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Naruto stood opposite his opponent Gaara and flexed his fingers, waiting for Gaara to make the first move and start the battle. Gaara, without even a twitch, sent his sand at his opponent, at what could be described as a much greater speed than what he demonstrated in his match with Lee in the preliminaries. Naruto dashed out of the way of the rapid sand wave and ran through several handsigns and yelled out, "Fire Style: Pheonix Fire Jutsu."

With those words he spat out four sizeable fireballs at his opponent. Gaara merely raised his left hand and directed the sand to block each the fireballs, then he transformed the sand into multiple shuriken which he launched at his opponent. Naruto started to weave in between the shuriken, dodging each one and running towards Gaara. Gaara once more launched a wave of sand at his fellow jinchuriki. Naruto smirked, halting his dash, he put his arms, palms facing outward, behind his right side and then thrust outwards, which to everyone's shock caused the sand wave to break as though it had been smashed by an invisible wall. Naruto then rushed forward, getting close to Gaara he tossed out a quick punch which was only narrowly blocked by his opponents sand. Naruto then quickly pulled back his foot and made to kick his opponent, but Gaara evaded by using a sealess sand shunshin. Naruto then pulled a sealing scroll out of his hoodie pocket, biting his thumb and drawing blood, he opened up the scroll and drew his cut thumb across the scroll, releasing a decent amount of water. He then ran through several more handsigns and yelled out, "Water Style: Water Shark Bomb."

With that, a shark made out of the once sealed water formed and fired itself, not at Gaara, but at the sand surrounding Gaara. He then ran forward to once more try and assault the Suna jinchuriki. Gaara tried to have the sand move up to protect him, but found it was not responding as quicklly due to his adversaries water jutsu. Naruto appearing in front of him pulled back his fist and punched his opponent in the head. To his shock his opponents head burst into sand, cursing, he quickly jumped into the sky as sand started to rise up around him and try to hold him down. Looking down, he saw Gaara with a bloodthirsty look on his face. Closing his eyes as though he were deep in concentration, his descent seemed to slow while more of the tendrils he was becoming known for seemed to writhe around his right leg, he then lauched himself towards his opponent with a speedy kick, which was once again, to his annoyance, blocked by his opponents sand. Once more he placed his hands behind his right side and pushed out with them, causing Gaara to be flung back several feet. Gaara merely got back onto his feet and launched several large masses of compressed sand at his opponent. Naruto, instead of evading the sand, merely punched each mass of sand that was launched at him, dissolving them back into individual grains. Gaara then made a bird handsign and said in his usual insane monotone, "Sand Clones."

This caused much of the sand to rise up off the ground and shape itself into at least ten bodies bearing resemblance to Gaara. Each clone rushed at the black-clad man, its hands shaping themselves into blades, clubs, or spikes. As the first four clones made their way towards the target Naruto rushed forward himself and smashed his fist together, releasing a shockwave around him which destroyed the four sand clones. Two more rushed forward, one with sand spikes for hands, the other with sand blades. The spiked one made a head-on rush at Naruto, who evaded and then delivered an upwards kick which turned it back into a pile of sand. The bladed one made to slash his back, but was prevented from doing so when his target gave him a haymaker with his gloved hand. Three more then rushed at him from different directions and made to strike him, but this was prevented when he scowled and pounded the ground with both of his fists, causing a shockwave to launch all around him, destroying the clones. He looked around himself, searching for the one remaining clone, until he cursed under his breath and made to jump out of the way of the clone coming up from the sand surrounding him, but failed as the clones bladed hand cut through the right sleeve of his hoodie and into his right arm. Naruto cursed and then kicked the clone, effectively dispelling him. He then looked down at his right arm and saw a four inch gash, caked with sand, on his bicep, until more of his tendrils surrounded the wound, repairing both it and the hoodie sleeve. Gaara then looked on with an insane bloodthirsty grin, and said, "Mother and I can tell you're holding back Uzumaki, fight me with your real strength, so that when I kill you and offer your blood to Mother, I can truly exist!"

Naruto looked at his opponent, sighed, and said, "I really do hate this tournament, half the shit I planned on keeping secret seems to have to come out. But I suppose I should be glad that I've found an opponent who's strong enough to force me to use this."

