Welcome to my first multi-chapter Calzona fic! Not only is this my first attempt at something larger than a one-shot, it's also my first time writing something that isn't simply a missing scene – so basically it's my first time coming up with the plot completely on my own. Following the canon of Calzona's story line, this story would take place anytime after the wedding. Basically anywhere in season 8. Enjoy….

Today was Arizona's day off. It was also Callie's day off. Despite the fact that both women made a conscious effort to coordinate their time off, it didn't always work out, and today was their first shared break in over two weeks. So the fact that Arizona was currently signing charts at the nurses station did not thrill the blonde, on the contrary, the annoyance she felt at her present situation seemed to be coming off of her in waves and most of the staff had been doing their best to stay out of her way since her arrival four hours earlier…


Callie and Arizona lay sound asleep, curled up in their bed. Callie was spooned in snugly behind Arizona, one arm draped over her waist, Arizona's hand lying on top of Callie's. Both women were jolted awake as a high-pitched beeping filled the room. Callie made to pull her arm away to check her pager, but Arizona tightened her grip on Callie's hand, tugging it firmly across her body. Callie chuckled at her wife's actions, and shifted to free her other arm from underneath herself. Rolling onto her stomach for a second, she grabbed her pager off of her bedside table and glanced at it before dropping it back on the table and rolling back onto her side.

"It's not mine," Callie said softly, pressing a kiss into Arizona's shoulder.

Arizona rolled over and buried her face in Callie's neck. "It's not mine either," came the muffled reply, and Callie laughed. "No," Arizona continued to whine against Callie's skin. "I'm not working today. I'm sleeping. I'm sleeping in and I'm spending the day with you and Sofia. I'm not going to the hospital at," she lifted her head from Callie's neck to glance at the clock, "5 in the morning." She gave an exasperated sigh. "No." She squeezed her eyes shut tight and burrowed her face against Callie's shoulder.

Callie rolled her eyes at her wife's antics. Most people assumed that Arizona's perky personality was turned on all the time, but then again most people had never encountered Arizona before she had at least one cup of coffee in her system. Partially rolling on top of Arizona, Callie grabbed her wife's pager from the blonde's bedside table.

"It's a 911 from Owen to the pit," Callie read.

"Ugh," groaned Arizona, pulling away from Callie and taking the pager from her to read the offending message herself. "Stupid tiny humans," she grumbled as she dragged herself from the bed.

"Hey, look on the bright side, at least it's early," Callie offered.

"How is that a bright side?" Arizona asked as she fumbled in the closet for some clothes. "5 am is never a bright side. Seriously. Who are you and what have you done with Callie?"

Callie shrugged. "Hopefully whatever it is won't take too long and you'll still be able to spend the day with us."


20 minutes later, Arizona cruised into the ER, coffee in hand, ready to tackle whatever had caused Owen to page her in on her day off as quickly and efficiently as possible. If she played her cards right, she could be home before lunch.

Spotting the red head across the ER she made her way towards him. "What've we got?" she asked.

"Fire at a summer camp," Owen said, gesturing for her to follow him towards the trauma bay doors and grabbing a trauma gown. "We've got busses coming in full of kids, all of whom will be unaccompanied minors."

Arizona let out a puff of air. So much for getting home before lunch. At this rate, Arizona wouldn't be surprised if Callie got paged in as well.

"Okay, people, here we go," Owen called as the first ambulance pulled into the bay.

The door to the ambulance opened and a paramedic Arizona recognized as Andy hopped out of the back of the rig. "Jordan Eckford, age 12, multiple contusions and a possible wrist fracture from falling down the stairs. He's also got some smoke inhalation," Andy called as he wheeled a gurney out of the back of the ambulance. The child in question had an oxygen mask strapped over his face and was cradling his left arm against his chest but otherwise looked perfectly healthy.

"Uh, yeah, Kepner, take this one," Owen called as he assessed the boy's clearly non-critical status. As Kepner and a couple interns wheeled the boy away Owen turned to Andy. "Massive casualties and this is what you bring us first? I thought you guys knew how to prioritize."

"That's the worst of it," Andy replied with an eye roll.

