Oh, hi guys! This is kind of a poem the preludes an AU multi-chaptered fic I'm working on. If it turns out to be to hard to write the fic, at least I have this poem! It's basically Yellow, who was Red's best friend since eight, expressing her anger and sadness about him dating Misty (Pokespe!verse). Sorry if the rhyming made the poem lame…

Since Forever

I remember when you used to hold me tight,

Calm me during storms and get rid of my fright.

We were as close as close could be,

After all, we've known each other ever since grade three.

Slowly I fell in love,

Yes, it true, love feels like you're soaring;

That's why we have the dove.

But birds are easily killed,

Once I heard your proclamation, the world stood, stilled.

All I could do was act in the sensible way, thrilled;

But your love for her could not be anything but tragic.

All I see her as is a word that rhymes with witch;

And she's enchanted you with her charms and magic!

Can't you see behind her perfect face?

Didn't you promise to never hurt me?

But I suppose you wrote this off as a special case,

For what best friend insults your girlfriend?

Sorry if you couldn't see,

That's she's a lying, scheming gold digger,

And was so blinded that you went so far as to hurt me.

Sure, no physical harm was done,

But as far as I'm concerned,

It was like you pulled the trigger on a gun.

Well look at me now, lying in bed,

Bleeding, half-dead;

From your verbal beating and a brain tumor's abuse.

You can't see me now, I won't allow it!

You still won't understand my love, you're too obtuse!

Besides, you don't need me when she's near,

Isn't that why you stopped loving me, to hold her so dear?

Maybe we'll meet again at my grave,

If you even know that I left.

After all by then you're surely her slave.

It's not that I want you to be sad,

But I fear that you won't feel anything of the sort when you see me.

Of course I'm mad,

Can't you hear the spite in my voice?

One thing I don't understand is the logic of boys.

One minute you care,

The next you shout and insult.

This is not something I can bear,

I guess I'm glad this is the end result.

I wonder how you'll feel like,

When you find out that I was truthful,

And she the liar.

Hurry now, before it's too late.

My skin's turned blue,

And you're out on a date.

Oh, how I wish he would love-Oh! So you all have a question?

For me?

I bet you can all imagine my glee.

When did I first fall in love with him, you ask?

I suppose I must, as answering this question may be my final task.

Well you see, I can't recall exactly when-

But it does not matter.

Here is the end of my one-sided love story-

That will never come true, not now, not ever!

But I suppose I can answer now, with the words,

Since Forever.

If you don't get it, then I'll explain. You see, Misty was just a gold digger; hoping to marry Red and get his inheritance. When Yellow found this out, she confronted her; but Red simply thinks Yellow was being jealous and ends their friendship. A week later, Yellow is found to have a brain tumor. The poem is in Yellow's POV while she is extremely sick. If you like the poem, please review and tell me: would you rather Red suffer at the end and not know of Yellow's illness until she's dead, or a happier ending where he knows and makes it up to her? I quite want to write both, tehehehe! :)