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Neji was actually hoping to drop dead, he felt that would be preferable to what was about to befall him. After all it's not everyday that someone survives having his heart explode inside his chest and then promises to put you through Hell, and from the look in his eyes, Neji could tell that the man in front of him could deliver on his threat. Naruto turned to the proctor Genma and said, "I should tell you if anybody tries to stop me you'll be taking white eyes place, you hear me?"

Genma nodded slowly in fear, showing he understood what was said, basically, let him beat the shit out of the Hyuuga and then clean up whatever's left of him. Naruto turned to Neji and asked nonchalantly, "So Neji, what's your favorite flavor of punch?"

Neji got a confused look on his face, Naruto continued saying, "Mine's... DONKEY PUNCH!"

He proceeded to punch Neji in the face several times, hard. Neji felt like the Caged Bird Seal was activated, there was an incredible amount of pain in his head, and he was sure his nose was broked. Naruto tossed Neji down a few feet in front of him onto the ground, where the Hyuuga tried to get up, most likely to try and put as much distance as he could between him and his torturer. The operative word being "tried." Naruto quickly closed the distance to his victim. Neji tried to make a jyuuken strike to his torturers chest to see if he could at least slow him down a little, sadly, for him at least, Naruto caught his arm, gripping it tightly, he asked with an almost bored look on his face, "So you grew up in the Hyuuga Clan's house huh? You know I grew up in a strange house it was a... ROUNDHOUSE!"

He then delivered a kick to the side of the Hyuuga's head, causing him further pain. He then picked up the Hyuuga up by the collar of his shirt and delivered five extremely hard punches to his stomach, and then another five to the center of his chest. He then tossed the Hyuuga into the air and proceed to hit him with a barrage of punches and kicks, causing Neji to vomit up no small amount of blood, he then used an axe kick to launch Neji back down to Terra Firma. After landing, Naruto picked up Neji so the Hyuuga's back was facing his front and asked, "Hey Neji-boy, guess what?"

Neji responded weakly, "W-wh-what?"

Naruto smirked and responded, "Kidney punch!"

And then proceed to deliver multiple, strong blows, to the area of Neji's kidney's, causing even more blood to flow from his mouth, and scream in pain. Naruto then turned him around and and went back to assaulting his opponents stomach with his fists, saying, "I knew you were emo, but you really shouldn't hit yourself."

Neji weakly stammered out, "You-you're hi-hitt-hitting m-me."

Naruto smirked and said, "Oh on the contrary binky boy, you brought this on yourself, you have only yourself to blame."

The black clad man then assaulted the white eyed boy with another barrage of strong blows, causing Neji unbelievable amounts of pain. He then tossed Neji down in front of him, face facing the sky and quipped, "You know, a lot of people like river stomp, but I've always preffered... CURB STOMP!"

At the last word he delivered two rib-breaking stomps to the Hyuuga's chest. Neji couldn't even scream he was in so much pain. Naruto looked down at Neji and said, "You know all that fate stuff, or at least the type you believe in, is a load of bull right? If that were the case than I really would be a loser, and your teammate Lee, wouldn't be nearly as strong as he is now. A caged bird eventually tires of his life in prison and uses his beak to escape, you should learn that lesson while you still have a chance."

He turned towards Genma, indicating he should call the match. "Winner, Naruto Uzumaki!"

A lot of the people in the audience clapped and cheered for the once blonde boy's performance. Naruto then turned to the Hyuuga clan head, Hiashi, in the stands and yelled out, "By the way Hiashi, I suggest you grow a pair, man up, and tell Neji the real reason his father was given to Kumo instead of you! Otherwise the Hyuuga clan will be missing a head, if you catch my drift."

He drew his index finger across his throat at the last sentence. Hiashi paled greatly and then got a look of guilt on his face and decided he'd follow the Uzumaki's advice and tell Neji about his father taking his place willingly, and finally giving him his father's last message. The thoughts of the Rookie 12, their sensei's, and the Suna trio ranged wildly but their most prominent thoughts went like this.

Hinata: 'Naruto, is this who you really are?'

Kiba: 'Holy Shit! He destroyed Neji! Normally I'd be insulted he held back against me, but after seeing what happened down there, I think I'll just be grateful.'

Shino: 'Interesting, he hid his strength behind a facade of ignorance, I must admit he certainly made the act convincing.'

Shikamaru: 'Even when he's not a blonde he's troublesome. Oh well I was wondering when he'd drop his mask.'

Chouji: ' Wh-whoa, that was incredible.'

Ino: 'Dear Kami, how is anyone our age that strong?'

Tenten; 'Gotta admit, that was brutal, but someone had to pull that stick out of his ass and hit him with it. I have to admit, I'm impressed.'

Lee: 'Yosh, Naruto's Flames of Youth burn brightly, he may have even ignited Neji's. If I recover, Naruto you would be worthy of being called an eternal rival.'

Temari: 'That hot guy is the same blonde guy we met before the exams, yikes, talk about a mindfuck.'

