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"Ladies and gentlemen, the Hollywood Arts class of 2011!"

The new graduates throw their caps up in the air and the audience erupts in cheers. Four of the graduates high five each other before picking up their caps and jumping off the stage, hugging their family and friends that came to see them graduate from high school. Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan make up the popular boy band, Big Time Rush. Their lives are anything but ordinary. Why? Because not only are they pop stars, but they also have superpowers. No, that's not a joke. There was a car accident a few months ago and a chemical truck was involved. It gave them, and their friends Andre, Tori, Cat, Jade, Ryleigh, Beck, Robbie, and Trina, superhuman abilities. It's a long story.

Now that the guys have graduated, they no longer have to worry about revealing their powers to their classmates, but the VicTORious gang does. The guys are trying to ignore their concerts about their friends, but it's kinda hard. It's not easy being teens with superhuman abilities. They have to be so careful all the time and they don't just have to watch out for themselves, but also for each other. They'll all admit that it's a fairly stressful lifestyle, but it's starting to grow on them. When they went to Peligro Island three months ago, they used their powers to defeat a bad guy and that kinda made them realize the positive side of their situation. With their powers, they were able to defeat the guy and protect themselves.

"Ready to party?" Tori asks, wrapping her arm around Logan's waist. When BTR and VicTORious met, relationships were formed as well. Logan and Tori, James and Cat, as well as Kendall and Ryleigh are all couples. The superpowers situation has only brought them closer together, so no one can really say that it's a bad thing. It seemed weird and nervewracking at first, but now they're actually starting to enjoy their powers. After all, it's not like the powers are gonna go away, so there's no point in complaining about the situation. They might as well enjoy it!

"Yep!" The others say in unison.

James holds onto Cat's hand as they leave the Black Box Theatre, walking down the hallway until they reach the main foyer. All he can think about is how great his girlfriend looks tonight. She's wearing a cute pink minidress with white ballet flats and her bright red hair in curly pigtails. She's peppy and adorable yet ditzy one of the group. She's not the brightest person that you'll ever meet, but she's cute and funny so it was kinda hard for James to not like her. He has gotten use to her randomness and overall crazy nature.

"We leave for England tomorrow!" She says excitedly. "I wanna see Buckingham Palace!"

"I don't think it's open to the public." James tells her. Gustavo signed VicTORious (Andre, Tori, Cat, Jade, and Ryleigh) last month and they are once again gonna be the opening act for Big Time Rush, this time on their All Over The World tour. The band is about to release their second album and Gustavo wants to promote it everywhere. Since VicTORious is also signed with Rocque Records now, Gustavo and Griffin decided that it would be a great idea for them to perform a few songs for Big Time Rush's fans, so everyone can get a taste of what to expect from their first album.

"Mom, I wanna take this off and enjoy the party!" They hear Kendall say loudly, while Mama Knight eagerly snaps pictures of her son. He's obviously getting tired of wearing the blue graduation gown. They're all ready to take the gowns off and just party the night away! The Hollywood Arts graduation party is taking place in the Asphalt Cafe and there's gonna be music, food, dancing, and all kinds of cool stuff. But they know that their families are dying to get pictures of their newly graduated sons. Speaking of parents, they don't know that about the superpowers. Kendall's mom is the only one that knows their secret.

"What are you looking forward to seeing?" Cat asks him.

"This." James says, taking his phone out of his jeans pocket. He pulls up a picture on his phone and hands it to Cat, laughing as she gasps and playfully slaps his arm. It's a picture of Gia, one of England's most popular teen celebrities. His desire to meet her has nothing to do with her hotness. He just really wants to meet a famous British celebrity.

"Hey, look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't think it would be cool to meet a British actress." He grins.

"Okay, it would be cool." Cat mutters as they walk over to a table.

"James!" James Diamond calls out. "I wanna get some pictures of you, bud!"

"I'll be right back." James says, giving Cat a kiss before walking over to his dad. Cat sighs as she looks around the Asphalt Cafe. She's reluctant to introduce herself to James's dad. Cat's worried that Mr Diamond won't think that she's good enough for James. She really likes James a lot and she really wants to impress his family. He impressed her family, even her brother! But her brother, unfortunately, didn't impress James. The poor guy fell asleep by the pool and he woke up with ketchup in his hair. Cat's brother claimed that some Disney character put ketchup on her hands and it made it soft, so he wanted to see how it worked on hair. He's pretty weird like that.

"Where's your boyfriend?" Robbie asks her.

"With his mom." Cat pouts.

"I thought you were gonna meet his dad tonight." Beck asks her.

"I'm not too sure anymore." Cat says, looking over at her boyfriend. She watches James talks to his dad, then he turns to look at Cat and motions for her to come over. She frantically looks at Beck and Robbie, who give her their "do it" stares. She gulps and slowly stands up, reluctantly approaching the Diamond family. She gives James's dad a nervous smile, waving.

"Dad, this is Cat, my girlfriend." James says, wrapping his arm around Cat.

"Oh, James has told me so much about you!" Mr Diamond says, shaking Cat's hand.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Mr Diamond." Cat says politely.

"I understand that Gustavo signed you to Rocque Records." Mr Diamond tells her.

