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Culture Shock

Prologue: The Great Heroes of Japan

Long ago, youkai used to share the land with the humans and lived with them in peace. It wasn't uncommon for a youkai to be friends with a human. The land where they resided was called China.

Youkai lived in Japan, too. But the youkai there were different. They considered themselves far more superior than humankind. Some of the youkai had the minds of an animal and ate human flesh as food and sometimes killed for pleasure.

Among the humans, only few fought against the youkai.

Ninjas and samurais, who fought against the youkai more than they fought each other, were people who could defend themselves better than the common folk. They relied on their own strength, skill, and grace to entrap the youkai. The ninjas were the people of the shadows while the samurais were warriors of the light. To make these completely different people collaborate was a feat but the youkai forced them into it.

There were demonslayers, people who devoted their life on killing youkai. They used the bones of the dead youkai to forge their blades that were sharp enough to cut metal. They used every strength that the youkai had against them and protected villages against youkai hordes.

There were also Priests, Monks, and Mikos who protected their fellow humans from the youkai by purifying the seemingly immortal creatures. Beads, sutras, or weapons could be used at their disposal. They were hated by the youkai more than the demonslayers.

The battle between humans and youkai dragged on for centuries. It seemed as if the bloodshed would never end.

Then, the troops of China came.

Their troops were made up of both youkai and humans. The foreigners' technologies were far more superior to their own. This wasn't the first time the people of Japan encountered people from China. China had traded with them and had sent their monks and priests to the island to make peace with them. The Japanese had heard rumors about youkai living in peace with the humans but they had never seen it with their own eyes.

Their leader, Daisuke, was a youkai.

Amazement turned into horror when the machines that the foreigners brought began to tear down their beloved forests, dirtied their rivers, and tainted their air.

Daisuke and his men didn't come to Japan to sightsee, they came to Japan to stay. It turned out that Daisuke was banished by his kind for his different thoughts and destructive plans. He decided to get back at them by forming a stronger army and making Japan his army base. He declared war against Japan and began to conquer the small island.

Many people died and the land began to die with them.

Then, the impossible happened. The intelligent of the youkai and the humans of Japan made an uneasy alliance to drive away the unwanted foreigners.

The War of the Youkai began. The war went on for three years and it would've lasted longer if it weren't for the collaboration of four different girls.

The Heroes of Japan

They challenged Daisuke and, after a long battle that wiped out all living things that were within the radius of the battle, they were victorious.

They parted ways after the war and went on with their normal lives.

They expected to live in peace for the rest of their lives.

"Well," Kanzeon Bosatsu murmured while watching the four mortals down below, "this is going to be fun!"

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