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Summary: Werewolves are not the only non-humans in the world. What if others exist? This is that story. Derek/OC

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Fact or Fiction

Chapter 10 - Epilogue

By: Lintered

"Why was Matt so set on killing your family?" asked Danny. The pack, including Allison, Lydia, and Mara were lounging around the living room after Mara had recovered from her injuries. They all had some snacks that Stiles and Scott brought over earlier and the television was on in the background. They needed to be together periodically to strengthen their bonds and it felt good to them and now that they understood the connection to each other after an explanation from Derek, it was even better.

"I have no clue. I think it might have been a long standing family issue or something like that. We were separated in a hurry so they never explained it to me. I wish I knew why but I also don't at the same time, if you know what I mean?" They all gave small nods and Jackson threw his arm around her shoulder.

"I have a proposition for Derek," he said. Everyone looked at Jackson though he only looked at Derek who simply raised his eyebrow at him.

"Mara needs to be in the pack as well as Lydia and Allison if they chose it. They are practically in it already but let's make it official." Everyone looked at Derek after Jackson finished speaking then looked at the girls.

"But I'm a vampire," said Mara.

"So?" asked Jackson. "We have two humans already in our pack plus a potential of two more. Why not a vampire? It'd only strengthen the pack."

"Jackson's right," said Scott. Stiles, under his breath, said 'for once' but unfortunately for him, he forgot he was in a room with werewolves and they could hear him. Jackson gave a small growl at that and Stiles stuck his hands up in innocence. Mara jabbed Jackson a little in the side to make him stop and gave him a small smile. He let go of her shoulder and shoved her into Derek who simple put his arm around her this time giving her a small kiss to her temple.

"Oh you guys are together? How cute," exclaimed Lydia, sitting up a little straighter.

"You didn't say that for us," complained Scott, frowning while Allison smiled up at him.

"Yes I did! You just forgot because you were too focused on Allison." Allison agreed with Lydia and Scott voiced that he felt ganged up on. Stiles and Danny got into the conversation about who said what and eventually Jackson joined in too. Mara smiled at all of them and their antics, happy that they were happy.

Derek whispered her name and she turned her head to look at him and he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. He was glad that she was alive and that they could finally put her parents to rest and that those questions wouldn't be lingering forever. He examined her face and noticed that she didn't have any scars or marks that told of her rough life and how she was always on the run. Just that she was happy as always and he didn't understand but he wouldn't want it to ever change.

"I would like to be a part of your pack, Derek," she smiled up at him. "To be officially in your pack, I mean. Not just to make sure you're not like your Uncle or for killing people but to have the connection, support and family that goes along with it. Now that I'm not a threat to everyone here, I would like to stay and be with you if you'll have me."

"Of course he'll have you," Lydia interrupted. "In more than one way," she finished with an exaggerated wink. Mara looked at her wide eyed before she burst out laughing; the others following soon after.

"Derek," interrupted Danny. "You never accepted if they could be in the pack or not." Jackson nodded his head in agreement.

"I suppose it would be acceptable to have all you guys join officially." Mara scoffed at his attitude but smiled none the less.

"So in celebration, let's party tonight!"

"I'll bring the booze!" shouted Jackson.

"Now now, we can't have you minors drinking. It's against the law," scolded Mara. The high school students looked at her and groaned.

"So is killing people," muttered Stiles.

"But," she interrupted. "Since this is a special night, I'll allow it."

"You would have anyways," jabbed Derek.

"Yeah you're right. I was just giving you guys shit," Mara laughed.

"You are the weirdest person ever." Scott looked at Stiles when he said that and telling him that he was the weirdest person he knew. They glared at each other before breaking out into big grins and Derek sighed.

"I have the weirdest pack ever."

"It's definitely not a traditional one, that's for sure!" assured Stiles.

"Anyways," drawled Derek. "Traditionally, initiation is a pack killing so the pack would go out and kill something together and eat it but since we're not traditional, I don't know. It's pretty much reliance and trust on each other and all those involved must have that same feeling. Those who are werewolves will have more of an effect because they are wolves but for you humans and vampire, you should get the same effect it just won't be as strong. You should feel a pull towards each other and also sense my power as alpha and the need to obey me when it comes to that. Other than that, I think you guys already know most about it. Help each other out no matter what, the need to be around each other often, etc." Everyone nodded in understanding and accepted it.

"However weird you guys are, I want a strong pack so we will do training almost every day according to your school schedule. Whether it is physically working the body, training with weapons or doing mind exercises, we will be strong." Yet again, everyone nodded. "Okay well, let's get ready to celebrate, shall we?"

They all stood and left the Hale property to pick up their appropriate items to bring for the night as well as stuff so they could sleep over. Derek drove Mara and himself to the grocery store to pick up some dinner to make for the pack to eat. Since they already knew what they wanted, it was a quick trip to Mara but for Derek, it was a different story.

He noticed all the men looking at her and some even talking to her, flirting with her and she didn't ignore them or tell them to go away. She just talked back to them like it was nothing and it made him mad. He would glare at them until they left and he was vaguely surprised at his own possessiveness towards her. He pushed it off as her escaping death but he knew deep down that wasn't it. There was something different about Mara that made him want to claim her.

In the car ride home, Mara broke the silence. "I'm sorry about what happened in the store. It's part of being a vampire."

He looked at her sideways. "What do you mean?"

"The men that kept looking at me and flirting. They couldn't help it, it was the mating pheromones I give off at this time of the year. I can't help it and it's a little embarrassing admitting it but it's just what happens."

"Hmm," he muttered. "I guess that's what was different about you."

