Alright, I am a terrible person. I say I'll update soon and then nothing. I'm developing a pretty bad track record and you're all probably starting to wonder if I'm ever going to update again. To be frank I don't blame any of you. The reason for the stall is not for lack of ideas, I know where I'm going and all that. To simplify things, I'm terrible at dealing with reality. There's been death, death threats, close calls, and I'm not good at dealing with any of that stuff. I'm on the line, about to drop out of college even.

I'm telling you all this in hopes you'll be patient with me. I don't want sympathies or anything. Just patience. All the various stories both on this site and in my head are constantly buzzing and telling me to write. They're far from forgotten. My dreams are being invaded by Keyblades, ghouls, teigu, souls and magic. Some titans too but that's for a collaboration that might be dead.

While you all have allowed me some breathing space with only the occasional message or review to which I am thankful for, reality has not been as kind. Although oddly enough the fact my window is getting constantly attacked by a robin is making me want to write more. So, I end this with a list of my active and still live merely sleeping stories and where thy are at.

An Incomplete Soul: My Kingdom Hearts and Soul Eater crossover, and by far the story I've been stringing along the most. The frogs are hopping mad with me. I have the next chapter started, explosives and snakes and all that fun stuff.

Harvest Hearts: My Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon crossover, and regrettably my most forgotten one. I actually have the whole thing outlined. After the outline I'm not really sure what happened to be perfectly honest. Picturing the ending made me cry even... crap, might've said too much there. I do plan to get back to this.

Not Simple Anymore: My Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kiru crossover, the story destined for bloodshed and tragedy. I actually have scattered bits of the story everywhere to as far as when Lubbock in captivity. The next chapter is three quarters done.

Shinobi of Twilight: The adopted Kingdom Hearts and Naruto crossover, the adoptive child. I'm a bit out of date on Naruto and have been trying to catch up. I don't like writing without having a good knowledge of what's occurred thus far. I like to thoroughly research the subjects I'm writing with. So until I catch up the only things to be expected there would be the rest of the original writer's chapters slightly edited.

Where the Key Belongs: My Kingdom Hearts and Fairy Tail crossover, perhaps the one on my mind most. I've rewritten the chapter so many damn times because it gets lost one way or another. Driving me nuts because the current version doesn't sit well with me now. I feel like I butchered it but I don't know how to fix it. So I apologize in advance for when I post it.