3 months later

School has started again and Tori, Cat, Ryleigh, Jade, Andre, Beck, and Robbie are back at Hollywood Arts for their senior year of high school. They are currently in Sikowitz's classroom with the BTR guys (Gustavo gave them the day off, so they decided to visit their friends), waiting for their teacher. They are all on their phones, texting. Robbie is texting Jovannah, his girlfriend. Yep, nerdy Robbie Shapiro has a girlfriend. A beautiful, rich girlfriend. Everyone was incredibly shocked when he told them. After all, Robbie has never been good with women, yet he managed to get an heiress to date him?

They all look toward the doorway, thinking that Sikowitz is here. But the door opens to reveal Sinjin and his sister, Courtney. Logan groans to himself, not liking where this is going. Last school year, Sinjin tried to get him to date Courtney because she has never had a boyfriend. But Logan doesn't wanna date her, not just because he's dating Tori either. Courtney gives him the creeps!

"Logan, you sure you don't wanna date my sister?" Sinjin asks.


"This happens a lot." Courtney says before following her brother out of the classroom.

"James? What about you?" Sinjin asks, peeking his head into the room.

"Not in a million years."

"Yeah, we thought so."

"One time, my brother tried to hit on Lucy Stone, but she slapped him."

"Cat, no one cares what your brother did." Kendall says boredly, staring at his phone. He's reading some recent articles about Jo. She entered the mental facility in early June and they say that she's still not ready to be released. Apparently, she's pretty screwed up and it might be a long time before she's back to normal. They also had to replace her with another actress for the last two Chauncey Jackson films. Kendall is worried about her, but he can't say anything because he doesn't wanna make Ryleigh feel bad.

"Hey, wanna hear our second single?" Tori asks them.

"Sure." The rest of the class responds.

Tori smiles as she takes a CD out of her purse, putting it the CD player. Their album was just released and it has been well received by critics. Fans are loving VicTORious too, so their careers are doing well so far. Also, Shelby has started talking to her biological parents. She even spent the night at their house last week and Tori could tell that they were overjoyed. Tori is happy, too. She has come to enjoy having another sister who isn't as obnoxious and self absorbed as Trina. She loves Trina, but it's just nice to have at least one normal sibling.

("You're My Only Shorty" by Demi Lovato)

"I'm here!" Sikowitz says, pushing the door open. "What did I miss?"

"The first thirty minutes of class." Carlos tells him.

"Really?" Sikowitz frowns, looking at his watch. "Whatever! Let's get started, shall we? Anyone know what the lesson plan is for today?'

"Did you do any planning at all?" Logan asks him.


"Of course not." Logan says simply.

"What was the song you kids were singing?" Sikowitz asks, sitting next to the guys on the stage. "Boys, did you do your homework?"

"One, it's the first day of school. Two, we graduated already!" James tells him.

"I'm sorry! I had a little party at my house last night." Sikowitz says before flipping through his notebook. "Oh! I will be holding auditions for a new play tomorrow after school and if any of you are interested, please show up. Except for Big Time Rush, you guys can't audition because you no longer go to school here. I could use some help with behind the scenes stuff, though."

"Thanks for offering." Kendall shrugs.

"You know what? Continue with that song." Sikowitz suggests. "Since I was late and didn't write the lesson plan, we don't have much time today. Therefore, we need something to keep all of us busy."

("You're My Only Shorty" continues)

Cat walks over to James and gives him a kiss, then continues singing. Jade, Beck, and Robbie are the only ones not dancing because Beck and Jade are making out and Robbie is still texting Jovannah. Well, at least they're all having fun.

(The song ends)

The friends all hug as the song ends. The tour was a huge success, the fans love both bands, and new friendships and new relationships were formed. No, everything may not always be perfect, but it's all good enough for them. The tour got off to a rought start, but they ended up having a really good time. Now the drama is over and they can move on with their lives.

Well, possibly.

That is the last chapter! Anyway, I want to tell you about the third installment in the Danger Island series:) As you know, it was revealed that Jo entered a mental facility in the last chapter and that sets the plot for the next story:) Basically, the BTR and VicTORIous gang find out some stuff about the place where Jo is staying and they must go undercover to not only discover the truth but also to free Jo!

I'm seriously thinking about calling it The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy:P Does that sound good?

It's darker and edgier than Danger Island and Living A Double Life and I'm really excited to start working on it:) It'll be posted soon:)

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