Chapter: 1 Tears Of Rain

Tears of Rain

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"Why Ethan?" asked Madison as she cried at lifeless Ethan dead on his son's grave with a pistol in his hand. She was too late Ethan was dead and Shaun was too. If only they could of got there faster Shaun would still be alive and Ethan too. "If only we got there faster" Madison said with mix of sadness and rage. She just couldn't cope with this, It just happen so fast, Ethan was her world. She saw memory of their love making in his Motel room. So slowly she reached for the gun, she felt Ethan's lifeless stone cold hands. She grabbed the gun and then points it at her head. "Ethan you were my world and will join you were ever go even death" She then pulled the trigger and Madison fell on Ethan smiling

A/N: My first one-shot on Heavy Rain, I will get back to A Sayian's Love soon because I haven't wrote in awhile cause I'm soooo lazy . PLS R&R

Poor Ethan D: