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Summary: Werewolves are not the only non-humans in the world. What if others exist? This is that story. Derek/OC

Notes: This chapter is a vaguely dense with information so bear with me please; it's just the set up.

There is also a reference to another show that I own nothing of and I'll explain at the end of the chapter. Don't want to spoil it right at the beginning although I'm sure you'll guys be able to guess what it is right away.

Fact or Fiction

Chapter 1

By: Lintered

"I will break you eventually Derek, you might as well just speak now," a woman said. The man she addressed had his hands shackled above his head and was shirtless with electrodes attached to his side. He glared back at the woman but didn't say anything.

"Kate!" a new voice shouted before coming into both of their views from the dungeon like feel of a room they were in. Behind him was a person he was half dragging half pulling along by the arm who was constantly stumbling. That person had a hood over their head, arms tied behind their back and a small wooden stake stuck in the thigh which was hindering their movement. From the looks of it, it was a woman. She was wearing jeans and a fitted tee shirt with a random design on it. Once both were in the room the man shoved her down on the floor and she grunted form the force of hitting the ground but didn't move nonetheless.

"What's this, Ian?" Kate asked, hands on her hips. Ian grinned a cheshire like smile and stepped up to Kate.

"This, my dear, is my present to pay back my debt to you." He picked up the woman on the ground by the arms again placing her in a chair and retied her arms behind it so she couldn't escape. He bent down and secured her legs as well. Once she was tied properly, he removed her hood and grabbed her hair to force her face up towards Kate who stayed silent the whole time. Her eyes widened when she got a good look at the captives face and took a step towards her.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes! You're welcome. Although I have to warn you, don't take the stake out, it's keeping her from healing and I gave her some vervaine to keep her even weaker for you." He took out a small vile of liquid vervaine and a small flower and handed it to Kate. "Here, some extra for you in case it starts wearing off but like I said, that stake will keep her grounded nicely."

Kate took the items and placed it on the table before turning back to the woman in the chair and bent over to be face to face to get a good look at her. The woman's eyes were dark, unlike the bright eyes she was used to seeing in the werewolves. The pupils where black as night and the skin around her eyes were black as well but honestly looked like she was just wearing heavy black make up. She was glaring as best as she could at Kate when she opened her mouth to talk, Kate noticed the fangs peeking out from the lips.

"Ah, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Ian said while covering the woman's eyes with his hand. Kate just raised an eyebrow at him and stood up to her full height.

"It's called 'compulsion', thought you knew that? You can't look them in the eye or else they'll get ya," he said while blind folding the woman in the chair. He gave her head a shove after he tied it off and walked toward the entrance of the room.

"Where did you find her?" Kate asked, curious that one would be in Beacon Hills.

"She was placing flowers on the Hale graves." They both looked at Derek whose eyes widened a fraction at the mention of his family and looked at her. He showed no recognition of who she was when the hood was taken off so could he know her?

"Hear that Derek? Someone actually cares about your family. Who knew? It obviously wasn't you," she said while walking up to him. "Why would someone be at their graves? Hm?" Derek just continued glaring down at her while she felt his abs in front of her.

"Well, I gotta get going, have fun with your new toy! Try not to kill her too soon. They're a bitch to catch."

Kate waved him off and looked back at the woman. "What is your name?"

There was no response; verbal or physical movement that woman in the chair even heard her. Kate walked up to her and slapped her in the face and winced from the impact. Although the woman's head moved slightly, it felt rock hard to her human hand. "I asked you a question."

"My name is whatever you want to call me. I know you really don't care so I have no reason to tell you." Her voice was quiet and tired and seemed to take a lot of effort. Kate chuckled when she heard this.

"Oh my! What a fun turn of events, a smart ass!" She walked up to the woman and hit the stake that was already in her leg. The woman gritted her teeth and gave a slight groan of pain. "At least you talk though, this sour wolf hardly talks to me," she frowned and looked a Derek. Her phone rang and she answered it. After a few seconds she hung up and looked at both her captives.