Kankuro: ' Well I'm far from a religious man but... Oh Kami, with thy divine, infinite, wisdom and strength, please make it so I don't have to fight him in the invasion, please, I'm BEGGING you here.'

Gaara: 'Mother wants your blood Uzumaki, and I will deliver it to her.'

Kurenai: 'Whoa, I've seen a lot of things in my time, but nothing like that, but then again who has?'

Asuma: 'Man, I did not see that coming, but then again who could? Not to quote the Nara's but, this is gonna be troublesome.'

Gai: 'Yosh! Naruto your Flames of Youth burn as bright as Lee's, and they may one day burn as bright as my own!'

Sakura: 'What the... when did Naruto get that strong, has he been hiding it all this time?'

Naruto shunshined up to the competitors box with Shino and Shikamaru. Shikamaru approached and said, "I have to admit, I always thought you were hiding something, but nothing like this."

Naruto gave a small smile and said, "Wow, I actually surprised the famous Nara intellect, I should get and award. But in all seriousness, you should know that deception is a shinobi's greatest tool."

Shikamaru merely shrugged and went back to watching the clouds above the stadium.

Up in the stands:

Ino still having a hint of amazement in her voice said, "Wow, I didn't know Naruto was that strong, I mean he didn''t beat Neji, he Massacred him. Has he ever done anything like that during your team's training Sakura?"

Sakura merely looked at Ino and said, "No, I've never seen him do anything like what he did down there. I've never seen him punch that hard, move that fast, or hit with such brutality."

Chouji looked at her and said, "Well maybe that's the point, he was probably trying to conserve his power for only when he absolutely needed it. And I guess Neji pushed him to that point, and I can only say one thing to that, poor bastard."

The two girls nodded in agreement at the big-boned boys words, but still pondered as to why he would hide power like that, with power like that he could have been one of the highest ranking genin in their year.

Away from them with Hinata and Kiba, Akamaru was trembling worse than when he first saw what Gaara did back in the Forest of Death, and Kiba and Hinata were trying to calm him down. Kiba looked down at his long time friend, and partner, and asked, "Hey, what's wrong Akamaru?"

Though he had a good idea what it was, Naruto. He had felt it to after all, he had an aura around him that just screamed, 'I'm the alpha, the master of all, defy my word and I'll send you to hell with a smirk on my face.' Plus the young pup was used to Naruto being the nice boy with bright hair who gave him treats on occasion when he went on a pranking spree with his companion, so this Naruto was a humongous left turn to him. All the while in her mind Hinata was having a crisis, the man whom she admired and drew strength from was nothing more than some false persona that was made to be a tool of deception. She wondered if this man was anything like his old persona, and if he was, would he accept her as she was or would he see her as too weak for him.

The Jonin were having their own conversation regarding the former blonde. Asuma took a drag on his cigarette and said, "Man I expected to see some crazy shit in the exams, but nothing like what we just saw. Someone who was thought to be a weak dead last, turning out to be so strong that he survived two of the Hyuuga clans most powerful attacks like they were nothing, and then beating the shit out of a boy who was said to be a once in a lifetime prodigy. Only one word describes it, unbelievable."

The red-eyed Genjutsu Mistress of Konaha, Kurenai Yuhi, said, "Well, you better believe it, there wasn't one genjutsu in place down there, everything you saw was 100% genuine."

Gai, being his usual unusual self said (read: yelled), "There's only one explanation, his Flames of Youth are so hot they have transformed him into a Beautiful Black Beast of Konaha! The way he moved so quickly, and struck with such power, and yet still showed mercy to Neji, and even gave him new advice to live by, the Springtime of Youth has shined on him!"

The other Jonin sweatdropped at Gai's exclamation, but they had to admit that some of what Gai was said was true, this Naruto, the true Naruto was much stronger, and had a lot more potential than the Naruto they thought they knew. And if they had to admit it, they were looking forward to seeing what else he was capable of doing.

Up in the Kage's Box a tokubetsu jonin named Raido shunshined into the box and spoke to the Sandaime saying, "Sandaime-sama, the Uchiha has yet to arrive, should tell Genma to call the match."

The aged Kage took a puff from his pipe and said, "Yes if he can't bother to show up on time, he should be disqualified. The Kazekage raised his hand in a halting gesture and said, "Wait Sarutobi-san, we should postpone this match, many of the most influential figures here came here merely to see the last Uchiha fight my son. We could both lose a lot of business if we don't show their match."

Hiruzen snorted and replied, "That is not how the exam works, no one gets special treatment, just like in a real life mission, if he were to be late to his position on the battlefield it could lead to the death of the rest of his squad," he turned to Raido and said, "tell Genma that Sasuke has been disqualified for his tardiness."

Raido nodded in understanding and left the Kage box, leaving the Hokage to smoke his pipe, and the Kazekage to scowl behind his mask.

