Morgan smiled as she was eating her bowl of soup. It was three days past since the dark wave and she was now eating dinner with Hunter and Moira. She was home finally, no more dark wave! It was one of the happiest moments in her life. "What's up with the smiling, Mum?" Moira laughed at her.

"Oh, just happy. No, extremely happy," she amended, then laughed with her daughter. Even Hunter cracked a smile through his chapped lips and she gave him a smile.

They finished dinner and Morgan and Moira got up and did the dishes, also taking care of anything left out. Hunter walked slowly to the guest bedroom and she guessed that he went immediately asleep.

"Is he going to be okay?" Moira asked her mother as they put away the last of the dishes.

Morgan looked at her hopefully, "I think so, at least physically, I'm not sure about emotionally."

Moira nodded, satisfied with the answer. They sat on the couch together for a moment before it was time for Moira to go to bed, she had school in the morning. "Night Mum," she called.

"Night," Morgan said, heading to her room. She changed into her night clothes and brushed her hair and teeth. She touched her piece of Morganite she had found last week carefully before closing her eyes and falling into blissful sleep.

She was startled awake at about 1am to muffled screaming. She got up and opened her closed bedroom door. She walked down the hall stopping first at Moira's bedroom. She pressed her ear lightly to the bedroom door and listened. Nope, she determined, not from there. She cautiously walked farther down the hallway to the guest bedroom where Hunter slept. She carefully pressed her ear to the door and sure enough she heard the muffled scream again.

She opened the door and looked inside. Hunter was still sleeping, but he was dreaming. More like having a nightmare, Morgan thought. She walked over to the bed and tried to shake him awake. He wouldn't wake. He pushed him with more force, though she hated to do it. He was so fragile it seemed. His eyes jolted awake. "Hey," she said gently.

He looked around seeming to realize it was not morning yet, "Did I...wake you? I'm sorry," he said slowly in his rattly voice, pausing every so often to think of a word.

"It's fine. You were having a nightmare, I could tell. You wanna talk about it?"

He shook his head in frustration, "I don't remember it, only that it was terrible."

Morgan nodded in understanding, "Hold on," she said running off to her circle room and grabbed a stone than ran quietly back. She held it out to him, "It's Ruby, it'll keep away your nightmares if you put it under your pillow for tonight."

He took the stone carefully out of her hand and put it under his pillow.

"I'm glad you're here," she said self-consciously.

He touched this tips of her fingers with his and smiled a bit, "Me too."

She carefully wrapped one hand around his neck and hugged him lightly, she had missed him so much during those sixteen years. She pulled away, "Night Hunter."

"Night," he told he and she shut his door again quietly.


She smiled, handing Moira her bag as she started walking out the door. "See you after your classes," she said.

"I'll talk to you when I get home, Mum," she said smiling then walked out into the sunny day.

Morgan went back into the kitchen and got her regular breakfast of poptarts and Diet Coke. She popped the can open and took a deep drink of it. Ah, she thought in relief.

"I've missed that," she jumped as she heard Hunter's slow, rattly voice.

She put the pop down on the counter, "Morning." He smiled, it pulled the skin on his cheeks tighter, making him look even thinner than before. "Want some toast?"

He nodded and she set to making some. He came up and stood next to her.

"So I was thinking," she said, "that we might want to do something about that gash on your head. It looks a bit infected."

"How?" He croaked.

"Well I'm really good at healing lately, it would only take me a minute," she explained, lightly buttering the toast that had just popped up.


"How about after your done eating?"

He nodded and she handed him the toast on a small plate and she set to eating her poptart.

After they were done Morgan led Hunter to her private circle room. They sat down on the floor. "Close your eyes," she whispered to him and he did. She carefully put her hands on the gash in his forehead and channeled white, healing energy into her fingers. She felt the skin start to knit back together under her fingers. She moved from his face down to his arms and continued to channel the white energy. She finally ended with his hands, taking them in hers.

She ran her fingers lightly over his knuckles, healing the cut that was on each side. She opened her eyes and smiled tiredly. "All done," she said, then recited a simple energy restoring chant in her mind. It was quick.

"Thanks," he said, touching his forehead where the gash used to be. She didn't heal any of the bruises or the minor cuts, just the major ones.

She nodded and led him out of the room. They sat down on the couch for a moment before Morgan spoke. "I have to run down to Katrina's from a minute. She said she had something to give to me and said to come get it as soon as possible. Do you want to come with me? It should only take a minute or so."

He nodded, "Sure," he said in his voice that sounded like metal scraping on concrete.

"Okay, I have to get changed," she laughed looking down at her pajamas that she was still wearing, "you do too."

She went back into her bedroom and changed into dark jeans and a shirt. "Ready?" She asked as he came out of the guest bedroom.

He nodded, "Let's go."

Katrina's house was close by so they walked outside together. After a short period of their feet hitting the road, Hunter hesitantly threaded his fingers through hers and she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. She smiled to herself then they were finally at Katrina's. She knocked on her door.

Katrina opened the door, he eyes grave. "Thanks you for coming Morgan," she said, completely ignoring Hunter.

Morgan gave a tug on Hunter's hand, leading him inside with her because it was obvious he felt uncomfortable. "What did you want me to see, Katrina?" Morgan asked her, Katrina was leading her into the living room.

She looked guardedly at Hunter, "He needs to go," she told Morgan sternly.

Morgan looked to Hunter sympathetically, "He can hear what you have to say," she told Katrina with an underlying threat in her voice.

She hesitated before answering and looked at Hunter with disgust, "Either he stays here and we go in there, or you don't get to see what I know."

The was so weird. Morgan didn't know what was going to happen.

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