"Well children, I have to get going but please, enjoy each other's company. I'm sure it will be delightful." Before she left however, she gave Derek a quick electric shock and the woman a push on the stake.

It was silent for a few minutes before the woman let her head fall backwards and rest on the back of the chair with a small sigh. Her mouth was open and Derek could see the tips of teeth poking out from the top row.

"What are you?" he questioned. Her response was a small smile and soon she gave a soft, breathy chuckle.

"I'm a little hurt Derek. Honestly I am, I thought you would recognize me but after what happened, and the time spend apart, I shouldn't be too surprised," she said.

"What are you talking about? Why were you at my family's grave site?" She didn't say anything for a few minutes and he just watched and listened to her ragged breathing.

"My name is Mara. Ringing any bells?" she said. And it was ringing something but Derek couldn't figure out what it was. She didn't really look like someone he knew or someone he saw randomly. And she knew his name so they had to have met at some point. His memory wasn't bad, so why could she remember but not him?


"Well, that's better than nothing I suppose. Like I said, I'm not too surprised but I am hurt."

"What are you?" he repeated. She raised her head from where it was resting on the back of the chair and faced him directly even though she couldn't see him because of the blindfold. She pulled back her lips exposing her elongated canines and growled a very angry sound. "I'm a vampire, you should know this," she snarled.

His wolf side responded to her threatening gesture and his fangs elongated as well although he had long ones on his bottom teeth which Mara did not. He gave a small growl in disapproval and Mara laughed; at least as best as she could through the pain. She was soon gritting her teeth to fight back a groan. Derek's teeth went back to normal at this, his eyes focusing on the stake in her leg that had a small yet consistent trickle of blood coming out of the wound staining her jeans darker.

The stake brought back sudden memories of another time he saw something similar. He would have been around eight or nine and he was running through the woods around his house with his little brother, Austin when they heard crying. They both followed the noise to find a little girl around his age sitting on the ground clutching her arm to her chest.

"What's wrong, little girl?" Derek asked, smelling the blood in the air. She looked up suddenly, startled by his voice and moved her arm away from her body. Both boys were shocked at what they saw.

"I got shot and I can't take it out. I want my Mommy and Daddy," and she started crying again. The boys eyed the arrow sticking out of her arm and Derek looked around them to see if he could find the person who did this. Why would they shoot a girl and then leave her alone? It was once he had that thought that a group of men came out behind trees and surround the three of them.

"Wow, we came for one and we get three? Must be our lucky day!" one shouted and the others laughed.

"This one looks feisty, looking all brave." One commented on Derek and his glare. He was trying to think of a way out of this situation. Not only did he have Austin to look after but now this little girl who was injured and that they were hunting. Why would they want some girl?

All of a sudden, one of the men shouted and was knocked down. And then another, and then a third. Four adults appeared in front of the three children, crouched and ready to attack.

"Mommy! Daddy!" the little girl shouted but did not move from her spot on the ground. Austin shouted the same thing as soon as both he and Derek realized their parents where there too.

Before the hunter could raise his gun to full height, the girl's Dad charged him and was on the ground in a fraction of a second. The adults turned around and faced the three children. The girl's Mom came to her and the Dad soon after to pull the arrow out. After a cry of pain when it was pulled through, she gave a sigh of relief and Derek watched it heal almost instantly.

He looked up at his parents to see their reaction. Was she a werewolf like them? They looked down at him and told him that all will be explained shortly at the house. All seven of them went back silently and sat around the Hale living room couches.

"Thank you once again, Dean and Michelle," the girl's Dad spoke.

"It's no problem, Blake, we have to protect the little ones," said Derek's dad, Dean.

"Yes, thank you once again you guys. Little Mara had not experienced hunters before so if your boys would not have stumbled upon her, she would have been captured or killed," replied Carly, the girl's mom while stroking her daughter's hair. Derek watched the exchange between the set of parents, wondering what exactly was going on. He opened his mouth to question it but his Mom put a hand up to silence him.