He smirked once more and said, "I guess I'll set my own record against you, Lee was the first to hit you, then I'll be the first to make you bleed!"

Naruto then crossed his arms over his chest while more black and red tendrils writhed around his arms, raising his arms above his head he brought them down, looking... different. His arms seemed to be made of the same black and red matter of the tendrils, twisting around in a fashion similar to that of intertwining tree roots. His hands were the most changed though, in place of five fingers he now had four, but that wasn't what was shocking, what was suprising was that each of his fingers were foot long curved metal claws, that seemed sharp enough to slice through steel. The audience had a range of thoughts, the civilians were scared shitless, thinking that he would use these abilities to take his vengeance on them for their mistreatment of him. Most of the shinobi in the audience were not afraid of what he was doing, but wondering how he had done it, to most of their knowledge, there was no jutsu that allowed shapeshifting of that level. The weapon's mistress of Konoha, Tenten Higarashi, had stars in her eyes at the possibility of being able to morph one's own body into some form of a weapon. The Suna siblings, Kankuro and Temari, were scared that someone around their age was actually fighting Gaara on his level, had insane abilities like him, and half the time seemed to be as much of a psycho as their brother. The remainder of Team 7 was wondering how long Naruto had these abilities, and where he had gotten them. The remainder of the Rookie 12 and their sensei's were just wondering when the craziness would that seemed to follow the former blonde would end. Naruto gave his own crazed smirk at Gaara and yelled out, "Well Gaara, you asked for this, remember that when I make you bleed out all over the ground!"

Gaara created seven sand clones in front of him and had them charge at his opponent. Naruto ran forward at three of the sand clones and lashed out with his claws, bisecting each one. One of the remaining four transformed into a highly compressed spear of sand and had one of the other clones launch it at Naruto. The black-clad man merely crossed his claws in an asterisk like pattern and blocked the spear causing it to dissolve into sand, he then pounced at one of the clones and slashed at it, effectively ending its inevitabely short lifespan. The other two then rushed at him, in retaliation he turned on the balls of his feet in a whirlwind fashion, slicing the clones as they neared him. Naruto then grinned once more and pounced at Gaara, attempting to end it all. But apparently Gaara had other plans, as the Gaara Naruto had attacked turned out to be another sand clone. Looking behind him, he noticed that Gaara was in kneeling position making an unknown handsign as sand was rising up around him in the form of a sphere, while an eye made of sand formed in the air above him. Naruto rushed at him as the sphere finished itself and slashed downwards with one of his claws, but the sphere was much stronger than it appeared, as his claws only glanced off the side while several sand tendrils reached out to impale the once-blonde, Naruto then twisted around the sand tendrils, recieving only slightly deep cuts to his sides, rather than the full impalement he would have recieved. He then jumped away from Gaara's sand sphere, his cuts already healing. He then got an annoyed expression on his face and said, "You know, I'm getting really, really pissed at having to keep chasing you down, while you just attack me with a bunch of dirt!"

Getting no response he was debating whether or not to use one of his other powers, he did want to keep some secrets to himself, but he had a feeling whatever was going on inside that sand ball was not good at all. He had relented and was about to shift into a more heavy hitting power until he heard a voice in his head saying, "You know, you could always ask the wise, powerful, and handsome Kyuubi for help."

He snorted to himself and thought, ' I didn't know there was another Kyuubi, but sure hairball, just direct me to him and I'll ask him for some advice."

He smirked as he heard a grumbling concerning ungrateful hosts and pathetic meatbags then heard the voice respond, "Oh you're so damn funny, someone give this guy a comedy award, and when are you gonna stop calling me hairball? What's the point of knowing my name if you're not going to use it?"

'You call me meatbag all the time, so when you start calling me Naruto I'll start calling you Kurama. Now what the hell is Gaara doing?'

"You do know I'll kill you for that one day, right? Ugh, either way in response to your question about Shukaku, this happens to be a jutsu one of the Shukaku jinchuriki developed in order to draw on more of Shukaku's power since he's even more miserly in giving out his chakra than the rest of us. The jinchuriki will contain themself in the protective sand sphere while using certain hand signs to draw on a good chunk of Shukaku's power, and then when the process is done, he'll gather up a massive amount of sand, which he'll shape into the form of Shukaku, which they'll be in control of. But something strikes me as odd, Shukaku was always a bit of a bloodthirsty, crazy bastard, but he usually wasn't one to curse his jinchuriki with insomnia, a weakened host means it's more likely that both he and his container will die, and the rebirth process is not in the least bit pleasant, hence why we try to avoid it whenever possible, something might be influencing him into being this way."

