man's face was pure. Near perfect. As it was a fresh face, brand new.

"Do you have the gene pool mixture's?" Williams asked.

"Yes, ma'am." the assistant said, grabbing the vials.

"Such a beautiful face." Williams said, kissing the unconscious and coma induced Roulet. "But I enjoy destroying beautiful things." Williams smiled, digging the syringe right beneath Roulet's eye sockets, she injected the liquid, and a pool of black formed underneath Roulet's eyes. Williams took another, syringe, and another vial. Filling each one up, and injecting it somewhere on Roulet's body.

"And, ma'am...his memories?" the assistant asked, as he moved the tray over.

"What do you think?" she chuckled, "erase them."

The assistant nodded, and grabbed a 7 inch long needle, sticking the entire tip into his skull, and pulling the trigger. The needle expanded inside his brain, and started to spin, almost like a blender, but it didn't turn his brain to liquid, it merely sliced off a few different places, poked others, and destroyed several patterns. His healing factor would rebuild these parts, but not those memories...

"Now what?" the assistant asked, pulling off his gloves.

"Now..." Williams smiled. "We wait. Take him back to his cell."

"He's in critical condition...even with his healing factor. His powers are in remission...the DNA hasn't had a chance to re-write yet..." the assistant argued.

"Do it now." Williams said, so soft, yet stern, that nobody spoke. "We'll see how lucky he gets." Williams smiled, as she stepped into the elevator.

"Yes, ma'am." the assistant said, ordering the guards to take Carter Roulet back to his cell. The guards carried him out. Back through the metal door, and tossed his unconscious body in the cell. Slamming the door shut.

The guards left, as did Williams' assistant, and all was quiet. Not a stir, not a voice...just a soft whisper...and a name Roulet would never say again. "Terra..."

Failsafe compound, upper wards. Location on the grid: Unknown.

"Has he woken up yet?" Boss asked, as he stared out of his office window, at the machines and at the assembly line making firearms, and other weapons of destruction.

"No, not yet." Williams said, "It's been three days today. I'm not surprised he hasn't woken up actually."

"Why's that?" Boss asked, but his question would never be answered...

"Dr. Williams, Dr. Williams!" her assistant screamed, as he barged into Boss's office.

"What is it Flint?" Williams said.

"It's Roulet..." Flint gasped, as he held his forehead in pain, "He's awake..."

Failsafe compound, lower wards/ cell blocks.

"Do you know the definition of insanity?" Roulet asked the chained guard.

The guard shook his head.

"It's doing the same fucking thing, over and over, and over, and fucking over again...expecting something different to happen." Roulet said, cracking his knuckles. His eyes were blackened beneath his lower lids. His face was cut somewhat, and scarred. His neck was filled with scars, and bruises from the needles, and syringes, his hair was barely visible, but a slightly lengthened part grew in the middle of his head, like a mohawk almost. His iris's shifted colors, and his arms and legs looked like he had been stabbed with a ton of throwing knives. Small bruises and scars, but many. His discolored skin was proof that the serums, and other genes used had worked.

"You know...I'm sorry, but I don't like the way, you're fucking, looking at me!" Roulet stood up, and put the barrel of his gun into the guards mouth, "You think I'm bullshitting you. Fuck you, okay? Fuck you!" Roulet pulled the trigger, and blood splattered across his face.

"Stand down!" Boss said, Williams by his side, and both with guns in their hands.

"Oh, well would you look at that, it's the fucking cavalry." Roulet smirked, his red jumpsuit was tied at the waste, his entire torso, and back were horribly scarred, and bruised. The tattoo's covered up most of the damage, as did his muscular build.

"Williams, I'm surprised you can walk straight, you fucking whore." Roulet snarled.

"What's your name?" Boss asked, his gun raised high.

"My..." Roulet shook his head, "Fuck you! I don't have to tell you shit."

"It's because you can't tell can't remember." Williams smiled, as she lowered her gun.

"My name..." Roulet's eyes flickered, "Is Carter...R-Roulet..." he struggled.

"How does he..." Boss gasped.

" environment in which he was born...or rather produced. Has caused him to remember." Williams said quietly, "But watch this." Williams said, holstering her gun, "Subject 21...stand down." she ordered.

"Yes, Williams." Roulet said, holstering his gun.

"As you can see...he responds to Subject 2-" Williams ducked as Roulet fired a round.

"You think you got me figured out!" Roulet laughed, as he shot the guards that surrounded Boss, and Williams, "I am my own person."

"No, you're not. You're a clone, a creation, a weapon..." Williams said, breaking him down mentally was the only shot she had, "Everything special about you we did, everything insane about you, we designed."

"No..." Roulet shook his head, "No."

"Have Failsafe guards surround him." Boss whispered into his comm.

"Tell me doc..." Roulet waved his gun as he paced back and forth, "Do you know what the definition of insanity is?" Roulet smirked, "It's doing the same fucking thing...over, and over, and over again. And expecting different results. Isn't that what you do with me?" Roulet asked.

"We try and perfect you." Williams snarled, "We are not insane! You are the one who tries to escape, and that's insane." Williams yelled.

Roulet, furious, and enraged, threw his gun, hitting Boss in the face, causing the larger man to stumble back. Williams took aim, and started firing at Roulet, who bolted for the exits, or anything that looked like a door.

Suddenly, the room exploded, and threw Roulet back, crashing through the north side of the wall. Shrapnel, and other debris caught in his body. He struggled to stand, as his head swooned with pain.

Williams stood over him, as well as an injured Boss.

Roulet crawled for what appeared to be a door, and tried to grasp the handle, but Williams' heel slammed down hard on his hand.

"Tell me Williams..." Roulet coughed up blood, "Have I ever told you the definition...of insanity?"

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