"My Derek, these people are like us, yet they are not and soon, your questions will be answered," his Mom said to him. Austin was sitting next to him staying silent and just observing like he usually did. He watched as everyone got comfortable and drinks were passed around. The rest of his siblings were called and they sat in various places where they saw fit.

"Would you like to explain Dean, or would you like me to?" asked Blake. Derek's dad nodded and leaned forward to start his talk.

"My children, as you can see, we have some new guests and these ones are very special, just like us," he said gesturing to the couple and their child sitting on the love seat.

"They are vampires," said Michelle. She didn't want to beat around the bush because there was no point to. Her children understood what it was like to be different and would not judge their new friends harshly because they were different as well.

"Vampires? I didn't know they existed?" said the youngest girl, Mary. Blake and Carly smiled at her sweetly, amused at her statement.

"I understand why you would think that. We ourselves were unsure about werewolves so we are all in the same boat, so to speak," said Blake.

"I guess all those legends had to be based off of something. I never thought I'd meet anyone besides my kind. It's an honor, regardless," smiled Carly.

"So you guys are killers?"

"Laura!" scolded Michelle. The vampires smiled and said it was okay.

"I suppose we could be if we wanted to but as for us specifically, we are not. We know what our kind is known for and while yes, we do need blood to survive, we only need enough to support our systems and we can eat any other type of food to finish sustaining ourselves," explained Blake.

"We know the other rumors about vampires too and the majority of them are false. We can go out in the sun without dying and garlic does absolutely nothing to us. Anything religious also has no effect on us, we're not immortal, and we don't sleep in coffins," finished Carly.

"What about a stake to the heart?" asked Austin.

"What about super powers?" asked Mary.

The children seemed really interested in these new people and wanted to know all they could about them and the rumors about their kind. Dean and Michelle looked at their kids like they were going tell them about being rude but Blake and Carly waved them off saying it was okay and that they were more than happy to talk about it.

"Unfortunately a stake to the heart is possible to kill us. Any form of wood in our bodies prevents us from healing so one directly to the heart would be fatal." Carly frowned and rubbed her daughter's hair thinking about the wooden arrow she was shot with. Luckily it was in her arm and not anything more vital.

"What about super powers?" asked Mary impatiently, her eyes big with wonder. Everyone smiled at her knowing about her curiosity of others around her. She was one of the humans in the family and liked to know about all the special abilities everyone had sometimes pretending she had them herself.

"Would you like to tell them honey?" Carly asked Mara. She responded with a nod and thought about it for a moment.

"We can run really fast and do this really cool mind power thingy," she said. "Compulsion," filled in Carly. "Yeah and all we need to do is look in your eyes and say something and you have to do it. It's a lot of fun at school," she beamed. Carly looked down at her with an eyebrow raised just begging to question her on that bit of information.

"Luckily," started Blake, "there is a way to counteract it and it's another one of our weaknesses."

"Vervaine," said Dean. "I've heard of it before with another werewolf talking about their encounters with vampires. It's like our Aconitum or Wolf's Bane as it's also known."

"Correct. Besides being poisonous to our system like yours, if someone has some form of Vervaine on or in their body, compulsion has no effect." In exchange of teaching their children about vampires, the Hale family told Mara and her parents about werewolves. It was beneficial for both families to know strength and weaknesses of each other's species in case they encountered a hostile group of the other kind.

Derek also found out that they were the new neighbors and that was why Mara was in the woods to get a feel for her surroundings. Now that the hunters were taken care of (they were compelled to forget everything after their vervaine supply was taken from them) he got to see a lot more of her and they become good friends. Going to the same school for years and knowing that they were both special formed a bond between them like no other.

It was when they were in high school that things went downhill. Mara and her parents went on a small vacation to visit another group of vampires across the country and they never came back. He was devastated and even his parents had not heard anything from them. Unfortunately they could only assume the worse and thought of them often. In his sadness was when he met Kate as she picked up his pieces and well, he couldn't think of it anymore.

(back in real time)

"I remember," he said opening his eyes. "But what happened to you guys? We thought you were all dead."

"We were supposed to be dead," was her only reply.

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