'So, either his seal, or possibly something a previous container did, screwed with his mind enough so that he'd do something he'd never do? And now more questions come to mind, such as, how do I stop the transformation, and why are you helping since you rarely do anything that isn't in your best interest?

"Quite simple really, I'll loan you some of my chakra, you channel it into your claws and use the increased power to pierce through the protective sand sphere. As to why I'm helping you, maybe I've finally gained some sort of respect for you, maybe even a sense of friendship and brotherhood, giving me a feeling family love that I've never felt before, and now as my way of thanking you I want to help you in any way I- "

'You just wanna be able to lord it over Shukaku that not only are you stronger than him, but your vessel is stronger than his as well, don't you? Besides, you hate me.'

"...Do you want my help or not?"

'Fine, fine, I'll take it.'

Inside the sand sphere:

Gaara was running through several handsigns in order to collect Shukaku's chakra. All the while he was insanely muttering to himself, "I'll tear of his arms so he can't hit back, then I'll rip off his legs so he can't run away, then I'll crack open his head, and I'll let all the blood spill out, then I'll give it all to you Mother. I'm such a good boy, aren't I Mother?"

Inside the seal Shukaku was yelling out for the Uzumaki's blood. But his voice sounded like an echo, like someone else was saying something, and whatever Shukaku said was just him repeating and obeying whatever the voice said.

Back in the stadium:

Naruto closed his eyes and let his tenants chakra flow into his body through the seal, feeling the chakra's malicious power flow through him made him feel as though he were invincible, like no one could stop him. He opened his eyes, revealing that the iris had become red, and the pupil was slitted. Many of the shinobi in the crowd who had fought against the Kyuubi recognized the chakra that the black blaired boy letting out and were starting to sweat in fear. Kakashi recognized this as similar to the situation in Wave when Naruto was controlled by Kyuubi's chakra and the instinct to kill, but he saw that Naruto was the one in control, not his hatred, so he relaxed slightly, but was keeping himself ready in case he descended into the fox demon's control. Naruto put the tips of his claws together so that it was similar to a spear point. He then rushed forward as fast as he could. The eye above Gaara's sand sphere picked up on the jinchuriki's movement and the sand moved in response, rushing out to attack Naruto. One tendril aimed at Naruto's shins, but Naruto merely jumped over the sand and continued his dash. Two tendrils aimed themselves at his chest, which he narrowly avoided by parkour rolling under the sand tendrils at the last moment. As the Konoha jinchuriki started getting close, the sand made one last desperate attempt at stopping the danger rushing at its commander, all the sand that was behind him rose up into the air shaping and hardening itself into several long spears, then launched at the jinchuriki. Naruto looked behind him and saw that the spears were coming at him, he was fast approaching the sphere when an idea struck him, he slowed down slightly letting the spears catch up a little bit, just before he reached the sphere he jumped over it, causing the pursuing spears to crash into the sand sphere. Landing on the other side of the sphere, Naruto pivoted to face the sphere, then he thrust out his clawed hand, piercing the sphere and the shoulder of the Suna jinchuriki. Naruto heard a quiet mutter in the damaged sphere, "What, what is this? This warm, wet feeling?"

A short moment passed before a scream sounded throughout the arena, "IT'S BLOOD, IT'S MY BLOOD!"

Naruto felt the sand clench around his shoulder, grimacing in pain he charged up enough of Kurama's chakra to damage the Suna jinchuriki, causing another scream of pain. He ripped his arm out of the sphere as what looked like demonic arm made of sand, with blue veins, forced its way out of the opening before receeding back into the dome. Naruto, panting, looked into the hole in the sand sphere and saw a strange eye, it was yellow, with a black pupil in an odd four-pointed star shape, with one dot on each side of the star. The sand then collapsed revealing Gaara with blood leaking out of his shoulder. When all of a sudden, what appeared to be white feathers rained down in the arena. Naruto looked up at the feathers and with a burst of chakra, dispelled the genjutsu around him for a short distance, getting a dark look in his eyes he said, "So, it begins."