Lately, in the night, I had been waking up with pulses of pain in my throat, sending me into harsh coughing fits. At one time, I had tried to tell Akiko-san about it, but somehow the subject got lost. I feared telling another doctor or nurse would cause a big commotion, therefor I did no such thing.

This night, I had been sleeping rather good, with dreams of my family; the good times. When I awoke with an unusual pain in my throat, I cursed to myself. Dreams were always better than my reality. Execpt when I was with Rika...

Oh, Rika. What would she say if she knew about these odd pains? She would surely make a big deal about it, and probably call me an idiot, all in the same sentence. She's crazy like that, isn't she?

My breath now seemed like something rare and just out of reach. I usteadily made my way to the bathroom that was placed in my room, and gagged into the bowl. My knees crashed to the floor painfully, as I emptied my stomach contents into the toliet. My head was pounding with a migrain, and my face flushed with fever. This was deffiantly the worst episode I had had so far.

The coughing had seemed to slow, and my vomiting had stopped. I reached out with an unsteady hand and, with much effort, flushed the toliet. Then, exhausted, I collapsed on the cool tile floor. Was it actually cool? Or was my fever just making the room tempatured tile seem that way? It doesn't matter.. it feels good.

After about a half an hour of laying on the floor, flipping threw things so fast in my mind it made my vision blur, I finally made my way to my bed again. My pillows seemed softer, and my bed much more comfortable. Crazy. I never thought anything could make these things fit for human use.

My eyelids began to get heavy, and they shut without warning, casting my into a world of pure darkness...