"Actually, it's me and four of my friends." Cat explains. "VicTORious."

"Right! Well, I would love to hear you kids sing!" Mr Diamond exclaims. Hmm, he seems really cool! For days, Cat has been worried that James's dad wouldn't like her, but she feels better now. James said to just relax and be herself, so that's what she's doing.

"I could see if my friends want to do a song." Cat says enthusiastically. "We've only been working on our album for a month, so we don't have a lot of material recorded yet. However, we do have one song that we're dying to perform. I'll ask my friends, then we'll ask Gustavo if it's okay."


Cat kisses James's cheek, then she goes to find her friends/friends. They're all standing by the Grub Truck, eating Festus's surprisingly tasty chicken nuggets.

"Hey, James's dad wants us to sing a song! Should we ask Gustavo if we can perform Breakthrough?" She asks them.

"Cat, we just recorded that song last week." Ryleigh says, leaning against the Grub Truck. Well, this must mean that Cat's gonna have to break out her puppy dog face. No one can resist Cat's puppy dog face. She's not a manipulative person at all, but she does use her puppy dog face to get what she wants. She doesn't do it that much, though. She just wants to impress James's dad with her talent. And she knows that Tori probably wants to impress Logan's family, especially since they've never met her before. Mama Knight met Ryleigh's parents last week. They get along great. Mama Knight and Mrs Chambers are officially baking buddies. They made some delicious snickerdoodles the other day.

"Cat, are you kidding me?" Jade complains.

"Cat, not the puppy dog face." Ryleigh groans. "Please don't do that."

"And here comes the tears." Andre mumbles.

"Okay! We'll do it!" Tori blurts out. "We just have to ask Gustavo if it's okay."

"I'll go talk to him." Andre sighs before walking toward Gustavo, Kelly, and Griffin's table. They all watch anxiously as Andre starts talking to their music producer. He begs and pleads until Gustavo finally stands up. Andre jumps back, but then he seems to relax as Gustavo responds. He smiles and high fives the music producer before rushing back over to the girls.

"He said okay!"

"Yay!" Cat squeals, clapping before following her friends over to Gustavo.

"I knew that this might happen, so I brought microphones." Kelly smiles, handing microphones to each of them. "Do you remember the moves?"

"Yeah." Tori nods.

"Good." Gustavo says sternly. "Now start singing!"

"Alright," Tori smiles before speaking into the microphone. "Can I have your attention please? Thank you! Anyway, as you might already know, my friends and I were signed to Rocque Records last month and are currently in the process of recording our debut album. Well, the album is far from finished, but we are gonna give you a little preview."

("Breakthrough" by Lemonade Mouth)

"MARRY ME, TORI!" Some guy shouts. Tori starts to laugh until she realizes who said it. Sinjin Van Cleef, the weirdest boy at Hollywood Arts. He's a nerd, he can't get a woman, he has a game show called Queries For Couples (It sounds cool? Try being on the show. Tori has done it twice and it isn't that great), and he will hit on any hot girl he sees. The Jennifers are here tonight and he even tried to flirt with them, but they immediately shot him down. Not to be mean, but Tori understands why. He's a little on the creepy side.

"Um, no thanks." She says before handing her microphone to Kelly. She steps down from the table and immediately heads over to Logan and his family. By the way, his mom is really sweet. She thinks that Tori is a lovely girl that seems to really care about her son. Tori does care about Logan. They've only been together for three months, but they're very close.

"That was wonderful!" Mrs Mitchell says, hugging Tori.

"Glad you liked it!" Tori says sweetly. "We just recorded it last week."

"You're gonna perform it on tour, right?" Mrs Mitchell asks her.

"We are." Tori smiles.

"You know my brother broke through a gas station once?" Cat asks as she walks over to them. "Seriously, he broke through the gas station with his car. It was closed for the day, though, so no one was there and no one got hurt. He just had to pay for the damages. He got a job and earned some of the money himself, then he asked some of his friends from prison, some from the home for troubled girls that he went to, some friends from rehab, some from his old mental institution, and some from the lady at the hair salon. Yeah, he did a lot of begging." When she sees Tori, Logan, and Mrs Mitchell's weirded out expressions, she giggles. "Yeah, my brother isn't normal."

"Um, I can tell." Mrs Mitchell says, awkwardly patting her shoulder. Cat giggles and turns around, skipping toward the Grub Truck. "Is she one of your bandmates?"

"Yeah," Tori nods. "And she's also James's girlfriend."

"Oh," Mrs Mitchell says slowly. "Okay."

"Yeah, she doesn't usually make sense." Logan says, shaking his head.

"Anyway, I can't believe my baby boy is a high school graduate!" Mrs Mitchell says cheerfully, kissing her son's cheek. She eagerly grabs her camera from her purse and carefully pushes Logan and Tori together. She carefully grabs Logan's arm and puts it around Tori's shoulders. "I am so excited that you two are together! I mean, Tori, you're my Logie's first serious girlfriend! I never thought that he would get a serious girlfriend. I was starting to worry!"


"Haha, Logie's a mama's boy." Carlos whispers as he and Kendall pass them.



Breakthrough-Lemonade Mouth

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