The majority of the crowd didn't take the disqualification of the Uchiha too well. Many of them were screaming for the Uchiha to be allowed to compete, or demanding refunds. The competitors took it much better though, Gaara look irritated at losing an opponent before even fighting him, but since his "Mother" was demanding the Uzumaki's blood, and promising him that he would be a much more worthy opponent, he calmed down rather quickly and went back to waiting for his match. The other Suna siblings were irritated since the Uchiha's match was part of the invasion plans, and had now been compromised. Shino and Shikamaru were confused as to why the Uchiha was late when he was always looking for strong opponents in order to get stronger. Naruto merely sighed and said, "Well that's what he gets for letting Kakashi-sensei keep track of time."

Genma used a large burst of Killing Intent (KI) to silence the crowd, then called out the next competitors, "Kankuro Sabaku V.S. Shino Aburame, will the two competitors report to the arena for their match?"

Kankuro scowled and thought, 'Crap, I was supposed to have more time. If I fight now I'll reveal too many of Karasu's tricks, I guess I only have one option.' "Proctor I resign!"

Genma look up and confirmed his resignation from the exams, then announced Shino the winner by forefit. Shino looked dissappointed at not being able to fight but Naruto put his hand on Shino's shoulder and said, "Don't worry buddy, remember, there are still more fights to be had, and I can gaurantee that by the end of the day you'll have had your fill of fighting."

He finished with a smile removing his hand from the bug boy's shoulder.

Down in the arena Genma announced the next match, "Shikamaru Nara V.S. Temari Sabaku, will the two competitors report to the arena for their match?"

Temari used her battle fan to float down to the arena floor and told the lazy Nara to hurry up. Shikamaru looked annoyed that his cloud watching was interrupted, and was about to resign, but other people had other plans. Just as he was about to forefit, he was kicked out of the competitors box and onto the arena floor. Shikamaru was about to yell at Naruto, but stopped when he saw the expression on his friend's face, he was wearing a sickly sweet smile, and a double eye-smile, which all together with the aura he was putting out said, 'Man up and fight or you won't wake up the next morning.' Shikamaru paled at the look and thought for the first and only time that he would rather face his mother when she was angry, rather than face whatever idea Naruto had inside that sick, twisted mind of his that would make Anko green with envy. So he made what could be considered the smartest decision in his life, and decided to fight the wind mistress thinking all the while, 'This is troublesome, but whatever he's cooked up in his head is way, way, more troublesome.'

After the match:

Overall, the match was interesting, Temari was very proficient at long range fighting using effective tactics, high analytical skills, and the pure power in her wind jutsu, and Shikamaru showed the infamous Nara intellect by coming up with plan after plan to capture the Suna girl in his Shadow Possesion Jutsu, ultimately capturing her before he forefit claiming he didn't have enough chakra to continue the rest of the tournament. Shikamaru walked back to the competitors box and went back to his cloud watching. Naruto smirked, Shikamaru had gotten his hidden message to conserve his strength and chakra from his conversation with Shino about him getting his fill of fighting.

After a brief pause Genma called down the next competitors, "Semi-final match, Naruto Uzumaki V.S. Gaara Sabaku, please report to the arena for your match."

Gaara used a sand shunshin to appear on one side of the arena, anticipation and cruel excitement seemed to just roll off of him. Naruto grinned, turned towards his friends and said, "Well guys wish me luck."

He ran towards the opening in the competitors box and jumped out. Naruto landed on the arena floor on his feet creating spider web cracks on the ground, with him completely unharmed. He moved towards the side of the arena opposite Gaara and got ready to fight.

Or he would have, had someone not used a Konaha Shunshin in between him and his opponent, revealing the famed Copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake, and the last Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha. The silver haired cyclopes turned towards Genma and asked, "Sorry, are we late?"

Genma replied with, "Yes, in fact Sasuke Uchiha has been disqualified for his tardiness."

Sasuke, looking annoyed at himself said, "Ugh, I suppose that's what I get for not keeping track of time myself. But I have to ask who are you, the only people in the roster who could fight Gaara in the semi-finals was either the dobe or Neji."

Kakashi made a look towards the black haired man saying he had the same question on his mind. Naruto wiped an imaginarey tear from his eye and said in a mock hurt tone, "My own teammate and sensei don't even recognize me, oh woe is me, I think the world hates me."

Kakashi and Sasuke thought only for the briefest moment before they got anime-style white eyes and yelled with a suprised, questioning tone, "NARUTO!"

Naruto merely smirked his usual smirk and said, "The one and only, and as for any other questions you may have, I'll answer at least some of them at a later date and time, but right now I've gotta fight old tanuki eyes over there."

The cyclops and the emo looked like they still wanted to grill him for answers, but decided that they could wait until later. With that Kakashi gripped his students shoulder and shunshined out of the arena and into the stands near his other student. With that out of the way Naruto turned towards his opponent. Gaara had uncorked his gourd and was already letting the sand flow out around him, letting it prepare to either defend him, or spill his opponents blood. Naruto cracked his neck, and then made an intimidation attempt at his opponent by pounding his fists together once, causing a sizeable shockwave around him that kicked up dust, debris, and cracked the ground slightly. As he saw Gaara's, the proctors, and most observers eyes widen in suprise he yelled out with a slightly crazed grin on his face, "Well, getting excited aren't you, well so am I! Proctor, start the match! LET'S GO WILD!"