"Master, someone is here to see you, she says its important." I lifted my head from my desk, and looked at my Child.

"Show her in Pam." I put my head back down focusing on the tedious paper work. I lifted it again when I heard the door open and close quietly. I lifted my head back up to see a very pale, very beautiful, and extremely malnourished vampiress in front of me. She kept her head down, and slightly tilted to the right in submission. I stood up and walked around my desk to the tiny woman in front of me. "What are you doing here, little one?" I asked leaning up against my desk and crossing my arms over my chest. She lifted her head from the floor and looked up at me. Her eyes were a dull grey blue. They would be beautiful deep blue if the life wasn't sucked out of, no pun intended.

"I came to ask for your help, Sheriff." She replied quietly. Her voice had a hint of the beauty that was once there.

"And what is it that you need help with?"

"I would like to be freed from my Maker. He is cruel. I haven't fed properly in five years." She looked back down to the floor. "I can't be here for long, Master doesn't know that I have escaped." When she said Master she looked at me and I seen the fire rise in her eyes.

"Who is this Master of yours?" As Sherif it is my duty to make sure all the vampires in my area are taken care, but there is not much that I can do much with a Maker. "What will be in it for me? If I do help you, you know that I am not really able to come between a Maker and their Child."

"His name is William Compton." The fire flared in her eyes again. "I would b indebted to you for as long as you want. I am just over two decades old. I know I am still a baby, but there is things that I am capable of that my Maker is NOT aware of." She had peeked my interest with this statement.

"And how does your Maker not know this, whatever this is?" I am not sure if I would like such a young vampire to become an adoptive Child. It isn't unheard of but I have only made one child in my eleven hundred years, and have not desired another.

"He is not very smart." I stated simply with a shrug of her shoulders. "Will you help me?"

"Tell me first." I stood and walked in front of her.

"I am a telepath, and I can teleport, only small distances. I am usually silvered in my room, or I am tied to Masters bed." I saw the fight fad from her eyes, the fire being stomped out. I felt my anger rise, I knew that look. She has been broken, time and time again. I admire what little fight she has left in her. "Will you help me? Please?" She asked in a tiny voice.


"You bellowed, Master?" Pam walked to my side in my office.

"Show..." She never once told me her name. "What is your name, child?"

"Sookie Stackhouse." The name made my ears perk. She went missing over twenty five years ago. "Yes, the one that went missing. The one that was taken from her home by a vampire that became addicted to my blood, and my beauty. The one that was a fang cushion for three years, the one that was sliced only to be healed to have it happen again. The one that was TURNED AGAINST HER WILL!" Her fangs had dropped by the end of her rant. She was too weak to handle her anger though and soon she was falling to her knees. I stood still as I watched Pam kneel down next to the broken vampiress. For the first time in centuries I watched Pam kneel down, and pull the tiny girl into her arms. Pam looked up at me, she reminded me of my little girl I had as a human. She had found a wolf pup alone in the woods and brought it home, she asked if she could keep it. The look she had is the one that Pam had on her face now. Asking me if she could keep the broken girl in her arms. "Please." I heard in a very small voice.

"Pam, feed the girl. I will go and deal with Mr. Compton." Pam nodded to me. She picked Sookie up and carried her to her office.

As I was walking out of the club I seen Pam glamouring a fangbanger, I assume to take back to Sookie. I nodded to her before leaving. As soon as I stepped out into the night air I shot up into the night sky, and headed towards Bon Temps. How he had her in her home town the whole time is beyond me. I landed in front of an old decrepit home.

"Sheriff, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Are you missing something, or should I say someone? Perhaps a tiny blonde vampire?" Bill hissed at me, and his fangs dropped.

"What have you done to my Child? Where is she?"

"Currently with Pam. She came to me, asking for my help in a certain matter."

"What would she want from you that she can't get from me?"

"Your True Death."


I walked into my office with a male fangbager following. He smelled the best of the rest. I went a kneeled down on the floor in front of the futon I had in my office, in front of the tiny woman laying on it. "Sookie?" I spoke softly to her. I seen her ear twitch, knowing she heard me. "I brought you a donor, will you feed from him?" She didn't do anything from thirty seconds, before she nodded and slowly and weakly raised herself up onto her feet. I raised with her and took her hand. I lead her over to the fangbanger. Sookie wrapped her arm around his waist and one around his neck, gently pulling him down so she could reach his neck. She licked his neck leisurely before letting her fangs snap down and sinking them into his neck. After a mouthful of blood I heard her growl and she began to feed more greedily. I let her drain the boy. I watched as her skin became more pink. When she turn around her eyes were beginning to brighten, and her lips became for pink and full. She would need another human before she would be close to healthy. It is going to take at least a month for her to be physically healthy. I don't know about emotionally. "Another, my doll?" I asked her with a smile on my face. She nodded her head. I had her eyes follow me the whole way out of my office. I grabbed Ginger, no one would miss her, and we were going to replace her soon anyways. I pushed her into my office. Sookie was on her in an instant, and began feeding. "Sookie, doll, you need to slow down or you are going to get a blood rush." I knew she heard me when she growled but slowed down. Just as Sookie was pushing Ginger to the ground, she doubled at the waist and hissed.

"Bill... is... calling me." She grabbed hold of the desk. For one so young, she was resisting the pull well. But she wouldn't be able to hold on when the call becomes stronger. "Ahh!" Sookie fell to a knee clutching her chest. "I have to go." She vamped out of my office. I was only a second behind her. I grabbed her and pinned her to the floor in the back hall. She growled and hissed at me. I felt bad for holding her down, and causing her more pain, but if she went Eric could destroy her if Bill made her attack him.

"I'm sorry, Sook. But you cannot go to him." I held her on the floor for five minutes, when she suddenly went slack on the floor. "Sookie? Doll?"

"He's gone... I can't feel him anymore." When she said that I seen the most beautiful smile grace her face. "I'm free of him." I watched as a blood tear roll down her cheek.

"Come, my daughter. You need to rest." I picked her up and carried her back to my office and laid her on the couch. I laid myself down next to her and began to push her ashen blonde hair back from her face.

"Daughter..." I heard her silently say before she went into a deep downtime to recover. I pulled her into my chest and held her as she rested. I felt her cuddle up to me. "Mother." She said before wrapping her arms around me.

I never wanted to be a Mother in my human years, but as soon as I seen this woman, and heard her and the fight in her, I had a strong motherly instinct take over. Almost when a vampire chooses their Child. She will become my Daughter. I went into down time holding my Daughter in my arms.