"You noticed it too? Oh god.. what about the other boys, they must not have been effected by it hopefully! Maybe because they are pack...?"

"I'm pack and I noticed it."

"Yeah but you're different because you're the alpha. Plus we're kind of dating so you're already attracted to me."

"There was more attraction than normal. I noticed it but didn't know what it was specifically. Now that you mentioned it, however, I can sense it perfectly." He looked over at her and noticed how blushed her face was. Mara was really embarrassed. She never had the problem before because when it happened, it was usually around other vampires and it's normal for them but when she admitted it to Derek, it was hard. They stayed silent the rest of the ride home and once they were back at the house, they unpacked and started making some food for everybody. It wasn't too much longer before the pack started filtering in.

Mara soon forgot about her hormonal problem because she had other things to focus on such as the pack and their antics. Derek didn't forget and watched how the boys interacted with her. It seemed so normal how they acted but it was just something a little more, even from Scott who was with Allison even though she didn't seem to notice. There was a lot more touching from them to her and lots of fights over silly things as if to show how much better one was over another. Jackson and Stiles kept the closest to her while Danny stayed more across the room seemingly not affected.

Lydia approached him and asked him to actually be in the group and not brooding behind it. Everyone heard her and they started bugging him about it as well so he uncrossed his arms and sat on the couch next to Mara. She handed him her beer and he drank some of it and went to hand it back to her only to find out that she had another one in her hand. He frowned at her and she smiled sweetly back.

Stiles flopped down in front of Mara and she handed him her beer while she started giving him a gentle shoulder rub.

"You smell good," she said.

"Thanks. I got this new body spray stuff and I thought it smelled good too."

"That's not what I meant." She leaned down and sniffed his neck, smelling the blood pumping through his veins. She hadn't fed in a few days and with everything that had been going on the past week, she wanted blood.

Stiles shivered at feeling breath by his ear and twisted around to see her face which was right next to his and her eyes black. He gasped and made to pull away but her grip tightened on his shoulders and he licked his lips nervously.

"Mara," Derek said and she looked at him, her face back to normal. She looked back down at Stiles and apologized before getting up and walking upstairs. Derek stood and followed her but not before telling the pack not to worry and keep doing what they were doing.

"Mara," he called again. They were in his room and she paced back and forth in front of him. She stopped in front of him and looked him in the eyes; her own black.

"I'm thirsty." She stepped up to him and kissed him hard while he responded eagerly. He walked her backwards until they fell onto the bed still kissing. She rolled them over so she was on top of him, her knees straddling his waist. Mara moved her kissing from his lips down along his jaw and down his neck where she stopped moving. She licked his neck a few times before lifting her head up to look him in the eyes. He gave a slight nod in permission before he felt the sharp pain of her teeth sinking into his neck.

It wasn't long before he started moaning. The endorphins released by her saliva and her grinding on him like that was a deadly combination. His wolf wanted out and he grabbed her arms while she lifted her head up he rolled them over so he was on top. He licked his blood off her lips before moving down to her neck where he was finally going to lay his claim on her.

His features transformed as his teeth elongated and he licked her neck the same as she did to him. He however did not look back at her for conformation to do what he was planning on doing. He bit down into her neck and was instantly hit with every emotion and feeling. There was the feeling of connecting with his mate for the first time that his father once described to him but there was something more; way more. He felt something else; it made their connection even more intense.

He let go of her neck and stared at her; both panting out of breath. Derek was positive their faces had the same shocked and confused face.

"What was that?" he asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," she gasped. They continued staring at each other, seeing the other in a new light before they attacked each other's mouth again, moaning, groaning and rubbing against each other.

"So, care to explain what happened when you bit me? Or why you bit me?" asked Mara. She and Derek were lying under the covers wrapped around each other naked. Derek ran his fingers through her hair before resting it on her neck where he bit her.

"I'm sorry, I was caught up in the moment. I should have discussed it with you first but it was a mating bite; you are now my mate." He heard her gasp and felt her shift her head to look up at him and he looked down at her.

"So that's what that feeling was when you bit me?"

"You're not mad?"

"No! I mean, it was kind of a shock when you told me just now because I wasn't expecting it but I'm happy. Now we can be more together than before." He gave her a gentle smile back and was glad to hear what she had to say. His inner wolf got the best of him during the heat of the moment and he was worried but his wolf never let him down before and it hadn't then either. He explained that to her and also explained to her that there was another feeling when he bit her that was separate from the mating bond.

"Oh no..." Mara trailed off.

"What?" demanded Derek.

"How could I forget? It's something my parents explained to me when I was little. It's called a blood bond. It's kind of like mating between vampires." Derek asked her to explain more in detail and she did. Mara explained that how vampires mate officially was by biting and feeding off of each other and the sharing of blood creates a bond like the ones werewolves had. The extra feeling must have been that they both felt the effects of each species mating ritual.

"Wow, what are the odds?" asked Mara after letting the new information settle in.

"Well, everything we do is not considered normal so what would make this any different?" Mara scoffed and playfully hit his arm.

"Come on, let's get up and make the pack some breakfast. I'm sure they'll be hungry when they wake up, they always are," chuckled Mara. She got out of the bed and went towards the dresser to put on some clothes and highly aware of Derek watching her. Deciding to put on a show, she made a big deal about how to dress herself. She couldn't decide what to wear and she kept bending over to look at the bottom drawer of stuff or holding up shirts to herself to show Derek and see what his opinion was. It wasn't long before Derek got out of bed and took the clothes she was holding and threw them on the ground.

"The pack can wait a little longer for food," he growled. He pushed her back towards the bed where she fell onto it giggling with Derek following her on to the bed.

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