"What?" Arizona asked. "That was the most critically injured child?" she asked, pointing in the direction in which Kepner had just disappeared.

"Yeah," Andy replied. "It wasn't a big fire. The kids are just a little shaken up. They all had some smoke inhalation but they're fine. The only reason that kid got hurt was because he panicked and tripped down the stairs."

"Seriously?" Arizona asked. While she was annoyed that Owen had woken her up at 5, she was mostly just thrilled that she wasn't going to have to spend the day at the hospital when she was supposed to be with her wife and daughter.

"The camp is just covering its ass, or, I say camp, but the place is more like a resort. I don't even want to guess how much it costs to send your kid there for the summer. But I do know that the kinds of parents who do are the kind who will slap that place with a lawsuit so fast. The place is full of CEO's kids and movie star's kids, it's gonna get media attention. Between the parents and the news outlets… good luck guys," Andy called as he walked off.

Happier than ever to avoid the circus the hospital was about to become, Arizona pulled off her trauma gown. "Next time you page me at 5 am on my day off, try to make sure there's an actual case Hunt," Arizona said with a hint of teasing in her voice. "I'm going home."

"No, I need you to stay," Owen called, running after her, pulling off his own gown.

"It's smoke inhalation Owen, these cases aren't surgical," Arizona replied, cocking an eyebrow.

"I know, but you heard Andy, this place is gonna be full of crazy parents and the phones will be ringing off the hook. I need someone who knows how to handle parents."

"There is a whole department of Paediatrics here, all of those doctors are trained to deal with parents. This is Dr. Cooper's mess; she's the head of Paediatric medicine. You don't need Paediatric surgery," Arizona retorted.

"If it gets out that we had a ton of high profile kids admitted to the hospital and my head of PEDS surgery wasn't here… The hospital can't take that. I'm sorry, I need you to stay," Owen stated simply. As another ambulance pulled up, Owen left to greet it, and Arizona was left standing in disbelief.


Now, four hours later, Arizona was grumbling to herself as she filled out charts. Not only was she stuck here on her day off, but she wasn't even in surgery. She could probably have gotten over being paged in today if she'd had a killer surgery and saved a life, but she was basically killing time, her only assignment to be in the building so that some lawyer or reporter couldn't make a big deal out of nothing. She had spoken to several irate parents in person, and several more over the telephone. Every child had been looked at, and now Arizona was just waiting for an opportunity to get away. It was only 9:30; she could still spend the day with her girls.

Signing her name at the bottom of the chart, Arizona looked up when she heard a voice say, "Excuse me." Standing before her was a young woman in her early twenties. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and looked thoroughly nervous.

"Can I help you?" Arizona asked, setting aside the chart.

"Um, are you Dr. Arizona Robbins?" the girl asked, she seemed to be staring at a spot somewhere behind Arizona's head. She didn't seem to be able to make eye contact.

"Yes," Arizona replied.

The girl nodded. "Okay," she said, letting out a shakey breath.

As Arizona waited for her to continue her pager went off. She looked down and saw that it was Owen again. "Okay, well, nice to meet you," Arizona said, slightly bewildered by the young woman's behavior. "I have to go." She turned to leave in the direction of Owen's office.

"No, wait!" the girl called suddenly and Arizona turned back around. "I know you're a doctor," the girl started. "And I know you have to be busy, but if I don't say this now, I am going to lose my nerve, and you will never see me again, and you'll always wonder 'who was that weird girl who needed to talk to me that I never saw again?' and it'll bother you. You'll always wonder and that's no good for anyone. I mean, nobody likes that. So, I just have to say this. Now."

She managed to expel this little rant in one breath and Arizona was mildly impressed. Even her nervous rambling wasn't that good. She widened her eyes and gave a little half nod to encourage the young woman to continue.

"Is your father Daniel Robbins? Colonel Daniel Robbins?" she asked, biting her bottom lip.

"Yes," Arizona answered slowly, unsure of where this could possibly be going.

The girl let out a sigh. "Mine too," she said.

I have some really great plans for this story, so I hope you enjoyed installment number one. I hope you made it to the end :) Any feedback is always appreciated. Cheers guys.